Herd of Auf Lal' al - The Artificing caves


Before Lalder left the battlefield, he says to Captain Tormog’ru of unit 817, “You are invited back with me if you wish to help improve the next round of skimmers. I think our working together has proved that our tribes compliment each other.”

Lalder, as he enters his caves turns towards a set of his tribesmen and says “Go to the other Lur Union tribes, and invite their Aufs to artificing caves. Let them know if they wish to help build our skimmers, they will get some of them. It takes 1 Auf 1 week to build one, or 3 Aufs in one week can build 4. These skimmers have proven themselves in trade and in battle. And with some changes we should be able to make them better. " If they agree to come, please bring them there. That is where I will be after I invite someone else.”

Lalder then passed through the opening to the cave noting that the Shadow and Earth wards are still strong. Preventing Earth Leyas changes to the tunnels and shadow walking makes the traps more effective. But most of the defenses are targeted to erthers more. Pit traps for heavy vehicals, Leyas mines for tech based vehicles.

After a few different tunnels he continued into a larger tunnel that he used to build the skimmers in. There are some walls setup to set private areas to allow someone to work without distractions as other items are artificed in these tunnels. There are a few side rooms carved out of the wall as well. Finally, the far wall was reinforced to test any weapon artifacts.


Lalder walks to his work area. He looks over his projects along the all. Fire Gauntlets, Lightning Spears, Camo Cloaks. This list just keeps going. Then he looked over to the next set of tables to see Auf Lalog’na working on warm aura chains just in case his tribe doesn’t get enough hides, at least they will be warm.

Back to his work, he sets down the 8 levi stones from the recked skimmers. This time around he needed a better design. A little bit tougher, faster, room for gunners, and a mountable weapon.

(OCC: I’m spelling this out so others can know what they are looking at)
With the current specs of:
V.A.R. of 8 vs Melee & Missile
V.A.R. of 6 vs Energy
Crew Max 2 olgogs (or one cambion or larger creature)
Move 10 (Hover)
Vehicle only counts as having a strength 6 for carrying cargo or larger objects.
Shield able vehicle (vehicle can be targeted by Aufs piloting it with Leyas shields to raise the vehicles defense)

Lalder told those around him, that hes looking to add:

  • Enchant the wood with a Protective Aura to prevent chill and fire dmg.
  • Expand the Crew to include 2 gunners spots. (one more spot)
  • Need to keep cargo space when gunners are not riding.
  • Add more levitation to hold any additional weight.
  • consider ways to improve thrust.
  • have a spot to mount a weapon for the pilot. (Maybe a fireball gauntlet or something like that.) Or a chill bolt (more powerful than the normal att) if someone can enchant shadow leyes. Need to be able to take down Church of one vehicles.


Lalder and Auf Lalur’ab will start working on the skimmers while they wait for others to arrive.


As Lalder and Auf Lalur’ab work, three gogs of Ka’Rhug enter. They are Aufgogs, wearing the holy hides which most Aufs were fond of wearing. The leader, an average sized olgog with silver hair, stepped forward and spoke.

“Hail Lalder of the Herd of Auf Lal’ al. We have come a long way from Ka’Rhug to assist in the repairing of your air skimmers. We are glad to help for as long as need be, and request only we be taught in the methods of raising these things. This could be put to good use in our tribe as well. Please, command us to do as you wish, we are here to serve.”


Lalder said “We welcome your help. I think you will find building these skimmers can be time consuming, but working with others speeds up the process greatly. I’m happy to spread the knowledge of our to build these. Any ideas to help improve the design is welcomed. I feel our tribes need a better defense against things to come. I just have a bad feeling.”

Lalder then will begin describing the process of creating the levi stones, the base for the skimmers, and his ideas for improvements. (see above post).


The aufgogs of Ka’Rhug stepped back to examine their progress. They had been here for a little over a week now, although Kolgol hadn’t given them a specific deadline. Even still, they wanted to know what they had accomplished in the time they had spent.


(OCC: time spent artificing is done as the weeks mission. At the end, its one skimmer per Auf, or 4 per 3 Aufs. )
(OCC: Here is the artificing link, next week, I would move this to there for the details)

Lalder says, “We will be done making the skimmers by the end of the week. I recommend that I have one of my tribesmen ride with you to teach you how to pilot these. I know how, but he is much better at it than I. Once we are done with these, you can take these 2 skimmers. The other 2 skimmers that you helped make will be the cost of the lesson on how to make them, pilot them and the wood to create them. This will also let me replace the skimmers my tribe lost in the recent battles with the Church and unit 5517. Then after this week, if you want to continue to have someone work together to make more, we will split them evenly by the number of Aufs working on them.”

Lalder then continues “Note that the main purpose for the original design of the skimmer was for trade. But we have found that they work well in support roles to. I didn’t mean to build a weapon with these, but I’m very concerned by the actions of the church of one. I’m looking into adding weapons to assist the tribes in defending against the church attacks I fear are coming. I was thinking about artificing a chill bolt as the main weapon so these skimmers will be able to handle battles against tech vehicles. For now we have a fire ball launcher. I’m also thinking about adding something that can use chill metal to shut down their vehicles.”


Once the skimmers were done, Lalder turned toward the , gogs of Ka’Rhug, "These 2 Auf Lal’al Airskimmers are yours. "

(OOC Narrator approved the 2 Auf Lal’al Airskimmers for you Kolgol, below are the stats)
V.A.R. of 8 vs Melee & Missile
V.A.R. of 6 vs Energy
Crew Max 2 olgogs (or one cambion or larger creature)
Move 10 (Hover)
Vehicle only counts as having a strength 6 for carrying cargo or larger objects.
Shield able vehicle (vehicle can be targeted by Aufs piloting it with Leyas shields to raise the vehicles defense)


Khag’Gor, the speaking representative of the Ka’Rhug aufgogs, smiled at Lalder and said,

“We thank you for teaching us this valuable skill. We will return to our tribe now, but we may be back at a later time to finish what we have started here. Best of luck to you.”

Khag’Gor hopped into the first skimmer, and the other two into the second. After a moment of fidgeting, the sped off back towards Mount Rhug.


Captain Tormog’ru enterde the cavern looking for Lalder. when he found the elder, he stops and gives a nod. “Lalder, i was wondering if i could ask a favor of you. Recently a group of Ur Rhug have asked to join my unit. I would like you to teach them the art of artificing. They know the basics of leyas work but i would like for them to learn more from someone with a less limited range then either myself or my Dead.”


Lalder looked at the Captain and said "I’m currently training some more artificers. Once they have enough to take some of the artificing responsibies from one of the Aufs, I will be able to teach one of yours. From there, he will be able to teach the others. Teaching can be very time consuming and the teacher can only take one student at a time.

For this, can you explain how your tribes artifacts work and properties of them. like the Magi cannon? Do you find this acceptable?"

(OCC I have a bunch of people learning General lvl 2 so I can free up an Auf to teach next mission week.)


As Lalder was waiting for gogs to arrive for the trip. He started designing a new ship. This time it was not just a skimmer, but something that could fly. They needed something to prevent the Churches bombers from destroying them from the air.

He started with skimmer, but rounding it out with shape wood. He wouldn’t rely on the frame to provide the aircraft to move quickly through the air, but all other aircraft had a similar shape. In addition to this the aircraft would be artificed with:
Lur Union Fighter

  • Weapon Mounts
    • Fireball with Shield breaker (Duel if possible)
    • Springshot rifle(s) (1 or 2) with Chill Bolt Ammo (This is meant to break and stick to the target and apply chill damage to the target over time). Like a Leyas mine.
      • Take out the enemy aircraft by taking away its power and let it fall to the ground.
      • If needed the rifle could be artificed with Fire Dart II or something to increase the speed the ammo is shot at.
    • Open port for another weapon.
      • (I want to put a laser here, but It will be a few weeks until I get someone who can artifice it.)
      • For now this could be Lightning spear or another Air Leyas energy attack.
  • Transportation
    • 30 to 40 Levi stones for lift and some movement.
    • 4 to 8 items artificed with Fire Leyas ( maybe fire leap) for speed. 2 on the back, and one on each side that normally point back, but can be tilted up or down via petals to allow for maneuvering and faster turning, ascending or descending.
  • Safety
    • Slow fall belts for the crew
  • Defence
    • Protective Aura for the Frame
    • Windshield - This is for protection, but also to move the air around the craft and protect the riders at high speeds.
    • Skimmer shields ( Ancient Sylvan Symbiosis Tech: Allows pilot and Gunner to apply their shields to their vehicle. (shield stacks)


Official build chart of Lur Union Fighters
Four Aufs involved in production takes 1 week to produce one Lur Union Fighter
Eight Aufs involved in production takes 1 week to produce three Lur Union Fighter
Twelve Aufs involved in production takes 1 week to produce Six Lur Union Fighters
Full Weapon compliment and artifact compliment and two open Weapon mounts for that Light cannon to be added later.

Stats will be in the next update.


When Lalder gets back, all crystals will be planted in their own caves that are setup and built just for them. This set of caves will have restricted access through pass tree. This tree is guarded so unwanted visitors don’t enter. An Elder goes in and out to
rotate the lighting to give the light and dark cycles needed.

-2 Natural Levi-crystal seeds
-2 Natural commcrystal seeds
-2 Natural magi-crystal seeds
-2 Natural Command crystal seeds


Auf Lalyan orders for one of the Lur Union skimmers to be fitted with a Leyas Gernade Launcher. The goal of this was to see if this would be workable, or does it take too much away from the skimmer.

Also they will experiment with different types of Gernades. (Fireball gernades, Lightning Gernade)


Lalder fresh back from the Sylvan, works to build a vehicle with the Levi and command crystal. He would start from the base of the Lur Union Fighter. If he can remove the requirement of the Air Leyas Levitate, he would reinforce the hull of the ship with Skin like Steel (Earth Leyas 4, General 2). He would keep the Protective Aura, weapons, shield generator, and the thrusters (If needed). (Making this a Earth, Fire Artifact). Keeping the options of deployable troops. would be desired. Though they would not want to activate their slow fall belts until they are off the flyer.

(OOC Laser: Can a laser be put on a ship that has the Leyas Generanade Launcher, this might have to be a switch out type weapon depending on who they are fighting. If possible, he would be them on opposite sides of the Fireball Launcher.)


Twenty four hours after the first orbital laser attack, another one struck Tla’loc’alan holdings. Anyone not hidden in deep caves were incinerated from above. The deathtoll in Tla’loc’al is currently believed to be in the thousands.

This site has also been hit but being caverns was protected from most of the attack. The fear and trauma will take time to pass.


The Artificers in the Caves will work to reinforce the artificing caves, and the caves around. Making sure that walls are hardened, and any area to close to the surface, is lowered.


Brustor (Bruski Artificer with Light 3) will start working on a multi barrel laser. This is attempting to create a laser that is powerful enough to work on vehicles. This will become the Laser on the Lur Union Fighters.


Auf Lalyan was overseeing the new project. This may take a few, but she put the bulk of their artifcers on the job. They needed a mobile command ship. She would consult the Sylvan undead Bel’en Neth to see if he had any suggestions. They had not tried to build a ship this big. But They needed the abliity to cart supplies to other areas to help with rebuilding and needed a mobile base so the base could be closer to where the fighters and healers are needed.

(OCC Here is the basic dream design. I’m not very artistic with drawing. So feel free to take liberties. This is also why I put the consulting Bel’en Neth.)

Creating Flag Ship (Carrier Type)(10 total Artificers)

[li]Goal: This ship should be able to carry a force of Lur Union Fighters, pilots and passengers, supplies, and a medical area to treat the wounded. The additional goal is this should be able to aide in a disaster by bringing supplies to where they are needed. This is not just a military ship. [/li]
[li]Large capital class ship[/li]
[li]It is longer than winder with the shape Tunnel with the openning and backside with bay doors that open and close with the help of Levi Stones. [/li]
[li]Outside top and bottom will be flat ish so fighters could land there.[/li]
[li]There will be side doors out to weapon platforms with weapon mounts and pulleys to lower ropes. And to dock a sky ports. I think 6, 3 each side.[/li][/ul]

[li]Bridge will be in the ship near the top center with a view to the hangers.[/li]
[li]Will contain screens that act like video screens by the use of Artificed tubes. [/li]
[li]tubes Artificed with Mirror that are ran through the ship to point out different sides that will show like a video screen what’s there. This will give the bridge a few of the outside. [/li]
[li]These tubes are also artificed with change form to gas and Purify air so nothing can be poured down them.[/li][/ul]

[li]Comm crystals[/li]
[li]Comm crystals will be placed in each hanger, with a paired one in the bridge.[/li]
[li]Side entrances will have one eventually, until then will chain commands from bridge to those spots.[/li][/ul]

[li]The Alchemyst will work to change the stone into a tougher material.[/li]
[li]All artificers could use skin like stone if it helps.[/li]
[li]Lalder when he can will use Skin like steel on any materials he can if it will help. (Limited Week 12 though since he’s on mission)[/li]
[li]Protective Aura will be used on the armor.[/li][/ul]

[li]Defences [/li]
[li]The Lur Union Fighters and its armor, and cloud cover are its main defences.[/li]Arificed Mirrors to reflect enemy laser fire. (Especially from Space).

[li]Will have Leyas mine gernade launchers, Lasers, and Due Fireball cannons like the fighters or bigger. Gogs will have to man them.[/li]

[li]2 pairs of Levi stones will be used to lift it[/li]
[li]2 control Crystals will be used.[/li]
[li]Will contain 2 Civ Skimmers[/li]
[li]Will be able to hold Lur Union Fighters to Launch and Land in the ship or on top.[/li]
[li]Will contain[/li]
[li]2 hangers, front and back with a path down the center for skimmers to move gear between. (Civs)[/li]
[li]In the center, [/li]
[li]one side will be living quarters and Dining area. [/li]
[li]One side will be a medical area with a Healing tree in the center. (much like i did with the earth kids.[/li][/ul]

[li]Using air leyas, I would like to artifice it with the ability to pressurize the ship, with the hagers having their own pressurization so they can be open without depressurizing hte rest of the ship. (High altitude for now) (Not sure what would do that.)[/li]
[li]Artificed stones placed through out with Create Air and purify air.[/li]
[li]Artificed with Cloud cover to cover the bottom of the ship with a cloud. Allowing the ship to float through the air pretending its a cloud.[/li]
[li]spouts on the bottom artificed with Create water to create rain. Should create droplet sized rain drops. (Why waste the cloud when you could water the crops too.)[/li][/ul]