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All characters, concepts, creatures, aliens, vehicles, gear, places and ideas are the sole property of B.G. Osorio and Dark Refuge Games. No ideas, concepts, artwork or storylines presented here may be reproduced, reused, transmitted by any means or transferred in any format without the express written permission of Brandon G. Osorio.

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That any ideas or contributions that you make or post to this site becomes the property of Dark Refuge Games for their use. This includes names of characters and characters affects on the storyline, which Dark Refuge Games may reproduce in other media in any way they deem proper and appropriate. You as the player will have your contributions labelled in a manner standard for such labelling in books released by Dark Refuge Games based on the subject matter of the games that occur on this site and given credit for your contributions but no monetary compensation. The only compensation is the enjoyment of the playing this game.

The DR team is always creating new game products and we always endevour to give a written contributor credit to players who submit material for the DR Expanded Universe. When two players separately submit the same contribution at the same time we will attempt to fairly present written credit to both contributors. If an idea, concept or character is already been released in a Dark Refuge Novel, Sourcebook or online media by the Dark Refuge Team, only the team member who has created the idea intially will be credited.
If you have any concerns about how your name will be presented in contributor credit sections of websites, .pdfs and campaign expansions please contact the dark refuge team immediately.

You are formally agreeing to the rules presented above by posting to this site, and by taking part in Dark Refuge Expanded Universe Games like the Goblin Lands, Space Campaign and future campaigns.

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