Finale Reward: The Onderal Alchemical device


Post here to describe what you want in the way of an Alchemical device for your tribe.

Be open to changes…

See Finale Mag Der’al Tightrope rewards


a mass to mass conversion device for used by specifically trained alchemist and the training to use it. (I have one that is referred to as UNNAMED GOG because he has no name.
Or a 3d printer for buildings in my city that a alchemist with specific training can use.


The Building Maker has been delivered by an unknown group of Olgogs who refused to speak beyond delivering the device.

Building Maker Device (S.A.R. 30)

Its instructions were written on the side: Place over Stone or Earth at least twenty feet deep. Add Ten tree trunks, and four Mal’ie or two Mak Hoblok hides in the top. Pull Lever. Creates over the course of the next hour a sputtering and delightful noise.
After the hour it shuts to the side revealing a full Adobe brick two story house with full tables, chairs and beds with mattresses in teh traditional Olgog styles. These houses can be made side by side like building blocks but cannot be made over 2 stories tall.
Will not work on sand unless sand is first turned to stone or mud by an Earth shaper.

While it cannot be used to produce other types of buildings, its does make a sturdy Housing Unit.

S.A.R. 20 Earthworks house.
Walls- 10 S.A.R. each
Grants +2 bonus to Emotional control tests of any who sleep in it against Nightmare creation.
+1 H.P. restored from a good night’s sleep in this house.

Earthshapers can later change the shape of the house but it loses its bonuses once the house’s shape is changed through construction or through Leyas Earth Shaping.

(Really? Unnamed Gog? Really?)


Its my Alchemist, based off of Skeksis. There is reason his tribe doesn’t have names (Just no one has asked him IIRC)


A device that changes waste into medal. Not pure medal, but medal for forging. This is to help deal with the accumulating waste of the over 7 hundred olgogs of the tribe.

The device should be simple and require little to no training to use it.


As requested an Alchemical device was delivered and true to their word it was alchemical.

It was a wide funnel on one side for waste to be shoveled into and its other side was a box with several gears and chemical tubes. Then a small opening through which fell medals complete with silk ribbons.

Every pound of feces was a single tin medal and every five pounds shoveled in created a copper medal.

At first the Olgogs were confused by the strange awards but the Rehsedian Smith was quick to point out that the metals from the medals could be combined to create bronze armor, bronze sheilds, bronze swords and bronze helms.