Jemison Post - Talk to Lurtors and OtOs


Lurtor asked for the Lurtors and OtO’s to gather. Lurtor says "We need to talk. The new Clone of McMurrphy, Mac’s, actions and statements have brought up a concern we must deal with. Even though we reversed his actions and McIversion told him to leave, The EEF and others are going to be very concerned with the number of clones of Lurtor and OtO we have here, especially if they think of them as all combat clones, rouges or uncontrolled.

You all are free and individual in the eyes of myself and Jemison Posts. You have access to all the benefits of the College and training when they are up and running. We already paid for that. You are part of this community now.

With that, I do think we need to setup a basic chain of command in the defense force. Grim and I report to McIversion. I want a few selected from you, to report to Grim and I, and then we setup smaller manageable teams underneath. We treat this as an organize defense militia.

This will remove all the concerns the EEF and others and that we here are not a threat to them. It is all about perception and with this they won’t feel the need to nuke this area. And we all know the are a few in the EEF that are nuke happy."

That last part Lurtor was thinking about the many different times he had to talk down someone high ranking in the EEF from nuking something in the Olgog Lands.


“Screw you and the EEF, Lurtor,” yelled an OtO near the back, “Why should we even listen to you? You have always been a stooge for the VLAD leadership!!”

Another OtO smacked him across the head, saying, “Shut up, idiot. This Lurtor knows what he is saying…despite being a Lurtor. Strykker will nuke us given the opportunity.”

“So we just destroy Strykker and all those who threaten us,” said a different OtO angrily.

“That is not the solution,” roared another OtO, “And is a waste of resources.”


Another OtO stepped forward and said, “We are organized, and we do defend Jemison Post…so what is the problem? Do we need uniforms or something?”


Lurtor says "At this point, I’m just looking for the show of a report chain up to McIversion or who ever leads Jemison Post. With you all being an official part of the Jemison Post, that then gives you offical positions and rights. We willl be able to equip and support you. People like Mac cannot come in and order you around because he is outside of the chain of command. And you are already doing the work of defending Jemison Post and its people. So why not get the recognition, benefits, and pay. In the end, it benefits all of you. "


Lurtor could see sections of the crowd were being won over by his compelling arguments. In fact, one of the OtO Clones got up and began calling out, “This Lurtor has the right idea, we need to get organized. I say we set up a Clone Council and vote who gets on it.”

Another OtO yelled out, “We’ve seen Councils grind to a halt and waste time. We need something more decisive. Something akin to my rank as Champion of Mag Buskt.”

Yet another OtO yelled him down saying, “You weren’t champion of Mag Buskt, the original Infamous Olgog the Olgog was the Champion of Mag Buskt. You are just a copy!”

“A copy of a near perfect Olgog,” sneered back another OtO.

This got a row a Lurtors clones chuckling which just pissed off the OtOs.

A Lurtor clone stepped up and said, “How about we vote a Lurtor and OtO rep for each side?”


As the crowd argued, at least Lurtor could tell they were moving in a proper direction.

A few days later they reconvenied with a name for the position and apparently a polictical party had sprung up overnight.

It was called the Clone Union (CU) and had put up two candidates of their own. The CU OtO and CU Lurtor came together and gave a press conference (with a single reporter from the colonies and a whole lot of empty snow) where they made the following announcement.

The CU Reps said, "People of Jemison Post and People of the Earther Colonies of Refuge. On this planet and out in space the rights of clones are regularly violated. We are produced and sent to die for nations without a choice or say. We have all the biological properties of free will, but as long as we are obvious we are killed on sight in places like Chooru, Fort Lendill and it must stop.

The nations of Refuge want to act as if they are better than the Iron Republic they oppose?? Then give Clones full rights as citizens. Give us the right to decide our own destiny and punish anyone who uses clones as slaves. This is the minimum the Clone Union asks of the rest of society.

Here we put forth two candidates. And we hope the people of Jemison Post will vote for them and we can start restoring rights to clones everywhere.

So if you are clone and enslaved, come to us, and join the Clone Union. Freedom for Clones everywhere."

Lurtor was troubled as many of the clones immediately threw their support behind this CU.
Then his friends in Fort Lendill and in the Colonies began telling him about a rise in terrorist attacks by clones of Lurtor, OtO, Lurlock the Necromancer, and Tilde the Bastard.

PeaceLord Lurlock of Kasanth even made a public announcement dencouncing these attacks and promising swift punishment for any clones who break the laws.

Lurtor had realized for a Kasanthian PeaceLord to make such an announcement, they must be really worried about being blamed for these upringings. Yet Lurtor knew that this might NOTbe some great conspiracy. If he was hiding out as a clone, he knew this would make him rise up too. It was a chance at hope and rights.

And from the official EEF memos, Clones would not be getting those rights any time soon.


Things were progressing quickly, and the Clone Union was nearly ready to install their two official advisors to the Jemison Post Administration. If Lurtor didn’t want this political party to have an official position in Jemison Post he would have to speak to the clones and convice them of a different way.

Or he could support this party, guaranteeing their win…


Lurtor looked concerned to the others. Lurtor says to the advisors "I Do want you to hold the position we talked of earlier. But you have to address the concern which started this conversation. The clone union must not be seen as a threat to the colonies. The Clone union must oppose Terrorism. This is important to make sure the EEF and the Colonial citizens do not deem us a threat. They won’t work or listen to threats.

Right now if things continue as is, The clone union will loose its opportunity work to improve clones lives in the Colonies and will be designated a terrorist organization. Rights will come with time. Nothing is overnight. And Clones do need representation as you’ve stated.

But Violence, especially against civilians will only make things worse. The public will hate and fear those who commit terrorism. Public opinion is what changes things. I’ve participated in this before with the Olgogs. The Olgog Terror attacks only brought harsher views of Olgogs. It was when the everyday citizen of the Colonies started to get to know Olgogs, to get the political support to start change. And even the Olgogs fight for rights will take a long time.

The start here is giving Clone Union a voice. A place. But the Clone Union must protect its public and private image for you to succeed.

In exchange for the opposition to Terrorism, Clones can join and live here if they follow the laws as our laws are judged on action, not whether you are a clone. Show the world clones are not just for killing and destruction."


The Lurtor CU Advisor held a press conference the next morning. This time it was attended by Camera Meks representing the Chooru Holo-net news, the Valley of Vegalia Commission Special Report, multiple spymeks run by nations including the colonies and the northern kingdoms, and the newspapers of the colonies. There was also a local reporter, an OtO wearing a cap holding a holo-vid camera cobbled together from parts scavenged from the GRF.

The Lurtor CU Advisor said, "My clone brother Lurtor spoke true yesterday. We cannot allow terrorism and clones to be associated in the minds of the people of Refuge. It would set a dangerous trend, and possibly result in Leyas mutation if left unchecked.

So the Clone Union has decided to officially renounce the Terrorist acts done, and give the acts some much needed context.

All of the reporters present today will receive drives with holo-vids showing the extensive purges of clones that have gone on unofficially but by the highest levels of the government of the Earther Colonies, and the Northern Kingdoms.

These videos show over one hundred clones being assassinated by government hit squads within a single year alone. In this past year however that number has increased to over ten thousand clones. Ten thousand clones, beings with thoughts and feelings like you or I, but who were mowed down by active killers on government payrolls.

What sort of free society do we have on Refuge when just sharing genes with a criminal means you will be killed on sight!??"

This elicited a cheer of support from the OtO clones, happy to hear a Lurtor finally support what they had been saying for months.

"Fort Lendill, and every single Colony from Chooru to Dusk has been killing people based on their cloned status for too long. And it cannot be allowed to persist.

But the answer isn’t violence."

Which got a boo from a good chunk of the OtOs and the Lurtors, but the CU Advisor continued, "Clone Union members the answer isn’t violence. The answer is the one that our brave clone brother just offered us.

We support Peace and oppose terrorism. And we grant a homeland here to all clones across Refuge. You need not suffer because you wear another’s face anymore.

Come to Jemison Post and live more free than most places. Follow the Laws and Thrive!"

Our own friendly neighborhood Lurtor watched the press conference from a shaky holo-display being projected by McIvinson’s office computer.

McIvinson sighed, pulled out a flask and took a swig before offering Lurtor one.

He said, “Okay, so the Clone Union just opened our borders to a whole bunch of new folks. I didn’t expect any to show up so soon, but about eight hours after the show was broadcast we got a bunch of new faces. Or should I say a single new face over four thousand times.”

Lurtor got worried, was it Old VLAD, was it more OtOs? “Who was it, Administrator”


McIvinson walked over to the door and opened it motioned to someone outside.

In walked a bastard female, standing barely as tall as Lurtor’s knee. She was dressed in a heavy parka stuffed with vinvir feathers. Underneath it, Lurtor could make out armor. It looked like Morgothian armor, and it was battle scarred.

McIvinson said, “Allow me to introduce Amber, she is the leader of an erstwhile group of mercs who need a new home and interpreted the Clone Union’s call as this being it.”


Amber walked up to Lurtor and looked him in the eye (quite a feat at such a height). She seemed to be studying him in a way that he hadn’t seen among bastards. There was an emotionless detachment. He might as well be a specimen in front of her gaze. It made him feel uncomfortable.

Amber was about to speak when there was a knock at the door. McIvinson opened it up, and another bastard female bounded in. She bounced as she walked, with a big smile, and her hair in pig tails. Except for the behavior she looked identical to Amber. Her uniform looking parka had the name Tilde on it, and she was dressed more like a VLAD agent than any sort of knightly figure.

This second bastard yelled, “AMMMMBBBBBEEEERRRR!!! I need to ask you a question for the Tildes.”

Amber looked at the second bastard with a patronizing look and in the voice of a school teacher asked, “What is your question Tilde?”

“Why can’t we just take the big ice barracks for our home? It looks like a place Mr. Dreamy might shack up in, and that makes me feel kinda warm inside,” said the second bastard with a lovelorn look in her eyes.

McIvinson couldn’t help himself, “Who is Mr. Dreamy?”

The second bastard spun on her heels and said, “Mr. Dreamy is the sweetest, most honorable, most reliable, most steady Uthvelor Knight you could ever meet. He is a Champion, a hero, a…”

But she was cut off by Amber at that point, “Tilde, Mr. McIvinson already knows Sir Killian. The Champion of Morgoth has spent time here during the construction of this settlement. Isn’t that right, Administrator?”

McIvinson blushed realizing these bastards seemed to idolize the Uthvelor Terrorist he had nearly expelled from the settlement months ago. He thanked his lucky stars he hadn’t been stupid enough to have the Uthvelor and their envoys executed. That would have made this moment highly uncomfortable.

Lurtor also realized he knew Sir Killian.


Amber turned again to the Tilde clone and said, “Now go back and tell the Tildes, I will ask about the Ice Barracks and negotiate what is needed for our safety and necessary freedoms.”

The Tilde clone bounded out, nearly bouncing on her feet.

Amber sighed, removing her parka and hanging it off one arm. Her armor now fully visible showed her as a Knight Captain in the Morgothian Faith. A dark paladin of extreme power and extreme honor.

She looked back at Lurtor and said, "You have opened a storm in a bottle my friend. Cloned slaves from across the colonies, and the Northern Kingdoms are coming here to live by your rules freely. To be judged by their actions.

But this place? It is ice, and snow and not nearly enough food and fuel to go around. I mean we have land and water for miles, but short of iceshaping it, not much in the way of building materials.

As you probably ascertained from my clone sister, I organized a bunch of my fellow Tilde Clones. While I have emerged past the point of really being a Tilde, I do share their genetic code…and their love of a certain knight who can never be mine.

But unlike them, I know this is the place all the current and former VLAD freelancers who were deemed terrorists are now sent or stationed. SO if Killian will be staying anywhere, it will eventually be here due to Morgothianism being labelled a terrorist faith."

“Are they wrong?” asked McIvinson.

“About Killian or about Morgothianism?” asked Amber then she didn’t wait for an answer saying, “On Killian they are wrong. He truly wants to protect the colonies. On Morgothianism, as evidenced by Killian, it really depends on the Morgothian.”

Her answer made McIvinson feel uncomfortable and he couldn’t figure out why.

“So can my people stay here?” asked Amber, “I am sure you have conditions beyond us just following the rules?”

McIvinson placed a hand on Lurtor’s shoulder as if urging him to begin the questioning.

Amber, the Tilde clone, stood the entire time.

Outside the building, a crowd of Tildes thousands strong rolled, and gambled and played. Their sounds filled the streets with childlike laughter. And yet if one stopped to think hard about it, the fact that they weren’t actually children, but aliens that looked like children, made it all the more disconcerting.


“We came here to avoid the fighting back in the colonies. There we are hunted by special forces and killed and incinerated,” said Amber, "It goes all the way up to the Colony General. And I thought I would have to spend the rest of my life running.

But then the Clone Union released those vids of EEF spec ops killing clones and people started talking about how the Colony General has to know about the clones and the clone killings. And IF he knows, THEN he has been lying to them all along. And they all kept asking, how has he kept alive these hundreds of years? Probably clones or something like that THEY say. THEY don’t know the real truth of course.

I wonder what would get their knickers in a twist faster, thinking old Malthus is a Clone? Or finding out he was a vampire all along…?" Amber asked.

And McIvinson picked up a finger and said, “What?”

Lurtor suddenly felt split. He had heard from the VLAD agency leaders years ago that the Colony General was a vampire. A vampire with an active group of very willing donors ready to keep him going strong for another few hundred years if needed. Lurtor had even met one of them, Zel, the Vlahadassi he had met at the archaeological site. They spoke about Malthus like a tireless workhorse, one whose only concern was balancing his people’s free will with the danger of actions like those carried out by the Church of One. It was precarious but considering most colonies did not have any element of armed guards on the streets and only Kalino had martial law, the Colonies as a whole were doing well, or so Lurtor had always thought.


Lurtor says “One of the roles of Jemison Post is a Penial area… not sure we have a colony status yet. We are the last stop to” Lurtor Air Quotes “reform” and continues " for those to dangerous to be in the colonies. That was not the original purpose, but that gave us funding and a way to help those who would just be shot dead if there was no other choice. Its harsh, but that is the reality. We have setup an Academia location and are attempting to those sent here. We are working on other ideas as well. But that our objective here at Jemison Post. I’m sure the EEF and colonies are just glad to get rid of people who can destroy mountains if they sneeze. The Colonies loss is our gain.

While our laws are close to Colonial law, we are a bit different due to our population of Clones, Failed Agents, Children of the Falosini, and some from Fort Lendil. That is why we judge based on action and not what you know or what you are.

So with that, you and yours should be safe here. McIversion already kicked out one who thought they could order us around.

We will need help with other food production, trade, and other ideas for expanding for the influx of people. We do have the ability to build out of artificed Ice quickly and then bring in better material. But we can use more ideas there too. We can setup a big heated area to start with and then build something better.

We can talk to the CU Lurtor and CU OtO, to add you and yours to the Clone Union. Add you as an advisor as well if you wish. As you know your group best. This is also to help escalate issues up the chain so they are manageable.

But I do ask a favor in that Amber. I know about the Colony General. Keep that secret. I’ll explain to McIversion later. We need the EEF funding, especially with the influx of funding. And we are still very nuke vulnerable, so we cannot threaten them too much. I have contacts in the EEF and Ft Lendil that can help us and I don’t want to burn those bridges.

We will address the issues of Clones being killed for being clones. It is high on my list. The Clone union was the first step."


Amber smiled and winked and said, "On my honor as a Morgothian I will not speak of Malthus true nature while I am within the Glacial Wastes. And I will take that position as the Tilde-clone Advisor.

My clone sisters don’t know much about growing food. We do know a lot about blowing stuff up, so if you need us to excavate large sections of ice quickly we can do it.

Some of them do know a bit about climbing the rigging if you need some folks to work on your fishing boats. They don’t know anything about sealife, but they learn pretty quick. They do need a steady supply of peanut butter and banana sandwiches to be in a cheerful mood. So you may have some grumpy Tildes running around until we can get a steady source of cloned Earth Peanuts and Earth bananas. But they will work to make sure the clone sisterhood is contributing to Jemison Post."


Lurtor says “Well, we have an academia being setup here. Jemison Post citizens have the ability to attend for free. So any skills you and yours wish to learn, that should be able to be arranged. The Fishing industry could always use more help.”

Lurtor turns thoughtful for a minute, and then asks "Amber, how are you with defenses, traps, alerts, fortifications? Would you be willing to work with the Lurtors and OtOs to build out our defenses. When, if, we are attacked, it would be nice to slow down anything and to get prior notification of the incoming. "


Amber stopped dead in her tracks and said, “That is what the EEF used to use us for. And they paid us 20 ghaz a week to do it. If you can meet that pay then we can. But that is highly trained, highly specialized work, and my sisters won’t do it for free.”

Lurtor knew full well that A) Jemison Post didn’t have that type of money, in fact the EEF could only afford that level of pay because it had all the colonies to draw a budget from. B) The minute they started paying the Tilde Clones, the OtO and Lurtor clones would demand the same, and that would instantly bankrupt Jemison Post.


Lurtor says "hmmm, we are not at the point where we can pay with Ghaz. Our budget cannot cover our population increase to pay in Ghaz for everything. Especially with the influx of clones seeking safety. Eventually, we hope to get there, but we need income flowing into Jemison post govt before we can do that. Right now we already supply the free education, shelter, security at very little charge. As More an exchange/barter system for work performed. Currently this is what the Lurtors and OtOs are helping protect Jemison Post for.

Eventually we will get to pay as we don’t want you all to feel like being used or taken advantage of. But we will need to be able to pay all of those performing tasks for Jemison Post. But we have to last long enough to get there which is why i’ve focused on defense.

There is much you already gain here, but is there something I can do that would help out? You said you and yours were hunted in some places. Maybe, Run a shopping trip for you? Myself or others in Jemison post can make trips into the colonies or Ft Lendill?"


Amber said, "Hey I get it. That’s why I offered to have my sisters help with the fishing boats. But doing the type of skilled mine laying and trap building that you are talking about is specialized work. And looking at your so called defenses on the way in, I know you need fortifications, defenses and minework. But pay is pay…unless…

If you were able to secure for my sisters a steady supply of peanut butter, bananas, and fresh sliced bread, we might be able to work something out for the short term to at least get some basic traps, basic anti-vehicle mines and alarms setup on the approaches to Jemison Post.

But if you want full defense force work…that costs cold hard ghaz."

She got a glint in her eye that was quite impressive.


Grim walked up to where Lurtor and Amber were talking. Looking at Amber, he nodded and said “Morning Tilde, How you been?” not realizing that she was not the typical Tilde.

After she reacts and he realizes his mistake, he will apologize. Looking around, “So where can i find the Clone Union reps, I feel like I should discuss the current state of the region and how it affects them and the other clones with them. I want to do my best to keep any misunderstandings to a minimum.”