Glacial Wastes Mission 3: An Iron of a Time


Unixah Kal Hobtla Mag’ol grew concerned when her Cambions reported that Captain Drella had been captured by Mercs.

Her own spies reported that Lurtor Auf Lal’al and folks from Jemison Post and McGraw Harbor were firmly responsible for her missing Captain and the sudden end to the iron shipments. Unixah would not stand for such a disrespect to her holdings and her power structure. While Drella was a lesser captain, more a pirate slaver than a Pharoah in training, Unixah could not allow her to be captured without reply.

And her reply would be immense indeed. She put out a call to her captains to see whom among them would want to reclaim the Iron Mine. The first to come was Captain Tiordan, and with him came four Bestial Overseers, and forty cannibalistic White Furs armed with icewrym bone spears.

It seemed they planned on raiding the Mine until either the miners gave up, died, or surrendered the mine to them. A defense against daily raids, and assassination attempts must be planned. And the full defense of the mine against the Sea Kings invaders must be planned as well.

Since the Mine is outside of the agreed upon lands with the IceWyrms the mine is open to attack by Dragonkind as well, and it cannot be defended by the EEF as it is officially outside the Glacial Research Facility.

Daily: Protect against teams of five White Fur Olgogs and one Bestial each day at random times.

One Time: A Full attack by all forty Olgogs, four bestials and one Illuminated Captain himself.
Beware, the Illuminated’s Eye can cause Final Death!

How will they come?….Unknown….

[Bold] Mission Rules [/Bold]

A player may act in response to the actions posted by another player in this thread, IF they have previously discussed a plan for this mission in a separate thread they choose to create in the forums.

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This mission ends on Friday August 12th at 12 Midnight EST.



To the Group defending the mines, he says “This mine is important for a few reasons. This mine will be another aspect of additional trade to allow us to get to where we can invest and pay those who are helping our settlement and community survive and grow. We do not want to just exchange services for just what each being needs to survive. But create and expand opportunity for those here. We have a fishing industry. As we keep adding to this, we will get closer and closer to that goal.

But another important reason to defend this mine, is that if the warmongers forces want it, it most likely is in our best interest to prevent them from having it. And we will need to find out why they want it so badly.”

Lurtor to his comrades “ We need to get to where the post makes Ghaz and we can pay those who work for us. I want to be careful especially now that we have the native olgogs flowing in that we don’t slip into an indentured servitude or give them no choice but to do what we say. We are way too close to that for my liking. I hope this and the other industries we are working will help us get to a point where we can employ our helpers vs trading with protection, shelter, and food. Any other ideas to help this would be great. And thank you for the help up to this point as well.”

(OOC, Lurtor would prefer Grim do this as they like him better, but Lurtor will do what needs to be done).
Lurtor says to Zaphophiah and Sonnah “I seek some advice and possible business opportunity. We have recently liberated a mine from an Illuminated. We being Grim, Ely, and someone named Nura. We need all parties to agree to everything, but I think we are close. We are considering utilizing this as another possible way to trade. And if/when this mine is producing, this would give another possible source trade. Getting us closer to where we can pay instead of just trade. As I’m not a miner myself, I wish to seek advice from you. Either in the mining or refining of the ore. I would seek to reimburse you for services either before or after. Before in trade or my artificing abilities, or after we have our income going, payment. Or a mix of both.”

(OOC note, if Lurtor can hand some of the simplier artificing off to others he will.)

[li]will request help from their settlement and the white furred Olgogs in Defending and scouting around the mines. These will supplement Eli’s forces in defense of the settlement. Lurtor will ask for help and ideas of the other advisors and teammates in their settlement. (aka, Talaloon, Biff, Urial, etc).[/li]
[li]Work with everyone to make the mine entrances defendable. Raising, reinforcing, and moving snow back. Hardening the insides of the caves. Once the entrances are shaped and hardened, Lurtor will Obscure any leyas traces and Earth ward the entrances to prevent from being collapsed (except for a trap of the fake ones).[/li]
[li]Have some, using the artifact left behind, to make some passages that go nowhere or into traps, known by defenders.[/li]
[li]Change the access to the Ancient structure. The existing cave will be moved away from that location. Another path only known to a few will be built to that structure. The path to it will only connect through a secret passage.[/li]
[li]Build fake entrances.[/li]
[li]Lurtor will help Nura in building traps in the face entrances and caves.[/li]
[li]Interview the existing Workers to see if they wish to join us. Explain to them they are not slaves anymore and they can have a place if they wish. Lurtor will also double check to make sure they are not being controlled. Additional miners will be brought in to help production as needed.[/li]
[li]Lurtor will artifice additional mining equipment if needed. With Earth Leyas 3, can he artifice something to extract or separate the minerals (iron or otherwise) into separate bars? If this is beyond his skill, he will ask if this is something Biff or any of the others know how to do.[/li]
[li]Finally Lurtor create a bigger vehicle to transport ore mined to a location where it can be processed into something that can be sold. This part of the industry will have to be the next thing setup.[/li][/ol]

Lurtor Stats:
Lurtor ((VLAD Agent) LR:6, Heal:1, Light: 3, Shadow:4, Air:3, Earth:3, Fire:2, Water:2, General:2, Shape:6, Summ:1, Troub:4, Techno:6) Adj: (Will 6, Str 12 (item), AR +10 M/M/E, Charisma 7 (+4 Item), Profession(Spy) 6, Performance 3, Climb 4, Religion 3, Stealth 3, SoH 3, Leyas Recognition 2, Tech Repair 2, Tech Forger 3, Computers 1, Acting 1, Medicine/Healing 1, LCM 5, LCR 5, HtH 3, Pilot WG 3, Survival 1, Diplomacy 1, Heraldry 1, Melee Strike +2, Ranged Shot +2, Rapid Throw +1, Duelist, Gunslinger, Knife Thrower, Quickdraw, Goo Warrior Special Training, Bladed Sun Devotion, Faith (Bladed Sun) 1, Path of the redeemer lvl 1, Shadow Assassin Devotion lvl 1, TimeShredded, Tough As Nails)

Weapons and equipment:
(Most not on him.)
VLAD Phoenix Strike Pistol, Skull Crusher Magi Pistol, Magi Pistol - Soldier Model, 2 Magi Pistol - Capture Model, 2 Combat Knife (Shieldbreak 6 success),Paladin Sword, Gloves of Wave Motion Fist, 2 Swordfiend bone Throwing blades, Magi Cannon, Hell Forged Dagger, 2 Acid Grenades (not sure if artificed), 5 Sonic (Artificed) Grenades, 1 Vial of Djinni Blood

Bone Ring: Regen 4/hps (2 Succ) and Obscure (6 Succ)
Bone Rings: Animal Sight (4 Succ), Animal Smell/Hearing (4 Succ), (Catlike Reflexes (4 Succ), Monstrous Str (6 Succ), Vorpral Claws (6 Succ), Grow Armor (5 Succ), Ignore Poison (4 Succ). Effects are 12 Str (+9 Dmg), A.R +10 vs MME, Vorpral Claws (1D6+1 No AR), See in Dark, etc

Ring of Healing (Cure Disease, Heal Internal Damage, Cure Poison (3 succ), Amulet of Channel (Channel Leyas 6 successes)


plays song: Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe

Olim Antwerf was pissed. “You to do what with our crew?”

“The job is not done. We got a mine to defend for a bit,” grin Eli.

"Settlement is built and contract says - "

“Contract says you leave when things are done. They. Are. Not. Done. Besides with the Sea Kings out there, no easy way home for 'em unless we can get people to come in,” Eli sighed.

"One forth of a stake in a mine defended by 30 plus common workers?”

“Yeah. Plus some help from our friends Lurtor, Grim and Nura. Also, I’m giving you all you guys the full cut of my share of the mine to compensate.”

“What?” was all Olim could say.

WALLS OF TEXT: Eli McGraw HP 30, Str 5, Agi 6, Hea 6, Int 4, Cha 4, Melee 2, Range 4(8 Handguns),Thrown 1, Immutable, Hand to Hand 5, Handgun 7, Rifle 6, Edge 3, Medicine/Healing 4, Stealth 3, Drive 3, Fast Talk 3, Gun Slinger Quick Draw, Speed Loader
Two Heavy Revolvers (8 missile or 8 energy or nanite syringe), Shock Gauntlets (4d4 No AR Pain), Big Knife (3 melee), Nano Shield (10 melee, 10 missile 1/2dmg, 10 energy) plus Insulated Heavy Duty Environment Outfit (10 chill), Auto Health Spider (J.J.), Nanite Syringes, Lots of Ammo

Banking Guild Ally Olim Antwerf (who knows?), 2 Immutable Technicians (F.S. 3 but Science & Tech Repair of 5 who are making traps), 20 Hard Workers (F.S. 3, but has Mason and Woodworking skills at 4s who are building the defenses, Leyas User Unconscious (Berzerker) Fire 2), 10 Support Crew ( F.S. 3, currently assigned to lookout and cleaning up, Leyas User Unconscious (Berzerker) Fire 2), and one Merchant House Foreman (F.S. 4 Profession:Master Builder 5) named Malcolm “Bubba” Fillmore who’s assisting in directing the building of defenses. Sentient Hovertruck “Molly”, Hovertruck stats with 9 H.P. extra and an F.S. 2. This vehicle counts as not needing fuel/replacement parts, and will repair itself given time (repairs 10 V.A.R. after every mission). Vehicles are armed with Dual Scatterguns with 2x 200 rd drums of ammo.

Keep it simple: We’ll take enough supplies and weapons from McGraw Harbor for the job. The 5 buildings with walls and 2 empty freighters won’t be going nowhere. Hopefully. Olim and Malcolm will direct the 32 guys/gals in building some bunkers, pit traps and reinforce the entrance. Would do more but we getting attack everyday while this is happening. Therefore, Eli McGraw will rotate 6 workers out and them have them go with Eli to defend against the attacks. “Silent” Molly the Hovertruck will assist.

“Think of this on the job training to getting us into better fighting shape. We’ll learn their weakness as we go,” smiled Eli.

“You the boss.” and “Whatever…” and “I didn’t sign up for this!” and “Let’s murder these chumps!” were some of the replies.

Molly also threw in her two ghaz. “I am an advanced Hovertruck. My job is to drive folks back and forth. You suck.”

“Yeah but the monsters we’re fighting eat children and smash advance tech stuff. Like you,” he smiled again.

When or if the main force comes, the Eli’s force hunkers down, let’s the Lurtor, Grim and Nura do their thing, and Eli “Worst or Best role model” McGraw and Molly go for a ride into more battle. Eli will put a cow catcher on the front of Molly (yes this is a bit silly and dumb and dangerous but it’s better than nothing). They’ll hit the Illuminated Captain from the flank with it and anyone else who gets in the way. Not our forces though. Eli on top of the hovertruck’s roof will also shoot the leader with the Dual Scatterguns until that jerk is dead.


Grim wandered thru the mine, checking placements and concealments. so far he had to only correct a few minor things. Every so often, he would go to the enterance and listen to the reports of the scouts. The scouts had orders to keep their distances from any enemy forces they might find and to run if possible from any fights. their only job was to warn the mine forces.

When the main attack comes if Grim is at the mine, he will aid in defending the mine. his primary targets will be the Illuminated and the bestials. He main method will be to use hit and run tactics, using ambush predator and thrown bombs to disrupt the enemy. he will attempt to keep then amount of final death to a minimum. If it appears that the illuminated may attack any of the sentient hovertrucks that may have been brought, he will do anything in his power to prevent the illuminated from annihilating the trucks. IF he needs to take a “hit” to protect the innocent child inside the truck he will.

other wise he just trys to take out as many attackers as he can with out final deathing them.


Grim (Bastard Tunnel Rat)
Hp 9
LR 6 (bandit) Troubadour 4 General 2 Shadow 6 Earth 6 Fire 3 Air 3 Water 3 Shapeshift 3.
special trainings: melee +!, Range +1, Thrown +3, knife thrower, Ignite, Ambush Predator.
Skills: Burglary 2, stealth 4, Explosive theory 4, Perform 4, Survival 3, Artifact lore 3, skiing 2, Diplomacy 3, planes lore 4
Important Gear: MAgi Cannon (3d6 energy), Paired Void kur’az, Paired Zela kur’az with nightmare hide handles and sheathes, comm crystal. hand Springshot with Antileyas dart(refined annihilator blood) ring(warm aura and obscure), Glove (shrapnel Cannon 4 suc), Glove (Plasma cannon) Bracelet (Healer nanites 2 suc),comm crystal. Ring (teleport 6 suc, shadow drive 6 suc)


Nuria pulled a stone out of one of her belt pouches, and handed it to Lurtor, who held it out in his hands, and both of them focused Leyas into the stone, Nuria using Fireball, Lurtor doing the artificing.

“And that’s the last one,” Nuria says. She takes the stone from Lurtor and gently places it in the ditch where it’s supposed to. Then, whomever is doing the Earth Leyas part of this covers the trench, making sure it’ll collapse when stepped on.

The plan is to dig a trench in front of every fake entrance. Then Nuria and Lurtor will artifice a bunch of stones to explode in a Fireball when the stones get hit with something. Nuria will gently place 4 or 5 stones in each trench with a bit of space between them. Finally, someone (Lurtor, maybe, or someone else) will use Earth Leyas to cover the trench in a way that it looks like nothing has been done, but creating a tunnel that will collapse when stepped on, setting off the large explosion.

Then, Nuria will herself move up to defend the actual entrance.