In a White Room with Black Curtains and a Red Button (Week 8 DR2220+)


Hekericki awoke to find Godart staring at her through a mirror on her bed. She didn’t normally have a mirror near her bed? That was odd. Then she noticed it wasn’t her bed, and seemed instead some sort of dream.

Behind her she could hear a noise she associated with the power source of the MDK. She looked up to see Godart again starring at her through a mirror.

But across from her in the room calmly sat Tor Gog, old and withered in some sort of stasis suit. On the chest of the stasis suit was a glowing time shredder.

Hekericki’s first instinct was to grab it until Tor Gog said, "Stupid child, that won’t work. This is a dream. A communication technique I first stole from the Grey aliens in a distant alternate timeline. This dream communicator will link you and I but only for a moment.

I see you have been liking the Metal Discord Kuelo? I stole the funds from Eli McGraw to pay for it, since he stole those funds from PeaceLord Lurlock anyway. And I had it built in secret, and displaced across time, so no one timeline could be used to trace it to any specific timeline.

But I am sure you have heard the noises from the engine. You already knew there was a Sylvan Power converter in there, but there is so much more than that powering it…"


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Godart starts backing up and attempts to ram his body though the mirror.


Hekeriki just kinda blinks. “Woah, woah… first off, the time clones of you or me or whatever stole the ghaz and built the robot. Not you. Don’t act like this is all going to your plan. It isn’t!”

She jumps from the floor, points her finger at the old gog and then shouts “Don’t call me stupid and ignorant! I have a pretty good idea what’s in the core of the MDK and you ain’t going to get to it. Your plan to remake reality is childish. Suck it hag!”

“Thirdly, Godart could you please stop banging on mirror? It’s kinda giving me a headache.”


“Hekeriki! Stop monologuing with her. She dangerous,” Godart said as he continued ramming the mirror.


Tor Gog smiled in an unsettling way, "Yes originally I did want the contents of the MDK, Hekeriki.

I didn’t quite understand it but I thought I could remake the universe with it. In a way I was right, and in a way I was wrong. I wouldn’t have discovered that if I hadn’t… But the spirit of a child that is in the heart of the MDK is…"

And she motioned towards Godart.

Hekeriki couldn’t tell if Tor Gog was telling the truth or lying. What Hekeriki couldn’t figure out was why she would lie?


Tor Gog walked over to the mirror and pressed her hand against it pulling it away like taffy. It finally popped like a bubble and Godart was with them.

Tor Gog said, “I knew it would mean a lot to her being able to hug you, Godart. Even if it is only in a dream, in a different temporality.”

Godart stood next to Hekeriki.

Tor Gog withdrew to the far side of the dreamscape, giving them their privacy for a moment if they needed it.


“It’s a trap. If you hug me, something bad will happen,” Hekeriki said.

Pointing to Tor Gog she asked “Did she get creepier to you? Anyhow, so yeah… any idea what’s going?”


“Wow no hug. That’s cold but I understand. Would be a little too easy,” Godart commented as he eyed Tor Gog.

“Not really. Last that I remember was meeting you though some screen three times. Every time was kinda different. You acted bit different.”


Tor Gog laughed in an even creepier way when Hekeriki convinced Godart not to touch her.

"You know Hekeriki, a person has truly crushed their enemy when they have taken away even the simple comforts. In the end I won. But I didn’t like what winning looks like… in this situation.

Godart has been able to view you, and you him. I am sure it could be a benefit in certain situations.

Especially when facing a threat across different timelines. All of the Hekeriki’s across the timelines affected by the Holys contagion can be contacted by this singular Godart consciounsness. But the timelines affected by the Holys Contagen are being segregated and cut off by the Temporal Empire."


Tor gog said, "I am not here to fight you, or harm you. Holys and his Neliff the Timeless are a greater threat to me and to you than we are to each other.

But I understand why you wouldn’t trust me. That’s why I set up this meeting. You can ask me anything you wish, and I will answer it to the best of my ability. I won’t reveal any of my plans outside of the Holys contagen abatement but I am sure you expected that already. You are a smart girl after all."


Hekeriki was not amused “Yeah sure. They are the greater threat line. Cute.”

She walked toward to the other female gog seeming a bit bigger, taller than her usually self. “For a genius, you do have issues that’s makes you a fool. You really shouldn’t brought Godart here and you shouldn’t done many things.”


Godart was a little concerned “Just relax Hekeriki. Let’s hear her out and…”

He didn’t get to finish as a long left from Hekeriki slam him though back though a reformed mirror.


Hekeriki collapsed as two tall and slightly older versions step out of her. “YOU HAVE SOME NERVE CREATING MIND FORKS OF YOURSELF AND THEN CHANGING THE PLAN!” they both scream in harmony.

“Plan was simple. We let you into MDK’s core and you win! This universe gets remade, you avoid creating the time travel mistake that destroy the one we came from, and your live out your life preventing any advancement in time travel,” the one on the right said.

“But no, you have to go change the plan and decided there was an opening for god. Typical me,” the one on the left said.


Godart slowly got to his feet. “This is not you. This is this Holys contagen thingy making you nuts.”


“Oh please, grandma here is trying to reverse engineer this thing. We gogs shut down these jerks that came to our home planet thousands and thousands of years ago,” said Lefty.

“The diverse people of the Distant Shores cause so many problems. We made them either gogs or made them dead,” said Righty.

“Look at this dark, mess of a place!”

“Take the humans, earthers, for example: they are the poster child of screw ups.”


“Pot calling the kettle black,” Godart spat out.

Looked at the two as stood over unconscious the Hekeriki. They seem to stare at Tor Gog.

“Heh, less crazy lady Tor Gog? I think you broke two out of three Hekerikis.”


Tor Gog sighed, “I knew you would not trust me, but…I thought a threat this great might bring us together. I was wrong.”

She blew a kiss and a wave of annihilation extended and the two extra Hekeriki’s disappeared. Tor Gog lifted the unconscious Hekeriki and placed her in Godart’s arms to no detriment to either. Godart hugged Hekeriki tight.

"Godart what you just experienced was Hekeriki’s mind breaking, and in breaking it called upon annihilation. She won’t have control of it, and it might just cause her to destroy things she loves when she cannot control it. These other versions of her might appear again. Just now they are very much like her, their timelines have not diverged enough. Even a few months down the line, these timelines will diverge sharply enough that these Hekerikis will be as different from her as she is from me.

I wasn’t lying.

I am from a timeline where I already accessed the engine of the Metal Discord Kuelo. It was originally an orphan’s spirit in it. But then Hekeriki began to love you, to look up to you, to care about you. Naeil knew you, knew you as a person. But Hekeriki? She loved you.

So in one timeline to further torment her, when you died I put your spirit inside the engine of the Metal Discord Kuelo.

I wasn’t lying when I said this specific timeline iteration of the MDK I built, but not to harm Hekeriki as she thinks.

She was right when she said if I had access to the heart of the MDK I could rewrite all of reality. And I did so, until I smashed into a being shattering reality as it moved, this being known as Holys. This reality Hekeriki is living through IS the best I could create with Holys’ meddling.

But now that she has broken under the strain, and annihilation begins to influence her life, it may be worse than I originally created. It will be up to you to save her Godart, or she will become a monster to herself and the world.

Inside the armory of the Tomb Factory of Holys is a living Crystal Key that Chronomancer stole from me.

If you and Hekeriki can recover it, you may just be able to keep the Hekeriki you know and love whole. The MDK can take you safely there, but once there Hekeriki will have to go on foot.

All three timeline versions of Hekeriki must recover the key if she is to be made psychically whole once more. And only you can communicate with each."

Godart could tell Tor Gog was not lying. He wasn’t sure what freaked him out more, that a version of himself was trapped in the MDK like some sort of spirit battery. Or that Tor Gog had won. Then again Godart realized in an infinite number of fights between Hekeriki and Tor Gog, there was always an eventually where she won…

Time travel, reality bending, Godart was tired of all of it. But he knew he cared about Hekeriki and had to save her.

Tor Gog asked, “Do you have any other questions before I release you both to the timelines from where i plucked you?”

Godart suddenly realized Tor Gog was the most frightening being he had ever encountered.


“Why me?” he asked.


Tor Gog smiled in a way that made Godart’s skin crawl.

"You…you…? It isn’t obvious? Godart the first Olgog to independently develop and pursue space travel. Sure some Olgogs in the past had stolen or bought Earther technology. Some had even joined the EEF to see the stars.

But you inspired the Mag Buskt to put down arms and invest his resources in a spaceport free of Earther infuence. I know of many a future where the Godart Memorial Space Port is the center of interstellar Olgog culture and trade that expands as far as Grey-space."

Tor Gog smiled again, “Millions of future Olgog minds will be adding power to the MDK as time passes. Everytime they think of the Olgog Astronaut Godart, their wills will unknowingly push more Leyas power into this vehicle. . This is only of benefit to me.”

Then her expression softened for a moment, “And all of that would be reason enough, but the real reason I chose you was because only you would be able to convince Hekeriki to do what is necessary.”

There was a desperation in Tor Gog’s voice, "If she misses the opportunity to collect the Crystal Key there at the Tomb of Holys, she will lose all control and begin falling down the path of the Annihilator. And when that happens…everyone will hunt her and the crew of the MDK down. It will cost her everything she loves. That is what Holys the Chronomancer promised me.

I would succeed in having him arrested and placed once more in containment. But he warned me, If I succeeded I would have to watch my greatest foe get defeated by him and tormented for the rest of my days. But I can fix that, by using you…I can fix…"

Then Tor Gog looked off into the distance and a single tear dripped down her eye, “Or is it too late?”