Glacial Wastes BONUS MISSION: Do you accept the crown of a PeaceLord?


Grim and Lurtor stood with Boriel I’tash, Lord Malaganth, and PeaceLord Marakyn Doomrider. At their side was the Doomwyrm Savon, the Doomwyrm Sheen, and the Doomwyrm Steel. On the other side of them stood the Icewyrm Ambassadors representing the Cavern of the IceWyrms, the Aerie of the IceWyrms and the three other main settlements of IceWyrms.

It was a peace summit of unprecedented proportions that none thought would succeed. Yet Boriel I’tash opened negotiations with an offer none saw coming. Boriel offered Lurtor and Grim the full rights and responsibilities as Peacelords within Boriel’s nation, for the goal of restoring Lord I’tash to power as Grand Magi of the Northern Kingdoms.

Lurtor who already was an agent of the EEF, and working for the Fort Lendill government as well, found himself torn. His many loyalties went in to many directions, and while Lurtor had grown into a master spy, he did not want to threaten his position within Fort Lendill and refused the rank.

Grim confirmed that he could free all those in his lands and keep them safe from other slavers, and with that he met in private with Uriel the ascended being, Lurtor and Biff leader of the insurgent Border Freedom Force. After that meeting Grim was proud to agree to the role of PeaceLord.

PeaceLord Grim was immediately given rights and rule over Jemison Post, and the IceWyrm lands became his vassals. But Grim was no greedy ruler and he also demanded from Boriel that his allies Nuria and Eli McGraw be granted equal rights as rulers. PeaceLord Grim immediately appointed Lurtor as his Spymaster.

To gain Grim and Jemison Post, Boriel agreed. And much to Nuria and Eli McGraw’s surprise they found themselves being offered rights and rule as a Northern Kingdoms Aristocrat. Saying yes would gain them protection from I’tashi Slavers and the aid of Boriel against the Sea Kings. And Eli and Nuria would get to choose either to free their citizens or instantly enslave the people living in their holdings if they so chose. For both Nuria and Eli there would be a moment of temptation, imaging themselves with slaves. But even if they take the role of PeaceLord they can choose to free their citizens.

They would have to honor Boriel and provide aid in protecting the city of Boriel’s Retreat if it were attacked by enemies.

They could not raise arms against Boriel or his kingdoms. But would gain immense resources to expand the settlement near the Nuria copper mine (in Nuria’s case) or McGraw Harbor (in Eli’s case).

If they said no, their locations could be considered an open target for the slaver attacks.

If they say no to being PeaceLords they can choose instead to become Vassals of PeaceLord Grim like the IceWyrms did so their lands are safe from attack.

This Bonus Mission was unlocked by GRIM.

It is open to Nuria and Eli McGraw

They must post their answer by Friday January 13th by Midnight.


Eli expression goes cold. “No. As a citizen of Dusk, The Colonies and ally of the EEF - this would be a massive conflict of interest. In the mean time, we here McGraw Harbor will treat you neighborly if you treat us neighborly.”

“Oh, I have not forgot the past. Thank you for making me who am I. See ya’ll later,” smiles maniacal.


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Nuria accepts Peace Lord status.

No slaves.