Goblin Lands at Connecticon 2014: the Conquest of Hob Rhug Dol?



Come join the DR team at Connecticon and get the opportunity to vie for the ownership of Hob Rhug Dol, an independent fortress nation in between Karov and Unen that comes with its own water supply and an army of Olgog heroes from a multitude of tribes.

DR Games will be on Saturday and Sunday Jul 12th and 13th

In addition all players who join us at CT CON will gain:

20 Hob Rhug Dol Cavalry, loyal to your tribe can be gained. These Olgog Knights have the following stats

Hob Rhug Dol Cavalry
HP 15
FS 6 (Cavalry tactics)
Attacks: 2
Earth lvl 2
Shapeshift lvl 2
General lvl 2
Riding 6

Pet Oversized Kuliek: These Cavalry ride oversized Kulieks of animals. If their riding beast is destroyed it does not come back unless a bit of it is used to resurrect it. Each of these creatures is unique to its rider and cannot be bred.

Oversized Kuliek (H.P. 50 F.S. 6 attacks 1, Strength 10, x2 dmg from Zela metal)
Smash Attack- 2d10+7 Melee dmg, Bludgeon
Riding Beast- Gives Move 8 to anyone riding it. Due to size this creature cannot fly except using an artifact for flying.