Glacial Wastes Mission 4: To Regain the Harbor, and Free the Workers


Looking down the binoculars, Administrator McIvinson could see the five buildings that made up McGraw Harbor. Out around them were ten tents, and there was a trio of Cambions standing guard near the tents. The ten foot tall blue skinned giants were leaning on massive swords the size of girders. They were dressed in robes made obviously from the hides of white fur olgogs, with olgog teeth and bones as ornaments.

Behind them, sitting in Eli’s office was none other than Illuminated Tiordane and two of his Bestial guards. Administrator McIvinson wished he had a .50 caliber sniper rifle, because right now he had a perfect view of the Illuminated. So perfect, he wondered what sort of trap the Illuminated was setting.

Ten workers taken as slaves by the Sea Kings forces were tied up in a circle in the center of town. Five Cambion guards, carrying massive lances, with their swords strapped to their back, waited and watched, keeping an eye on the new potential slaves.

Then McIvinson turned his binculars out to Sea, and gasped as he saw a massive Sea Kings vessel approaching from the distance. Aboard must be at least one hundred cambions, their bestial overseers, enough forces to take and hold this coast by force.

McIvinson knew they had but hours before that ship landed, and McGraw Harbor would be almost impossible to reclaim. But he knew if Nuria, Eli, Grim, and Lurtor struck now, they could drive out this small force and convince Tiordane to return to his ship and possibly leave the Glacial Wastes for good.

McIvinson knew that if Tiordane got a foothold here in McGraw Harbor, then Jemison Post will be next. McIvinson has already requested EEF support, but Commander Oolong has denied these requests for military support.


5 Cambion Guards near the 10 Prisoners (who will final death them at the first sign of trouble)
2 Bestial Overseers
3 Cambion Sentries near the tents
10 White Fur Olgog serving as Shock Troopers for Tiordane

All defenders will be using all Leyas abilities at full effect. Expect the enemies to create walls to absorb projectiles, create wards to prevent shadow walking, and use area effect attacks like bombs.
(remember Cambions are extra protected against Leyas attacks)

These are not the usual mooks, expect elite Sea Kings soldiers in these 10 soldiers (Sea Kings soldiers, the olgogs are less trained).
The Cambions and Bestials will not fall for easy distractions, and will work together to disable and then take down player characters.

Mission Rules

A player may act in response to the actions posted by another player in this thread, IF they have previously discussed a plan for this mission in a separate thread they choose to create in the forums.

A post should be under two paragraphs in length.


This mission ends on Friday September 9th at 12 Midnight EST.


Better do some planning at the Cold Draft!!


(OOC I have to post early. Hopefully this leaves openings and is what we chatted about in the mission thread. I’m off camping early tomorrow.)
Lurtor will heave a fingertip so he could be rezed if needed.

Lurtor will have leyas sight available to use before he moves in. Bird sight and thermal vision to checkout looking for traps leyas or tech. He will share these results.

In prep holding one of the bullets (if needed) will make sure the Missile can be detonated when it hits the. Next Lurtor will artifice a container that will be able to float above the ship and then drop the misslie. Allowing the tempest some distance from the ship.

Next Lurtor, like Grim, needed an artifact like Grim’s Harmonica. But also this artifact could be given to someone to use against the ship as a backup to the tempest. Lurtor would artifce

Tempest - (Grim can veto the bombing idea)
The Tempest and it’s crew will be given a missle from Ely. Ely also supplied zela bullets so they can move the bomb around. And be able to drop it. Lurtor will keep one of the bullets so he can help out.

The tempest will use the weather making and lightning strikes to sink the ship. The missile will be used if this doesn’t work.

The rescue
If Grim decides to talk, Lurtor will wait for him or Ely.:
Lurtor will help if Ely needs help getting in the air to allow him to eventually skydive down. Lurtor is expecting that during his fall, Ely will be targeting the guards around his people.

Lurtor will start off by using an animal form to get closer without being seen. Since all he needs to be is in visual range, before the storm starts, as a white bird that blends to the snow, he would fly to a good spot. Then as the action is about to start, Lurtor will open a shadow jump portal to allow his song to go through. Then he will sing the Lullaby of Sleep. Hoping to put those weak willed asleep. The enemy needs to hear him, not see him. He will make sure he is hidden.

After that, Lurtor will transform into himself and move. Keeping hidden. He will use his magi pistols to take out enemies who are still awake. He will do his best to keep at range. Main targets are sentries and the bestials. (Lurtor will avoid being in direct sight of the illuminated (or anyone for that matter).

Shadow Leyas Ward:
Lurtor will look through leyas sight if shadow leyas is warded. He will see if his ininate shadow jump works or not. If he can use it, he will still only keep his use of it like it could be taken away.

Lurtor is hoping Grim will take him out. If struck by the beam, as long as he is not final deathed, lurtor will leave to allow regen, and come back. Throwing Bunches of Pain grenades to cover the escape.

If Lurtor can sneak up on the Illuminated, he will use his demon forged dagger and his VLAD dagger (Shield Break 6 successes) for killing strikes. Never strike from the front.

If Ely is struck down, Lurtor will fetch his body and disappear, healing him with nanites if needed. (Hopefully Ely carries some, but Lurtor won’t let him be final death (Even if he has use healing nanites.) Others he will use conversion (grim, or healing leyas from the ring.

Lurtor will use the Wave motion fist gloves to set off possible traps while he is out of range. Or to cause distractions in areas where he is not.

Shields: Bone Rings, Life shield (item), protective Aura (item), Obscure (6 success).

Lurtor ((VLAD Agent) LR:6, Heal:1, Light: 3, Shadow:4, Air:3, Earth:3, Fire:2, Water:2, General:2, Shape:6, Summ:1, Troub:4, Techno:6) Adj: (Will 6, Str 12 (item), AR +10 M/M/E, Charisma (+4 Item), Profession(Spy) 6, Performance 4, Climb 4, Religion 3, Stealth 3, SoH 3, Leyas Recognition 2, Explosive Theory 4, Tech Repair 2, Tech Forger 3, Computers 1, Acting 1, Medicine/Healing 1, LCM 6, LCR 6, HtH 1, Pilot WG 3, Survivial 1, Diplomacy 1, Heraldry 1, Melee Strike +2, Ranged Shot +2, Rapid Throw +1, Duelist, Gun Slinger, Knifethrower, Quickdraw, Goo Warrior Special Training, Bladed Sun Devotion, Faith (Bladed Sun) 1, Path of the redeemer lvl 1, Shadow Assassin Devotion lvl 1, TimeShredded, Tough As Nails)

Vial of Djinni Blood.

Bone Rings: Animal Sight (4 Succ), Animal Smell/Hearing (4 Succ), (Catlike Reflexes (4 Succ), Monstrous Str (6 Succ), Vorpral Claws (6 Succ), Grow Armor (5 Succ), Ignore Poison (4 Succ). Effects are 12 Str (+9 Dmg), A.R +10 vs MME, Vorpral Claws (1D6+1 No AR), See in Dark, etc
Bone Ring: Regen 4/hps (2 Succ) and Obscure (6 Succ)

Weapons he has access to:
VLAD Phoenix Strike Pistol, Skull Crusher Magi Pistol, Magi Pistol - Soldier Model, 2 Magi Pistol - Capture Model, 2 Combat Knife (Shieldbreak 6 success),Paladin Sword, Gloves of Wave Motion Fist, 2 Swordfiend bone Throwing blades, Magi Cannon, Hell Forged Dagger, 2 Acid Grenades, 2 Liquid Nitrogen Grenades, 5 Sonic Grenades, 1 Vial of Djinni Blood

Necklace of Lifeshield/Protective Aura 3 Succ.


plays song: Tom Petty - Free Fallin’

Alright, let’s go for broke. Eli does he thing at the Cold Draft. He’ll take note who got capture and bring some range weapons for 'em. He’s wearing his standard gear (Guns and Nano Shield and Cold Weather Outfit and Nanite Syringes) since got to this frozen waste plus a sniper rifle loaded with ten zela rounds (page 291 DR Book). He’ll have J.J. in the Health Spider attached to his chest to revive him. Eli “Who wants to live forever?” McGraw will parachute (with a two parachutes) off the Tempest over McGraw Harbor and snipe some Cambion Guards (4 attacks/round, Rifle Skill 6, Agi 6). Going to target the ones who try any Final Death Business first on the way down. Then he’ll drop all the smoke and flash bangs grenades before he lands. “Explosions!”

After he lands, Eli will finish off the Cambion Guards, free some of his associates, drop a bag of range weapons for them, and have them free the rest while Eli gets on the roofs (and in the buildings and in cover) and shoot the bad guys with his pistols (8 attacks/round, Handgun Skill 7, Agi 6) and cover his teammates. The name of the game is “Run and Gun”. When they get free, everyone with Eli will make their way out as the Hover Tank (Piloted by Mario the Tech Guy) and the Tracked Truck (Driven by Luigi the Other Tech Guy) will come over the horizon and meet up with them. The Hover Tank and Eli will provide cover fire as they load up and get the hell out of there. If the Hover Tank take a pot shot at the Sea King’s Ship, that’s cool. Eli will stay behind wreck some Sea King’s plans! Unless Grim does his talk’in thing.


Grim was getting really tired of the continual cycle of violence and death. He decided to try something different this time. Maybe the forces in the harbor would listen to reason. If not, the others would show up and level the place like always. And with those thoughts running thru his head, he set out for the Harbor. Riding on a summoned True Nightmare, his mind turned to what he should bring Bliss next time he visited her, wondering if she would like a True nightmare of her own as a mount.

Approaching the Harbor, Grim dismounted and Dismissed the Nightmare. ‘No point in it suffering if I have made a mistake,’ he thought to himself. Walking toward the entrance, He raised his voice, “Hello the port, My name is Grim the Bastard. I’m hear to have a word with being in charge here.” he then waits to be escorted to the Illuminated. Once there, he will state his case for the peaceful withdrawal of the Illuminated’s forces. He offers the return of the prisoner that they captured at the mine. If the Illuminated agrees, Grim will call in to let the rest of the group know via commcrystal. If all go to hell, he will defend himself. He will do his best to not inflict final death or allow final death for anyone involved.


Grim (Bastard Tunnel Rat)
Hp 9
LR 6 (bandit) Troubadour 4 General 2 Shadow 6 Earth 6 Fire 3 Air 3 Water 3 Shapeshift 3.
special trainings: melee +!, Range +1, Thrown +3, knife thrower, Ignite, Ambush Predator.
Skills: Burglary 2, stealth 4, Explosive theory 4, Perform 4, Survival 3, Artifact lore 3, skiing 2, Diplomacy 3, planes lore 4
Important Gear: commcrystal, pair of Kuraz


Nuria stood off in the distance and watched. Grim was gonna try talking. Hopefully that worked. If it didn’t, things were gonna get ugly real quick.

If things get ugly, when Eli drops off the Tempest, Nuria will launch herself using her Fire Leap / Slow Fall boots to close in quickly. As Eli starts firing down, she’ll start freeing Elis accosiates, using his distraction, and her Obscure belt to stay hidden.

Once Eli lands, she’ll begin the fight against the Cambions, using her Ring of Fireball 1 to attack. Once every one is free, and armed, she’ll do what she needs to do to either take back the harbor, or, if that looks like a lost cause, make sure everyone gets out.