Itashi Allaince envoy seeks the UTR


A tall and slender K’iorn named Jaf’en’few arrived to Unen via a trading vessel from there he paid in goods to get brought to the UTR seat of power. The journey had been long to reach the chambers but the treaty he hoped to secure was well worth the trek. The essence of the treaty is a trade deal. The Itashi Alliance needed food and raw resources, the Itashi Alliance could provide trade goods and new markets for the goods of the UTR to reach.


Lalder says “Greetings, sorry for keeping you waiting. I have great interest in this. My tribe especially in the UtR has made Farming and food production a priority.”


Jaf’en’few became enthusiastic. “We were hoping to establish embassies as part of the trade deal. We have an area of the Itashi capital city which will hopefully suit your purposes. I also have a draft of the trade document for you to review and make revisions too.” The K’iorn produced a large document. The trade document provided a clauses stating each nation can decide goods prices based on their own internal governance. In the case of the Itashi Alliance this would largely be left to any stores UTR merchants established and any deals made with Itashi merchants. It provided a method of trade dispute mediation with officials from both nations meeting to resolve or elect a third party arbitrator to resolve the dispute. The document tries to establish a fair set of guidelines to create open trade.


Lalder says "Hmmm, I’m a very staight forward Gog. But let me understand this correctly, our Merchants/Traders will be allowed to set their own prices. In the case of Govt owned Merchants and stores, the govt would do that? I’m ok with this. In any Trade, the value of an item to someone always determines what you will trade for it. Olgogs Barter more than use a currency. This is newer to us, though it is being used more and more.

And a neutral party to resolve disputes is preferred.

If my understands of it is correct, I’m good with this. I’ll have the trade document reviewed by one more skilled than I at this. But in concept I agree and I will bring this to the council for approval once reviewed."

(OOC I expect specific items can be negotiated offline with Minions and specialists lol). Also, not sure if Lalder can approve for the UtR, but he’ll push it through. NArrator??)

Lalder continues “You can start in my Lands and Territories, we will setup locations for trade. My Trading post will be a great point of start as it is a stop off the hovertrain routes.”