In the Shadow of the SEA-TAC Dome on the West Coast of the former USA (TSGL3 week 5+)


The SEA-TAC Dome (seattle-tacoma dome) was one of the many Dome cities built during the Golden Age of Earth. It was also one hit hard and never fully repairs. So despite being a Domed City the dome had a huge hole in (from a Domebuster cannon) which had never been fixed.
Through it one could see the towers of the rich and elite living here. Most were wage slaves of the Iron Republic or their licensed corporations. But a few were even owned by operatives and mercs, the soldiers of fortune the IR would hire to bring back lost tech and runaway wage slaves from the slums of the city and the wasteland that stretched between here and the next major settlement in the bones of the city of portland.


Surrounding the SEA-TAC Dome were suburbs and urban sprawl spreading in all directions. It was in one of these suburbs that the Resistance had an active base. Well at least an active resistance cell.
The mailbox at the front of the large house was marked with the family name Hudson. Anyone who drove by would think it just another home in an identicle cul-du-sac that dotted this area.

But those few few lucky ones in the know, knew they could find two elite agents for hire here…Couper and Jack Hudson.
The pair had been residing on Refuge for the past few centuries until Maverick had dragged them to Earth to help out.
Jack was a k’iorn who had obviously had some work done. His cheeks and lips were plumped enough that if he put his cowboy hat on to cover his pointed ears he could pass for an Earther. He dressed like an Earther cowboy, which was a bit of a sore thumb in crowds but made people think he was a performer instead of a terrorist which was a win.
Across from him sat Couper. The massively muscled soldier had a pair of cybernetic arms, and was wearing sun glasses inside the home.


There was a flash of blue light and suddenly Maverick Multimancer appeared. Both Couper and Jack’s guns were pointed at him instantly, and Maverick raised his hands over his head. Maverick whispered “Protocol Umlaut”

Jack kept his revolvers pointed at Maverick, but Couper put down his guns.

“Umlaut huh? So the East Coast base has been discovered by the Temporal Empire and you needed to do a full evacuation,” Couper said with amusement, he wasn’t surprised the silly fop had finally blown the East Coast’s cover. He was bringing all sorts off wierdos from across time there…

Maverick looked pointedly over at Jack’s revolvers still aimed at his head and heart.

“Jack its okay, part 2 of Umlaut is the big red baby needs a couch to crash on. Though after that Bullshit with the Necronomicon, Maverick you are lucky we both don’t just use you like a punching bag.
You can stay here until you meet up with Bloodbath and Overkill.”