Gifts for lalder


Krodnok looked at the pile of gear he had stashed in the corner. He picked up a Magi-Cannon. He looked the weapon over, and turned to look at Tla’ab. “Take this. There two more of them right here. Just let me make sure they function properly. This one appears to be fine.” He set it down and and looked over two more Cannons. Once he made sure they worked, he set them with the first, and he stood up. “Your Cannons, friend.”


Tla’ab says “Thank you. I will let our Elders know of you and that you are a friend of the tribe. I expect with Unit 111 on the move, we will be seeing you sooner than later.” Tla’ab motioned to the others to pick up the cannons. And with that, they left with the Earthers to retrieve their skimmers.