Glacial Wastes Mission 10: An Army of S'vana attacks the Aerie of the Doomwyrms


Word has spread far and fast that the WarCouncil of S’vana, the main governing body of the Children of the Falosini on Refuge has declared the Aerie of the IceWyrms the property of the IceWyrms, and the newly built Aerie of the Doomwyrms forfeit and its people branded as nngao.

The WarCouncil of S’vana has gathered a small peacekeeping army of five hundred K’iorn Protectors, led by five K’iorn Dra’koons, with support from forty Vorin Snipers, and twenty bastard Tunnel Rats. Their goal is the apprehension of Dahelein Archwing, and the exile of Dahelein’s forces from their current fortress.

This army will travel to the plane of Dokrice, and then needs settlements to offer to host an artifact that will allow them an energy bridge back to Refuge.

Choice 1: Does your Settlement Host one of the Energy Bridge artifacts?

After they arrive on Refuge, the Children of the Falosini army will need to change into their cold weather gear and prepare the long hike across the ice to the newly finished Aerie of the Doomwyrms.

Luckily the IceWyrms consider the Children of the Falosini their new allies, and will protect them from aerial attack during their march.
Once there the tactial decisions come into play.

Choice 2: Do you suggest a Seige of the Aerie? Or Do you suggest setting a trap for the Aerie’s forces? Or do you suggest a covert mission?

The defenses are significant. The Aerie has sheer walls and can only be entered from the top. It as tall as a mountain plateau, making scaling it a costly and long effort that would take many, many hours while under constant attack from Annihilation attacks. In that way an assault seems too costly and the Dra’koons leading the army will never agree to a frontal assault as a result. They will Seige it, set up an ambush or play into a covert mission, but never a suicidal charge into certain death.

Choice 3 (if you succeed of course): If you succeed in capturing Dahelein, the team will quickly realize the rest of the Doomwyrm Riders won’t give up the battle. Since they lost their honor as Skyknights, their alliance and alligence to each other and to Dahelein is all that remains.

How will you convince the Dra’koons of S’vana to withdraw once Dahelein is successfully captured, even if the Aerie is not taken?

Defenses are unknown. They include Doomwyrms, Baribur Doomwyrm Riders, and bastard suicide troops strapped with high explosives.

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A player may act in response to the actions posted by another player in this thread, IF they have previously discussed a plan for this mission in a separate thread they choose to create in the forums.

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This mission ends on Friday December 16th at 12 Midnight EST.


Come to the Cold Draft to discuss your plan!


Lurtor talks to McIversion and says "To help in the coming conflict with the Doom Wyrms, I wish to offer the Children of the Falosini that will leave the Arie of the Doom Wyrms before the Army of S’vana arrives. We’ll call them Refuges and employ them to work the mines, help in food production, and other industries we have or gain. This should help those who knew nothing of Dahelein crimes a way to avoid being immediately labeled a Nngao. I will make this offer to Dahelein soon. Please request the budget to setup these buildings and areas. We’ll build a few larger areas for them to temporarily stay.

Now about the Army of S’vana, I will setup an area away from the refuges where they can arrive here and prepare for there trip to the Arie. We could possibly need their help in the coming weeks if the Sea kings invade. I do not plan to go after Dahelein myself. I have too much to do to do that."

Lurtor will request his Earth Mancers (biff hopefully as well) and with his ring of Tunneling to create a few areas where people can stay until the permanent buildings can be built. Lurtor will artifice a few stones to heat these areas so they are comfortable.

Message to Dahelein

Lurtor picks up the Scale to talk to Dahelein and says "I understand why you cannot accept my other plan. But that got me thinking of how I can help some of your people. Those willing. I’m offering for the Children of the Falosini who knew nothing of the Quall infested Falosini to Join with Jemison Post. If we do this before the Army of S’vana comes to Declare the Arie Nngao, they will avoid being labeled Nngao. They will be Children of the Falosini refuges. And will become a part of the Jemison Post community. But they have to accept and move to areas I’ve setup for them for this to work. And Quickly.

In my plan, we will build areas with a few houses spread around Jemison post so they are not counted as staying together. Besides hosting them, we will hire them to work for the Post. Mining, FIshing, What suits their skills and knowledge.

Dahelein, please pass this offer to them. While I cannot save all of the Arie from being deemed Nngao, those that accept this offer will avoid being deemed Nngao."

Dealing with the Army of S’vana
Lurtor, unless Grim cancels, will create an area away from the refuge camps, will create an area underground large enough for the army. He will allow them to open their gate there and travel to the Glacial wastes.

From the Lurtor will talk to the commander and say "Greetings, We have a pending Sea king invasion that we are preparing for. We cannot be involved in a long term war of 2 sided battle with 2 enemies. I worry if we get distracted the Warmonger’s forces will attack us while we are paying attention elsewhere.

But the Arie of the Doom Wyrms was built by Jemison Post’s Mancers as a way to try and stop the conflict between the Ice Dragons and Doom Wyrms and their people. So we have a map of what it was when they took it over. Hopefully this will give you a way in to end this quickly. "

Lurtor hands over the map to the Leader.

Lurtor continues "Use this area as a spot to get setup and prepare for your trip over to the Arie. The Ice Dragons should help you get there. I suggest when you invade the arie, you consider under the ice. Maybe from the bottom. Flying things tend not to pay attention to the underground. Though here everything lives under the ice and ground. But the Doom Wyrms wanted it built high so they could be in the air.

Also, you can send your wounded here. We will do what we can for them."


Choice 1: McGraw Harbor hosts one of the Energy Bridge artifact

McGraw Harbor ™’s 500 Lurtor and 500 OtO will get off their butts defend the harbor from attack. With spending time with the Lutor and the OtO, Eli should know how to motive them not to kill each other in one upping each other. Meaning, even though they work together, the dudes have that competitive streak to could cause problems. Eli let’s them what they do best: wrecking everyone’s day with style. OOC: GOD HELP US ALL! With McIvinson’s long range scanners, asking “Grumpy” really nicely to fly around and having Buffy scout with Molly (it will keep the two away from the shit storm that’s coming), there should be enough to have a heads up on any attack from the Doomwyrms and Sea Kings.

Choice 2: Eli suggests a covert mission.
Honestly, the Children of the Falosini will do what they will do. Still… if things go okay at McGraw Harbor, Eli will volunteer to help capture Dahelein. Eli suggests a covert mission though the plateau. Dig, baby dig. Sure that the Children of the Falosini knows how to tunnel to the top. He’s sneaky, crazy enough to back up the their team. Being immutable with experience with bad temper Bastards cough Grim should also should go a long way towards success avoiding suicidal Bastards.

Choice 3: We let Buffy do the talking at the end of this (Will 6, Cha 6, Intimidation 6, Fast Talk 4).
“If you don’t kiss and make up, I’ll let the McGraw’s Freeloaders (name of the Lurtor and OtO Clone Militia) show you the meaning of pain in the butt. They outnumber you two to one and outclass you twenty to one. You got what you got, so let’s go home and have a drink.”


Grim agrees with taking in refugees from the aerie, as he is not as tied up in the honor bs of the falosini armies. He considers the N’nango to be a friend, so he could hardly turn his back on youngsters that were declared so thru no fault of their own.

As for the falosini army staging thru jemison post, his only thought was that the staging area needed to be far enough away from the post so that any counter attack would not directly endanger the town. He had no problem with providing medical care for any wounded from either side as long as both respected the peace of the town.

[at work, no acces to character sheets right now, use stats from last week]


Marakyn Doomrider looked to the horizon…where was the army of S’vana? Why was it not surrounding the Aerie?