Glacial Wastes Mission 2: The Illuminated Slaver's Camp


Tracking back the efforts of the Frost Merc Group resulted in the discovery of a dangerous slaver operating in the region. Five of the Frost Members spoke of an Illuminated Slaver who made some deals with their old boss Bysos Borak. The Illuminated needed Bysos to find him an undiscovered Iron mine, and in exchange the Illuminated paid Bysos in artifacts.

Luckily the criminals were all too willing to share more information about the Illuminated Slaver, whose name was Drella Ikuz Unixah. She had thirty Hobtla Mag’ol Olgog slaves who were currently working the mine for her. While she might have allies in the Sea Kings to call upon, it seems her usual contingent of twenty cambions and four Bestials were all returning a much larger contingent of one hundred Olgog workers back to Hobtla Mag’ol, so she was currently relatively undefended.

If left on her own, she would be able to begin Slave raids on both Jemison Post and McGraw Harbor within the week.

[bold]Limited Resources Dilemma[/bold]
The Iron Mine itself was a valuable resource and each of the four must decide, were they liberating it for the good of all free peoples, or for themselves alone. Would it be part of Jemison Post Territory or McGraw Harbor Territory, or would it be claimed by Nuria, or shared by all four?

[Bold] Mission Rules [/Bold]

A player may act in response to the actions posted by another player in this thread, IF they have previously discussed a plan for this mission in a separate thread they choose to create in the forums.

A post should be under two paragraphs in length.


This mission ends on Friday July 29th at 12 Midnight EST.

Please return to the Cold Draft thread to plan for this major mission.


Lurtor first while talking to the prisoners would from behind, use Doopleganger to get the form of one of the guard and to learn if they were telling the truth. Double checking the knowledge received from the prisoner. He would only hold the form long enough to gain the knowledge needed. Lurtor would relay anything he learned of importance.

Then Lurtor would ask one of their Olgogs at Jemison post to see if they could show him the tricks of covering his tracks in the snow.

Then, Lurtor with the others support would head to the area of the mine. At the start Lurtor would use his senses for checking for possession or mind control. Also, he would see if he can hear of any infected with the Nanoplague. If he were evil, Lurtor would use these Olgogs, infect them, load them up with weapons, and then you have a cute cuddly army no one would expect. And there is a million of these olgogs with their Cheif’s bodyguard is an illuminated. So this would not surprise him.

Then he would head into mine to find one of the little Olgogs, keeping to the shadows and leaving no tracks.

From the memories of the prisoner, Lurtor would look to capture one of the 30 Olgogs, one he could get alone for a few minutes alone. He would Doppelganger this Olgog. First, with the olgogs memories Lurtor would figure out where Illuminated is and the other Olgogs, and what his job was, information on the other olgogs, this olgogs name, and relay information to the others. Also Letting the others know what he looks like.

Lurtor would take the Olgogs place to get close to the illuminated, but staying out of her direct sight. Lurtor expected his form would not fool her, anything with a big eye has to be able to see through things. And his tricks always backfire. So this would just fool the other Olgogs and any guards.

If given the chance, Lurtor could form his Gun and shoot the illuminated through the back of the head or between the eyes (all of them). Or use his hell forged dagger to cut off her head from a shadow. He would be hoping for a distraction to get the perfect chance.

If found out, Lurtor would teleport or shadow jump out. And look to regroup. He would also make sure to avoid hits to his chest or head as he could eventually heal everything else eventually. He needed his artifacts intact.

(OOC and of Course, Lurtor is always looking for something neat, especially if all of these Olgogs are infected and they were pumping weapons into as an army. ).

Lurtor Stats:
Lurtor ((VLAD Agent) LR:6, Heal:1, Light: 3, Shadow:4, Air:3, Earth:3, Fire:2, Water:2, General:2, Shape:6, Summ:1, Troub:4, Techno:6) Adj: (Will 6, Str 12 (item), AR +10 M/M/E, Charisma 7 (+4 Item), Profession(Spy) 6, Performance 3, Climb 4, Religion 3, Stealth 3, SoH 3, Leyas Recognition 2, Tech Repair 2, Tech Forger 3, Computers 1, Acting 1, Medicine/Healing 1, LCM 5, LCR 5, HtH 3, Pilot WG 3, Survivial 1, Diplomacy 1, Heraldry 1, Melee Strike +2, Ranged Shot +2, Rapid Throw +1, Duelist, Gun Slinger, Knifethrower, Quickdraw, Goo Warrior Special Training, Bladed Sun Devotion, Faith (Bladed Sun) 1, Path of the redeemer lvl 1, Shadow Assassin Devotion lvl 1, TimeShredded, Tough As Nails)

Weapons and equipment:
(Most not on him except Hell forged dagger. But he could get them.)
VLAD Phoenix Strike Pistol, Skull Crusher Magi Pistol, Magi Pistol - Soldier Model, 2 Magi Pistol - Capture Model, 2 Combat Knife (Shieldbreak 6 success),Paladin Sword, Gloves of Wave Motion Fist, 2 Swordfiend bone Throwing blades, Magi Cannon, Hell Forged Dagger, 2 Acid Grenades (not sure if artificed), 5 Sonic (Artificed) Grenades, 1 Vial of Djinni Blood
Ring of Healing (Cure Disease, Heal Internal Damage, Cure Poison (3 succ), Amulet of Channel (Channel Leyas 6 successes)
(OOC Bone rings are in him)
Bone Ring: Regen 4/hps (2 Succ) and Obscure (6 Succ)
Bone Rings: Animal Sight (4 Succ), Animal Smell/Hearing (4 Succ), (Catlike Reflexes (4 Succ), Monstrous Str (6 Succ), Vorpral Claws (6 Succ), Grow Armor (5 Succ), Ignore Poison (4 Succ). Effects are 12 Str (+9 Dmg), A.R +10 vs MME, Vorpral Claws (1D6+1 No AR), See in Dark, etc


After he sent the Tempest to patrol along the suspected path that the Illuminated’s forces should be taking, with Orders to create whiteouts and high winds to stop or at least slow their advance, Grim proceeded to drive up to the mine site. As he approached, he stopped a short distance from the entrance and stuck his head out the window. Yelling, he called out “Ho there, Anyone about?” Grim will be just cycling fire and shadow thru his body to make a leyas spike to draw Leyas sight to him.

Jumping down from the Truck, he walked forward toward the entrance and a bit to the side so that the truck would not be in the line of fire from the mine. Calling out to any one he sees, “Howdy, my name is Allanon Jest. I just arrived in the region, hoping to set up a cartage company. But those rude fucks down at that “McGraw Harbor” seem to think that only Guilders should be allowed to trade here in the Wastes. Plain Snobbery. They be trying to keep any little company from getting a start up here and keep all the profits from themselves. Stingy money grubbing bastards. And that means a lot coming from me. I already got run out of a bunch of places. Them uppity Goblins down south accused me of war profiting and ran me off. Then I had to sneak by them Alien-hating colonial in the ‘lost colonies’, them asses should have stayed lost. And you would not believe how fucking hard it is to outrun them damn sick Uth and their bullshit. Finally get up here to the frontier expecting to find some freedom to make my own way and get Damn Guilders trying to carve the place up and claim all of it.”

“So, who can I talk to about getting some work? I am at my wits end. If’n I don’t find someway to make a ghaz or two, ain’t no way I gonna be able to survive long in this icebox. Damn I thought trying to survive down south when the air itself bursts into flame was bad, but even with my ring to keep the cold out, I can barely feel my toes.”

If The Illuminated appears, he keeps talking for a bit to give Lurtor a chance to try and take out the Illuminated. If Lurtor succeeds in taking out the Illuminated, Grim will used Troubadour to neutralize the Olgogs if they attack. If the Illuminated looks like she will attack Grim, he will use his hand spingshot and attempt to dart her with his anti leyas dart. Otherwise he will defend himself and the truck from attacks.


Grim (Bastard Tunnel Rat)
Hp 9
LR 6 (bandit) Troubadour 4 General 2 Shadow 6 Earth 6 Fire 3 Air 3 Water 3 Shapeshift 3.
special trainings: melee +!, Range +1, Thrown +3, knife thrower, Ignite, Ambush Predator.
Skills: Burglary 2, stealth 4, Explosive theory 4, Perform 4, Survival 3, Artifact lore 3, skiing 2, Diplomacy 3, planes lore 4
Important Gear: Paired Zela kur’az with nightmare hide handles and sheathes, comm crystal. hand Springshot with Antileyas dart(refined annihilator blood) ring(warm aura and obscure) [ he is leaving most of his gear at home]

Tempest Airship
currently crewed by 17 exslaves


Have some Stats,again: HP 30, Str 5, Agi 6, Hea 6, Int 4, Cha 4, Melee 2, Range 4(8 Handguns),Thrown 1, Immutable, Hand to Hand 5, Handgun 7, Rifle 6, Edge 3, Medicine/Healing 4, Stealth 3, Drive 3, Fast Talk 3, Gun Slinger Quick Draw, Speed Loader
And some Gear,again: Two Heavy Revolvers (8 missile or 8 energy or nanite syringe), Shock Gauntlets (4d4 No AR Pain), Big Knife (3 melee), Nano Shield (10 melee, 10 missile 1/2dmg, 10 energy) plus Insulated Heavy Duty Environment Outfit (10 chill), Dark Clothes for sneaking inside the mine, Auto Health Spider (J.J.), Nanite Syringes, Lots of Ammo, 5 Days Food/Water, Extreme Camping Equipment, Radio, Props for Distractions!

Eli “Pliskin” McGraw will sneak in with Lurtor “Ocelot” the V.L.A.D. Gog and Grim “I am a weebo Otacon”. After splitting up, he’ll ambush the slave mooks with cardboard boxes, noise makers, dirty mags, etc. The gunslinger will hold off on the guns and instead use his Big Knife and Shock Gauntlets to kill or knock the enemies from the shadows and corners (not cardboard box, yet). Death is transitory. When he gets to Drella Ikuz Unixah, he’ll crawl up sneakly to her in a cardboard box to confuse her and then jump out and tackle her with his Immutable-ness™. This will give Lurtor the shot he needs. Or anyone at this point. Auto Health Spider with J.J. and Nanite Syringes can be used to wake him up after he’s dead. If he dies.

After Grim does his song and dance: Outside the mine that odd hovertruck, Molly, and 15 of Eli’s guys/gals with guns, leyas or what not will block the mine entrance and dig in for a counter attack.


Nuria listened as the other three came up with a plan. Sounds like they’ve got all the bases covered, she thought. What am I gonna do?

Then it hit her. These three may have a solid plan, but not all plans go the way they’re planned. Nuria would tag along and wait near the mine in case everything went wrong and ‘firepower’ was needed.

(Ooc: Sorry this is late. Got my days confused.)