Flashpoint Jamesville : The Bloody Slaughter


A short distance from Jamesville a nearby hilltop within sight of the town was the site of a small ritual, Father Engel smiled as he looked upon his new acolytes, five young men, ranging from ages thirteen to fifteen these young men had made the righteous choice to give up the material to dedicate their lives to God and his glory. They had come here to pray for God to protect their town, for his holy power to descend upon them to shield Jamesville from the unholy taint of all who would murder them and their families.

Father Engel had showed them the rituals; they had lit the candles, set up the incense around an enlarged holy cross carved upon the ground. These holy symbols would help focus the children; it would allow them to join their wills as one to mold the defender into what they wanted. Without it the Guardian would not be able to be contained and controlled. Father Engel was thankful that the defenders of the town could see them from the high walls. Captain Durandal had sent over a half dozen defenders, truly he was a pious individual but he didn’t understand why Father Engel, however they would serve their purpose, they could distract anyone until the ritual was complete and the town would be safe. However prayer would not be enough, something else would be needed for the ritual to be complete, the Guardian needed to know who to defend the town from……

The ritual began, Father Engel spoke in God’s holy tongue standing in the center of the cross, while the acolytes joined hands forming a circle around him chanting with him. Paladin Thrusis and his men stood around them keeping a look out around them. The wind began to pick up slowly swirling around the site; suddenly one of the candle’s flame went out, one of the Squires used the lantern he was given and relit the flame, just then another candle followed the first. The Squire thought this was odd but he relit it as well, only to find a third followed, in fact every time he relit a candle one seemed to go out after, very frustrating. After a couple of minutes the squire was getting quite angry, some invisible demon must be tormenting him, he looked around in anger and noticed something white seemed to be flying through the air toward him, odd what could it……? Before he could finish his thought a Krato bone spear pierced his chest tossing him back knocking over one of the containers of incense.

Paladin Thrusis strained his eyes trying to find who threw the spear when several more flew at them, ordering his men to take cover he deflected the spear heading his way with his sword as another spear opened up a gash in the leg of one of the remaining squires. Finally Thrusis saw a final spear fly right toward Father Engel with despair, however out of the corner of his eye he saw a shadow grow near the Priest which caused him to flinch. The spear barely missed Engel and the shadow disappeared.

Then four Olgogs appeared from some dried out shrubbery and charged with their Forked Krato-bone spears, The three remaining healthy squires move forward to engage them. At first they did an admiral job of holding off the Goblins who seemed rather young and inexperienced. Paladin Thursis began to move to assist them when vines burst from the ground and tangled Thursis. He began to hack at the vines with his sword but it was slow work. Then two more Olgogs dressed in hides and wielding obsidian spears they moved in and joined the fight against the Squires who were unable to withstand the additional attacks and fell to multiple stab wounds, blood splattering everywhere including upon the Acolytes and their circle. Then flaming darts began to rain upon the acolytes , most missed though it there didn’t seem to be anything deflecting them, they just seemed to be aimed poorly. A few darts however managed to land their target on Father Engel, his robes burned and he struggled to maintain his focus but with surprise he saw that the attacks who had slaughtered the squires move on to the Acolytes who screamed as they were butchered before his eyes. Their blood splattering everywhere, he almost missed rocks hitting the incense containers knocking them over their contents being spilled everywhere mingling with the ever spreading gore. Paladin Thrusis finally finished freeing himself and thrust his sword into the back of one of the smaller Olgogs piercing him from the back of his neck, twisting his blade he severed the youth’s head spraying his blood into the ever growing pool. He spun his blade and sliced off one of the arms of one of the hunters who joined the youths before being impaled from multiple angles. Vomiting up his own blood Thursis collapsed joining his men in death.

Suddenly a gunshot rang out and Engel felt pain blossom from his chest his blood spraying from the wound he staggered and was lifted into the air as the ground exploded from under his feet. He was hurled from the ritual spot by an Olgog on top of a Stalker. The Olgog began to say something to him but Engel’s ears were ringing and he could only hear the sound of his heart slowing. He looked from the place where he lay and saw as more candles and containers were struck by rocks or purple energy bolts knocking incense and candles everywhere. As his vision began to fade he gathered his will, he forced everything he had forward into the bloody pool and the single candle that remained.

As the battle ended, the Olgogs all breathed heavily and slowly the adrenaline faded and they could hear more than their own hearts beating in their ears and the screams of the dead and dying. What they saw was a scattering of earther corpses, blood everywhere coating incense and candle wax, the giant cross symbol was smashed in the center creating a small crater in which the foul ingredients gathered. After a few moments the pool began to glow, the blood itself began to flow upwards growing taller and taller. At a bit larger than eight feet tall the blood began to expand and took the form of an Angel of myth. Cloaked in a blood red robe a beautiful face with golden hair and bright red eyes with no pupils formed within the hood, holding a scythe with a jagged edge.
Looking down upon the blood coated Olgogs the Angel’s eyes glowed and reached out and grabbed the one armed hunter and raised him up to eye level and slides his blade into the hole where the arm once existed. The hunter screamed in agony as the Angel began to slice him in two. As more blood squirted from his body it seemed to be drawn into the Angel and be absorbed by his robes without a drop hitting the ground. The corpse dropped to the ground as the remaining Olgogs backed up to assess this new threat.

Then bolts of energy slammed into the chest of the Angel and two burning holes appeared. However the holes were sealed up seconds later as if they never existed in the first place. A third blast took the Angel’s head off, with horror in their eyes the surrounding Olgogs watched as the head reformed, not only that but the robes now shifted and changed, armor began to form over the chest and hood as if they had now adapted to new threats.

A booming voice emanated from the unmoving face of the Angel, “Blood! I must have more blood! Blood has been spilled and the voices of the dead must be answered. Slaughter shall be answered with slaughter and until vengeance is mine I shall never stop! Tremble mortals for your flesh shall be split and your life shall be consumed in holy wrath! Divine retribution has come for you and shall not be denied!”

Looking at one another in terror the remaining Olgogs fled. They had to regroup and think about this new threat who seemed to be immune to direct attack.

Kincaid looked down upon t he scene with sadness, these Olgogs had unleashed something terrible, they should have known better from their own history but the results were clear. At least some of them had tried to minimize the violence but they could only do so much against so much blood lust. He wished them luck as he would not fix this problem that they created, they would have to find out that their actions had consequences and the invisible hand in the sky would not always be there to save them from themselves.

After Mission results:

The Ol’Lur Tribe lost one juvenile but thanks to their planning he was quickly resurrected however without any of his equipment, they were only able to regain half of the spears that they had thrown before retreating.
Kolgol has lost one of their hunters and was unable to save his corpse or his equipment

Rhug’na’ru suffered no losses and can claim the Priest despite shadows attempting to throw off their aim, however instead of a head shot which would have cause instant death the death shot went through the chest.

Lord Grimaldus Every human is dead, however there is a blood red angel going around slicing into all bodies draining them of blood, human and olgog, doesn’t look like he seems very interested in defending Jamesville however doesn’t seem interested in going after it. Silver lining I guess?

Kul’Gul Rapi Family managed to snatch a single Krato-bone spear before fleeing for their lives back to the diplomatic camp

Unit 817, Gang of the Uf Mag’og, and Kul’Gul Rapi Family all gain moral highground, they all tried to stop the ritual without the slaughter but could only do so much from where they were.
Everyone involved in the fighting can meet up at the diplomatic camp to discuss what occurred except the Church of One who are either dead or cowering inside Jamesville staring in horror at the scene that can be seen from their walls.



All Rewards as written above. Keep watching for the next part of Flashpoint: Jamesville.