Governor Gresolok returns & News of a Treaty with the Children of the Falosini (W1)


The majestic IceWyrm, Gresolok, was so proud of his diplomacy. He had returned with a peace treaty that his people had hoped for…for generations.
Finally a representatives of the Falosini Armies had give the IceWyrms respect for their territorial boundries. He couldn’t wait to tell the other draconic Governors.

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Governor Gresolok looked out across the massive underground cave. Across from him were fifteen proud and majestic IceWyrms, each a Governor in their own right. The Governors from the Caves of K’iou wore the gold and silver torques of office forged by their servants. The Governors from the southern forests wore cloaks of growling fur, tanned mal’ie hide and sewn together by their Vorin servants. The Governors who allied with the Hobtla Mag’ol wore long fur coats made from the hides of white furred Olgogs.

Governor Gresolok looked snidely at the Governors who had come from the Aerie of the IceWyrm with their Baribur Servants.

"I have great news. My first bit of news, which I am proud to share. We have nothing to fear from the Falosini Armies. They have sent Grim the Bastard, the infamous Krato-killer to claim the frozen Earther hive at the mouth of the Glacial Bay. One hour’s flight in any direction they have claimed, but now they will recognize our territory.

They have accepted the Scale of Connection, and Grim will tell us before the Falosini armies make another incursion into our lands. He has told us so himself."

There was a deep gwaffing laugh that came from the largest of the Governors from the Aerie of the IceWyrms.

“And you were the only one there Gresolok? I suppose the Falosini didn’t mean to offend our people by sending a Bastard as their representative,” said Governor Kaiwaffen.

“Governor Kaiwaffen, I was witnessed by these four heroic youth,” countered Gresolok, “It was Grim. Yes he was a Bastard, but he is well known and in good standing with the Falosini Sovereigns themselves so I take no offense. It is rumored he took down an entire Krato Community on his own, so I think their message was far more militant than one of foolishness or offense.”


Kaiwaffen snarled and said, “And if we give the Falosini agent and his people access to this Earther place…we gain a full acceptance of our lands?”

“As far as the ice fields flow,” said Governor Gresolok with pride.

“Of course…of course, you allow them access to the southern forests and to my own Aerie but the ice fields are protected,” said Kaiwaffen dismissively.

“This is better than you and your Baribur have done in two thousand years of fighting,” said Gresolok.

“What leads you to believe Grim has any control over the Doomwings? Those baribur kamikazis and their draconic allies will keep fighting,” warned Kaiwaffen.

“The Falosini Armies are of one mind,” said Gresolok with pride, “If Grim has promised us our territory, he will make sure the Baribur pull back.”

“Even if you are lucky enough that they do pull back from the Ice Fields,” said Kaiwaffen, "They will just turn their battle towards us, and towards our friends of the Southern Forests.

If you cost us our lands, Governor Gresolok, we will come together and take yours from you. And I will make sure it is hard on your servants."


It was over a week later and there were rumors of a strange storm menacing the coastline.

Kaiwaffen arrived at the meeting chambers and bowed low to Governor Gresolok in a move that shocked all that were present. The older, more massive dragon was nearly bent in half in bow when he opened his fanged maw and said, "Gresolok, all these years I have mocked you and your K’iou-lovers. Today I was proven wrong.

It does seem as though Grim may be our one chance at peace with the Doomwing Riders.

He organized a diplomatic meeting with Vahelehn, Skyknight of the Doomwing Riders overlooking the shores of the sea. And out at sea was a fleet of dangerous proportions, evil slavers who worship the Warmonger. Those deviant deviant Sea Kings, my friends."

Kaiwaffen raised his head back, and continued speaking, now addressing all the IceWyrms present, "Vahelehn wanted my death, and I wanted hers to be true. When a horrible storm rolled in, and blood begin flow unnaturally from the eyes, ears and nose of all present. I knew that storm was cursed and thought us betrayed.

But it was no betrayal simply a dangerous attack gone out of control. Grim’s allies had unleashed the cursed storm on the Sea Kings fleet killing most onboard.

After showing us how dangerous they could be Grim’s allies restored us all, and then Grim himself turned his attention on the fleet. Playing a masterful tune of a songmancer, Grim overturned all the vessels ending the threat and drowning the last remaining survivors. "


“There will be a week of feasts in honor of the sinking of the Sea Kings fleet,” said Kaiwaffen, “And during that week, our servants will sustain a cease fire with the Doomwyrm Riders. As long as the Baribur keep up their end, we will hold ours.”

Gresolok smiled, “See Kaiwaffen, I knew a true and lasting peace can be accomplished.”


(Week 10+)

Governor Gresolok stood proudly before the assembled IceWyrm Governors and Generals. There was a subtle grumbling coming from the masses.

Gresolok said, "My friends, my family, my dragonkin, we are at a crossroads. And we MUST take the right path. And we MUST be UNITED.

I came to you all many moons ago, and spoke of the great peace that could be achieved if we trusted in Grim the bastard. And many in this chamber mocked and ridiculed me. But my faith was not misplaced.

Grim was so indomitable that Boriel the heir of I’tash offered Grim the crown of a PeaceLord."

There was outright hissing at this point.

"Yes, yes I know! Boriel, Heir of I’tash, has kidnapped our kin, lobotomized them, and turned them into warmachines. I know his WarDragons are a blaspheme on our natural form But Grim was wise, and wiley.

First he declared himself PeaceLord, and once firmly PeaceLord over all our lands…Grim set us free."

Governor Poiyyan, a rather majestic ancient IceWyrm interrupted and said, “We have been free for as long as we have had claw and fang to make it so. None have enslaved us, so who is Grim to set us free?”

“Calm Poiyyan, I know you are wise and ancient so perhaps you see the wisdom in the political statement of freeing our kind, and our hatchlings from Boriel’s unique form of slavery?” countered Governor Gresolok.

Poiyyan breathed out a puff of cold so strong it froze a nearby dragon-sized goblet of Binber wine. He sniffed the now frozen beverage and sighed and said, “Yes, I can see the wisdom in such a declaration. So as long as we play along with Grim’s Lordship, we will be protected from having our brains operated on by Boriel’s slavers. Yes I can see how we should support this…but…what of PeaceLord Grim’s ambitions?”

Governor Gresolok said, "When Grim arrived here, we were at war with the Doomwyrms over the Aerie. He and his friends built the Doomwyrms their own so that we could be safe. He could have sided with them, he could have driven us from the Aerie by force. But he did not.

When given the chance, he had our settlement formally recognized by the WarCouncil of S’vana."


Poiyyan grunted and said, “And what of his future desires? Maybe conquest is in his future?”

Governor Gresolok said, "Honored Governor Poiyyan. This newly minted PeaceLord had the chance to have us all declared slaves and come en force with Boriel’s army to take us all as slaves if he so chose. We would have fought him,yes, but how many would we have lost. Instead he used diplomacy and freed our future generations from fear as long as he rules.

He could have MADE us fight for him. Since he did not, I for one will wait for him to ask us to fight for him.

And IF the Cause is Just and Right, then I will fight for him. As he fought for us!"

Poiyyan sat down and bowed his head.

Governor Gresolok continued, "We have set forth on a proud new future. The Aerie of the IceWyrms and The Caverns and our surrounding lands are the largest section of PeaceLord Grim’s new lands, so we are his largest constituent.

And he has already proven he will stand proudly by our side.

To Peace and a New Age!"


“To Peace and New Age!” roared the Dragons in agreement.