Earth 666: The Usurper's Grand Win


The Usurper ran the ancient evils like a badly run crime syndicate. And the world had been ravaged by his demonic wishes. But to know he had escaped the same fate he suffered on some timelines, made the Usurper the proud ruler of countless worlds.

In this timeline, he had gotten Warmonger annihilated, but Dr. Wormwood had carried out the Usurper’s final orders and detonated an annihilation bomb which destroyed the ritual. The Ancient Evils had taken Earth and countless other planets, leaving Refuge as a final untouched neutral ground in honor of the annihilation of the Warmonger.

As the true ruler of this timeline, the Usurper was proud. But he plotted as well. He had used a time shredder and knew the different timelines intimately. He knew that there were timelines where Dr. Wormwood had hesitated long enough for the ritual to go off and ended up being flogged for an eternity by other versions of the Usurper.


But it bothered the Usurper every night and every morning. To know there were timelines where he could not walk free, where he was equally chained to the hell dimensions as monsters like Kalok…