Glacial Wastes Mission 7: Deadly Threats at the OTHER end of the Nuria Copper Mine


Nuria had returned from her exploits aboard the flagship of Nereel Pyreen to find the entire landscape of Jemison Post had changed. It was now filled with white fur olgogs, and strange cloned green furs. More than a few looked like Lurtor, but didn’t seem to recognize her even though the real Lurtor and her were friends and allies.

Finally she found the Alphine who informed her she had more pressing matters. It seemed Eli McGraw had found a buyer who wanted copper from her Copper mine. The Banking Guild seemed willing to cover transport cost for a more than reasonable percentage, and Nuria realized she could make some solid bank.

Knowing Nereel Pyreen had some cult off in the mountains on Mt. Sandspire had freaked her out, but this matter of the Copper mine deal seemed more pressing.

Taking a Tracked truck out to the mine with both banking guild reps and Eli, Nuria had a comm crystal to call in Grim and Lurtor if things got concerning. But right now it was a business deal.

Then much to Nuria’s concern, there was a worker who stumbled from the mine screaming. Another was running steps behind the first. Then a third scrambled from the mine entrance.

But this worker did not look like the rest. He had obvious claw and bite marks on his neck and face, and they looked relatively human. The worker was clutching his chest, tearing away his clothes even though he was stumbling through knee deep snow.

There was what looked like an icy insect with a crystalline outer shell which was burrowing into the workers chest cavity. Nuria stepped forward fearlessly and burned the creature with fire. Melting away the crystalline insect, the worker fell to his feet relieved.

Thanking her profously he said, “We were digging a plentiful copper tunnel when we found a new shaft. One we had not dug ourselves. It had High Falos writing on it. Our translator said it was something about Frozen Homeforge territory.

We respected that and turned back to our own tunnels. But a skeletal thing, with a crystal in its chest tried to jump Zachary the Foreman. It got Andrew instead, and while it gnawed on him these insects burrowed into his body. And suddenly Andrew grew one of those crystals in his chest. Andrew turned on me and Zachary called for an evacuation.”

(Ice Heart Worm – Born from the corrupted body of Fredrick IceHeart, the K’iou Aquamancer who sold himself into Warmonger’s service. It will try and implant a crystal heart in the body of a host while it devours the real heart. As long as the crystal heart is active, the character acts as an ice ghoul. Once the crystal heart is shattered (S.A.R. 10), or melted by fire (S.A.R. 5), the host can be revived as normal.”

Ice Heart Ghouls are fast undead under the control of the Ice Heart worm. It just wants to spread itself creating more worms, as a result its minions aren’t too bright or plan too far ahead. Common attacks include rushing in with claws and leaping on the victim. They will sometimes utilize weapons to fight especially resilient foes and heroes. )

(Nuria and friends must figure out how to drive out the IceHeart worms from the mine, without causing final death to the miners.)


[Bold] Mission Rules [/Bold]

A player may act in response to the actions posted by another player in this thread, IF they have previously discussed a plan for this mission in a separate thread they choose to create in the forums.

A post should be under two paragraphs in length.


This mission ends on Friday December 2nd at 12 Midnight EST.


Want to plan out against the Iceheart worms?


song: The Ecstacy of Gold - Ennio Morricone

Stats: HP 30, Str 5, Agi 6, Hea 6, Int 4, Cha 4, Melee 2, Range 4(8 Handguns),Thrown 1, Immutable, Hand to Hand 5, Handgun 7, Rifle 6, Edge 3, Medicine/Healing 4, Stealth 3, Drive 3, Fast Talk 3, Gun Slinger Quick Draw, Speed Loader
Gear: Two Heavy Revolvers (8 missile or 8 energy or nanite syringe), Pair of Shock Gauntlets (4d4 No AR Pain), Big Knife (3 melee), Nano Shield (10 melee, 10 missile 1/2dmg, 10 energy) plus Iron Stove Plate Chest Armor with Tin Can Mask (6 melee), Auto Health Spider (No A.I.), Nanite Syringes, Lots of Ammo, Radio

Eli McGraw will take point and shoot Ice Heart Ghouls in their hearts (called shot) or brawl when necessary. His primary mission is to keep the bastards off the rest of the team. Secondary mission is to eyeball anyone still stuck in there to see if they are Ice Heart Ghouls. If there is a doubt, they get shot in the heart. To further prep for this, he is wearing a Stove Plate Chest Armor and a Tin Can Mask. Nano shields don’t last for squat vs chill. Also he ate the last of the garlic and rubbed cayenne pepper on his chest and back.


Grim wandered along with the party. He aided the others to do what they want. Using fire leyas to protect himself from contact with the ‘bugs’, he will use Earth and Troubador to destroy any bugs that infest the party.


Grim (Bastard Tunnel Rat)
Hp 18
LR 6 (bandit) Troubadour 4 General 2 Shadow 6 Earth 6 Fire 6 Air 5 Water 6 Shapeshift 6.
Combat: thrown small 6, LCR 5, LCM 5
special trainings: melee +!, Range +1, Thrown +3, knife thrower, Ignite, Ambush Predator.
Skills: Burglary 2, stealth 4, Explosive theory 4, Perform 4, Survival 3, Artifact lore 3, skiing 2, Diplomacy 3, planes lore 4, Profession hostage negoitater 3
Important Gear: commcrystal, pair of Kuraz


Lurtor would follow Eli and Nuria’s lead. He was there to make sure they didn’t get overrun and to extinguish the fire on anybody hit with Fire leyas so they were not final deathed. If they were attacked in mass, Lurtor could use his pistols to hold back attackers or his troubadour song mancer or song of spear to destroy the crystals per the plan.

Lurtor would also use Sonar to detect those around the party to make sure they were not snuck up on.

Lurtor (VLAD Agent) LR:6, HP:24, Init: 2D6+Agility

Stats (Str:6 (12), Agility:6, Will:7, Health:6, Int:5, Chr:3 (7), Emotional Control:2, Temper:2)

Attacks (Melee:3 (4), Ranged:3 (6), Thrown:2(4), Leyas:1)

Special Abilities: (Regen:4 hps /rd, Melee Strike +2, Ranged Shot +2, Rapid Throw +1, Duelist, Gunslinger, Knife thrower, Quickdraw, Goo Warrior Special Training, Bladed Sun Devotion, Faith (Bladed Sun) 1, Path of the redeemer lvl 2, Shadow Assassin Devotion lvl 1, TimeShredded, Tough As Nails, Ignore Poison (4 Succ), Bird Sight (+2 Bonus to Range Combat w/Missle/Energy), Animal Sight (See in Dark), Animal Hearing/Smell (+2 to hearing and smell tests), Ignore Poison, Obscure 6 Succ (+12 to T# for Leyas sight));

Skills (Artillery:2, Blunt Weapons:1, Edged Weapons:5, HtH:3, LCM:6, LCR:6, Pilot Airship:1, Pilot War Giant:3, Polearms:1, Springshots:5, Thrown Weapon:4, Computers:2, Tech Forger:4, Tech Repair:3, Performance:5, Religion:3, Acting:1, Burglary:4, Climb:4, Diplomacy:2, Explosive Theory:4, Heraldry:2, Herbalism:4, Leyas Mapping:1, Leyas Recognition:2, Medicine/Healing:1, Monster Lore:1, Profession(Spy):6, Set Traps:4, Sleight of Hand:3, Stealth:3, Survival:2)

Leyas (LR:6, Air:3, Earth:4, Fire:3, Water:2, Light:3, Shadow:4, General:2, Healing:1, ShapeShifting:6, Summoning:1, Technomancy:6, Troubadour:4)

Fireball ring, Ringer of LIghtning Strike, Ring of Healing (Cure Disease, Heal Internal Damage, Cure Poison (3 succ), Bracer of Acid Cone, Amulet of Channel (Channel Leyas 6 successes)
VLAD Phoenix Strike Pistol, Skull Crusher Magi Pistol, Magi Pistol-Soldier Model, 2 Magi Pistol-Capture Model, 2 Combat Knife (Shieldbreak 6 success),Paladin Sword, Gloves of Wave Motion Fist, 2 Swordfiend bone Throwing blades, Magi Cannon, Hell Forged Dagger, 2 Acid Grenades, 2 Liquid Nitrogen Grenades, 5 Sonic Grenades, 1 Vial of Djinni Blood
"Bone Rings: Animal Sight (4 Succ), Animal Smell/Hearing (4 Succ), (Catlike Reflexes (4 Succ), Monstrous Str (6 Succ), Vorpral Claws (6 Succ), Grow Armor (5 Succ), Ignore Poison (4 Succ). Effects are 12 Str (+9 Dmg), A.R +10 vs MME, Vorpral Claws (1D6+1 No AR), See in Dark, Regen 4/hps (2 Succ) and Obscure (6 Succ) "


“Try to avoid actually damaging these tunnels,” Nuria called out to her companions. “Don’t want to cause a collapse.”

Nuria activated her Protective Aura artificing and continued on through the caverns, attacking with flame what needed to be attacked, and directing wounded out to Alphine’s med-tent.

Once the group arrived at the source of these insects, she’d continue attacking with fire.