Jemison Post - The Guest Collars


Lurtor was deeply concerned about the collars. There were good reasons why the guests are fitted with one right away. They have proved very valuable in monitoring the guests to make sure they stay out of trouble.

But still the idea that with one word, no, one thought, he could end the existence of anyone wearing them in a second. This bothered Lurtor greatly. He has taken up the teachings of the Bladed Sun. He was to protect the weak. Show those who do bad a better way. The guest program could be a great program in giving those who everyone has given up on a second chance. But those collars.

What he really needed was a few more steps in the collars. He needed the ability to knock out someone instead of liquefying them. He recently ran into one where he felt bad for them, even thought he could help them. But they were holding hostages. The needed to be stopped. The collars allowed him to identify them, but only the step of final death unless he tried to fight them directly. And how many casualties would have been caused by that fight. What’s worse is that some of their guests have the ability to nano plague or annihilate things. In those cases he currently couldn’t chance leaving it to a fight, even if he thought he could win.

FLIT was already researching ways to expand the collars use to non lethal uses. But how long would that take. How many would he be forced to terminate before they were able to do this. All he knew was he hoped someone would figure out something sooner than later. The use of the current collars troubled him greatly.


A Lurtor clone working in Jemison Post was elated and excited to report some amazing news to FLIT and to the Spymaster. It seemed if produced to do so, a collar could be set to deliver a Neural impulse that may knock a wearer unconcious.

Spymaster Lurtor was pleased to see it was one of the cloned versions of himself who made the breakthrough. But he knew that while it WOULD be helpful against people like Ryuk, it would have no effect on those implanted with a Quall Larvae or other alien larvae that can keep a body going even after being exposed to massive amounts of pain…


Lurtor was pleased. Spymaster Lurtor said to Lurtor "Lets see if we can have pain option and final option in the same collar.

The updated protocol will be updated to include an attempted before any action that would result in final death is taken. And of course dealing with a guess through normal means is proffered to the pain setting as well.

First, if someone is found needing the collar activated to stop their actions, the pain setting will be used first. Then guest can be brought back and secured while we determine what is required for their rehabilitation or containment.

If the pain setting does not work and the guest is causing harm and destruction, the final option can be used as before.

Hopefully this will give us a way to help bring more of those troubled souls sent to us a chance to reform without having to make a decision whether to final death someone or not.

Thank you for this news."


Now a full year of prisoners lived in Jemison Post. Their collars on at all times. Rehabilitation rates were low though. Many were upset that Jemison Post was a Kingdom of Boriel I’tash’s domain. They were reprobates of course, but colonial reprobrates who didn’t understand the risky political gamble Grim had made to avert a war against the Doomwyrms.

Instead they were looking for ways to cause problems and make things worse. Perhaps the worst of the bunch were Ripitu-Lurur, an Ur-King Tribal Olgog who did crimes against the colonies, and Kalokkol, a Kalokian double agent hired by VLAD during the Mirror Crystal incident.

A few shocks from the pain collar had put Ripitu back to his classes without too much worry. But Kalokkol had been publicly using the shock collar element as a form of protest. He goes to the center of Jemison Post starts spouting hate speech and Pro-Kalok propoganda. When he gets in so many peoples faces that the collar is activated, he uses the spasms as a sort of religious frenzy which has been worrying locals. Many heard about the Kalok attack on Simonsburg.

There is a worry if Kalokkol keeps doing this he might create a Kalok Kuliek over the city of Jemison Post. Yet he has never touched anyone or hurt them, just spit in their face and cursed them to high heavens in a very rude and obnoxious and disturbing way.