first Attendance, now FORCE


OOC: So Gangz was so helpful in establishing who is around and still part of the UtR. It would be my hope that we are able to come to terms with what’s going on and figure out which front we need to be on. If anyone knows truth to what’s happening because there so much that the players know but little that the characters know

With the assistance of Council member Maggul, Yagogi’al the Og’ab will sent out messengers to all other UtR members requesting a council meeting to discuss what has taken place with the Mirror Crystal Attack and how they can really come together to save Unen. Multiple Mag MagGor on the lands of a fellow UtR member, they would need to have decisive force to know how to handle this. Hopefully they were not too late in getting assistance to the KolGulRapi families.


Auf Lalog’na arrives to the meeting. All of the time spent… Lalog’na says "It seems that the Mirror Crystal Kalok is not the only threat, but still the major one. The ritual to summon kalok was hijacked to bring back warmonger. We have now both the Warmonger and Kalok. And it seems we may have to protect one to prevent the Unen Coast from becoming a volcano.We do not see many great choices here.

I do not understand all of this right now. As I don’t… know all of the parts that have been going on. I guess too focused on defending agianst Kalok and we completely missed this other set of events.

There is a meeting in Unen to plan for this. You may send a representative there. That discussion will have more information."

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Yagogi’al the Og’ab signed deeply then stated,“With things changing, we must all adapt. it has become the way of our people. Due to this, I have already made other arrangements to take part in the large council meeting. My place is speaker for my tribe, so I am sending Maggul, our council representative with others to communicate back and forth. For what will happen here, I leave it to Maggul’s second and one of our acting Auf’Olgogs, Onigor the Fierce. i leave things to him now.”

Onigor, known for his battle prowess and not normally his diplomacy stepped out before those currently gathered, including Auf Lalog’na of the Herd of Auf Lal’al, his MagGor’ab yagogi’al the Og’ab, the cub Tundra and a silly little hog looking things wearing a beer-stein cap. it would seem that Bazman had left his familiar with Tundra and the cub left his snatcher familiar with Bazman as a way of communicating and being present of the others meetings. Onigor thought for a moment, " For the Yagogi, this all started with Kolgol entering into our hunting grounds unannounced. I was there to see the blatant disrespect they showed us, setting up structures and their own ways as if it were any other day. Zh’gog’ol Maklur approached with caution and knew they were up to no good. In a sense, Kalok rose to power through the disloyalty of our fellow within the UtR. There are still others within the UtR that are defending Kolgol and Kalok’s actions. it is a horrible feeling, but i believe it is our duty to respond to Kalok even if it means defending the Warmonger. Do we have any information on how Kalok got there or if he’s got others working for or with him?" Onigor nodded, knowing for the first time speaking up he had done fairly well and offering up to Auf Lalog’na.