Houses of the Holy (Jemison Post)


Biff was having a rough few weeks. First, W’s friend McMurphy, who Biff had promised to look out for, was under arrest. Second, the negotiations weren’t going well between the aerie. Third, there’s still that thing trapped in ice that was making everything “sick”. Fourth, settlement complications.

And then, to top it all off, Boreal Itash.

Biff needed a distraction. He needed to find peace. Once upon a time, Biff would never have found such peace. When W freed him from the bonds of slavery, he was lost. W became his idol, and everyone knew it. It didn’t bother him, and he still looks up to W for everything W did, does, and will continue to do. But, during his first mission out into the world as a member of the Border Freedom Force, he came across faith. Becoming a Knight of the Bladed Sun gave him a greater purpose. A balance to the world. One he was still trying to figure out. But most importantly, it made him happy. He stopped idolizing W as g-d and more like a living being that was just trying to do good in the world. The Bladed Sun gave him greater purpose, and made him a better man for it.

And now he needed a place to meditate. A place of peace surrounded by a world of antagonism and strife. And he wanted to make sure the new inhabitants of this settlement did too. He was granted permission by Grim and Lurtor to build a house of worship. Lurtor wanted it to be a mission for the Bladed Sun, but that felt wrong to Biff. Everyone needed a place to worship. If he was going to build something, it would be for everyone. Maybe, one day, if Jemison post became as large as New Home, he’d build different houses. But for now, one place would do.

Like most of Jemison Post, it would be underground. Carved out using tunnel material (artifact), followed by his calling forth stone from the ground, then shaping and.or forming stone. Biff did not want the place to be ostentatious. Austerity was the vibe he was going for. Simple entryway, an open space, down the center of the complex. He would artifice, onto a stone, the ability to raise and lower stone benches into a variety of configurations (circles, pews, benches). A stone altar could also be erected. There would be enough room for a 100 people, seated in rows. Also artificed in each room would be warm aura and floating torchlights (the control for the lights would be individual and separate from all other artifacts, as to not discriminate against those faiths practiced by cursed or the Tyriani).

Offshooting from this central area there would be rooms, enough for 15-20 people to gather (4 on either side). He would artifice in every room a separate stone console such that different shelves could be pulled out or inset into the walls for whatever religious idols required for prayer. Doors could be opened or closed, based on religious preference (made of grimwood). The walls in-between these rooms could also be opened for larger and enclosed gatherings. He would carve out an office space in the back of the complex for either himself or any staff of the structure. He would also leave space for further digging underground, in the event that this staff would need to be 24/7.

Work on these areas would be purposeful. The intent would be to make it meaningful and open to all (sanctioned) faiths without offending any. No permanent symbology is allowed, but there are places in all rooms so that when people gather for prayer, they can place their symbology accordingly.

The ground rules are as follows (and subject to change):

  • All sanctioned (in the colonies) faiths, except Church of One, are permitted
  • If a faith is unsanctioned, or is Church of One, a special petition must be made to Biff - of specific concern that must be addressed is how practice of that faith will better the settlement, promote peace in the settlement, and offer value to the settlement.
  • All faiths permitted, either because they are sanctioned or allowed via special petition, are to be tolerated and respected: no loud noises and other interruptions
  • Respect of others is required, that includes a “no preaching to converts” while on the premises - you may answer questions about your faith, but are not to engage in dialogue attacking their faith or overly promoting your faith to others (no “you’re all sinners” speeches or “I have a god to tell you about”)
  • Space is provided on a first come, first serve on a reservation basis
  • For any formal gathering - someone has to register for the group (e.g. if the Chaplain wants to lead a service, he has to register for the group. This is done in the event items are left behind, etc)
  • Quiet personal meditation can happen at any time provided there is space available (either in central gathering space or in a room)
  • Conflicts are solved through compromise
  • No permanent symbology allowed

Biff reserves the right to assign staff to this space.

OOC - use this thread to ask about a specific faith, make requests of Biff regarding the nature of this space. Narrator reserves the right to interject for OOC or other purposes. If this thread becomes too confuddled by multiple conversations of faith and administrivia, we’ll break out accordingly.


Lurtor approached Biff and said "Biff, do you have a moment to talk. And please forgive me if I say this wrong as I’m not sure how to broach this as i don’t talk to others of myself much. So I’ll be straight to the point.

A while ago, I was helping Scribe when he was having questions of faith in his gods. Others were helping too, including some knights of the bladed sun. They told us some of the teachings of the Bladed Sun. Though teachings might not be the right word, but I got no better. They said That the Strong should protect the weak and that you should seek to learn from all religions as parts of answers are found in all religions, not just one. And to treat others fairly.

And these events opened my eyes a bit. This is something that i have tried to pickup and follow as I can. Though I’m sometimes conflicted by my training and way I was taught when growing up.

But when I succeed in stopping something, like those Olgogs who were being sent to their death, we are trying to help them here. Though I have concerns of what we can actually do to help them. I do want to help them. Or when I can do something that prevents war between two tribes. Those are the times I feel… ‘good’ is not the right word, but close.

I know very little of the Bladed Sun his knight except from what I learned that day, my journey since then, and what I’ve seen in you. I wish to learn more of the Bladed Sun and those who follow him."

Lurtor stood there waiting for the response. He has not bragged or told others of his choice to follow the Bladed Sun.

He feared the rebuke because he struggled to do the right things sometimes. He always saw the big holy symbol that Biff had and he didn’t know if he was wrong in not having one himself as he always tries not to show personal things. Or his effort to do something good, did not go the way he expected. And it took him long to come to this point to ask Biff, even after they have traveled together for a while now.


Biff listened intently, and was about to answer when his curiosity got the better of him?

“Wait, you met a living being named after their profession?? Is that common of the Olgog. Does the honorific title replace your name, never to be mentioned again? Does a single tribe have more than one in a profession? Are all spiritual leaders just called “spiritual leader”, for example?”


Lurtor was confused by this “I’m confused. I do know of one tribe that names olgog’s after their traits but it is not used elsewhere to my knowledge. They are karovian. Did I make that mistake here? I did say my knowledge was lacking.”


Biff shook his head. Perhaps Lurtor was not the best to ask about such things.

“You know what, forget it. Let’s start at the beginning. Actually, not the beginning, because there is no beginning.” …at least not one worth getting into yet.

“Let’s talk about The Balance. The Balance, as a religious concept, has several interpretations. It’s complex, and I’m not going to get into every aspect of it. But for our intent and purpose: for every good there is an equal bad. The more good you do, the more evil will want to counter it. The more that evil acts, the greater the response will be from those who will stand against it. The Balance is the even keel. The Balance prevents reality from descending into chaos as the forces of good and evil engage in all out war.”

He paused. He didn’t want to be dramatic, but it’s hard not to be when you’re talking about The Balance. “We’re not enforcers of the Balance. But in thought, in action, and in essence we exist to serve it. Not enforce it, serve it. Don’t confuse the two. Like ever.”

He let the thought sink in. If Lurtor looked like he was about to speak or ask a question, Biff would quiet him.

He let the silence last 15 minutes.

“The Balance is what keeps the War-Monger at bay. But we cannot, do not, and most importantly, will not enforce the Balance. The word force is not in out vocabulary. Force is how good intentions empower War-Monger.”

He paused again, leaving Lurtor to his thoughts. But not as long as the last pause.

“We learn because, fundamentally, we must understand how faith empowers the faithful. Understanding gives us perspective. Perspective let’s us show respect. Showing respect makes us effective mediators. And all of these things empower us to show people the error of their ways, which enables people to find their own redemption. And that, Lurtor, is how we serve the Balance.”