Jemison Post - Cloning Facility


Lurtor will checkout the Cloning facility to verify its state.

His Goal, If possible, determine who is in control of the facility. Him or at least the Clones Union, which reports to him.

The facility should not be producing clones just to produce them. Restoring lost clones is ok. What those conditions are is open to negotiations. If the facility is controlled by another, then for now Lurtor just needs to know this.

To do this, Lurtor will summon the Clone Union reps.

Lurtor “What can you tell me about the state of the Cloning facility? With all of the attacks that were happening, I never got back to this. I would like to make sure it is secure since it is in Jemison Post lands and we will get blamed for anything bad happening there.”


It was Amber of the Clone Union who met with him. Since taking over the Tilde Clone citizens, she had gained quite a bit of support from the OtOs and the other Lurtors.

Spymaster Lurtor was ready for just about any answer except the one he got.

Amber said, "The Cloning Facility is up and running. In fact, I have made sure the Clone Union has the place well defended in case of attack.

Every week since Jemison Post was liberated from the EEF, we have been continuing to increase the numbers of Clone Union members.

The facility is still technically under a Banking Guild Deed and the Deed shows Captain Oliver of the Kolgul Militia as the current owner. Though I will admit since Jemison Post has become a Northern Kingdom, I have not seen Captain Oliver come around.

Back when we were an EEF outpost, he used to come and go regularly from the facility. Not so much now."

Amber showed Lurtor the deed, and Lurtor found it interesting that the dates corresponded with the date before the Glacial expedition originally left Dusk. In fact it looked like the Old VLAD used one of his many companies to officially transfer ownership of the Cloning Facility from his own company to Captain Oliver, the minute the EEF began organizing the Glacial Wastes expedition.

Checking the dates again, Lurtor was impressed to see a portion of the Old VLAD’s plans revealed. It seemed the Old VLAD timed the transfer of the deed, and his own pulling out of forces from the Glacial Research Facility with their own arrival and the orbital strike on the Sea Kings.

In one motion, he had secured an army for Oliver, and eliminated the greatest threat to that land.

Having seen the immense Sea Kings army that DID invade the Glacial Research Facility, Lurtor was terrified to think of how different the battle would have gone if two things were different. The first was the worry about what the battle would have looked like if all the Illuminated Pharoahs of the far continent had coordinated their invasion with the Warmonger Quall-Avatar. Lurtor feared they would not have stood a chance, and the EEF would have had to orbital strike the region just to prevent the Sea Kings from taking it all.

Thinking back to all the times cloned OtOs and cloned Lurtors showed up in battle to drive out the Sea kings and now provided security to Jemison Post, Spymaster Lurtor would have been deeply concerned if they did not have the Clone Union and its support.


As Lurtor thought about all of this, Amber continued.

"Since this facility was already designed for specific Clone manufacturing, we have continued that original use.

If you want to try and reprogram the equipment it will need a DNA key and Voice Command from Captain Oliver.
But I’ve been watching him on the holonet news, and it seems he is running for office. Maybe you could negotiate use rights for Jemison Post?

Another option would be for Jemison Post’s government to try to quasi-legally seize the facility through Eminent Domain. Then you could just Technomagi the computers to do your will…"

Amber looked at Spymaster Lurtor waiting to see which direction he was going to decide on.


Lurtor asks “At what rate are Lurtor and OtO clones are being produced? Are there any other clones being produced there?”


Amber smiled rather brightly and said, “The entire facility is recreating another copy of the same army you found when you arrived. They should be finished brewing shortly. But you know how clones are. A few may need a few more weeks in the tube.”


Lurtor reached out to Oliver to see if they could meet. The topic would be about the Factory as to not give away anything to those who don’t know.

Lurtor would say to Oliver "Greetings. Thank you for coming. We need to clear up the status of the cloning facility. I do not wish to expand the number of Lurtor or OtO around. Also, LUrtors or OtOs getting into trouble around refuge will cause Jemison Post, Myself, and the Lurtors and OtOs here consequences. And the Factory is in current Jemison Post lands which puts a double responsibility to me.

I would like to take ownership of the factory, and use it to maintain numbers of the Lurtor and OtOs. Also adding the ability to treat and help the existing clones.

I don’t want to have take it, or cause an accident like last time. What would it take to have the facility handed over to myself and the Clone Union?"

Lurtor figured he would start with the turning over the facility to start with and see where it goes.


Captain Oliver was very pleased by the meeting. It was a hard day of work in his political office in Zh’ka’al. Then a long AAV ride to Jemison Post to arrive in time to meet with Spymaster Lurtor. Captain Oliver found it fascinating that it was not PeaceLord Grim he was meeting with, instead it was the new country’s spymaster. He wondered what his father would say about that.

Oliver listened politely and said, "Thank you for your kind offer Spymaster Lurtor. But I must decline.

I am so happy the Jemison Post government recognizes my ownership claim over the Cloning Facility. Why else would YOU be asking ME to hand over ownership? But again I must decline such a generous offer.

I do suspect this cloning facility will generate quite a bit of profit. It is,after all, the only competing cloning facility to the one in Saragosa.

And that will result in a lot of special jobs. So many possible special jobs.

Now I currently have a financial interest in keeping the Lurtors, OtOs, and Tilde production levels up. But if Jemison Post would like to pay me to lower those levels so that the facility only replaces those who die, I would happily negotiate regarding that."

Captain Oliver adjusted his campaign pin at his lapel, “I am in need of additional funds for my political campaign, and I am definitely open to either political donations or a straight out payment for services.”

Captain Oliver leaned back and said, “But yes, the cloning facility is mine. And I will continue to have the final say in what gets produced there. Unless of course you want to take up the property dispute with the Banking Guild. I think you will find their records of deed in relation to the planet Refuge property confirms my assertion.”


Lurtor says "What I want to get across is that you misjudge on my reasons and concerns.

The easiest issue, you are in Jemison Post territory, your actions could be blamed or reflected on us. Please don’t make me destroy the facility by putting Jemison Post in danger. I really don’t want to as I see its benefit.

Next, The Clone Union and I have worked to repair the images of clones. Using clones for terrorist attacks with clones that could be blamed on the Cloned Union or I would be detrimental to all of us. We have worked hard to improve the lives of clones and will defend that. We are making strides where clones can walk around more freely and a negative attack would destroy that. Jemison Post getting blamed for attacking someone because of your clones would count as harm to Jemison Post.

Now positive positions like Body guards protecting people or even candidates like yourself, might be an interesting idea. Might even be able to help with that.

As for the clone lines, I do not have the budget to completely buy those clone lines. I would be interested in paying for capacity for my current levels and to help Jemison Posts / clone unions members. That income should help your campaign, but I can’t finance everything like you hope.

I would expect that the cloning facility in Sarasoga pays some sort of taxes to the colony itself. We already protect the lands around this place. Currently there is no arrangement between us, and we should make one. Official or unofficial. Nothing that would take away from your campaign of course. Money isn’t everything. I’m sure we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

We should be friends. We both have strong positions, this place is in Jemison Post Lands, you have given me no reason personally to cause problems yet outside the Lurtor clones, and you could even hold a top position in the colonies one day."

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