Funding for Jemison Post


Before leaving Jemison Post, Lord Mada thought of a mutually beneficial agreement. He pulled LurTor aside, and said “While I did not enjoy my time here, I do understand the reason behind Jemison Post and I can agree that it is necessary. With any luck, my subordinate Ryuk will be arriving here for rehabilitation, and I’d like to ensure that he receives full treatment. He seems to have a problem with authority and obeying his superiors and I think that Jemison Post would be highly beneficial for him. That said, I would like to make a series of donations in order to keep this place running efficiently. One hundred percent of the profits from my casino, The Sierra Mada will be invested in supporting Jemison.”

“I’d also like to suggest not creating more buildings that eat people. And maybe cutting off inmat-- err, Patient’s communication with the colonies. It could hinder the rehabilitation process and cause someone to relapse. I look forward to making something great with you.”


This type of investment could allow for couple of different directions for Jemison Post to Grow IF Lurtor agrees to the investment. Each Month, they could choose to invest this in new options.

100% of the profits from the Sierra Mada casino would allow one of the following choices for Lurtor to invest.

Option 1: Pay for and Build an Artificers Guild Hall and Dormitories in Jemison Post. Would allow all Jemison Post guards and soldiers to be upgraded with level 1-3 elemental artifacts.

Option 2: Pay for and Build a Levi-Cart Production Facility and Industry. Would allow Jemison Post to add Levi-Carts, Levi-Chariots and other vehicles to the regular day to day vehicles on the streets of Jemison Post. This will increase the rate of travel and allow additional Habitats to be built further out on the snow fields.

Option 3: Pay for and Build a Maximum Security Prison. This place could be used to hold and detain the worst of the worst prisoners sent to Jemison Post. The people so deadly they cannot be allowed to wander the wastes or any part of the colonies. It would be the Jemison Post’s answer to the EEF’s Goru Facility.

Lurtor must post if he agrees or disagrees and which option to select.

Faction Clash Elements (Kasanthians vs I’tashis): This will also result in Kasanthian prisoners being sent to Jemison Post for re-education.


Lurtor ponders this for a few moments. He knows that this will come with some strings.

Then Lurtor says "I thank you for the support of Jemison Posts rehabilitation program. I will use this investment in the program to build a prison for the worse of the worse, those who break our laws, or those who need a timeout and reminder of why they are here. The one who broke another one of our guests has shown me that something is needed. We have to think of Jemison Post’s citizen safety. And I prefer to have options rather than kill anyone who breaks the law.

I do wish to note 3 things. I don’t control who is sent to us. We advance all through the program. If they work to become rehabilitated and graduate, they will be freed like you are free to return to the colonies now. Of course that is up to the individual to achieve this and show they are no longer a danger.

Also, currently our guests from the colonies and Ft Lendill are allowed to leave but just not reenter the colonies or Fort Lendill. I assume the same for anyone Kasanth sends us, will not be allowed back in Kasanth and your Bardsport."

(OOC ok, hopefully I got the name correct.)


[Prison locked in]

The Prison is now being built by Guider workers using Bartsport ghaz. The building is going faster than expected, and soon a supermax prison will be available to PeaceLord Grim and Spymaster Lurtor.