First Annaul Southern Olgog Games


When you crazy, go for broke… open to everyone plus The Nine.

Naeil was having a bad year. The strain of being a boss wore on her like bad toupée. Life was dictating her… life. Honestly, she needed to think up better metaphors. One thing she learn over the years was when life has you by the nose pulling you around, you need to grab life’s nose and pull it the way you want to go. Good enough

Judging from her thought just now, she need to go to sleep more often and at regular times.

On the beach shores of Unen, she set up a chair, table and lots of paper (with a mechanic pencil).


A massively muscled Olgog who was nearly eight feet tall approached. He was handsome, strong, and dressed only in a growling hide loincloth. He thumped his hand down on the table and said, "Greetings!! I am Zhrapi Gul, and it is a real gracious glory to meet you. What a beautiful day on the Coast of Der’al?

I have come because the Nine received a challenge from some Olgogs. Does it matter if I compete as a male?" and in that moment Zhrapi Gul transformed into an equally tall statuesc Olgog female, “Or as a female? I want to make sure i keep as close to the same form throughout the games so it is fair to my competition.”


Turning back into the male form, Zhrapi Gul waited politely.


Naeil wiped some sweat from her forehead. “Wow. Uhm, yeah, just flip a coin or something. Pick male or female. I’ll get you the event list. Since this is the first one we only have nine events planed.”

She realized The Lucky Fate Squad and everyone else in the Goblin Lands had their work cut out for them.

"We have…

  1. combat surfing off the coast (armed melee fighting on surf boards, single gog)

  2. nine km crazy dash (race though portals to different parts of the goblin land, three gog relay)

  3. dead eye shot (hit the targets with your favorite tool, single gog)

  4. soap fight club (unarmed combat on floor made of solid soap, single gog)

  5. dodge ball (dodge ball… uhm yeah… up to nine gogs)

  6. what’s in Schrödinger box? (how far away you can open a lock box without killing the growling inside, one or two gogs)

  7. are you smarter than a kuo’lo? (Refuge quiz show, single gog)

  8. zela chef (cooking tasty food, up to three gogs)

  9. idol star! (solo or group performance as in dancing, singing, etc - how many gogs do you got?)


Answers 4, 5 and 6 to Event 8: Are you Smarter than a Kue’lo?

Question 4. First Olgog to travel into space back using human technology. Ogur Whakkau

Question 5. This Olgog advocated peace above all else and was the spiritual mentor to King Urog. Mag Auf Yyanyi

Question 6. Name or explain the two methods Ur’sa Three was launched into orbit. Railgun Launcher with Scramjet Engines. (Would have also accept Explosion from a Nuke Detonation and On a Wing/Prayer. Lots of Explosives is close enough answer.)