Glacial Wastes Mission Finale: The Tower of the Cloud Slavers and the Frost Returns


Nuria, Grim, Eli McGraw and Lurtor were sitting in the Cold draft tavern, listening to Administrator McIvinson explain all of the security protocols that would be put in place for the Colony General’s inspection in a few weeks.

Colony General Malthus himself would be coming to their settlements, and possibly provide them more financial support to expand their operations. They all knew the Doomwyrm Rider problem made it imperative to increase security, but what was good security against an Annihilation Dragon.

As they argued about that, none noticed Lord Malaganth was in the tavern. He stepped from a shadow and approached their table. Only Tal’al’oon at the bar saw the approaching uthvelor, and put a hand on his pistol just in case.

Lord Malaganth interrupted saying, “Your worries about the Doomwyrms are justified. They will continue their attacks, as hit and run for now. But more important than that is the threat at your city limits.”

“What is more dangerous than an Annihilation Dragon?” asked McIvinson in confusion.

“Another has taken the mantle held by Pelonious IceGuard. In taking the mantle of Warmonger’s Frost General, this individual has unleashed an army of IceGuard on this settlement. They march here now, and it will take your clone army to protect this city,” continued Malaganth.

“Wait? We are about to get attacked by IceGuard,” said Nuria, “But I banished Pelonious’ army at Mt. Sandspire, and Eli shot him in the face.”

“Pelonious has suffered final death,” said Malaganth, “The new general is called Belinda Frost. And she feels you four killed off her family and kidnapped her nieces and nephews. The first step of her plan is to beseige you here with the IceGuard. The second step is to travel to the far north, to the penninsula where the Tower of the Cloud Slavers is. There she will create a superstorm that will freeze this continent.”

“No worries,” said Lurtor, “We can just hand out artifacts to protect people from Chill.”

“Cold temperatures have far more effects than just killing your people. And this is not just cold, this is a superstorm. Even if we kept the people safe, your equipment and structures would break in the cold, the crops would die off, and the gale force winds would still be deadly.
In addition the loss of life among non-humanoid species would be catastrophic,” said Malaganth.

“So we have to stop this Belinda Frost,” said Eli McGraw, “No biggie, I can shoot her in the face the way I did Pelonious.”

“The Tower is controlled by the Cloud Slavers, aliens from Ses’urs,” said Tal’al’oon from behind the bar.

Malaganth added, “Yes and they do not take orders from anyone. Which means Belinda Frost will have to convince them to do so…Maybe you can be more convincing…”
Nuria said, “But if we can find Belinda Frost, I can tap her with my rod, and her entire army will be banished, and Jemison Post will be saved. Sounds easy enough.”

Mission Challanges

1- Do you stay to protect Jemison Post or do you quest to the Tower of the Cloud Slavers to find and stop Belinda Frost? (if so how do you travel that far north, by air, by boat, by tracked truck, if you go by foot it will take too long)

2- The Tower of the Cloud Slaver is 10 floors tall, but as they are giant floors, the tower is quite massive and impressive. Do you try entering through the front door? Or do you try and scale the tower from the outside? Or do you drop off on the top floor via aircraft?”

3- Once inside, you must convince the Cloud Slavers of your good intentions OR you will have to fight your way past them?

4- What do you say to the Cloud Slavers to turn them on Belinda Frost?

5- You don’t know her skills or capabilities, and she will have the drop on you, but IF battle occurs what battle strategy do you use against Belinda Frost?

6- If you plan doesn’t defeat Belinda in combat how will you stop her Superstorm from forming?

Defenses- STAGE 1 THE DOOR

The Door has four massive locks on it. But you don’t have time to quest the Glacial Wastes and collect them (weeks and weeks). But you do have one of three possible options.

A) Blow the Door: Fuck those Cloud Slavers. They wanna keep us out?
We can blow the door S.A.R. 15.

B) Pick the Locks: A few jiggering of this and that (T#8) and the door should come open. How do you check it for traps as well?

C) Talk to the door guard: A Cloud Slaver is breathing on the other side of the door, he or she has a looming presence, and lots of air leyas in your Leyas sight if you have it up. What do you say to talk your way past?

STAGE 2: Cooking with Fire

You are inside the tower, and you have twenty Cloud Slavers (page 258 DR Core book) staring you down. They are in the middle of some sort of ritual. At one end of the room is a familiar looking Olgog. It looks like Lost Icicle the friendly White Fur Olgog who visits the bar in Jemison Post all the time, and first gave Grim and Lurtor friendship when none other would do so.

It looks like Lost Icicle was sacrificed at some point.

What do you do?

Option A) The Party is Getting Started!!
Draw weapons, and begin attacking the Cloud Slavers. Nothing will get in your way.

Option B) This Party is Ending Now!!
Use the Leyas, Smoke Grenades or Other Gear combos to drive out or disable the Cloud Slavers without causing any death.

Option C) This Party deserves a Soundtrack!!

Talk your way into the ritual, and see what is going on and if you can get past them without violence.

STAGE 3: Belinda Frost and her Crew try to bring down a new Ice Age

Has Refuge ever had an ice age? They wondered. Either way it seemed this artificed tower had some surprises in store for everyone. Belinda Frost was currently raising a storm and targeting the settlements of the Glacial Wastes. If she was successful it would be disasterous. She is on high floor of the tower, and the room is designed to be a Leyas focus for Air and Water Leyas.

Option A) Lets Rock out, with our Thermonuclear Weapons Out

Try and Threaten Belinda with all the harm you can do to her if she tries to unleash this weather weapon. Better bring a big threat if you step up this way

Option B) A Professional doesn’t waste words

Having the drop on Belinda as she is deep in her work on bringing a new Ice Age, you decide to not monologue like a bad villain and instead step up and eliminate some fools. Belinda is currently inside and igoo (S.A.R. 20).
Tell us how you strike at Belinda Frost (F.S. 8 Frost General of Warmonger, 4 attacks. Water lvl 6, Air lvl 6, Shadow lvl 6, Shapeshift lvl 1, General lvl 2, pair of End of Worlds Claws Nnghai, Zela shears) and what weapons you use.

Also describe how you would take down her two Bodyguards.

1-Snowy Touch, is a white fur Olgog and master Water Mancer (F.S. 6, L.R. 6, Water Lvl 6, Air lvl 2, General lvl 2, Troubadour lvl 2, Shadow lvl 3 4 attacks), he uses a spear tipped by an End of Worlds Claw Blade, a pendant of grown armor and an artificed Shadow Walk cloak.

2- Blizzard Blue is a blue and brown furred Bestial with a natural blue mohawk (F.S. 7, L.R. 6, Water Lvl 6,Earth lvl 2, Air lvl 2, General lvl 2, Shapeshift lvl 2, Shadow lvl 3, 4 attacks) He has natural Bestial Claws (ignore all armor, and gets 8 attacks if he only uses his claws). He also wears a pendant of grown armor and a Shadow Walk cloak.

Option C) Diplomatic Attempts against a General of Warmonger’s

“You murder-hobos killed my family, you kidnapped my nieces and nephews. You sick monsters have unleashed an army of killer clones, and imprisoned my old friend Bysos Borak for no crime other than getting hired by people you don’t like in an area you decided to take over!” roared Belinda Frost as her aura raged, “And no amount of money or apologies will give me back those people I love, or the months I was trapped wandering the ice alone. Those months of loneliness, and hunger, where I barely survived.

When the only two settlement around are the ones that killed your family, what do you do then???
That is when your only choice is to become an Outlaw…

I was lucky to have Snowy Touch save me, and showed me the way to survive in the harsh terrain.
But I was luckier still when Queen Unixah gave me the path of Warmonger, and the tools to hurt you the way you hurt me.”

(look back to Glacial Wastes Mission 1 Events and Mission 2 Events for more info on Belinda Frost and on Snowy Touch.)


[Bold] Mission Rules [/Bold]

A player may act in response to the actions posted by another player in this thread, IF they have previously discussed a plan for this mission in a separate thread they choose to create in the forums.

A post should be under two paragraphs in length.


This mission ends on Friday January 13th at 12 Midnight EST.

This is the Final Mission for Glacial Wastes. I want to thank you all in taking part in this epic adventure.

Come to the Cold Draft to discuss your plan!


In Prep for this mission, Lurtor would take 2 daggers.
Lurtor will take Nuria’s Rod to use if needed. Nuria asked for someone else to tag her if needed.

Lurtor will artifice 2 daggers with Wards. One will be a Air leyas and the other Water leyas. The wards will be triggered to active when pulled from the Sheath and deactivate when put back in the sheath. (It is ok if it is temporary.). Lurtor will channel 2 dice into them. After he is done he will drink a healing potion (x2) so he is ready to go.

WIth the additional forces guarding Jemison Post, Lurtor felt they could leave the defense to the forces. Lurtor will notify the Clone Union and the technomancers of the incoming danger and say “Delay the Ice Guards. The most important part is to keep them from Jemison Post and not to loose anyone. Take them out at range to keep them busy. A group of us is going to the tower to stop this at the source. You just need to give us the time to do it.”

Leave for the tower
Lurtor says to the group “Shall we take the Tempest or a hover truck to get there quickly?” Either way they will get there quickly.

The Door - Knock Knock
Lurtor knew many Cloud Slavers from Scribes colony. Lurtor would pick a strong looking one and mimic him. Lurtor would complete the disguise with the proper clothing, smells, and troubadour actor’s disguise.

As the approached the tower, Lurtor would advance and knock on the door soundly. When someone answers he says “I am Hailhammer, I have come from the south to help your tower. There has been a new Peacelord crowed in these lands. I’m here to introduce and help peace between your lands and his.”

Once allowed in, Lurtor will say “I bring you Grim the bastad and Prince and Peacelord of Jemison Post.”

Step 2 ritiual:
Lurtor will follow Grim’s lead here. If it is needed to grab the Olgogs body, LUrtor will snach it and put it in his shadow cocoon (double checking he is actually dead first).

If there is a good distraction, Lurtor will send an eye spy linked to his goggles that is obscured and wilderness camo up to the top. Staying out of sight but giving a view of what’s going on.

Persuade Could Slavers for help:
Lurtor will say “This Frost seems a hurting being who is lashing out. Using your tower to destroy the world and everyone will blame those here. The weapons from space will destroy this tower to stop her if we don’t stop her. That earther thinks he can. We must get him up there to try or Your clan could be destroyed.”

Talking to Frost
Lurtor will stay in the form to disguise himself and will stay in the background to allow Eli his chance to get her to stop. If needed Lurtor will help show video of her old crew and Molly. Making the VIdeo appear above Eli’s hand (if requested or needed).

Frost won’t stop. — Doesn’t want to do, last choice.
Lurtor will ask Grim or Nurial to strike the Igloo to punch a hole in it. Through that hole, Lurtor will send the camo eye spy to. From there he will strike Frost with the Rod through her shadow.

Lurtor will activate the wards to weaken or stop what Frost is doing. Lurtor will pull the knives out and imbed them in the igloo.

Forst’s Olgogs
Lurtor will sing them to sleep using the Lullaby of the Night to put them asleep. He will target the beastile first. If this doesn’t work, Lurtor will leap back pull out his sniper cannon from the coccon and take 2 quick head or throat shots.

Lurtor (VLAD Agent) LR:6, HP:24, Init: 2D6+Agility

Stats (Str:6 (12), Agility:7, Will:8, Health:6, Int:5, Chr:3 (7), Emotional Control:3, Temper:2)

Attacks (Melee:3 (4), Ranged:3 (6), Thrown:2(4), Leyas:1)

Special Abilities: (Regen:4 hps /rd, Melee Strike +2, Ranged Shot +2, Rapid Throw +1, Duelist, Gunslinger, Knife thrower, Quickdraw, Goo Warrior Special Training, Bladed Sun Devotion, Faith (Bladed Sun) 1, Path of the redeemer lvl 2, Shadow Assassin Devotion lvl 1, TimeShredded, Tough As Nails, Ignore Poison (4 Succ), Bird Sight (+2 Bonus to Range Combat w/Missle/Energy), Animal Sight (See in Dark), Animal Hearing/Smell (+2 to hearing and smell tests), Ignore Poison, Obscure 6 Succ (+12 to T# for Leyas sight));

Skills (Artillery:2, Blunt Weapons:1, Edged Weapons:5, HtH:3, LCM:7, LCR:6, Pilot Airship:1, Pilot War Giant:3, Polearms:1, Springshots:5, Thrown Weapon:4, Computers:5, Tech Forger:4, Tech Repair:3, Performance:5, Religion:3, Acting:1, Burglary:4, Climb:4, Diplomacy:2, Explosive Theory:4, Heraldry:2, Herbalism:4, Leyas Mapping:1, Leyas Recognition:2, Leyas Theory:3, Medicine/Healing:1, Monster Lore:1, NN Lord Lang:2, Profession(Spy):6, Set Traps:4, Sleight of Hand:3, Stealth:5, Survival:2, Swimming:3)

Leyas (LR:6, Air:3, Earth:4, Fire:3, Water:2, Light:3, Shadow:4, General:2, Healing:1, ShapeShifting:6, Summoning:1, Technomancy:6, Troubadour:4)


Stage 0. Eli leaves his big guns behind. Eli puts on his business suit. Eli whips out his boombox.

Stage 1. Eli got nothing. *song: Gonna Fly Now - Bill Conti *

Stage 2. Eli backs up Grim, Lurtor and Nuria. *song: Supermoon – 65daysofstatic *

Stage 3. Eli opens his mouth. *song: Bloody Tears - Castlevania (Piano Cover) by Rey187 *

"One, I’m not sorry. Got no time feel sad. Two, grow up. You, me and the rest of these people I’m with have been played ever since got here by Warmonger. Third, your family is fine and taken care of. I’m serious. ”

Eli points outside and turns back to Belinda.

“You, disappeared for a couple of months and become the Queen of Cloud and Ice. You are poised to end most life on Refuge. Dancing to the piano strings of some ancient evil so it can get it’s jollies off, because it didn’t get enough hugs when it was a child. That’s not you. You have a family."

His expression soften.

“I’m no good with children. Ask my wife. Then again me and she not good so with our child.”

“Screw up you Eli,” was heard outside the tower.

“I mean we have my was dead boring Aunt Maud from another dimension and her pacifist widow wife Lilth from this dimension taking care of the little brat,” Eli shudder.

Eli held his head. “Egh, pacifist… that’s not right. Plus that red beard gog immutable we hired to bodyguard our child because of killer Hitlers…”

“Danm it, focus Eli. It’s not about you,” was further heard outside.

He looked back to Belinda. “Hell, ask Molly what a screw up I am. The past can not be changed. Only learned from.”

“Your family is back. You’re powerful as hell. You got more options.”

“Work with us instead. You’re not an outlaw, you’re not a tool and you’re not dumb. You have great potential. Can set you up nice place for a settlement. You and your kin could sit pretty there. New future mayor of McGraw Harbor bears you no ill will. Also, got a friend who can help you cope with the horrors you went though.”

“Not a bribe. The Glacial Wastes needs more stable leaders. Better direction.”

“Anyhow, whatever you decide, don’t be Warmonger’s pawn. Be your own person. Belinda you know what is right.”

If Belinda agrees, she get her family back, A.I. Jellia Jamb (1st mission Running GAGG), 10 attribute points*Int/Cha only/30 skill points) joins help with her “issues”, she gets control of the former old Bestial caves south of McGraw Harbor, Eli smooths things with Banking Guild so they can “forgive the misunderstanding” with her/kin and do business, and McGraw Harbor signs an non-aggression pact and promises aid in times of trouble.


Nuria waits. Lurtor has the banishment rod. Eli is gonna try to talk to Belinda.

Nuria knew better. There would be no talking to Belinda. But, still, Nuria waited. She waited. Until, eventually, Belinda would go off.

Cause that’s what was coming. And Nuria had to, HAD TO, be ready to try to counter whatever Belinda would conjure from the ice. She didn’t know if she could, but she had to try.

-Leyas Rating Lvl 4
-Fire Lvl 4
-Air Lvl 2
-General Lvl 2

-Boots with both Fire Leap and Slow Fall (lvl 3 Fire and lvl 2 Air)
-Goggles with Leyas Sight (General lvl 1)
-Belt with Obscure (General lvl 2)
-Fireball Ring (1d6x4 energy dmg)


Grim was tired of all the mistakes coming back from the past to haunt them. After this he really needed to sit down with the other leadrs and discuss how they go about dealing with things.

But first he needed to see that this probem was dealt with. First, he would take some time to help secure the town. With his new post as Peacelord, he would call on Boriel to honor the terms and send forces to help defend the town.

Then he would accompany the others to the tower. He would let the rest of the party attempt their way first. Hopefully, they would be able to solve this peacefully.


Stage 1

Let Lurtor do his thing. If he can talk our way in the meet with the Cloudslavers, so much the better. Grim would much rather have peaceful nieghbours than a powerful foe on his borders.

Stage 2

Glancing at the body, Grim turn to faced the Cloudslavers. “Greetings, honorable nieghbours. My name is Grim the Bastard, newly minted Peacelord of Jemison Post and the Lands of the IceWyrms. I have come today to ask for your help in aiding me in setting right a grave error that was done by my companions and I. Several months ago, we came in conflict with a group calling themselves the Frost. At that time, We acted rashly with out thought for the consequences fo our actions. I will let this one explain more” pointing at Lurtor.

Stage 3 - facing frost

At this point, Grim will let Eli take the lead in talking to Frost. Grim will stay in the background for as long as things be peaceful. If there is a pause in negotiations , Grim will look at Snowy Touch “The Illuminated that you followed was released back to her people. Since the conflict we had with the two of you, we realized that we had just been reacting blindly, instead of thinking. We have tried to make amends.”

“Queen Unixah was just the king’s bodygaurd when last we taked to her. She wishes to rule these lands in the name of the Warmonger. Ask yourself, Why did she give you power and point you at us? Is it because she is afraid of the fact we will not bow to her rule? That She would rather use you as a Catspaw then to risk herself and her followers? Yes, We were wrong to treat you and yours that way. But your nieces and nephews have not suffered in their time with us. In fact, Eli’s wife has been working with them to help them regain the ability to tuen back to their original forms.”

“IF you must kill someone to slake your anger, kill me. In fact, kill me once for every member of your family that you feel i’ve harmed. But leave innocents out of it and call off your army of IceGuards. Thier attacks endanger your family and nieces and nephews. Don’t become a monster that would endanger your family. Don’t be what you accuse us of being.”

Grim (Bastard Tunnel Rat)
Hp 18
LR 6 (bandit) Troubadour 4 General 2 Shadow 6 Earth 6 Fire 6 Air 6 Water 6 Shapeshift 6.
Combat: thrown small 6, LCR 5, LCM 5
special trainings: melee +!, Range +1, Thrown +3, knife thrower, Ignite, Ambush Predator, boomerang axe
Skills: Burglary 2, stealth 4, Explosive theory 4, Perform 4, Survival 3, Artifact lore 3, skiing 2, Diplomacy 3, planes lore 4, Profession hostage negoitater 3
Important Gear: MAgi Cannon (3d6 energy), Paired Void kur’az, Paired Zela kur’az with nightmare hide handles and sheathes, comm crystal. hand Springshot with Antileyas dart(refined annihilator blood) ring(warm aura and obscure), Glove (shrapnel Cannon 4 suc), Glove (Plasma cannon) Bracelet (Healer nanites 2 suc),comm crystal. Ring (teleport 6 suc, shadow drive 6 suc)