Hob'Tor Trade Tracking


OOC this thread is to keep track of trades between Gang of the Uf Mag’og and others who set up permanent trade agreements below:


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The tribesman in charge of the mine was surprised to see so much water being shipped across the desert. Ladon came back with enough water for a single oglog to drink for 5 weeks!! He would have to have it sent to the reservoir that kept all the water. He accepted Ladon’s trade, and gave him, in return, he offered the pieces of stone mined from the cave. “If you want more, come back next week, we’ll give you more. Just remember to bring more water.”

(more ooc - stone choosing: 5 axe-sized stones = 1 full spear. 1 axe-sized stone=3 spear points. I’ll be generous, just in case my size guestimation is off. If Narrator wishes, he may alter sizes accordingly).


Daron says “I’ll take a Hobtor Axe for my weapon from helping with the mine. Something I can strap to my back when I don’t need it and won’t interfer with my wings. I bet that is something you don’t hear much of.”


Cem looked at Daron. Sizing up the furry-winged creature before him. He was about to strike a hard bargain, but then he remembered that Daron helped them in the mines. “One finely crafted axe it is.” Normally, they’d only use the hobtor to create the head of the axe, to which they’d affix to either wood or some other material. But in this case, Cem knew Daron would deserve the best. Begrudgingly, he gave the winged-one a fullly stone axe.