From the Wreakage of one Home to the Wreakage of Another (Glacial Wastes Week 1+)


Boriel stood eight feet tall. His body was covered by shapeshifted muscles and armor plate. The Armor plating had been his skin for so long he truly forgot what the body he was born in was even like.

Boriel had been born into the Slaver Kingdoms of I’tash. His ancestor and king, Grand Magi I’tash had been a Sylvan hero of the Great K’ias Wars so many aeons ago. During that war, I’tash’s most beloved members of family and the city he had built with his own two hands had been destroyed by Krato soldiers serving the K’ias. I’tash watched as a peace he spent his entire living life trying to protect shattered by lust for power of others.

I’tash grew depressed and when he turned into an undead Warleoch, as he told it, it was time to retire to Refuge with his few remaining descendants. Here on Refuge, Grand Magi I’tash slumbered while his Kumfei descendants built a civilization in his name. Unfortunately it was a civilization that rewarded slavery, and punished free thinking among all but its richest citizens.

Boriel was born into this civilization and knew that even upon awakening, Grand Magi I’tash did little to stop the PeaceLords who took slaves of the “enemies of peace” in his name. But Boriel also knew Grand magi I’tash had great love for his family.

Revealing his birthright to the Grand Magi had been hard enough, the Kumfei PeaceLords had little time or desire to support the rise of what they saw as a lazy baribur. So Boriel submitted himself to Lord I’tash’s personal Laboratories. The same Artificing Labs that gave rise to the cannibalistic Slammers and demented Mongrels, the destructive WarGiants and even the forbidden arts of Technomancy.

Boriel suffered as an experiment, knowing one day if he survived he would finally be able to introduce himself to his ancestral lord.

But the At’lal’ni (Kumfei PeaceLords) had other plans. Once they had turned Boriel into a mutated monster able to take on multiple Slammers at once in combat, they drugged him and cut out his tongue and vocal cords so he could never reveal the truth of what he was.

Thinking they now had him trapped, a slavish monster, first of many to be made, who the Kumfei PeaceLords would use in their armies


The will of some beings is too strong to be held back by lesser minds, and Boriel would not be stopped by this perpetual maiming he had suffered. When brought before the Grand Magi I’tash, Boriel no longer resembled a baribur.

I’tash was pleased by his feats of combat against both enslaved K’iorn Dra’koons and enslaved Uthvelor Blood Dancers.

He called the baribur monster forward, and prepared to ask the warrior his name, when the At’Lal’Ni replied , “My Lord I’tash, this baribur cannot speak.”

And Boriel shocked them all when he interrupted, “Kind and Gracious PeaceLords, thank you for your many blessings upon my body and mind, but I can speak.”

Boriel’s will had been so great that the wounded flesh of vocal cords and tongue were healed as he had fought for the PeaceLords entertainment.

“Grand Magi I’tash, by right of birth, and by bloodline I stand a PeaceLord who has not been recognized. I have served this Kingdom of I’tash loyally, with body and spirit. The PeaceLords have broken my body permanently, but not my spirit. Because my spirit is tied to your own.”

Reciting a list of names that went on for nearly twenty minutes, Boriel showed the Grand Magi he was of his bloodline. And when Grand Magi I’tash learned the other peacelords had known this and hid this for years, Grand Magi I’tash had been full of rage.

But his rage was calmed by this brave young baribur, who suffered so greatly in the name of their nation. Grand Magi I’tash instantly recognized the barbur (despite his form) as a fully ranked and honored PeaceLord. From each of the PeaceLords who wronged him, Grand Magi I’tash claimed a piece of land and a percentage of their slave-soldiers which had to be gifted to now Lord Boriel.

And in the final offense to the At’Lal’Ni, Grand Magi I’tash, declared Boriel as Lord I’tash over all them, and the Successor to the Throne of Grand Magi if Grand Magi I’tash was ever to fall to final death or be taken by their many enemies.

It had been the happiest moment of Boriel’s life, and he made sure the following years were ones of loyal service above all else.


Now so many years later, Boriel I’tash was brooding. His ancestral Lord had been taken captive by the enemy, but instead of Boriel rising to the rank of Grand Magi, he was an exiled lord.

Some of the At’lal’ni had not forgiven what they felt was being snubbed by Lord I’tash, and when the rebel Elija Morte began raising a freed-slave army, these traitors joined the rebels. In exchange for promises that they would not be harmed for their years of oppression, and would be treated well in the time after the war, these former Peacelords gave their own slaves over as warriors for the rebellion.

Freeing them at opportune moments on battlefields across the Northern Kingdoms, these former PeaceLords made themselves seem like the progressive saviors of the newly birthed I’tashi Alliance.


Now these former PeaceLords were living the high life in his lands, while he was here.

Far away from his homeland, trapped in the snowy Glacial Wastes.

Around him extended a beautiful fortress-city that many would be proud to call home. And in it were countless K’iorn, Baribur, Olgog, and Earther refugees. Proud Peacebringers whose entire way of life was ended when Elija Morte overthrew the Grand Magi’s government and handed him over to the Sylvan Warleochs as a prisoner of war.

Boriel missed the Grand Magi. His wisdom, his pride, his kindly eyes, and his hard boney hands.

Now he had to rule what was left, for the good of the people underneath him.


Boriel was sitting in his throne room when a pair of slammers swooped in through the window. The mutated Kumfei looked like musclebound fully armored flying monkeys. And when the Slammers landed and shuffled over to him, they both bowed low, tapping their forehead to the ground.

One spoke, “My Lord Boriel I’tash, the fleet you sent south to meet with Grim and Lurtor and their comrades at the Glacial Research Facility has been destroyed.”

“By whom, Galawak? By whom?” asked Boriel impatiently.

“The humans…the EEF has launched missiles at your vessels. And upon its crashing, they launched great lights from the sky. The sky burned and the survivors were all destroyed,” said the slammer, Galawak

“First they attack me from Orbit above the Laboratory of Tharr and unleash a hole to the hell-dimensions,” said Boriel incredulously, “Then they attack my fleet over neutral territory? I cannot stand for this.”

A whispy voice from the corner of his chambers said, “But my Lord, their Earther Atomics…no matter how bravely we stand, we cannot stand against their nukes. Do you remember Tal Hanon?”

“Yes I remember that city, Malaganth Ha’jima, I do not need an Uthvelor to remind me,” said Boriel, “Who could forget the second sun that the Earthers made, and the sickness and death that followed.”

Malaganth Ha’jima, advisor and master Slave hunter of Boriel I’tash, was unimpressed by his master’s bluster. He knew Boriel was freaking out. If the Earthers launched their orbital weapons at Tla’loc’al in the south and none marched to war against them, and now they had launched at his fleet, they must truly think themselves rulers of Refuge.

Boriel had had Malaganth use his Uth curse to track the meetings between the Earthers and the Iron Republic. So he knew that the Earthers could deploy where they liked when they liked, and none would stop them in orbit. And he knew that if he dared trying to steal the technology to reach orbit, the Iron Republic would attack him. So he was stuck, with the EEF gun in orbit above his head, and his people under constant fear of obliteration.


“Our only hope my lord,” whispered Malaganth Ha’jima, “Is to fill them with fear of mutually assured destruction…”

“What means this…mutually assured destruction,” asked Boriel in confusion.

“It is a tactic I have learned while studying the memories of our Earther enemies,” said Malaganth, "It is a technique they have used on their own internal enemies to hold them at bay for decades.

If your enemy strikes you a deathblow, you have a method by which, upon your death, death rains down upon the enemy. A method that works even if you are not there to activate it."

Boriel thought back to the last few weeks, and above all else his memories fell upon stolen memories. And specifically memories taken from VLAD agent Lurtor, memories of a mission objective. A sleeping dragon whose breath would wipe out the entire planet.

“I think I have figured out how we can do this…mutually assured destruction,” said Boriel, now snapping commands at Galawak and the other Slammer, “Have our greatest Earth Mancers brought here, and the bravest of our War Giant pilots. I have a plan for a giant alarm, a device that will wake the Dragon, End of Worlds, if the EEF ever dares to destroy our fair city.”

Boriel got up and paced towards his window, looking out across the mighty fortress and the frozen wastes that surrounded it.

Boriel whispered, “If you wonder for whom the bell tolls Earthers, it will toll for thee.”

And Boriel began laughing maniacally.

Malaganth Ha’jima leaned back against the wall. It wasn’t the first time he saw the madness seeping into his master. It had started when Grand Magi I’tash had been taken away by Warleoch Calphas, and it grew by the day. Malaganth had seen it before. Few could face their own profound failure without having a bit of them broken inside.


Boriel looked out across the twenty airships of new design that now received his blessings. Each had aboard it, one of Malaganth Ha’jima’s Bell of the End of Worlds. Each was sealed to prevent it from going off, except when purposely done.

Malaganth began speaking, “My lord Boriel. If our city were to fall there is one of the Bells here. But even if that was annihilated, another of the Bells we will hide across Refuge will activate and wake the dragon. And when the Dragon awakens, not a single of our enemies will survive.”

“It is deeply efficient,” said Boriel, “But I prefer a more targetable weapon. Has any success been made in finding the UnderWyrm.”

“No sir, the Doomwyrm riders only have the same rumors we have about the UnderWyrm. It was one of the children of the End of Worlds, but it was a Vampyr Doomwyrm, and it fed off the fears of others. It was sealed away a long, long time ago,” said Malaganth, “I fear if it survived it has been surviving as a True Vampire, or something even worse…”

“I ordered you to find its memories,” said Boriel.

“And I followed your orders my lord,” said Malaganth, “But I do not trust the curse. It has told me that the UnderWyrm has become like a Blackhole warrior, a hole between realities. But if it was such a creature, it would already have escaped any binding placed upon it.”

“So what we know is the UnderWyrm was once a Doomwyrm,” said Boriel, stroking his chin, “It has the powers of a Blackhole Warrior and lives off the lifeforce of other creatures. But a creature that size, it would need something immense to feed off of.”

“Its own mother?” offered Malaganth.

“If that is the case, we must find the UnderWyrm before it wakes its mother,” sneered Boriel.


(Week 10+) Boriel called Lord Malaganth to his throne room. Lord Malaganth was concerned to see the upstart PeaceLord Marakyn Doomrider sitting to Boriel’s right hand. A seat once held by the Uthvelor himself.


Boriel offered Malaganth a flagon of finest binber wine which the Uthvelor politely declined.

Boriel sighed and said, "It has been a good few years has it not? Despite losing my beloved Lord I’tash and my homeland, we have built this place into a true metropolis. The latest census was taken, and we are almost equal in size to one of the great cities of old.

Five hundred thousands Peacebringers are collared to our service. Another ten thousand PeaceLords rule them in 50 separate districts. These 50 districts produce food, armor, weapons, and raw materials like iron ore.

This city, Boriel’s Retreat, is now large enough that it could be the central government of a new Northern Kingdoms. One that extends from the border of Kasanth to the Glacial Research Facility itself."


“My Lord Boriel that is truly impressive,” said Malaganth, "But between us and the Glacial Research Facility is the Citadel of Mt. Sandspire, the Cavern of the IceWryms, and Jemison Post.

And none of these three settlements have been open to our offers of alliance."


“And in that time, you have personally failed to bring me the UnderWyrm,” said Boriel, “It is almost as if you did not feel any pressure or worry about time to do so. And yet if the UnderWyrm was feeding off the Mother-Dragon’s life force, it would have been a priority, even for an Uth like you.”

The way Boriel said the word Uth was vaguely offensive, and there was a suspicion in Boriel’s eyes that Malaganth did not like.

“My Lord, it is true that I did not succeed in securing the UnderWyrm. But that is because it was already stolen by Vadim GreyFalcon, the terrorist who has been threatening your rule for a long long time. Allow me the permission to attack Vadim and take the UnderWyrm by force,” asked Malaganth.

“I suspect the REAL reason you have been dragging your heels is that the End of Worlds Dragon is missing. And you did not want to tell me that,” said Boriel growing more hostile, "PeaceLord Marakyn Doomrider was quick to tell me about their Mother-dragon going missing. But you Malaganth…you did not tell me. Even when you knew our ONE protection from EEF orbital attack was the Bells designed to wake the Dragon.

But if the Dragon is missing How do I even know if the Dragon is here and alive still? How do I know if the Bells will work?

I do not. And you kept this from me…that is unacceptable."

Lord Malaganth knew better than to lie in this moment, “You are correct as always My Lord Boriel. I learned the Dragon was missing, and I did not inform you.”

On Boriel’s finger glowed the Ring of Abraxas. Malaganth knew with but a touch, Boriel could doppelgang his form and take his memories. Then Boriel would know the truth, and probably have the remaining I’tashi Slave Hunters (all Uthvelor and Pelebor) executed for treason. He would not accept that their primary responsibility was to Lord Azrael first, and Lord Boriel second.

So Malaganth offered a different path to distract Lord Boriel, "Yes My Lord but think about it this way. Now that I have confirmed my suspicions about the Dragon, and PeaceLord Marakyn confirms that it is missing in action, we have actionable intel.

There is a Warmonger Cult fleet, a Sea Kings invasion force heading to the coastline near the Glacial Research Facility.

Leading that fleet is the Avatar of Warmonger.

Leading the defense of the Glacial Research Facility will be the EEF Colony General Malthus.

My Lord Boriel, if we can quietly assemble our troops and mobilize, we can take the Glacial Research Facility long enough for PeaceLord Marakyn and his DoomWyrm riders to Annihilate YOUR two GREATEST Enemies in one single battle."

Lord Boriel seemed to hold his breath for a moment. The said, “A single battle. Strike hard, strike fast and destroy Colony General Malthus and the Warmonger while they are locked in brutal struggle? This seems to good to be true, Malaganth.”

“It is true, my lord,” said Malaganth, “And the EEF will be so busy targeting the Sea Kings fleet, they will never see our camouflaged and obscured WarGiants coming. That is why I waited to tell you.”

PeaceLord Marakyn seemed suspicious of the Uthvelor. Marakyn had been raised to kill Uthvelor on sight. He said, “Uthvelor, if we succeed at assassinating this Colony General Malthus and the Warmonger won’t their armies simply turn on us?”

“The EEF will need to elect a new Colony General,” corrected Malaganth, "That will take them months, and they would not dare attack us until the new Colony General was installed in power. Until then, they will be limited to defensive actions, and will not be able to declare war.

As for the Sea Kings, if they witness their dread god Warmonger get destroyed their faith and their morale will break, and they will flee."

Malganth knew he was playing a dangerous gambit. But it would save his own Uthvelor and Pelebor within Boriel’s kingdom and might just result in the death of Warmonger. Malaganth knew once he was done here, he would have to fallen commander his own Lord Azrael telepathically.