Fast Food - Securing Tribe and UtR Farms


Auf Lalog’na was in charge of securing the farms. Lalog’na and Lalder had been talking recently. Lalog’na had an idea that expanded on the idea of the Carrier. The Farms were essentially caves. If they took enough gogs to tunnel around the farms, use some levi and control crystals, and we have flamewind proof farming. The plants would even help maintain breathable air.

Auf Lalog’na sent an apprentice auf and a few gogs with Earth leyas on Lur Union Fighters. Food ready to go would be taken and delivered to storage areas through the land (UtR to UtR Supplies, My tribe to mine). Don’t want to risk the food supply. They would meetup with the farmers who have farming kits. Together they would work to surround the farm with Harder and harder stones. Using Summoned Earth elementals to speed up the process. Once the Farm had a structured to support it and a hardened container. A levi and control crystals would be set.

The process would start with one of the smaller farms to get the pattern down, and then will move to the next few farms, and then the larger farm. Civilians will also be allowed to help if they have no other place to go. And help could be used to maintain the farms.

(Not sure of numbers needed, but I have 100 Goblin Vandals, 100 Ur Rhug, and 20 Tribesmen not being actively used.


Auf Lalog’na decided to put as many as possible working on this project. All of the 20 tribesmen, 100 Vanals and 100 Ur Rhug will be working on this. Also 75 Farming kits will be used to add to the Abilities of the workers.