Goblin Land Games


Scribe spent his time in each town. There he traded and spoke with many people, trying to learn and better his skills for his new home. A couple of his days in each town he set up a platform, one big enough so he was at eye level. His goal was to inform the people of a tournament that he would be hosting.

“Warriors of all kind, come test your skills against each other. Marksmen, javeliers, armed, and unarmed warriors, all are welcome. Each category will earn a prize fitting of their skills. Ten days of fighting and competing. All races are welcome. Any questions on how to get there ask me. Any observers, food, drink, and shelter are provided in your admission. So come all and see the first annual Der’al Hurstwic. If this year goes well, more activities will be added to next years competition. ”

He made sure to explain to those who ask how to get to the new town, and what type of accommodations they had for both observers and competitors. He would even mention that in order to get in each person needs to bring their skills as a craftsman or an item that represents their tribe.

On his return he made sure to make and stock the wooden weapons and targets. The swords, the axes, the spears, and the bows. He also worked on making the special prizes for each winner. When the competitors arrive Scribe would take care of taking down names, while the healers at the arena chose five random judges from the crowds that came to watch the games.

Send one tribe member or merc to compete in one of the categories

  1. Marksmen: bows only
  2. Javeliers: spears, javelins
  3. Armed: Axes, Swords, Staffs, other two handed weapons (No combat, just display)
  4. Unarmed: self explanatory (Both display and contact)
  5. Survival Combat: Fight against other warriors to be the best.


Send a team (Max 5) to observe the games to prepare for next year

Must include payment to get in and how they intend to train for next years competition in ALL 5 catagories

No Elders and No Gods/Goddesses/Demons (Got to keep it fair)
Description and skills used will determine the winners
Open to most tribes and Mercs
Leyas use will automatically disqualify
Each player has 1 post
Final post is Due 8/29 at 8:30 pm
Or’Lur Tribe not allowed


Two Ur maks join the two Uhryu apprentices and Adept at the camp. The reason being is to help with the healing, and watch the games at this moment.

(note they are not paying, because they are “helping”)


OtO shows up: entry fee is a Ghaz.

He would enter the survival combat, where his strength, skill, and intelligence will be his greatest strength. Long ranged, his sniper rifle will take care of people, close up his fists. It doesn’t hurt he knows how to stealth through these combat situations.


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