Investigating Data (for Narrator)


Biff was dusting off his computing skills. Computing Skills, Biff thought to himself, Twain would be so jealous. He wanted to go through the data that Lurtor’s mek gathered regarding the possible “trading” the banking guild was doing.

OOC - Thread per recent game that Narrator approved for further investigation

FYI - Computing skill of 3


Albert the Mekanoid watched with interest as Biff was going through the data he had stolen from the Banking Guild computers.

It seemed a Hiram Lee of the VofV Comission was accepting “prisoner transfers” from the VofV Comission’s Judicial Branch. He was only accepting transfers of prisoners slated for Exile. Then he was re-marking those transfers as sales documents for “undisclosed merchandise” with the Banking Guild.

The Guilders were then shipping these packing crates full of human bodies to places as far away as the Kingdom of Kasanth. The Guilders seemed unaware of this, as their own regulations prevented them from dealing in Slaves, Clones, or even Human Body parts like Medical Transplant Organs.

So far Hiram Lee had made over 1 million ghaz in funds through this illicit transfer. But Albert and Biff’s hacking had discovered only 100,000 ghaz had gone directly to Hiram Lee. The remaining 900,000 ghaz had gone into a Banking Guild account for an unknown person. The odd part, was while the address had been in the Lost Colonies for months, the payment address had changed to Jemison Post not two months ago…


Biff did some investigating and noticed the address matched with the current address for Alphine, the Rep who was responsible for Nuria’s holdings. But back then Alphine was the resident, it was still listed under someone called Domin Lereau.

Maybe Biff would have to ask Nuria about a Domin Lereau.