Gant Meets with Urog (DR 2220)


It had been some time since Gant asked to speak with Urog. Things had settled quietly since the attack of the Yyan and the rebuilding of Brez has taken priority. Until now.

Warmonger was defeated, but it didn’t mean all was right. Yildor Roren was running for Colony General. It was bad news. And he needed Urog’s help to defeat him.

Gant stepped forward, hoping for an audience.


Hikiti walked over to Gant, bowing his head. “Chief Gant, it has been some time since the Clan of the Heavy Falling Rock has visited. Let me take you to King Urog.” Hikiti took Gant to the Urog’s meeting rooms.

Urog stood tall, and greeted Gant like an old friend. “Audience granted. What do you need??”


Gant bowed his head with honor.

“King Urog, as I am sure you have heard - the Earther government is in chaos. Their leader, the Colony General, was recently killed. And they’re electing a new leader. One of the Earthers vying for power is an old criminal called Yildor Roren. I have come to warn you about him. Before we came back to the homelands, my brothers and sisters spent much time among the Earthers. In that time, we learned of Yildor Roren. Yildor was a crime lord in the Earther city called Dumbar, and made enemies with my brothers, sisters, and my father. He kept non-Earthers as slaves to use in pit fights. He speaks of non-Earthers as aliens, and threatens to remove them from Earther lands. He must not become the Colony General. To do that, we need your help.”


King Urog nodded silently. He knew precious little about Earther politics. He had only one meeting to learn about Earther customs. He learned a lot, but not enough.

“Gant, thank you for your words. I can’t make any promises, but I will learn more of this Earther called Yildor Roren. If he is as bad as you say he is, then together we will come up with a plan. But I can’t make gor of Earthers until I know more. Thank you for coming to visit. I will call upon you again once I have more information.”


Gant had wished for more commitment, but it was a start. “Very well - The Earthers are having a showing soon. In the Colony of Ithamar. Maybe you can send one of your warriors there. But they should lots of og, for Ithamar is a dangerous place. Not so scary for big Brezans like you, but still, be careful when you’re there. Oh, and you may run into King Blood’og there, so be careful if you do go. Maybe not wear your normal colors, and go in small numbers. Best of luck, King Urog. We’ll speak soon.”


Urog didn’t like what he heard from Rubbah. Rubbah said that Yildor was almost as bad as the Reshed Crossers. Gant was right - the vile Earther needed to be defeated. He sent for Gant, not knowing what to do next.


The Gang had faced some serious challenges at the border. Unfortunately trying to fly their airships into Colony airspace got them held at the border until the whole mess with Ryuk kidnapping the Candidate was over.

Urog was annoyed that the EEFers had even suspected his greenfurs of being part of the crew that kidnapped the Colony General. Then he found out even the Field Marshalls sister had been somehow involved in the kidnapping and realized there was a huge political situation brewing over the border

Once they got back their airships from lock-up, they learned it was a TRILAT plot to somehow influence the elections, or at least that was the official rumors.


Gant meanwhile was in a panic. Things were looking very concerning over the border, with rumors that Yildor was going to begin institute Zela metal “testing” of anyone coming into the Colonies from the South or north if he won the election.

Gant met again with Urog, and one of Urog’s connections, a K’iorn known as The Nngao…