How to Catch a Dragon...


Krodnok and his followers had been busy. Word had spread across the Lands that there was a new religion that had been established in Simonsburg, and that Krodnok was at the center of it. What with working to set up a religion and all, it had been decided that Krodnok needed to outsource some of his other, less important tasks. Krodnok had some things that he needed, and he’d need help getting it.

Ten scouts would be sent out to different areas of the Goblin Lands, areas where mercenaries were likely to gather. The scouts come to these areas looking to hire mercenaries. The mission: a hunt. The target: a Nightmare Dragon(FalseWyrm). Or, to be specific, 4, maybe 5 Dragons. When, and if, asked about the reason for the need, ‘experiments’ is the only answer to be given.

The details: Find Nightmare Dragons. It doesn’t necessarily have to be 1 person or group that gathers all 4 or 5 Dragons. Capture, or kill the beasts. No preference there. Although, in all honesty, Krodnok would like at least one live specimen. Once a mercenary has accepted the job, directions to a drop point would be given. The drop point would be at the entrance to a wooded area, the path referred to as the Trail of Auf Maglal.

This mission is open only to Mercenary characters.

Each player gets only one post. Players who accept this mission must be specific as to how they plan to trap the FalseWyrm(s).

This mission ends at 8:00 PM E.S.T. on Friday, December 27th.


As a Morgothian Paladin, Sir Mag’Nrs had become adept at the art of controlling lesser nightmares, littler imps and goblins that crawled forth from the darkness. This was a skill that served the Paladins well in battle and labor; but while venturing into the Olgog lands Mag’Nrs had used the ability for little more entertainment, keeping up the spirits of those recovering in the attack at the Port of Unen. Now was the possibility of putting his skills to use, and making an ally from other religious faction. This was truly important, being off in these strange lands on his own.

Controlling falsewyrms was greater than the capacity of his skill so this would have to take some other knowledge. The first attempt was something more for himself, for if he was going to bring in a “living” falsewyrm specimen it might as well be his first mount. Part of his training had been in riding, so Mag’Nrs would use his riding ability to wrangle out the rare raven/panther griffin falsewyrm. He would wait using HIDE IN SHADOWS outside the caves of the beast, and try luring it out with the bait of controlled lesser nightmares. When the rare falsewyrm gets close, Mag’Nrs will leap onto its back and maneuver the bit into place. This will undoubtedly startle the beast and he will begin riding while attempting to use the nightmare controlling ability, not for domination but more to try calming. He will use CREATE NIGHTMARE(lesser) offering the beast easy other targets for food, and attempting to somewhat tame his new mount.

This would be the only attempt at a “living” falsewyrm nightmare, only a rare specimen as such would work as a grand morgothian mount. Mag’Nrs, with the new mount will attempt to capture and kill 3 other falsewyrms for the experimentation of Krodnok. He will ride off to different cave locations, using the similar tactic of luring out the falsewyrm using the controlled lesser nightmares. Instead of trying to tame, he will have the mount go in for a flaking attack while he leaps upon looking for a killing blow with the morgothian lance. It surely will take longer than one night, so being unable to protect his new mount with shadow armor. He and his mount will retreat back to the falsewyrms caves, and regroup there while taking in the spoils of the previous nights hunt. A portion of the dead falsewyrms corpse will be used as food for the mount for the future.

Once Mag’Nrs has slain 3 falsewyrms, we will bring the bodies back to the drop point on his own. He will have his mount hidden, saying “I do happen to have a living falsewyrm, but this is an ally of mine. It is my mount and a rare specimen of falsewyrm as it is. I do not wish harm for this, so before I agree to you seeing it I wish to know more that is going on with this experimentation. If this is a cause of worth, I will bring my falsewyrm for this testing as long as I fully know what is going on and the beast will not be harmed. And you will have gained yourself an ally.”


Rogarth stepped up grabbing the closest nightmare by the throat. He snapped the beasts spine and hurled it down before his employer.


Taking the flamethrower the Phoenixkiller laid down suppressive fire. He aimed it directly into the falsewyrm cone of chilling breath every time it tried to breath at them.


Burke finds a nice hidden spot to observe a Falsewyrm flying by. Took his laser sniper rifle and fired two blasts to sheer off the wings of the Wyrm. Once it hit the ground he would walk up to it and slice off it’s legs with surgical laser blasts. After it is totally immobile he would walk up to the side of its head and fire a shot right into it’s brain. He would slice it up into portable pieces, then load it into his truck and drop it off. “I was going to take it alive, but then decided that I didn’t feel like it. I will take my payment now.”