How to deal with a Refugee problem in Der'al


If you wish to NOT take in the new tribals who have come to your tribe as Refugees after the Olgog Civil war mission post the specific number of Refugees you recieved and where you are sending them.
Remember that if you send refugees away you may be condemning them to die by starvation or predation by wild animals.
If you are accepting the mission reward there is no need to post here, unless you are sending them to a different settlement.

For example Gangs of Uf Mag’og gained 750 new Olgog tribals. They may not want to take care of 750 Olgog tribals and instead send them to join the UtR Faction to be given new homes. Or maybe they want to send them to Simonsburg along with the 10,000 other new arrivals to just be citizens. Or if they decide to be merciless they can turn the refugees away and let them die in the desert just because it makes Brezans laugh.