Drewsport - contested territory.


(OOC- thread for conversations in Drewsport.)

Captain Tormug’ru knew that unless there was communication, nothing good would come from the stand off in Drewsport. He had several civilians that had be wounded the night before. He needed to get them medical attention. And the people with the best knowledge of earther medicine would be the earthers them selves. So he sent one of the troopers off to see if the Earthers in the center of town would talk.

Trooper Milos walked to the edge of the territory that the Dead controlled facing the Warehouse where they thought the paladins had holed up. “HELLO THE WAREHOUSE,” he yelled. “IS THERE ANYONE I CAN SPEAK WITH? WE WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST MEDICAL AID FOR THOSE INJURED BY NIGHTMARES LAST NIGHT.” Then he stepped out into the middle of the street and waited for a reply.


Babi Yaal also approached the warehouse making sure to keep out of sight of any snipers. “We have hostages including da mayor!” He shouted. “You attack us, they pay da price for your actions.”

He moved to the dead soldier, “how bad da wounded? We know a ting or two about patching people up.”


Inquisitor Fairbanks responded to Trooper Milos, "Medical aid…you mean medical aid for the people who wouldn’t have been injured if you hadn’t just decided to attack this town? The people who are calling you angels? Those people?

Ah, see the vampyrs can patch them up, you can just continue to slaughter us knowing that the Vampyrs can help the injured."


“You tell your ships to stay away from drewsport and surrender and da slaughter stop.” Babi yelled to the inquisitor.


Inquisitor Fairbanks turned to the vampyrs “The slaughter will never stop, if it stops here it will continue at Petersburg, or at Johnsport or elsewhere. What does it matter if we simply go to another town if you will just follow and bring death there? Your bloody campaign will never stop, why not just shell the town from the sea? What benefit is there? the eleven of us live in exchange for you using this town as a staging ground for more slaughter? What kind of deal is that?”


Ignoring the vampyres, Trooper Milos responded “Our unit only moved to blockade the port temporarily, to prevent Dunesphere from using to reinforce their forces. We came ashore only after we were fired on. We have harmed no one other than the nightmares that were attacking the innocent. The people we have under our protection want nothing to do with the vampyres, as they feel that if not for them your knights would have been able to protect them from the nightmares. We are willing to grant safe passage from a healer and an escort of your choice, if they are willing to see to the wounded. My commander has authorized me to discuss the terms with you. What say you?”


in regards to the firing upon your ships you can thank your ‘friends’ for that, with their unatural fog and storm covering their invasion, we had little choice but to open fire in an attempt to stop the invasion. due to the limited visibility we might have struck your vessel incidentily.

Still, you did then join the invaders and took over a portion of the city. How about another deal, as you claim that you had no intention of actually landing your soldiers, (yet attempting to starve us out was apparently the prefered plan) i will come out and heal those who are injured, and make an apology for and damage your ship recieved. Once that is done, your…people, can leave Drewsport being proud that you safeguarded her people.


An Olgog in red robes approached flanked by a young gog in green dragonscale.

The Dimension Walker called out, "I hear hypocracy and it chills my soul. Noble noble Inquisitors did you give our kind that option when your troops first claimed the fertile Mak coast where Drewsport was built on land taken from the natives. I think not. Nor did you show mercy on a daily basis to the Olgogs sent to deathcamps who mistakenly wander within range of your gaze. Tell me how many of your men in there wear Olgog skin cloaks or whose hunting dogs sleep on Olgog fur rugs ? War makes monsters of us all.

We can all share this land or we lose all as we cut it up." The Dimension walker and his ward were wearing half cloaks that covered their off hand shoulder.

Yirhug gave respect to all and said, “Inquisitor surely even if you have seen the lies of your society you know there could be a better way. A way where the innocent need not be slaughtered on the altar of ignorant religious sacrifice.”


Inquisitor Fairbanks stared at the Dimension Walker, "The Quall worshiper is lecturing me on leaving others in peace? The ones you follow are a thousand times worse then the Church could ever hope to be.

When my troops first claimed this coast, not exactly sure on your lifespans but no one in this town was alive when these lands were taken. As for the mercy on a daily basis, i help run this town, I don’t hunt your kind. You want to blame every member of the Church for acts done by other members? Do the people who live in those houses hunt anyone down? Did the fishermen who provide food to this town hunt any of your people down? You blame the decedents for action done by their ancestors.

As for sharing this land? Are we in a Goblin town? No we are in a human one, the only hypocrite here is you. If your kind wanted to share then perhaps you could have when we sent one of our own to negotiate. We have tried talking to you, tried to find a better way, you didn’t want peace. You all want conquest, the other Goblins want power, you want to steal people to sacrifice to your masters. If you want peace then prove it, pull your people out and actually have a dialog. I can promise you that I will personally speak to Lord Grimaldus and convince him to talk. We have been willing, if you look around you will realize that in this current war we have been on defense the entire time."


"Don’t try and convince me,"said the Dimension walker, "You will have to suffer the Kolgul Militia who marches on these lands as we argue about the past. And they will not take or listen to your Earther words. Their new leaders are just as zealous as your own. They will kill every one of you and show no mercy.

Despite my fine outfit and my heavily armored esquire I have no claim on your lands.I am merely here to see the wisdom of Earthers.

My tribals have never raised a hand in violence against Drewsport. We are only passing through with tidings from the east. Of your greater enemy the Kolgil Militia.

If you wish to see your city brutalized by the Kolgul Militia keep preaching ignorance.
If you wish for the people of Drewsport to not see harm you would deliver them into the protection of the organization which calls itself GUTS. They have the strength to protect you from the Kolgul Militia as your own church obviously does not.

I will leave as you ask. But if the militia returns do not say the natives did not warn you of greater threats."

A flourish of his cape and he turned away. He hummed a little tune as he walked.

In all truth as far as he knew it Yirhug yelled back before following his master, “I don’t serve the Quall or anybody but me.”

He never caught the innate sarcasm in the Dimension Walker toonlessly humming “I’ve got no strings to hold me down.”


They sat down at nearby table at the end of the block out of range and began drinking their own water supply. They watched the negotiations while Yirhug polished a pair of fine buckled boots. The boots had a riding heel and fine supple leather. He polished them until he could see his reflection.


Inquisitor Fairbanks turned to Trooper Milos “Trooper, do you support these Kolgol Militia? I hear they have been attacking your kind…well by your kind i mean your tribes, more then they have been attacking us. Do you want them to take over here? From what I have heard if they gained this port they would start invading Unen, and other tribal towns and villages to fuel their war efforts. The Dimension Walker is pushing for me to give this town over to this GUTS orginization. Dimension Walkers only serve their masters interests. So if he wants me to hand this town over to them it must benefit them somehow. So naturally I do not wish for this to happen.”

Raising his voice so it could be heard by all groups around “If this town is to fall, it shall fall completely. There is a warship on the way with long range artillery, it shall flatten this town unless I tell it not to. It won’t just use fire so your magics can’t just shield it, it shall use actual guns and shells which shall blow away the port and the homes collapsing everything making this simply a ruin.”

Lowering his voice back to a normal tone again “Everyone around me here claims to have no interest in fighting, I have Quall n Drone worshipers and Warmonger’s Dead who both say that they just happen to be in the area of an invasion of a town. You have to forgive me if I do not actually believe that. Those Kolgol Militia units seemed to be protected by quite a bit of fire magics and there happens to be a Dimension Walker here, seems fishy to me. I think those guys out there are either working for you or have been manipulated by you.”

Turning back to Trooper Milos “New deal Trooper, you want to help those people right? Those Militia units are going to do horrible things to them, and if my suspicion is right, they are going to be protected by loads of Fire abilities, I wish to declare a truce with you temporarily. We can renegotiate about the fate of the town once it is safe. If you aid us in beating back this militia we can then work together to find a peaceful solution to our current dilemma. To show that I am willing to work with you, I shall do any healing that I can before they attack, in exchange you aid us in defeating them. After that, I shall inform the ships to delay their bombardment until a more permanent solution can be found. Does that sound reasonable to you?”


“We have no problem with a temporary truce. It would give us a chance to develope a start of trust. As you say, you have little reason to trust any olgog, let alone those who are undead. We never claimed to be in the area by chance. We heard the pirate and other olgogs were marching this way. The last time a coastal town was attacked, it turned into an atrocity. We came to keep that from happening again. Our Unit is sworn to prevent the slaughter of innocents, no matter who they are. We will defend the people that have asked for our help. We thank you for healing any injured amongst the innocent. If you have any need of food or water let us know”


“We can spare some supplies from the warehouse for the people, the food and water there would be used for them anyway. The miracles of God are for the people as well so I shall do what I can in his name to ease their burdens. Send them here, I shall do what I can for them, my Paladins shall form a defensive formation. Our weapons seem to do little against these “Militia members” so we will require your aid against their heavy armor. I can use some wards to deprive them of their fire abilities while they are on the move, but if they stay outside they will be out of range. We need to get them in here where they cannot rely on their abilities, my people can taunt them to get them to come forward, if you can crack their armor with your weapons we can engage them up close.” I will go heal until they get here, once they are here I can blind them and distract them with light."


Milos nodded, "We thank you for the aid for the innocents. We will do what we can to stop the attacks for the militia. We will send out patrols to see if they can keep the militia from nearing the town. Do you have need of any supplies? "

Finally he turned to acknowledge the vampyres, “My commander has asked me to relay a message to you. He requests that you withdraw from the town taking your loot but leaving any prisoners and earther corpses you may have. ?He gives his word that you shall have safe conduct away from town. He also wanted to to relay to you that if any of your people attempt to terrorize the civilians under his protection, that he will hunt the perpetrator down and stake them out in the sun as a lesson to the rest of you.”

Turning away and then glancing back at the Vampyre, “He also said that the safe conduct is extended to the other pirates that are with you. Or if they feel that they can be civilized toward others that they can stay and help defend the town and show that they are more than just thieves with boats.”

In the distance at the north edge of town there is a odd warbling whistle. A short time later there comes a sound like thunder from the wastes. A herd of eight legged horse like creatures comes running toward the edge of town. after a few moments they reach town, and shortly there after 2 groups of Dead ride out on patrol.


Fairbanks nodded “Once the attackers are dealt with we can resume discussions about the state of the town, in the meantime I shall order my men to start laying traps around the area to slow the attackers down and distract them. If God wills it i can hide the traps from the attackers view, of course we shall inform you of their locations so you can both lure them into the traps and of course avoid them yourselves. Like I said previously our swords are less then effective against their Armorfiend armor so they need to be cracked open before my troops can cause much damage. We will need your assistance for that.”

Turning back toward his own and and raising his voice to they could hear him "Men! We are going to concentrate on the aliens outside the town attempting to bring ruin to Drewsport. We shall be working with this group, they are not to be harmed! I do not care about what you think of this you shall do as you are told or else you shall decorate a cross for disobeying the Inquisition. Start laying down traps on the approaches to this area, we are going to avenge those who died at the hands of this “Kogol Militia”.


The Battle of Drewsport ended in the slaughter caused by the blue devil.
The last of the Church of One Paladins were killed and Inquisitor Fairbanks has gone missing.

Drewsport is now split between Captain Dol Kuglock and the Unit 817 (south and north respectively). There are Olgog Vampyrs of the KulGul Rapi in the southern section of town. The Dimension Walker and Yirhug are still in town and have been seen bartering at the local general store.
The people of the south are frightened of their new Pirate masters, the north feel beloved and protected by Unit 817.

This is how morning starts in Drewsport. But both Captain Dol and Unit 817 know a fleet of Church of Oners would be on the way, and there may not be a last minute save by the Bladed Sun this time…


“Okay crew, this is a new day in Drewsport. We need to get this mess cleaned up, patch up and repairs, DO NOT make the houses and buildings look like ships this time, we are better than that.” Dol thinks about the chaos and deaths. “Military were our only targets, but the crossfire got more than i would have liked. Let’s start repairs, bring the bat closer and unload the lumber.” This is going to take a while.


Captain Tormag’ru Looked at his assembled troops. “Men, we need to get this mess cleaned up right away. First priority will be getting the damage to the buildings repaired so these folks have a safe roof over their heads. I also want a patrol to get over to where those Oners were holed up and see if anything is salvageable. Also, collect any corpses for burial or revival. Any of them we get up and moving will be an asset when their allies come back looking for them. I want 2 patrols out at all time, scouting around the town to prevent any more attacks if possible. send a runner to see about getting at lest 3 more troopers from HQ to man the other tower.”

Glancing around, he saw the trooper he was looking for. “Milos, head back over to the border with the Vampyres and see if you can get them talking. We need to get this situation figured out. Let them know that we will take an extremely poor view of any feeding they attempt on the townsfolk. Tell them that if they want to take them loot and leave that we have no problems with it and they can go safely. Oh, and mention that loot does not include people or things that used to be people, okay? Now get moving.”

Stepping into the plaza, he faced the townsfolk, “Attention, people of Drewsport, we have stopped the attacks for now but we could use you help to shore up the defenses of the town before any more forces come to attack. At this time, we will be asking you not to enter the southern portion of town as Redeemer forces are not in control of it and may not be able to defend you adaquitely while you are there. Our first order of business is to get our houses repaired and then to fix the defenses. With the houses damaged, the rains may do what the Kolgol Militia could not. If any of you have any questions feel free to ask. thank you for your time.”


Work began apace in the north and south sections of town. In the north the unit 817 workes alongside locals to great effect.

In the south the work was slow as the locals hid in fear and the pirates did repairs.