Food For Everyone!


Promises were made and it was time to fulfill them…

A young but stern female gog paced the underground floor of the bunker.

“Let’s get this straight: We are almost broke and you want to feed the Goblin Lands? Are you high?”

Godart turned around from his paper work and gave a sly grin.

“Yeah, as a plane. It’s hard to take you seriously kiddo when you’re dressed like a cross between mad scientist and librarian.”

“Don’t you talk down to me Godart the Moron…”

“Relax Hekeriki, it’s a big picture thing. We only low on trade stuff and we’re not going to feed the Goblin Lands. We are going to help the gogs help themselves."

Where did all these new 200 million plus gogs come from? You put your nose to grindstone and WHAM – things change! What’s being done about it other than a token show of charity? Almost jack nothing and that’s bad for business. What business am I in again?

“Are you having a internal monologue?”


“It means talking in your head.”

Seriously folks, what is being done to feed your tribe and the independents?
See: Gobin Lands 2 Finale Part 1: The Olgog Civil War of 2219

“Kiddo, call everyone you know and don’t know. Spread the word that the Lucky Fate Squad wants to help feed the people.”

“Because in a few months the extra population will cause wide spread chaos and pain which will cause the more powerful groups to take action which might be bad for everyone’s long term independence and survival?”

“Uhm sure? Also, who going be around to remember our awesome spaceship if they are too busy fighting each other over food?”





The Lucky Fate Squad wants to teach the Goblin Lands to feed themselves. Peacefully. Smartly. Independently. Hekeriki sends this message out to all:

“This is the Lucky Fate Squad. Lean times are coming and we aim to do something about it. Our lands have been blessed by influx of new faces but we all must struggle with the pains in our bellies. To that effect, we invite all you to Port Unen to discuses ways to solve to coming crisis. We will discuses ways for food independence for everyone. Hekeriki out!"

Open to Everyone (PCs, NPCs and imaginary friends and foes)
Planing thread in: Unen, Gogs Need Food Badly!

Mission Rules
First player to post gets a repost when all other players have finished posting to the mission in response to all other actions.
All other players may only make 1 posting.

[Mission ends at December 31, 2014]


The Lucky Fate Squad goes all over the lands and invites people and their leaders for a seminar. It’s located just outside of Port Unen. Notable factions and people invited (or their representatives): That old guy who showed up, Mag Buskt, Olgog the Olgog (not acting for Mag Buskt), Jamie (a.k.a. Lord Grimaldus), Lord Blake Jorn Ar’Lash of Chooru (a.k.a. Black Lorne), Yagogi’al the Og’ab tribe, Lord Mada, (the guy with the nightmare penguins), Der’al Collective, G.U.T.S, Resurgent guys of the Provincial Colonies, Krodnok (why not?), anyone else we forgot, even the UTR.

Godart gives out books, locations of where to get seeds and equipment and tries to encourage trading and sharing of knowledge. Any one who can’t show up we help with what we can and encourage them the spread the know-how.

We tell them this story:

“Normally 1,000,000 acres feeds 1,000,000 people - 1,000,000 tons of food per year
An acre is defined as 1/640 of a square mile
A million acres would be 1,562.5 sq miles
A person on average eats 1 ton (2000 lbs) of food per year, which works out to about 5.5 lbs per day”

“Most modern farming has devolved over the years and years since the first “goblin” genocides. Food is tough to come by and when Olgogs farm, they deplete to land over 5 years before it needs time to lay fallow. These are bad habits that we’ve picked up. We can break 'em and do much better. We got three examples.”
“Natural farming, the proper Olgog way is the 5 no’s:
No tillage
No pulling weeds
No pruning
No outside chemicals
No leyas
Add some crop rotations into the mix and this is the basics that can sustain an acre of land for a good
long time. Simple to learn. Still, this doesn’t feed more than a couple of people per acre.”

“Permaculture, make the land work for you:

This is a design ecological design choice that changes the land to feed you and feed it’s self. It’s the big boys version of natural farming. By combining and layering different types of plants and animals together, you can create a whole environment design to feed lots of people per acre until the end of time. Not simple to learn and this take years to get going even with leyas and technology.”

“Agricultural engineering, brute but smart force science and leyas:

This is for the places that don’t grow nothing or are too dangerous. Useful when time is short, like now. This involves creating artificial ways to grow food and raise animals. It ranges from more than simple to very complex. Tricky to learn. You can feed a lot of people with very little space with efficient inputs. I mean a l o t. This is the way the Lucky Fate Squad grows it’s food.

Example: 1 Acre Indoor “Leafy Green Pink House” : 40,000lbs of food per day or 20 tons per day (14,600,000lbs per year or 7,300 tons per year) Meaning that it feeds 7,300 people per year.
Material and space requirements:
1 acre of space for building
knowledge of hydroponics, plumbing and electronics
17,500 ten watt “pink” led lights
175,000 watts (less than 1 MW) for power
.08 gallons of water per square foot or a total of 3 500 gallons of water per day
About 9 000 plants for lettuce, herbs and other leafy greens (grows in one month)

Good if you’re a SO-SO engineering, but… You can substitute this list with low leyas tricks that put high level leyas users to shame. Well, until the high level leyas users learn these tricks. Then it’s nuts in a good way.”

Lastly, Godart sends Igor Yerin Abulard of Dead Domes of Deldoroon in the mail some books on vertical farming and the location of a striped spaceship hulk. The cargo in stasis should have seeds and equipment they might be useful.


Olgog the Olgog

OtO would help GoDart with his attempts, but is typically disinterested (This isn’t his problem). His advice would be to make something mobile and essentially dummy proof. Something like a planter that uses tech to accelerate growth that all you have to do is water and plant a seed in it.

He would help with the tech and production of items if they enable individual tribes to control where and when they produce food.



The tribe has been trying to go green, where they take food, they immediately replant the seeds. Care is taken to ensure that these foods are near know paths and oasis so that all may share in the bounty of the land