Hob'na takes the road less traveled (week 13 TSGL+)


"Do I aim to gain power and take Lilith up on her offer? Is she even serious? I’d have to betray the only creature who was willing to take me in. Showing me the closest thing to compassion someone could give a creature like me. I know if I do this Krodnok will do all in his power to kill me. He has said as much.

Or do I remain loyal to my first choice to be a fallower and trusted friend. So many secrets ive already been entrusted with."

Suddenly Hob’na realizes she has been debating all this with Krodnok still mentally linked. She looks up at him walking in front. Almost with a sense of sorrow. If she still had a heart that is.

Carefully keeping the same pace she tries to close the link. Wondering if he was paying attention. After tossing things back and forth she narrows her decision. But she is full of questions.

"Lilith, how are we going to get out of this predicament? Krodnok is not only taking us to Torlok’ab in order to have you “taken care of”. Which I assume he means removed. And then who knows what they’ll do from there. Do you have a plan? I can’t just run away. I have to go with him.

Disappearing will set up way too many red flags…

And who knows what he’ll do then.

Or who he’ll tell for that matter.

And what guarantee can you give me that you actually are going to give me power?

Or even have it to give?

And are you going to be a constant voice in my head or will you disappear here and there?

Will I have time to myself, with my own thoughts?"

Keeping her pace and trying to act in accordance to the current situation she awaits answers, only to find the Underground City no longer around her.

She immediately grew terribly concerned. It was an idyllic forest, beautiful and eden-like. From behind an impressive tree whose bows were heavy with red fruit that Hob’na couldn’t recognize, walked Lilith.

Hob’na at first thought Lilith was human, and then realized she couldn’t quite repeat or even discern any of Liliths features. At certain angles she seemed light skinned, blond and blue eyed. At others green eyes flame haired maiden, and yet at other angles she seemed a dusky beauty with chocolate eyes. Hob’na knew the demon was messing with her senses, yet she didn’t feel threatened by the near naked creature approaching her.

“Do not fear, your body is unconscious on the floor, where you were walking,” said Lilith, "Probably being carried to Unit 817, for my second trip to the plane of life…

But we have time. Krodnok will not risk teleporting you now that you are unresponsive. He will fly you there, knowing it the only safe way to transport you… so not too much time."


Lilith leaned in and said, "I once lived in splendor on the hell dimension of Ecir Kod, and served the ancient evils Four.

Ecir Kod looked much like this to my senses.

But when the Usurper came and spoke of this side, the realities your kind gets to experience…I know I grew jealous of you who get to live in the real world.

So I joined the Warmonger Cult, served loyally and when we overthrew the Ancient Evils Four, I was so proud. I got to visit your planet, and so many others. It was beyond anything I could hope to see, savor or enjoy on the hell dimension of my youth.

All it took was a soul here, and a soul there, and each soul would be given a gift. In those moments when we took their soul, we could grant them just about any wish. And I thought it a fair trade…

After all they always got what they made a deal for…

You are different than them. I cannot simply buy your soul, but your body was designed to be a perfect daemonhost."

“The power i can grant you as my willing daemonhost is vast. It includes regeneration of your body if damaged, increased strength, speed, vitality. Your mind will be protected from all control, and your dark nature means my powers will not harm you as they might a more tradionally living host body,” said Lilith, "But I would be in your mind always.

And it is not just that…when I failed Warmonger, a great price was placed upon my head. I face a difficult and terrible decision, but one i must face.

I must decide will I return to Warmonger once more to serve him…or return to him once more to destroy him and take his place with all the power of a Greater Evil.

In a disembodied form, I cannot effect either choice. I must have a physical host body to make this choice."

Hob’na could sense Lilith was not lying about being confused about which choice to make, return to Warmonger’s servitude, or to try and destroy him and become a free agent.

“If you friend takes us to the Unit 817, I will be banished, and when I return to the hell dimensions of Warmonger, a failure and disembodied, I will be tortured in ways I cannot describe because your reality has no equivalent,” said Lilith with some finality.