Drewsport Salvage Company and Deep Divers Incorporated


The coast of Unen is covered in wreaks and each is a treasure trove of art and relics.

Rogarth is gathering a salvage crew together for deep diving and searching the wreaks.

Post what your characters powers are, and what they offer to the crew skill-wise.

Tell me a little about the character you send.

Also give ideas how we could bring salvage up or extend our time in the wreaks.

Mission Rules First player to post gets a repost when all other players have finished posting to the mission in response to all other actions. All other players may only make 1 posting. Other players may only act as if they have seen the action of the first player who posts. All other actions are compressed together with a focus on storyline, so do not worry about paradoxes between different action posts. Not every aspect of every action will be shown. This is especially true of actions that exceed two paragraphs.

Open to all tribes and all mercs. Max 1 character each

This mission ends on Friday 13nd June at 8.PM. E.S.T.


Rags will present himself to Rogarth. Rags,an average sized olgog with dark green fur running to black along his back and shoulders. He wore a battered old cap and goggles as well as a stained mechanics cover all. He spoke quickly and seemed very excitable.

“Hi! I hear you’re looking for salvage workers. Well my Boss said I could come along to help. Though he wants to know what the cut is. I don’t really care. I just want to try out this idea I have!” As he spoke he pulled a folded up paper out of his coverall pocket. It seemed to show a crude diving helmet and bellows apperatus.
“See you set this up at the surface,” He pointed at the bellows. “And it pumps air down to the helmet. So immutables like me can get air and stay longer than if they just held it.” He pointed out to a squat boatlike shape a short way off shore. "We also have this old converted Church of One battleship. The guns were all rotted beyond repair but its a floating fort now and it’d be pefrect to set on top of a wreck you want to dive. If you find any machines I may be able to fix 'em or turn them into something else. He pointed proudly at the fort. “I made that myself, mostly.”


Cleric Oswaldo bowed politely to Rogarth, “Greetings, I am Cleric Oswaldo, I hear that you are gathering people to help salvage some of the sunken wrecks here in the coast of Unen. I would like to volunteer my services. I have a wet suit and an oxygen tank as well as a Subskimmer DPV which we can use to dive down and help salvage materials. It has been reinforced to prevent puncture so it should be safe with all of the debris. I am certified to pilot it and there is room for a couple of people to hold on while it dives, though they must bring their own means of breathing under water as I do not have spare suits…nor would my suit fit people much bigger then I. We can move back and forth between the wrecks and the Converted Battleship that Rags brought. I would personally like to be able to salavage a small boat, around the size of a yacht. That is my goal. I assume any we would find there would be pretty messed up, would be a nice project to restore, also it would allow the medical facility my people set up to be able to fish thus providing fresh food to our patients.”


A large Uthvelor made his way to the Unen docks. His long hair blew in the wind from under his silvery Greg helmet and facemask. His black nightmare plate armor, with its two crossing scythes on the chest, marked him as member of the Akalus Legionnaire. He made his way to Rogarth.

“I am free this week. I owe it to you to help in whatever endeavor you may have. There is a demon rampaging through Simonsburg, but I am not here to make you consume it. Let us, instead, save the wreckage and make life peaceful for the natives. I am a soldier and have few skills other than causing death, but I will do my best to help. I am extremely agile and can help cut up large objects into small pieces using Dosojin, my trusty sword. I have use of Shadow and Light Leyas, and if I am stuck underwater I can help light the way or defeat nightmares. I guess I can also … What do they call it?? Cherge the battarie?? Using Light Leyas.”

He shrugged. “And while I dislike doing so, I may be able to figure out what each wreck is, what’s in it, and why it’s wrecked to begin with. It will be…unpleasant, but you have given much, Rogarth. I will do the same for you.”


Presenting herself for the position was the powerful Mighty Yadol shaman and the uhryu’s daughter, Or’tor. She entered dressed in the unique robes of Makgog’Lallur, portraying the mingling of mind and spirit with the the olgogs and the mighty yadols. Or’tor with hair now tied back in a long braid, spoke with a matured enthusiasm with trained experience.

“I am Or’tor of the Venerable Tribe of Yagogi’al the Og’ab. I have heard tales of your greatness in my cubhood, and heard of your bravery in our lands. I have just some use with GENERAL AND WATER leyas abilities, but my expertise lays in my studies of the totem abilities. I have trained as an ally of the spirit of Mighty Yadol, and this grants me the ability to breathe underground and underwater. I can imbue this ability onto others by makings up the totem tribal paints, as well as call upon my totems pack and the dire spirit of the Mighty Yadol. I wish to join you in your endeavors in Unen and believe that I possess ability that would be of great use to you in salvaging the wreaks. I hope that you would find my abilities of great use, and that I may have the privilege of working alongside you.”


So’nar the Ur’Tor presented himself to Rogarth with a bow.

“I am called So’nar, and I am applying for a position within your new salvage crew. I think I have something that will make our job easier. I am a captain you see, I have a ship in Unen, an earther freighter that could store things that we bring up, as well as being a command center while we are out on the water. It is made specifically for storing large quantities of material, and I’m sure that it is important for such a crew to have ample room for storage. I have a small but hardened crew that could man the ship, or if you prefer to provide your own crew that would be fine as well. While I myself have little in the way of equipment that would be useful while underwater, I can create air in my own lungs with the leyas, so I could stay down for quite a while to work. I’ve also got harpoon springshots that we can use to drive off aquatic predators that we may encounter, should that be a problem.”