DR2220+ Mission 9 Report: The Inevitable Imprisonment of Holys


Prologue: The Quall and Falosini plan their attack

“I can use my powers over the Hivemind to counter Holys and trap him within his keep. It will affect not just him but any who use time travel or time shredding to get around.” said the Keeper of the Records.

Queen Ayx replied, “And as long as our Falosini allies can assist in helping us take down their undead armed with high powered energy weapons, I believe we will succeed in this task. Ayonn Ironhoof and Waynox Obsidianheart have been reporting great success in gathering the necessary shock troops from my subordinate Queens. This battle may very well draw Neliff the Orthodox’s forces and the forces of the remaining Descended of Pelos.”

Grash’tah adjusted his yellow cowl and then began to speak, “Ceroj has underneath him the Dra’koons and Dra’khans and Songmancers of the Twin Falcon tribes. As Mayun can affirm they bear crowns created by Lord Falos to protect his most trusted advisors from mind control.”

Mayun adjusted his red cowl, displaying a crown of burnished metal that gleamed like gold and said proudly, “From Falosini to K’iorn to Baribur every soldier who marches under this banner are protected. They will be able to hunt Neliff without fear of possession. Infection by Neliff young is another story…”

Grash’tah paused to assess and then said, “Keeper of the Records is a there a counter that was used by the Quall and Falosini to prevent the Neliff from infesting them during the ancient and forgotten war?”

The Quall Queen’s eyes first went to Queen Ayx who nodded her permission. The Keeper of the Records then said, “Grash’tah, Child of Gorsj. I am surprised Ceroj did not share it himself. His baribur Songmancers hold the key. Their verses can rupture the baby Neliff in their eggs. Soundwaves. Sonic weaponry. Neliff are semi-etheric. Their form is actually disrupted more by intense sound wave based weapons than by any cutting blade or fireball.”

Grash’tah replied, “I thank you for your answers. The Falosini can use our Baribur songmancers as sonic weapons. Among the gathered races, none use weapons of a sonic nature.”

The Keeper of the Records said, “The Grey use Sonics, but they will never trust the Quall nor come to our aide. Even against a threat as dangerous as the Neliff.”

“But Holys and his HiveKing are the true threat,” said the Dimension Walker Claude Vysen, “And my fellow Dimension Walker Nigel would like to speak to that.”

“Prior to this meeting,” Nigel began, “Agent Hourglass, Churchwood and I met with Temporal Enforcement Agency Officer Visij and with his help we have secured use of their tactical vessel The Sword of Galahad.

Holys made a grave tactical error in using the flesh of Lord Pelos for the Hiveking he is using to control the many Hives. Lord Pelos had already become one of the primal descended by the point of his use as surgical material.

Why is that a problem for Holys? You see the Sword of Galahad was designed as an ultimate balancing weapon by the Da’uhnb of the Temporal Enforcement Agency.
It has a main gun designed to kill all descended entities at a single location.”

“This anti-demon WMD sounds great,” said Claude Vysen, “And I am sure you are thinking, if the Da’uhnb had an anti-demon WMD lying around why didn’t they use it during the Border Wars? Well they feel they needed the Border Wars to happen, to free their queen.”

Grash’tah said, “Wait, if they had this all along. Why didn’t they deploy it against the Warmonger when he freed himself from the Prison Dimension and began to wreck havok in his Quall-Avatar body?”

“The Da’uhnb Queen would not allow the Sword of Galahad to be deployed while she was alive,” said Claude Vysen quickly, “Now that she is dead, the Da’uhnb hope using the Sword of Galahad will set the balance right once more.”

Nigel quickly followed up with, “And we have the vessel ready, with a crew eager to help us stop Holys once and for all.
I have sets of Red Fist Power Armor ready for the Keeper of the Records, and for Ayonn and Waynox. Now we need to just plan the assault.”

Fenix the Falosini interrupted, “I am sure the Da’uhnb have every weapon from the future at their disposal, but what is one ship going to do against an Undead K’ias who can alter time, and his pet Hiveking that can summon Quall, E-stain and Unity slaves to its defense?”

Nigel said, “The weapon will fire. It will temporarily kill Pelos Hiveking.

The Keeper of the Records will lead the assault, as her powers can trap Holys until we reach him. Waynox, Ayonn, Mayun and you, Fenix, will be responsible for apprehending Holys.

The Da’uhnb said, if you can apprehend him, you can return him to his prison in the basement of the Tomb Factory. You, Fenix. That job will literally land squarely on you, and on Waynox and Ayonn, and your friend Mayun.”

Fenix got very quiet.

Grash’tah placed a gentle hand on the larger falosini warrior’s shoulder and then said, “So everyone is clear. A single bombardment from the Sword of Galahad will only temporarily kill Pelos HiveKing. You will need to fly from the Sword of Galahad down to the Tomb Factory. You will have to take out Pelos HiveKing more permanently while there and imprison the Chronomancer Holys.

While you do that, Lord Ceroj and Queen Ayx will lead the ground assault on the Tomb Factory.”

Ayonn Ironhoof interrupted, “There are thousands of Holys’ Dead soldiers at this location, and an unknown number of Neliff. It will be a hard fight. On open ground our combined armies could easily crush them.

Instead it will be tight tunnel fighting where two Quall will barely be able to walk abreast let alone fight side by side. That turns our superior numbers against us if we are not careful.”

Grash’tah the Yellow seemed to be pondering deeply, then he said, “That is why you agreed to this joint battleforce. You need the smaller size of our Falosini and Children of the Falosini armies to make this battle a success.”

Ayonn said, “You are smart…for a Falosini…”

Queen Ayx agreed and said, “Yes, we need your help. I could unleash an army of Flayers and Pit Mongrels, but then the Neliff would just turn that Army against us. Same would be true if we unleashed a full Brethren invasion. We would just be feeding the Neliff more hosts for their kids and slaves for their army.

You could simply teach the rest of us how to manufacture these Crowns that are keeping others safe. Then we could crown our shock troops and not even need your forces at our side.”

Grash’tah said, “I cannot. Of the living, only Ceroj the Red and Azrael the Fallen One know of the steps to their manufacture.

And to even begin the manufacture you would need a crystalline ore mined directly from the flesh of a rare transdimensional entity.”

The Keeper of the Records said, “I am aware of the type of entity you describe. Queen Ayx we do not have the time nor the forces to secure such a material. And to even try to may cause a catastrophic effect to the Balance of Reality. That will not be a solution at this time.”

Whereas Queen Ayx would never have believed such a statement from the Falosini, to hear such a thing from her own daughter let her know the truth of it.

Queen Ayx said, “Then I suppose it is time for us to plan our battle. Holys is a brilliant mind, and we will need to be one step ahead of him if we have a hope of succeeding.”


Part 1: Ceroj arrives over New Holys

The great red cloaked Falosini arrived over New Holys. His fleet of airships darkened the skies. Ceroj paced the bridge of his command vessel, an Aegelis Warship known as Mercurial’s Fate. At his side were the K’iorn Dra’khan Il’ullin, the K’iou Dra’khan Belith N’nant, and the Baribur Dra’khan Kella.

Il’ullin was older than many of the castles that dotted this planet, and had served as a Dra’koon under Zaodonai Hec’ath in the K’ias Wars, on the prison dimension and to the modern age. It was during the rightous age of Lord Falos’ return that Il’ullin devoted himself as a Dra’khan to minister the spirit of the armies of Falos and lead them on course. He thought the world of Lord Ceroj, having met him when the Red Cloaked Sovereign found himself trapped on the prison dimension of Les’tas’tral, drawn by the powerful summoning of one of Lord Falos’s own swords, stolen by a little bastard.

Ceroj had enjoyed the court of High King Hec’ath when he spent that time on the prison dimension. He marveled at the impressive airships, their shining armies. Everything a fully functional Falosini army should have at its disposal even down to locally grown crystals for magi cannons and magi lances. Ceroj made alliances with the Greyfalcons, wanting them to bring their leyas enhanced technologies back to Falosini Armies.

High King Hec’ath was honored to have a Falosini Sovereign speak so directly about Greyfalcon superiority. Their sense of superiority had led the Greyfalcons to oppress all the other Children of the Falosini, which Ceroj had agreed with when he saw the great marvels of the Greyfalcon society. High King Hecath had assigned Il’ullin to be an advisor and to lead Ceroj to the one way they knew out of the Prison Dimension. Ceroj thought the world of Il’ullin during their travel together.

Il’ullin had not a chance, like all the Greyfalcons of Hec’ath’s region of the Prison Dimension, he had been corrupted to Warmonger’s service since birth. Oh he acted to the letter of the Laws of the Falosini, but just like the mad king Hec’ath, they had the serpent in their heart.

Once they had returned to Refuge, Il’ullin had been the one to first show Lord Ceroj the DeathGates to the various hell dimensions. They were few and far between, little more than fissures leftover since the days the Nightmare Lords had walked Refuge.

Neither Il’ullin nor Lord Ceroj knew it was the hand of Warmonger that guided them into the ambush during the Border Wars of 2218 that would result in Il’ullin being burned out from the Leyas, and Ceroj being captured and tortured by the ancient evil Xephon and being traded for Lord Falos himself.

The second advisor, a K’iou Dra’khan named Belith N’nant, was the newest to Lord Ceroj’s advisors. Belith had been named for a Sylvan hero of legend and lore, and it drew the K’iou to study with the Sylvan as a youth. Belith had learned the ways of the Ancient Sylvan.

Studying under the Sylvan Warloech Calphas, had been one of the many achievements as a Dra’khan and Ambassador. In fact it was Belith who convinced the Falosini and Sylvan councils to not eradicate the Sar’Xaba Homeforge and the Tribe of Kurai at the end of the Border Wars despite both groups having members that sided with the Warmonger Cult. Belith’s intentions were pure, but he did not know how corrupt those around him had become.

The third advisor, Kella, had been an Interrogator Lord in the days of the K’ias Wars, trained by Basazi, the greatest of that order. But in this current age, after the 2nd Peace of Falos was brokered and K’ias taken off the kill list of species to be exterminated on sight, she found herself out of a job.

She had met the wounded and recovering Ceroj, after his time as a torture doll of the ancient evil, Xephon. It was Kella’s faith in the will of Lord Falos and the Peace of Falos was what sustained him. But the rise of Sir Stout, and the full emancipation of the Warmonger Avatar, had shattered Kella’s faith in the Peace of Falos. Now she was hungry to stop the enemies of Peace with a finality that did not discriminate and would rather cleanse innocents who consorted with those she considered unclean.

It was these three advisors who arrived in the City of New Holys, at the side of Lord Ceroj and an army of the Children of the Falosini.

Lord L’gani was the administrator of New Holys and it brought back horrific memories of the K’ias wars to see a Falosini Army over his home. Lord L’gani summoned the Child of the Redeemer, and had him sent north to Drewsport for safety. Once that was done, he gathered his honor guard of Unit 817 soldiers, wishing dearly that Duranki Torlok’ab was here to protect the city, but he was north in Drewsport on business and would not be able to return in time.

Stepping up to the private airship docks used by Unit 817, Lord L’gani was not surprised to see it already secured by the Falosini Army and Ceroj and his advisors were already disembarking their flagship.

L’gani bowed low and said, “Great Sovereign Ceroj, welcome back to New Holys. My deepest apologies that Duranki Torlok’ab is not here to welcome you. He is on an important mission against the Neliff in the North.”

Ceroj looked at L’gani with little kindness, “My Duranki has kept New Holys free of Neliff influence which is good. But he has forgotten whom he serves. Why was I not alerted the moment Holys awakened? Why did Unit 817 not alert the Falosini armies to this breach in their responsibility to oversee and protect this Tomb Factory?”

L’gani said, “I am sure Torlok’ab will be able to explain everything upon his return, Great Sovereign.”

Ceroj said, “But K’ias…how do I know you are telling the truth? I have great faith in Torlok’ab, he would not knowingly abandon his role of Duranki, nor his responsibility over the Tomb Factory. How do I know that you have not betrayed the loyal Torlok’ab to help your K’ias kinsman Holys be freed?”

Lord L’gani said sincerely, “My Sovereign, I would never betray the Falosini. Torlok’ab decided that since Holys owned the Tomb Factory originally, returning it to his hands would harm none.”

“Lies,” hissed Ceroj in anger, “Typical K’ias lies. First you stole life from Torlok’ab, K’ias scum, and turned him into an undead. Now you try to steal the honors he has rightly earned during his undeath. K’ias cannot be trusted.”

Kella the baribur smiled and said, “My Sovereign, give me some time with this L’gani and I will know the truth.”

“I have already spoken the truth, great ones,” said L’gani feeling real fear as he watched Kella began unrolling a whip studded by sharp shards of zela metal-rich crystal.

Ceroj said, “If what you say is true, we will know soon enough. Kella take L’gani inside and see where the truth really is.”

“Please great Sovereign there is no need for torture,” said L’gani, “I have used a commcrystal to request Duranki Torlok’ab’s return. Surely he will be back in a few hours at most.”

“By then the battle may already be over,” said Kella, “Any actionable intelligence will be rendered moot.”

“You are of course correct,” said Ceroj, “Kella do what you do best.”

“Yes my lord,” she said with pride. As she grabbed L’gani’s arm with a zela studded gauntlet, she pulled hard enough to pierce his skin. He saw zela poisoning rash begin to expand up his arm from where she grabbed him. L’gani felt a horrible burning sensation, and was surprised the skin hadn’t ruptured even though it felt like it already had.

He stumbled forward as Kella pushed him towards the darkness of the inner courtyard.

Ceroj was left on the roof, along with Il’ullim and N’nant.

N’nant asked, “My Sovereign, might it be better to not torture a local official? For the sake of keeping the inhabitants of New Holys calm, even if L’gani is found to be in the wrong. Imagine if after the battle it is discovered that L’gani was tortured for no reason? The local outcry might force us into a second battle.”

“New Holys is cowed,” said Ceroj, “They have no desire to fight us without the leadership of Unit 817. I had hoped Duranki Torlok’ab would be here waiting to help us in our attack on the Tomb Factory. Hope it seems is in short supply.”

Looking out towards the Isle of Holys, and its imposing Tomb Factory, Il’ullim’s keen eyes could see it was surrounded by pirate vessels. Some were in the style of the Earthers, clippers, and great sailboats. Others had artificed water wheels and artificed water jets in the style of the Sea Kings pirates.

Il’ullim said, “Sovereign Ceroj, I can see from here that the Isle is ringed by naval vessels with weapons ranging from firearms to magi cannons. Are they under the control of the Neliff?? Or simply mercs.

If they are the latter, we may be well served simply outbiding their contracts. I do not mean to overstep my bounds, but great lord, can your ascended eyes gaze upon those there and tell us if they bear the taint of the Neliff?”


Ceroj looked out towards the naval fleet surrounding the Tomb Factory. He saw the Flag of Pirate King T’shesh. The fleet was not infested by Neliff, but it was obvious to his sight that the Tomb Factory was infested.

“The pirates are free of taint,” said Ceroj, “They will not stay when they see our full force. They will flee to the far continent, and they will pray we do not follow them.”

Il’ullim seemed unconvinced but said, “I understand, great Sovereign.” And yet as he watched, it seemed like Aquatic Nightmare suddenly began to rise from the waves and attack the pirate fleet.

“My lord?” asked Il’ullim in confusion.

Ceroj looked again, and saw that it was another Ascended being who had draw the Aquatic Nightmares from the depths. Ceroj recognized Uriel the Tyr’ani. He was surprised to see an Ascended Being so directly affecting the battlefield with his powers. Ceroj grew angry. All those millennia, during the K’ias Wars and leading until today. He had held back his own powers. He had limited himself to delivering messages to the Falosini, and allowing them and their children be the mortals choosing to act in this world.

Yet here was another Ascended Being unleashing a horde of Nightmares on Mortals…

Ceroj was about to act, to show Uriel his rage, when an energy bridge appeared nearby. From it stepped Queen Ayx, and her daughters Queen Tellox, Queen Yannox, and Queen Rahrox.

“Ceroj, our Quall Horde is ready,” said Queen Ayx, “Are your Falosini and Children in position?”

“Yes Queen Ayx,” said Ceroj, “Know that we are not the only Ascended who stand with an army ready to unleash on Holys’ abominations. Uriel the Tyr’ani has unleashed Aquatic Nightmares as well.”

“A dangerous gambit he makes,” said Ayx, “My Quall are aware now, they will take care to avoid the naval battle. If that is all, I will retire to my own command vessel.”

Ceroj said with a smile in his voice, “Mighty Queen I do not see your flagship…how will we make sure to keep it safe?”

“Despite our alliance Ceroj, I do not trust the Falosini. My Quall will serve honorably at your side, but I will be safe aboard my ship. And I would rather not have your Falosini know where it is. Just in case you decide to change your mind after the battle,” said Ayx, “But my daughters Tellox and Yannox and Rahrox will remain by your side to make sure we coordinate our forces effectively.”

“Of course Queen Ayx, of course,” said Ceroj.


Part 2: In the Command Bridge of the Tomb Factory of Holys.

Holys stood proudly in the command center of his home and castle. The crystalline displays on the walls showed holographic images of the approaching army of the Falosini Ceroj the Red. And at their side, much to his chagrin was the armies of the Cult of Ayx.

Even during the height of the K’ias Wars, Quall and Falosini never fought side by side. Holys had simply not accounted for this possibility. Simple enough to fix, he thought, drawing in his powers over time itself.

Holys turned to Pelos Hiveking. The massive tentacled monster was strapped into the main command console in the center of the bridge. Necrotechnological tendrills extended from the floor into the massively muscled upper torso of the Hiveking. Brainleech-based tentacles plugged into the back of Pelos Hiveking’s massively mutated and oversized head.

Holys said, “Pelos, keep the Neliff in line while I am away.”

Pelos Hiveking responded in a gravelly voice, with a hypnotized quality, saying, “Lord Holys, my will is your will. The Neliff will await your command.”

Holys smiled, knowing he still had the full power of the E-strain and the Unity at his disposal. He could theoretically set off an interstellar war if he was so inclined. But that act he knew would be both irresponsible and disrupt every experiment he was running on this trio of time lines.

Instead he prepared to step back in time and simply rewrite history. But nothing happened. He tried again. There was some sort of psychic interference preventing him from affecting the timelines. He couldn’t even actively move between the three timelines. Something…or someone…had locked him into this timeline.

Holys turned quickly to his bridge crew.

“Nezaian,” said Holys calling for the captain of his guard.

The undead soldier stepped forward. In ancient times Nezaian has been a baribur, but he was a loyal member of Unit 111 since his conversion to undeath aeons ago. He was the pride and joy of Holys’ creations among the undead. His own Angelic mockery, complete with indestructable armored wings, and enough weaponized surgical upgrades to make Nezaian more warmachine than person.

Extending his wings, Nezaian bowed, “Lord Holys I am here. How may I serve you my lord?”

Holys felt a little better, at least loyalty remained, “You must go down to the Factory floor. From here I will activate the machinery, but the full armies of undead stored will be activated and unleashed down there.

As they are awakened, you Nezaian must command them to their positions in defense of this place. I may be disabled or deposed, and if that happens you will lead Unit 111. Do you understand me Commander Nezaian?”

“Commander of Unit 111?” repeated Nezaian as if he had never hoped for such a dream, “Sir yes sir. I will proudly do so. But sir as former captain of your guard, who will keep you safe?”

“Do not worry about my personal safety,” said Holys, “My experiments across this planet must be protected. They must continue until they complete, and the data from the experiments must be collected. You Commander Nezaian will make that happen, and I empower you to bribe, steal or kidnap anyone you need to bring my experiments to fruition.”

Nezaian realized the gravity of the situation.

Holys continued, “If things become too much for you Commander, seek out my child Synne. He will understand the need to finish my work…”

Nezaian suddenly realized his Lord Holys did not expect to survive the battle. He said with great revere, “My Lord, it has been an honor serving you. In the old days and in these days.”

“Go now, Nezaian and send up the Pirate King T’Shesh,” said Holys.

The massive cambion pirate Amm’t T’Shesh was surprised that Holys had him called up during what was obviously a battle on their doorstep.

“I feared we might be enemies, King T’Shesh, but I know now that you are an ally I should have invested more resources in,” said Holys.

“You speak like a king about to lose their crown,” said T’Shesh concerned by the tone he heard in Holys voice.

Holys said, “I will lose this fight. The fact that they already disabled my ability to control time means they had a weapon I am unware of. A weapon I did not plan for.

But that is unimportant.

What is important? You wish to return to the continent of Thras to take the lands of the Sea Kings from the Illuminated Prros? I grant you my blessing to do so. But only if you leave now, take your fleets, and take with them weapons from the armory in the depths of this place. Do not let the weapons fall into the hands of the approaching army of Ceroj the Red. He will chase you to the far continent, and you will need these weapons when that time comes.

And take this.”

Holys lifted up a crown carved from a strange otherworldly material. It gleamed like metal, but felt like stone to the touch.

“This is the crown of Mar’un’ga. The crown created by Lord Falos himself for the K’ias Emperor. Hidden through time, by my soldiers in Unit 111. Many Unit 111 soldiers speak highly of you King T’Shesh. When their leaders were crushed by the UtR, it was you who stepped up and kept them together and organized. They will be your allies when you need them.

Go now before the Quall armies reach your ships. Leave with the flag of peace flown high, and leave quickly.”

“I would not be a coward and run from a fight,” said T’Shesh.

“It is not cowardly to run from the Quall Horde, King T’Shesh, it is wise. Right now, to defeat me, the Quall and Falosini stand side by side. Once they believe I am defeated, they will return to their aeons of warfare with each other. You cannot defeat both Quall and Falosini united, no one can. But once the Falosini are fighting the Quall again, you can begin your rise anew without fear.” said Holys, “Go now, pride of the K’ias Empire. Restore order and crush the Warmonger Cult, and the Prros, and unite them all into a new K’ias Empire. And when you do so, find my son Synne, and he will show you the next step.”

With T’Shesh and Nezaian gone, Holys turned to Pelos Hiveking.

The Hiveking said sternly, “You have already given up the battle, Holys. Why?”

“Simple, I am not a warmonger. I do not fight to see creatures harmed, hurt or dead.

My experiments are my passion, and my whole purpose. Using the mind of the hives, and the power over time itself, I have created experiments that will take generations to complete.

And those experiments and their results are far more important than me walking around and leading some empire.

I am not an Emperor, I do not seek to lead. Like my father Vul before me, I am a scientist.

Plus I know the Quall and the Falosini are not foolish enough to try and destroy me. If they did, my form would erupt and consume this entire planet. Killing all life on their precious Refuge.

Their only hope to stop me is to imprison me once again, and the only place in this reality safe to do so, is this very Tomb Factory. It was inevitable really. I knew eventually some Ascended being would trick a mortal into defeating me, but I kept hold of my own prison so I would be ready.

I will keep contact with the outside world through my eye spies. I will continue to moniter my experiments while I am trapped below, in the dark for another few millenia. And all the while, I will win, because my experiments will continue… what better than a trapped populace on a prison planet for my experiments?”

Pelos Hiveking tried to break free, “Holys if you are intent on your own imprisonment, let me free. I could attain great things with an army of Neliff, E-strain and Quall.”

“I am sure you could, Pelos,” said Holys, looking out at the approaching fleet of airships, starships, and naval vessels “I am sure you could.”

“Then disconnect me from this machinery,” roared Pelos Hiveking, “Let me free!”

“I will, but first, bring the forces of the Neliff in towards the Tomb Factory. I need them to slow the invaders until Nezaian is in position and T’Shesh has made it to open waters.”

There was a surge through the many living cables connecting Pelos Hiveking to the Tomb Factory.

“The forces of Neliff the Orthodox move to our aide now, Neliff the Radical’s faction is trying to resist,” said Pelos Hiveking.

Holys stepped behind the Hiveking and plugged a brainleech tendrill into the back of the Hiveking’s head. Holys used his immense will to force the Neliff the Radical’s forces to motion, but they moved sluggishly fighting it every step of the way.

Holys began reaching out to the E-strain, then the Unity.

Of the controlled hiveminds and connections, the hardest to consistently control had been the Unity, their individual wills fought his own. The easiest had been the Neliff themselves, as they accepted all information given through their hivemind as fact. The next easiest had been the E-strain. He pulled at them, but the closest E-strain hives were far to the north in the frozen ruins of Tarris. Their vessels had been destroyed by the Tarrisian Free State, and the E-strain had no way to reach him in time.


Part 3: The Factory Floor and the Dark God Candy

Well this is a fine how do you do. A crazy undead Kias screws with reality, that dumbass prick McMurphy gets himself replaced with a clone, the Falosini and Quall have joined hands in cooperation, it is enough to make a girl puke.

Candy teleported onto the Tomb Factory floor, a location she had visited with Krodnok a year before.

No sooner did she materialize then a magi cannon blast went right past her face. Glaring at the Unit 111 Warmachine she focused the strength of her worshipers and the machine crumpled into a ball. Bits of undead flesh and nightmare ichor sprayed from the crushed monster.

Damnit, she wanted to observe for a while, oh well.

Looking out across the factory floor, she could see large necotech arms extending from the walls putting together armor sections and installing them in undead bodies. Grabbing the factory arms, sections of armor, and other materials with the Leyas, she tore it apart and used it to create a fortified position. Once that was completed she teleported in thirty of her worshipers, who began to take cover behind the fortifications and hurl chill bolts at the War-machines.

Candy herself will use the leyas to reflect the Magi cannon blasts, trying at first to mirror them using Light Leyas and failing. Then she remembered a technique she had witnessed Lalder and his UtR Olgogs use, and began to reflect back Magi Cannon shots.

To her deep concern two things were happening at once. The first was that the Chill bolts seemed to super power the necrotech Warmachines rather than slow them down. The second was that more necrotech arms grew from the factory and began attacking Candy and her followers.

Ahead of her, an undead in heavy armor began extending long dangerous looking metallic wings. He looked upon Candy and her followers as his rage grew. Smoke and fire began rolling off the shoulders of Nazain as he looked down at this false god that dared to threaten his master Holys.


Part 4: The Armory of the Tomb Factory

The Armory of the Tomb Factory had been used by Unit 111 to store every artifact and relic of worth they had collected for hundreds of years.

Inside were legendary weapons, armor, and inventions that could turn the tide in Pirate King T’Shesh’s attempt to liberate his fellow cambions and overthrow the Illumianted Prros that ruled the Sea Kings.

With the crown of Mar’un’ga upon his brow, Amm’t T’Shesh girded armor forged for the K’ias Abraxas, and lifted a wide bladed spear said to have been granted from Lord Falos to the K’ias Yvhv. Rings from the K’ias Lords now glistened on his fingers, and an amulet from Lord Vul hung around his neck.

But while King T’Shesh felt the most powerful he had ever been, he was actually quite vulnerable. Unknown to him, T’Shesh was in the scope of one of Refuge’s most well known snipers for hire, Burke the Merc.

Burke hated Cambion Pirates ever since that day when a Peacelord Illuminated leading a gang of Cambion Pirates, threatened to annihilate him trapping him in that alley so that robots could hold him down while Krato cultists summoned a demon into an alternate timeline evil clown giant who then proceeded to molest him.

However Burke knew an opportunity when he saw one, and this was a way to make quite a bit of money. He and his Lobbas had been hired on by the same weird K’iorn that had bought all his videowork from the Battle of Boriel’s Retreat. He and the Lobbas had been given an illustration of a crystalline artifact, called the Key of the Sylvan, to recover. He was lucky to get the contract since there would have been no way to enter the Tomb Factory, if he and his Lobbas and Armorfiends had not been teleported in by the Starfalcon K’iorn.

Burke gently pulled the trigger on his sniper laser, knowing he had it perfectly aimed at right behind the Cambion’s ear. The beam should have been perfect, but to Burke’s confusion the amulet on the cambion’s neck began to glow and a shield absorbed his laser’s strike completely. It seemed like some sort of shadow armor had surrounded the Cambion in that moment, saving T’Shesh’s life. The cambion hurled himself to the side, not knowing who was attacking him.
Burke signalled to his Lobbas to begin to fire, when he heard a roar and some lone Olgog began firing what looked like a Riot grenade launcher towards the Cambions. Burke recognized the Olgog from the news, it was Candidate Daron. What the heck was a political candidate doing here? Burke hoped the Olgog had brought something to protect him from rocket launchers, because he was standing right between Burke’s Lobbas and the enemy.

Oh well. He hadn’t been part of Burke’s plans anyway.

The Lobbas had been ordered to fire rockets to take down any groups of Cambions, and there was large groups of Cambions in front of the Armory doors. The Lobbas fired…rockets streaked out… some flying past Daron striking the Cambions, and some exploding danger close…


Part 5: The Securing of Holys and the Body of Pelos

Suddenly his connection to the Hiveminds was gone.

Holys opened his eyes and Pelos Hiveking was dead. The body of the Hiveking was marked by strange burn marks. He leaned in and looked closer at the wounds. Years of forensic study told him they had been inflicted by a Leyas based energy field. The wounds were small, but each was a purifying blessing or prayers in the many faiths of every species who had lived. As a result, Holys didn’t recognize most of them, but he recognized enough of the Falosini, Aegelis and Nightmare Lord prayers to deduce the rest.

They had been orbitally bombarded by the legendary vessel the Sword of Galahad. Holys suspected all the Descended of Pelos were dead on site as well.

Holys turned towards the nearest crystalline console and brought up the defensive information about the Tomb Factory. There were multiple breaches on all floors. Some were from energy bridges, others were streaming in through breaches at the water line.

The rear door to the command center burst open, revealing a pair of Quall N’drone, Ayonn and Waynox and a pair of Falosini, Fenix and Mayun.

Brethren soldiers, Hourglass and Churchwood followed, and leading the assault on the command post was the Dimension Walker Nigel and dressed in full Red Fist Power armor was the Keeper of the Records.

The Keeper of the Records extended her four arms, and Holys felt more of his powers being nullified. He was attacked in that moment by the pair of Quall and pair of Falosini. The battle moved faster than Nigel’s eyes could track, but before long the body of Holys was pinned by the Quall and Falosini.

The Keeper of the Records stepped forward and made sure that Pelos Hiveking was fully disabled and out of the battle.

Ayonn and Waynox, Fenix and Mayun dragged the Blackhole warrior down the halls of the Tomb Factory. They placed him back into the complicated mountings that had held Holys firm for thousands of years.

The Dimension Walker Nigel looked out across the battles that still raged across the Tomb Factory. He wondered if they should stay or go, but knowing they had reimprisoned Holys left one major concern.

The body of Pelos Hiveking, the last creature alive who could hack the mind of all the Quall Hivequeens at once, was of primary importance. As the Brethren packed the body of the Hiveking for travel, Nigel wondered if he should simply have it destroyed completely.

But made as it was from Neliff flesh, it would not be destroyed even by annihilation. The parts that were made from Lord Pelos were powerful in the Leyas and utterly broken. Lord Pelos was now nothing more than a corpse. But the corpse of Pelos Hiveking was still one of the most sought after and dangerous weapons currently on the planet Refuge.

Nigel was worried about it the entire way back to rejoin the IR fleet.


Part 6: The Darkside Rapid Response Team plan vs the EEF plan

Moose sat in his command AAV and hoped the cloaking device kept them safe. Already his teams were moving into position. Blackheart Security operators, Wintermute Special Forces and VLAD Agent Brooke would be arriving at the Tomb Factory shortly, they should be able to make their way in quietly and quickly.

Moose hope the team could keep working together and keep professional. He had been hestitent to include Northern Kingdom operators, as those types of irregulars had led to some of the more blatant failed missions of the VLAD agency. But Agent Brooke was used to working with teams like this, and would hopefully keep them in line.

Moose had a comm onboard the DRRT assault craft, and could hear the team as they made their approach landing. Outside his own craft, Moose could see their craft begin its landing run towards one of the airship docks near the top of the Tomb Factory. He had to redirect them when the water route was overrun by unexpected Nightmares.

“Alright typhoon squad, listen up.” Bax Gra’Vale began as the others gathered around him, “We will be hitting the armory in Holys factory. Primary objective secure an escape route from the factory floor to the outside through the armory. In case the main forces primary egress of shadow walking fails. HQ issued armor piercing rounds for our weapons, use em wisely, primary opposition in the armory are cambion pirates. Flowers, you will be setting antipersonnel devices to keep our path open on the way out. Slate, you get to use the AV laser, set up in a firing position to cover us.” The brown haired earther gave a pound to a smirking bald earther.

Bax continued, “Everyone else on me, we hit em hard and fast keep your heads on swivel, and due to the sensitive nature of the theater of operations don’t do anything that will cause structural damage, god knows what horrors lie within.”

Moose could hear the team leave their assault craft, and watched as they made their way into the structure.

Then to Moose’s horror he heard a trio of thunderclaps as what looked like EEF railships smashed into the side of the Tomb Factory. The entire Tomb Factory swayed, its sides cracking and breaking under the force of the arrival of the massive weaponized vehicles.

Moose grabbed his radio and clicked it on, “I need EEF high command right now. Authorization DRRT-1, use voice recognition to speed this up.”

He was transferred to General Giffords, and Moose was already holding back a shout, “General, we just had three railships strike the most fragile and dangerous structure on Refuge. Who ordered it, why is it happening? This is a DRRT operation, we are working closely with the Falosini and Quall. High Command just put us all at risk. If any of those struck Holys himself it could kill all life on this planet.”

He heard a long silence that worried him even more, “General, what is going on…why aren’t you speaking??”

“I don’t answer to you, soldier,” said the old general, “These orders came from my commanders.”

“You don’t understand General. As long as a Colony General Election is going on without a sitting Colony General, this operation is under DRRT control,” said Moose.

The General replied, “Soldier, you are lucky I don’t bring you up on insubordination charges. The EEF operation to secure the Tomb Factory will end either in our control of the Tomb Factory, or no one will.”

Looking at sections of masonry fall from the Tomb Factory into the sea, Moose grew more concerned.
“General what do you have planned? That building can’t take much more this.”

“You have a high enough clearance to know. If the EEF retreat signal is given, have your forces on site retreat as well. Detour Shields armed with Damoclese strikes are already onsite,” said the General firmly.

Moose’s eyes went wide. The EEF had unknowingly just betrayed them all. This joint operation between the Quall and Falosini had taken immense trust. Neither side would recover from the blow that this would do to trust, but maybe just maybe Moose could stop things from turning out the worst way it could.

He had a commcrystal nearby, and lifted it quickly, “May I speak to Grash’tah, Ambassador of the Falosini?”

“Yes,” said the voice on the other end, “Lord Grash’tah, the Earther called Moose needs you.”

There were the sounds of the crystal changing hands and a lighter voice replied, “Honored Moose, I am concerned you call so early in the battle. Right now the Falosini and Quall fight themselves in a two front battle. They are being attacked on the Shores of New Holys by Yyan and Neliff, and are being attacked in the halls of the Tomb Factory by Unit 111 and the Neliff.

Nigel’s team has secured the Pelos Hiveking, and Fenix has reported that Holys has been captured.
Pelos is being loaded onto a starship for extraction, and Holys is being resecured in the Tomb Factory.

While the battle against the Neliff and their slaves still rages, we are already so close to victory.”

That is why I am calling, Ambassador. I believe a miscommunication with the EEF has resulted in an immediate danger…”

Grash’tah’s voice grew a bit paniced, “My K’iou forgemasters are assessing the structural fortitude and they raise concerns. Someone has set off high explosives in the depths of the Tomb Factory, and those three massive holes in the side of the Tomb Factory is making it worse.”

“Their payloads are what I am concerned about,” said Moose, “You have to pull your people out Grash’tah, if their payloads are activated… the deathtoll could be in the thousands.”

“But why? Even if this battle takes days, isn’t it better if we contain the threat here?” asked Grash’tah.

“The EEF wants to end the threat of the Tomb Factory once and for all,” said Moose.


Part 7: Back on the Factory Floor

Goblin King Omar Biggunz and his five Goblin Kings and their twenty raiders had been happily hosting Neliff babies for the past four months. Goblin King Omar was a proud supporter of Neliff the Orthodox, and definitely thought reality was better with the Neliff around.

But then the Red Cloak Falosini came and started to mess with stuff. Goblin King Omar and their 200 Neliff juveniles were ready to make life bad for Falosini, Quall, anyone who came at them. Twenty five Olgog toughs and their Neliff horde were going to take back the factory floor. Neliff the Orthdox needed a Warmongers Dead army to replace all Neliff and Yyan stolen by Neliff the Radical.

They charged in fighting the Candy Cultists and Quall warriors.

Candy’s followers and their dark god were unprepared for the Neliff that arrived with the Olgog Omar. Candy herself had no protection from them, and found her whole mindscape instantly altered by the Neliff. Worse yet, she had no knowledge of the effects of the mind control.

Then the walls of the Tomb Factory shattered inward as three railships rushed into the chamber. The pressure wave forced into the room concussed some, killed others and disoriented everyone. It also allowed the Neliff to secure their hold on the minds of those already on the Factory Floor.

Candy began firing off laser bolts towards the nearest undead. She was shocked to see energy bridges open, and more floating Neliff and their undead allies began to stream through them. Candy turned her followers towards the new threat, and they blasted the invaders back.

Yet despite how hard she attacked, they kept trying to fight back. She began to reach out wondering where the Falosini were.

A assault squad led by the Falosini Eylan were cutting through Unit 111 undead on the floor above, when he saw a glowing image of the Goddess Candy, “Well, are you and the Quall plan on pushing through or is this just a circle jerk party? Your ass, get it into motion!”

Candy dropped the projections and was pleased to see allies stream in. The energy bridges finally closed.

It looked like the allied forces were winning, and Candy teleported her forces out including her injured and some dead allies for restoration. She gathered up some discarded magi cannons as she teleported away. A goddess has to reward the fine work of her subjects after all.

The Falosini Eylan and his team reached the factory floor. They were surprised to see dead Quall, dead Falosini, and damaged EEF drones scattered across the floor. The machinery was already using their parts to rebuild itself and continue manufacturing undead forces.

Eylan looked for Candy and her followers but they were nowhere to be found.

Instead they were jumped by a hundred Neliff juveniles, and the Falosini and his soldiers wondered what sort of ambush had been sprung.


Part 8: General Giffords gets an Eyeful

General Giffords was still annoyed by that soldier’s insubordinate call.

Strykker and Giffords had discussed what options were available to the EEF, and they were both sure Drones would be protected from Neliff. Now that he thought about it, he could have had the DRRT deliver the energy bridges to deploy the drones, rather than the railships, but hindsight was always 20/20 he supposed.

He gave the command and the Drones deployed through the energy bridges. As his support staff manned various consoles around him, Giffords eyes were drawn to the drone feed for the first one through the Energy Bridge.

They showed the Tomb Factory floor. Sections of machinery was setup as hasty fortifications. But no fighting was going on. There was a shattered Warmachine in one corner as if crushed by a godly grip. There were a trio of undead corpses with massive laser holes scorched through their heads.

But it was as if their drones had arrived after a great and grim battle.

Dead Falosini and Quall lay everywhere. Giffords recognized VLAD Agent Candy but she had a juvenile Neliff drapped across her shoulders, and a Neliff juvenile was hanging off her thirty cultists. Their chilling attacks had helped the Neliff kill many Quall it seemed.

The Drones began to target the Neliff as well as the Dead streaming off the production lines. They fired cutting into Neliff bodies, but using her Godlike power Candy focused beams of energy that disable drone after drone.

Giffords grew angry. He had never authorized VLAD to be involved in this mission. And yet here was a VLAD agent compromising a mission once again. No one not protected from the Neliff was to go into this mission. And yet here was agent Candy, turned against them by the Neliff mind control.

His drones were scrapped by the damn dark god, and Giffords pulled back the Exorcists before they went to certain death.

Giffords was going to give McMurphy a piece of his mind when he got back to Chooru. But first he was going to make sure that evil goddess and her new Neliff overlords never threatened anyone ever again. He signalled an EEF withdrawl and signalled for the activation of the Detour shields.


Part 9: The DRRT Squad succeeds despite the amateurs

Brooke spat on the ground, she was to be working with filthy walking corpses for this mission, if she wasn’t a professional she would have complained. Ah well, might as well get this done with.

Joining with the Black Heart irregulars for the infiltration, they made their way past Unit 111 Dead locked in deadly battles with Quall and Falosini. Fire and lightning arced through the coordors of the Tomb Factory, answered by the scintillating cutting beams of the enemy’s magi cannons.

Once inside, they made their way down to the Armory.

Brooke created igloos, forming ice into veritable bunkers for the Blackheart forces to fire from while allowing them to exit and move out if needed. Once their cover was created, Brooke began to look around at the smoky armory, looking for the enemy.

Next to her was Slate, the Blackheart operative in charge of setting up the anti-vehicle laser. As Slate charged up the laser, there was movement on the far side of the Armory. Slate pointed, and Brooke looked just in time to see a K’iorn dressed in Dra’koon armor and wearing a Crown of the high king, running from the shadows. In the K’iorn’s hand was a large crystal, and behind him, lumbering from the smoky room was a massive Bestial.

The Bestial carried a ship’s bombard in under one arm, using a match to light it and line it up on the fleeing K’iorn. The Bombard sounded and a cannonball rushed from the weapon. The K’iorn dived into a shadow, and the cannonball struck the wall with a resounding crack. And the room seemed to shake a bit.

Brooke could tell that Bestial should not be allowed to fire that weapon again, it could bring the whole place down on them.

She did a stunning Hydraulic Leap forward slamming into the Bestial with the Sea Kings bombard. Her force carried him down onto the ground. After he had been knocked down she hit him with a Tsunami blast from her armor. The torrent of water that streamed from her outstretched hand blasted the Bestial across the room and his limp wet body came to stop resting against what looked like a bunch of Cambion body parts.

She looked down and saw an Olgog head attached to half a torso with an artificed crystal implanted in its chest. Brooke looked again, and recognized the face. It was Candidate Daron, and it looked like he had been mauled by a Devourer, or blown up by a missile.

Brooke leaned down checking the wounds, thinking it was probably the latter, but as she did she saw the Bestial began to rouse.

She used her Hydraulic Fists to finish the job in removing his consciousness. Once he was out cold she slung his body over her shoulder and pull back to the allied position. She grabbed the body of Candidate Daron. Once safely back at the bunker, she hog tied the Bestial to prevent him from escaping.

She saw Lieutenant Drainfang approach her. The Wintermute vampire could tell that Brooke didn’t like him.

“I have searched this armory, and it is filled with only the dead. Olgogs, Armorfiends and Cambions clashed here. The Olgogs were armed with rockets,” said Drainfang, “My squad has secured them to make sure they are not a threat.”

“The ceiling is ready to cave in, we should move out quickly,” said Brooke, “Did your squad check inside the vault itself?”

Drainfang said, “Not yet. But we are ready to move in when you are.”

Brooke looked over at Slate, who gave a thumbs up, “I got you covered Agent Harrison.”

Brooke shook her head in agreement, and she and Lt. Drainfang crept back through the smoke which she now realized was from bodies burning in the corners of the room.

They reached the Vault door and opened it wide. There was light streaming through the other side. An Illuminated sized hole had been carved through the back wall of the armory. Brooke was about to make chase when she saw the majority of the weapons were still here in the armory. It seemed the Olgog attack had driven off the Pirates before they had been able to take much. Brooke motioned for the Blackheart team to move up, and secure the Vault’s contents for the Earther military. Once they were in their new position she released the first igloo bunker and created a new one protecting their new position.

And it was not a moment too soon, as the magi cannons of Unit 111 began to patter off the bunker.

Bax Gra’Vale grabbed Brooke by the shoulder and held her for a second saying, “The Wintermute team is holding open a shadow to a safe location. We can start removing these items.”

“Do it,” said Agent Brooke, “I’m going to see where this annihilation hole leads.”

Gra’Vale pointed a thumb at Candidate Daron who stood naked but alive, “And him?”

Brooke looked at Daron in confusion and asked, “What are you even doing here without protection Candidate?”

The Candidate reached down and lifted his discarded riot cannon, and despite his lack of clothes he said without any sarcasm,

“I’ll STAND here to help where I can. If I can prevent those who would attack the Colonies from getting ahold of new weapons I will. If I can help those who fight to protect the colonies, I will. We cannot sit back and let others do what we all need to do.”

Brooke just shook her head and replied, “Then please stand behind the Ice Walls, Candidate.”

Brooke left Blackheart Security to its work, and began climbing on all fours up the Illuminated’s hole in the wall. It was tight, and must have been equally so for any Cambions trying to flee with him, of that she was sure.

She finally stepped out into the fresh sea air. Looking around she realized she was near the hastily made docks for the pirate vessels at the base of the Tomb Factory. Most of the ships were in ruins. Nightmares raced across the decks, killing pirates where they stood. She looked to left and saw a trio of figures standing on the deck of a sinking ship.

It was Pirate King T’Shesh, with an Illuminated Gunslinger and a cambion squire at his side. The Pirate king lifted his spear and swiped through the air, ripping an energy bridge to a distant dimension. He stepped through, leaving Refuge behind him.

With T’Shesh and his minions gone, Brooke turned her gaze to the right. She saw a battle ranging on the shores between the Yyan, the Neliff, the Quall and the Falosini. The sky was alight by beams of magi cannons, and the smell in the air made her cringe.

A Yyan was torn apart before her eyes. Its blood boiled from inside, with its limbs were ripped off. While watching the Yyan’s death-throes on the shore, Brooke noticed something far closer. Something not on the shores of New Holys, but here in the wreak of the pirate fleet.

There was an Earther Merc with handfuls of weapons, along with Olgogs with expended launchers on their back carrying loot as well. Brooke recognized the Earther as Burke the Merc and the Olgogs as the Lobbas Gang. She made a mental note to have them added to VLAD’s list of wanted criminals and have a few squads of Hydraulic Knights out to collect them. Or maybe she should could stop them she wondered.

Then she looked up and saw an entire floor of the Tomb Factory explode outward. The structure heaved and shook as damoclese strikes exploded from inside the building. It was about to collapse, killing anyone around it.

Everything slowed for a moment, Brooke looked down the hole she had come from, and saw the igloo bunker had held that part of the structure, using the strong walls of the Armory Vault to its advantage. It might be her only hope.

She dived forward, creating ice in the tunnel and sliding down as rapidly as she could. There was a huge sound like a howl, and darkness.


Part 10: Submarines are tight places

Eli looks at Snowy Touch and Lester with weariness. “Okay, Snow? I’m going to be a big idiot… err I mean big damn hero and bait these guys. I’m going to be doing a lot of running and shooting . You do your leyas stuff from the shadows while they have theirs eyes on me. Les? Sneak around and get a mini sub, boat or whatever nightmarish vehicle you can find to get us out of here. When Remmie is done putting a wrench in the works, call us up and we’ll bail out.”

Eli charged from his hiding spot, a pair of guns at the ready. He stepped into the main corridor that led from one end of the submarine to the other. Grabbing the wheel on the door, he spun it until it opened.

Pushing it forward he sighted a Neliff and an enslaved Cambion. His pistols bucked as both dropped with a bloody hole in their heads. Eli smiled, this was going to be easier than he thought.

Then a pair of slaves charged him, and he put the rest of his ammo into each. When his guns hammers settled on empty chambers, he realized he bit off a bit more than he expected. Two more cambions were dead on the floor, but another came at him and delivered a brutal punch that sent Eli flying up and back across the hall.

Eli holstered a pistol, and held his hat to his head even as he smacked into a pipe and then dropped to the ground. A bruise was spreading across his face, and his hand felt broken in three places. Eli was shakey as he stood up, knowing the Cambion wasn’t going to waste his moment. Eli swung a fist and caught the Cambion under the jaw. The knucks shattered bone and the cambion fell backwards.

In that moment, a wall of ice formed up in front of Eli. Saving him from the pummelling he would have gotten as four more cambions moved up. Eli said a little thank you to Snowy Touch, took a moment to inject himself with a nanite syringe to fix his hand and face and then began reloading his pistols.

The ice wall was cracking, crushing and breaking under the force of the many cambion fists.

Suddenly the vessel began to ascend rapidly, so quickly that Eli wondered if Remmie had done it. It brought a smile to see Remmie step from a shadow nearby.

Eli asked, “This you?”

“Not technically yet,” he said with a quizzical smile, “They are rising up to make an attack. Apparently our allies succeeded in taking out Pelos Hiveking, and Neliff the Orthodox wants to make sure Pelos Hiveking is never a threat to them again. So they are launching on the Tomb Factory of Holys.”

“So then why are you smiling?” asked Eli incredulous.

“I shorted out the launch doors. They won’t be able to fire, the safety systems will stop them,” said Remmie grinning wider, “And I called Lurtor on commcrystal. Once we reach the surface, he said we will have a DRRT pickup coming.”

Eli started to smile, “Now we just need a way out of the sub once we reach the surface.”

Like magic, Eli’s radio clicked on and he heard Lester Colt’s voice, “Hey Mayor McGraw, I found a way out. There is a lifepod they can launch from their torpedo tubes. But we have to move fast, I think the Neliff figured out I am here.”

Eli smiled, “Luck is on our side.”

The cambions broke through the ice wall and were met by the sound of Eli’s bucking pistols and by the flashing blade of Remmie’s halberd.


Part 11: In the Vault of the Armory

Bax Gra’Vale lit his torch for a moment, taking a long look at Candidate Daron, Agent Brook, and the rest of his squad.

“The Vamps got out during the explosion, but we lost contact when the roof caved in,” said Bax, “We have limited air in here. But if we are lucky we should be able to get a signal out to Moose to plan a rescue.”

Agent Brooke spat, “It was a Damoclese strike from inside the building. That means the EEF gave up on us. I don’t know how we are alive.”

From the shadows stepped a weary looking Lt. Drainfang, “The pressure wave from the Damoclese strike killed some, falling material killed others. But I restored you with my own lifeforce. Or at least I restored Bax and his medic, and they restored the rest of you.”

Candidate Daron had a new respect for the Wintermute soldiers. He knew the vampire could have abandoned them during the collapse and fled, but had stayed to help them finish their mission.

Now they were here, trapped in the dark and the cold. Tired and without much food beyond their emergency rations. A six hour mission quickly dragged into a day as they struggled to send a signal up through the tomb factory rubble above them.

One was able to purify the air using the Leyas, so they could breathe. Brooke could keep them all hydrated by creating water using the Leyas. But food…food would run out sooner than they hoped.

Part 12: How the hatred of Khered the K’ias reignighted the Quall-Falosini War

Khered was feeling rather good.

Over the course of the last few months when he had dumped Rogarth back on his leaky boat he had enjoyed hunting down the Primal Decended. Hunting evil was so much easier when the evil of their hearts was on display on the outside as well. Hunting Kias down would have been better but Khered had learned centuries ago that there were so few Kias left that he would have to make due with lesser evils.

However he needed to take a break from lesser evils, for he had learned of a far greater threat to everything.

The Falosini had allied themselves with the Quall N Drone! This was a horrible turn of events, naturally the Falosini were goodly beings but the Quall were foul to the core. Countless innocents had fallen to the flame and horn of these beasts.

Khered had even heard that one Hive had created a way to transfer the horn of their Queen into multiple spears allowing them to infect poor victims anytime and anywhere! The thought made him shudder, truly was their no end to their depravity? This had to stop no matter the cost.

Khered hurried a message back to the Arie of the Tsogari and requested members of his personal pack to come south to aid him in stopping the possible corruption of the Falosini. In no way would he allow the Quall to corrupt one of the shining beacons of hope in this dimension.

The group was small, but six Tsogari personally trained by Khered would join him at the battle. Khered would approach the lead Falosini, The Sovereign Ceroj and bow respectfully "My humblest greetings to you my Lord. I am Khered and I have been dispatched from the Arie of the Tsogari with my brothers to aid you in your mission. While we are few in number the fight against evil is the entire reason for our existence and I guarantee that we shall each fight like ten men. I have personally trained my pack to be expert hand to hand fighters and their claws will rend any flesh or armor. We shall aid you in your fight and make sure that no harm comes to your esteemed self.

Our forces learned much from the Border Wars of years past. We can create ice golems in the shape of Tsoga which will rip the throats out of the living enemies, while tearing the undead into pieces. They shall be sent in first to draw the enemy’s fire and drag them down allowing my pack to tear them asunder. We shall be honored if you will have us."

Grash’tah the Ambassador met with Khered and allowed his Tsogari to join them on the battlefield against the Neliff and the Yyan, a decision he would know would become a mistake for ages after the battle.

During the battle Khered and his personal Pack began to help members of the Falosini army while ignoring any Quall in danger. They helped pushed back the armored and cannon bearing Yyan Empire forces, all controlled by Neliff the Orthodox. At the beginning of the battle, the Yyan pushed forward with force, trying to kill Quall and Falosini over all other tasks. Many defenders were crisped by giant magi cannons, and some Quall returned the favor by incinerating the Yyan.

The giant Tsogari Statues fired off ice shards that tore through Neliff and their slaves.
But Khered had a darker goal.

He snuck away at the height of battle and made his way to where Ceroj and the three Quall Queens stood guard. He took the form of a Falosini and clawed his way through two Queens and took the head of the third before the Ceroj’s guards drove him off.

He returned to his Tsogari expecting a heroes welcome, bearing the head of Queen Rahrox as a trophy.

Back in the Aerie of the Tsoga, Khered found himself summoned before Half-Ear the leader of the Tsogari. She demanded he explain himself, how could he pull the Tsogari into a battle against the Falosini?

Khered said , “I wish there was a better way of ending the Alliance but I know that they are blinded by their fear of Holys, so direct action is needed. Evil must be punished even when it pretends to be on the side of good.”

Half-Ear roared, “What Alliances the Tsogari support is my choice to make, not yours Khered. You think I do not know of your K’ias among us? I have allowed them to stay out of love of our greater mission. But this horror…this horror cannot go unpunished. Peace… a greater peace could have been achieved. Instead the Quall will return to their warlike ways…

Your actions have shown you as great a threat to the side of good as any Quall. You betrayed the alliances of the Falosini and caused the death of allies. This cannot be allowed.”

Khered said, “How dare you?”

“How dare I? Allow me to repeat your own words upon you, Khered. Evil must be punished even when it pretends to be on the side of good,” said Half Ear, motioning towards the door.

It opened and from it entered the rest of the Inner Pack that ruled the Tsogari. And with them came a capture squad from the Ataru Asylum.

Khered didn’t wait for the words that followed. He leapt from the Aerie turning into a grand Wroc and flying towards freedom and the south.

He could not believe the betrayal…and realized his only remaining friend was Rogarth…probably still waiting on the leaking boat.


Part 13: A week later

The shadowy airship floated above the shattered ruins of a massive towering structure. The coastline nearby was scarred and ripped by weaponsfire and carnage. Only the lights of New Holys remained whole, though it was surrounded by the carnage of the ancient ruins of the Sea Kings on one side and the new Ruins of the Battle of Holys of 2220 on its other side.

Above new Holys hung the fleet of Ceroj claiming the entire region as his own.

One of the Bruskti dropped down from their own airship, then another and another. They walked across the wreakage careful not to disturb the strange sets of semi-living nightmare flesh that wove their way through the building.

The boldest dropped down into the depths of a hole, and began rifling through the corpse of an Undead from Unit 111. She lifted a prized Magi cannon from the remains and was about to whoop with joy, when she saw something unsettling. The legs of the corpse were being surgically pulled apart. Sinew and bone was added to the structure that was already beginning to rebuild itself.
She leapt back up, and motioned to her friends to see it. They whispered amongst themselves and moved on to scour the next body.

Then they saw a section of rubble melt inward and the get blasted apart. From the hole stumbled Candidate Daron, Agent Brooke, Lt. Drainfang, and the Blackheart Security Squad. They all looked gaunt and sickly, and were desperate to trade for food.


Part 14: The Ascended leave for Les’tas’tral, two weeks later

Azrael, Berototh, Kincaid, Uriel and Yvhv watched as the Ascended Assembly said good bye to each other for one last time in this timeline. Hundreds of Ascended beings had elected to remove themselves to the Prisons of Light on Les’tas’tral, so that the Balance might reset itself.

Many of the Quall Queens refused to go, and the same was true of the Falosini Sovereigns. But most other ascended decided to leave the Falosini Quall War behind them.

Azrael said in his hollow voice, “It is amazing how close we came to a lasting peace this time…”

Berototh said, “I know my brother, but we lost Ceroj to the descended in the process and didn’t even achieve that peace.”

Azrael said with a snarl, “Because of the K’ias.”

“Yes, as you say, it was the K’ias Khered who betrayed the peace and turned Falosini on Quall once again,” said Berototh sadly.

“I am going to reinstate the extermination order among my Uthvelor and Pelebor,” said Azrael sternly, “Any K’ias they find will be killed and turned into a tool for good instead.”

Berototh nodded, “I will tell the WarCouncil the same. I am so heartbroken by the actions of the mortals.”

As Azrael and Berototh spoke of the horrifying actions of mortals, Kincaid, the only olgog ascended to be chosen to remain on Refuge thought back to the day that had forced all their hands.

Two weeks previous

Kincaid was getting ready to fly jump on a young pilots final exam to join the ranks of the Inris 4’s planetary defense force. The pilot had to maintain near top speed through a treacherous and tight canyon run. The pilot scared but ready had prayed for someone to look over him and was perplexed to find out the normal grader had been replaced by a grader unknown to his training wing. As the approached the dinged up training gun pod Kincaid felt a huge disturbance. An ascended or descended was interfering with events in a severe manner. He quickly excused himself, made up an excuse to CO about an illness and vanished once he stepped into an unoccupied bathroom. He would miss the adrenaline pumping flight.

Kincaid arrived above the Tomb Factory of Holys in an instant. It stood tall and proud, and was ringed by magi cannons firing up at the Falosini and Baribur who flocked above it. The sky was full of airships.

But the disturbance was below him, he sensed the power of Uriel churning up a nightmare army from the depths that was attacking and killing pirates. Kincaid couldn’t believe he was doing this. Uriel was launching an assault against the pirates. If warmonger and the ancient evils were still on this plane of existence such an attack would have given them the ability to take as brazen an action.

The pirates would likely use the toys they stole to terrorize every civilization within a day of the coast however that was a mortal problem. Mortals with mortal toys they planned to use on other mortals should not have to fight gods. He hated having to help the pirates but how would Ceroj and the Quall Queens react if they saw this attack went without balancing counter acts? Would they begin to micro manage their affairs via drastic divine intervention?

Kincaid pulled in a storm to hide the pirates and favorable currents to try and save them. But the Pirates could not fight Quall, Falosini and a Nightmare army. Many died on that die in the bellies of nightmares. And Kincaid felt sick to his stomach.

The storm began to create rough currents underwater. Some of which cause the enormous fishing trawler the “Many-A-Night” to shift. The ship was lost when the colonies were young, a bloated behmouth capable of casting nets over acres of water and scoop up everything that swims. The ships hull cracked and the huge nets in its hold were pulled out by the tide. The nets caught in a thermal baffles and carried by the currents.

While the nightmares savaged the Pirates, their bodyparts were coincidentally caught up by the netting.

When the entire Tomb Factory exploded, Kincaid knew things had gone fully off the rails. None of the Ascended would have risked rupturing Holys with such an attack. The net carrying the pirate corpses ripped away in the explosion and drifted far along the coastline where it would be found by King T’Shesh’s scounts. Another coincidence that might avert a crisis.

Kincaid flew down to check the wreakage and found a horrifying sight.

In the deepest depths below the isle of Holys was the original armored Vault that had held him for so long, and in it Kincaid witnessed the door being forced closed by the collapsing factory. Inside the vault Holys was trapped, and with him were Fenix and Mayun, Ayonn and Waynox. Within moments of the explosion, Holys had turned the tables on his captors. A few quick cuts and he had severed the tendons of those who thought themselves his jailors.

Holys looked up and saw the ascended form of Kincaid floating there.

“No fear Ascended Being, you have all won. I am imprisoned. Allow me these toys to bide my time for the next ten thousand years until I am released once again. I do not seek freedom before that point.”

Looking at the vault that now trapped both the two Quall, the two Falosini and the ancient K’ias scientist together, Kincaid could see short of outside intervention there was no way out. Even as the Tomb factory began to repair itself, this floor would remain sealed away by stone and rubble. Holys had given up. And Kincaid had not way of saving the Quall and Falosini, before Holys made them beyond rescue.

Leaving Holys and his alleged jailers, Kincaid drifted back up to the surface and confronted Uriel.

Kincaid appeared next to Uriel, in his Valkyrie armor. Wisps of storm clouds circled him originating from a poorly healed scar on his side. “Uriel, I seem to remember the ascended not interfering when mortals employed weapons like Daemonbanes’s Blade. What could those pirates possibly have that justifies spiteful wrath from above?”

Before Uriel could answer, there was a sound like a thunder clap, and both wondered if another damoclese had gone off. But no it was Ceroj, flying towards them bearing a sword that glowed with the soul of a K’ias. The blade bled annihilation and its swiped nearly killed both Kincaid and Uriel and the pair fled from before Ceroj’s madness.

They could hear him roar, “The Ascended attack mortals now? Maybe you were behind the slaying of our allies?”

Kincaid said, “Naye I killed no one on this battlefield, I simply sought to balance the actions of my fellow ascended being in unleashing the Nightmares.”

Ceroj looked with deep prejudice upon Uriel, “Among my armies a creature as broken as you would have been destroyed long before reaching ascention. Maybe the universe made a mistake. I could cure that mistake right now.”

Ceroj flew at Uriel with his sword drawn. Uriel tried to dive to the side but the blade bit deep and he stumbled.

Uriel said, “Despite my appearance, we are on the same side. We are both trying to stop the Sea Kings from amassing weapons.”

Ceroj stopped before delivering a death blow, “If it was not you nightmare spawn, tell me. Who slayed the queens?”

Uriel knew as an ascended being, and knew that if Ceroj did not he had become something descended since his fall.

Seeing it had bought Uriel a moment, Kincaid stepped in using his spear like a shield to push Ceroj’s hilt back.

“Stay your blade Ceroj, it was a K’ias who betrayed you.”

“A K’ias was it L’gani?” asked Ceroj confused, but backing away giving Kincaid time to regenerate Uriel’s form.

“No you know full well L’gani is still being tortured by your own Interrogator,” said Kincaid, backing both himself and Uriel away.

They could see the power of Warmonger coiled around Ceroj. He was the new Warmonger in his way, and his sword would seek the blood of more and more until he thought all his enemies were defeated.

“Then all K’ias will suffer,” said Ceroj.

“You cannot, the Peace of Falos protects them now,” said Kincaid.

“The 2nd Peace of Falos is a lie. Only the first peace binds my blade. Let the Quall who turn on my Falosini die were they stand, then we will find this murderous treacherous k’ias and make him suffer. And after that the Neliff will be exterminated,” said Ceroj, “Falos is dead and his peace died with him.”

He turned back towards the battle, and began leading his Falosini in earnest against both Quall and Neliff and Yyan. The organized successful battle turned into chaos, and countless unnecessary Quall and Falosini died on that day.

Kincaid and Uriel watched what was wrought by Ceroj on that day, and both felt a bit sad for the world.

When night fell, not a single Neliff, Yyan or Quall remained on that beach. Between Ceroj and the undead of Wintermute, the Neliff were all slain, the Yyan driven back to the mountains. But the Quall had been allied to both Wintermute and Ceroj up until that moment, and the Wintermute soldiers wisely retreated from the battle when Falosini and Quall fell upon each.



Kincaid wondered if it had been the choice of Uriel that had allowed Ceroj to become the next Warmonger. Then again he knew Ceroj was on that path already.

But he knew that the descended were beginning to amass power in many nations. They were mortals, but sought to become the next greater evils. And the thought frightened Kincaid greatly.

Kincaid said, “Great Falosini Sovereigns, what are we going to do about Ceroj? And his armies of Children of the Falosini.”

“I have spoken with Mt. Vir and with the WarCouncil of S’vana,” said Berototh, “They know the words of Ceroj are not to be followed. But before I could do so Ceroj has gathered many Children of the Falosini armies from across the distant shores.”

Azrael said, “The close minded red cloak has proudly donned the role of a new Warmonger. And if he slays and consumes enough Descended with his sword, he might well become the Warmonger of old.”

“Even now the Sylvan armies gather at I’tash to discuss what to do about the growing Refuge problem.”

Kincaid grew worried, and Uriel wondered again if Lurtor’s Gorguldol was the cure for the balance…

Abel Dragonsbane, known as the Bladed Sun, approached them.

“I leave now for Les’tas’tral my friends. I hope I leave Refuge in your capable hands.”


Part 15: Sir Durandel Bankrupts Absalom and Hebron

On the day of the battle

Paladin Captain Durandal had not been apart of any planning with any of the groups taking part of this battle. That means any attempt to join the battle would be extremely dangerous. So his cavalry force of one thousand knights and fifty Red Bishops would maintain a defensive posture on the outskirts of the battle while the one hundred Inquisitors created a Facade hiding their presence from the armies. Any attempt of the Warmonger’s Dead, Pirates, Neliff, or Yyan to flee the area would be intercepted and put down. He hoped that these Jammers worked, Durandal had spent a huge amount of his personal wealth to purchase them, he was almost destitute after the amount of Ghaz he spent. In fact buying on thousand jammers had required him to sign an inordinate amount of paperwork, many of which required his signature as part of the Absalom and Hebron governments. But he knew he had to be a part of this battle so he signed every paper they brought out.

Turning to the man next to him he laughed “You think we should have actually talked to the Falosini or EEF forces down there to coordinate our movements?”

The other man laughed, “Yeah that would have been smart, but since when has Sanches Giantsbane done the smart thing? Getting blown up while fighting the Giants invading Absolom wasn’t brilliant either”
Durandal chuckled, “Didn’t you die in that battle?”
Sanches cracked a grin, it is a new world, now that we are out of he thumb of the Church, death is transitory after all. Plus when there are giants to kill, the Giantsbane can never truly fall."

They unleashed missles and rockets into the Yyan forces and Sanches yelled with joy as he pulped the head of an especially large Yyan. The battle was glorious.

When he returned to Abasalom and Hebron Paladin Captain Durandal was tossed into jail by the colonial authority while Lord Grimaldus tried to account for the tens of thousands of ghaz now missing from the Absalom and Hebron treasury. It was a crisis of profound proportions.

Lord Grimaldus was flabbergasted. The coffers of the colonies were now empty. While they had a force able to hunt Neliff, they couldn’t pay colonial bills or debts. Creditors in Dunesphere and in the City of the Gods were already sending letters to Lord Grimaldus himself.

The bankrupting of Absalom and Hebron killed Lord Grimaldus’ last chance at the Colony General. The papers ran with stories of rogue knights emptying the treasury.


Part 16: Someone remembered the mission?

Moose sat in his office at the Darkside base. Across from him sat the representative from Fort Lendill.

Moose said, “Please thank the Marauders for their excellent work. They focused on the recovery of Nazain while most of our DRRT squad focused on the armory. Please extend my apologies that the Neliff got to VLAD agent Candy and turned her on your men when you tried to take the Factory Floor.”

The Marauder said, “Sir, Ar’goon Blazefist asked me to ask you something. Why did your DRRT team members go to the armory?

“Blackheart Security was worried its tech would get shut down by the Undead in the Tomb Factory, so they went in through the Armory. Seems they got trapped down there after the Damoclese stikes went off.”

The Marauder said, “We regret we did not capture Nezain. He escaped with Candy when she teleported away with the Neliff.”

“I am sorry you nearly lost a few men to that unexpected Damoclese strike,” said Moose.

The Marauder let the silence persist and said “So was the operation a success?”

Moose said, “Holys is reimprisoned. Pelos Hiveking has been destroyed according to the Iron Republic. The Neliff have been mostly wiped out. It was a success in many ways. The DRRT team did recover a treasure trove of artificed weapons and relics for us to outfit our officers. That was a win.
But I will admit being disappointed. I am going to report to EEF High Command that the DRRT has been a failure overall. We couldn’t prevent Ryuk from kidnapping Candidate Roren. We failed in extracting Nezain from the Tomb Factory.

I am going to turn in my badge and my gun, and hang up my spurs again.”

There was a commcrystal beeping, and Moose lifted it and listened for a moment. A smile extended from ear to ear.

“Good news?” asked the Marauders.

“It was Lurtor reporting on DRRT squadmembers. They succeeded in stopping a Neliff attack on Chooru using a Missile Sub. Lurtor said Remmie and Eli even called it in, so we have recovered the Submarine too.”

The Marauder smiled too, “I would say you might want to reconsider retiring.”



Volphis Starfalcon felt triumphant. Working behind the scenes as his adopted father had taught him, Volphis had manipulated every faction until his enemies lay defeated.

He had manipulated the Quall and Falosini into destroying the Neliff. He had manipulated the heroes of Refuge into destroying the Warmonger once and for all, at great cost to themselves and no cost to him. He had manipulated the Phantoms and the VLAD agency into taking each other out. He had even manipulated Death and Maverick into working together to take down Holys and the Hivelord throughout time. And all the while he manipulated Claude Vysen and his apprentice Nigel into taking out Holys and the Hivelord in this temporality.

Volphis wished General Tharr could have witnesses his machinations. He wished the old Krato would have been proud. None of these successes could bring Tharr back from the dead. Above all else, his adopted father had made him promise never to do that. And he had obeyed that request.

But that did not stop Volphis from wanting to punish everyone and everything that was an enemy of his father. The Quall, the Falosini, the Neliff, the Warmonger Cult, the VLAD agency, the Phantoms and the EEF all had to suffer.

But greatest of all was his final target. The Akalus Ha’ku, the Legionnaire known as Yohai. The Uthvelor warrior who had delivered the deathblow to his adopted father. Volphis had studied Yohai.

Yohai lived on a floating fortress, one dating back to the K’ias Wars. Yohai had an army of undead K’ias spirits that he could call upon to kill his enemies. And Yohai bore a living sword that could slice through reality and dimensions itself.

Volphis knew he couldn’t just teleport onto Yohai’s flying castle and try to kill him. He needed way more of a force. He needed a battle of epic proportions to distract his foe, one where the very fate of the Northern Kingdoms was in the balance. A battle large enough to draw the entire undead Sylvan military, and give him access to a weapon that his adopted father had told him stories of. The Siurcut’n Keyaba, the tool to control every living sylvan and undead sylvan and turn them into his own weapon.

And once Volphis activated it, he would have every piece in position. Yohai’s fortress under attack by both Morte and Boriel’s forces, and then unleashing the whole Sylvan armed forces on Yohai’s keep.

Maverick walked into the rooms they had been sharing while operating on Refuge.

He saw the young k’iorn brooding. Volphis reminded Maverick so much of Armenius in these moments. Both young men, despite being wildly different species, always had the same look on their face like they were struggling with some huge insurmountable puzzle.

Maverick tried to get Volphis to smile by saying, “I think we fixed the timeline. I’ve been able to time shred back and forth without a problem. All it took was uniting the Quall and the Falosini against Holys and the Hivelord right? No prob for heroes like us?”

Volphis’ eyes brightened at the “heroes like us” comment, and there was a twinkle when he said, “It is true. We did pretty good considering we didn’t personally have to get our hands dirty. But we have one more task, if we want to end the threat once and for all.”

Maverick said, “Okay, I’ll bite. What is that?”

“The Grand Magi Elijah Morte and the rebel Lord Boriel will be meeting in combat in the next few days. The Sylvan will be sending a few warships to help, and onboard one of those warships is the newly crowned Empress Iessa.

The last experiment of Holys, a being called Neliff the Timeless will be heading to that battle site. If Neliff the Timeless can hack the Sylvan Empress, he will have an incredibly dangerous force on his side. We are talking millions of undead soldiers armed with high powered energy weapons and a fleet of over a thousand warships.”

Maverick smiled, it almost felt like he was back adventuring with his deceased son, “No problem. We get there first, save the Sylvan Empress, kill Neliff the Timeless. Last of the loose ends wrapped up nicely.”

Volphis smiled sweetly at Maverick, “Thank you for helping me tie this last loose end up, Maverick. Working with you has really been a surprising pleasure.”

Maverick blushed a little, “Should we grab Death? He would probably enjoy killing anything that calls itself Neliff the Timeless.”

“I already alerted him. He is busy assembling a team to enter the lair of the Phantoms and see if he can rescue and restore Lord Roan to power over his Phantoms,” said Volphis very quickly, “Plus do we really want the IR’s best assassin anywhere near the Sylvan Empress?”

Maverick smiled, “You are right, my boy, you are right. Let’s get our gear packed, next stop the Ruins of Morgoth.”

Volphis watched until Maverick walked away. Then he looked down at the crystalline key he had smuggled from the Armory with a malicious smile.



DRRT team Squad Members get special rewards for working as a team

Herald of Wintermute: Lieutant Drainfang (or one of the thralls on the mission) gains The Tooth of Rawn. This one handed sword does 2d8 Melee dmg and an additional +4 Vampiric dmg and +4 Chill dmg on every strike. If used to slay a greater vampire or true vampire, it will allow Drainfang to go from Thrall to Master Vampire. Once he becomes a Master Vampire, he will be able to drain blood from other vampires using this sword.

Blackheart Security: the team gains The Fist of Golnast. This artificed cannon counts as man-portable artillery and does 2d10 Melee dmg + 2d10 Energy dmg to one structure or vehicle, Cone attack.
If fired at an individual it does Will x 4 cone attack.

Agent Brooke: Brooke gains the Gloves of K’or. These Mak hoblok hide gloves can be worn in any setting without raising suspicion. They are artificed with Obscure at 8 successes. These Gloves will allow Brooke to strike doing Strength x2 dmg, as a result she can combine them with her Hydraulic Knight special trainings. These gloves additionally banish at 6 successes on every strike and Shield break at 4 successes on every strike. These two latter abilities (banish and shield break) can be stacked with her hydraulic armor.

Fort Lendill gains Marauders gains access to DRRT clearance. All Maurauders on this mission get a new patch artificed with obscure at 8 successed from Darkside base.

Eli and Remmie get special rewards for working as a team

Eli McGraw gains DRRT laser designator: This one per adventure weapon can be used to “paint” a target to be bombarded by Submarine launched missiles. Target takes 150 Energy dmg, City Effect (+15 dodge T#).

Remmie gains DRRT Flares: This one per adventure grenade can call in an air dropped Smugglers Rig (see Northern Kingdoms Guide). This rig will have an immutable driver (FS 5). It will be returned to DRRT at the end of the mission.

All Players who took part in this mission gain 10 Points to be used as standard for ingame character upgrading. Skills x2 cost, Leyas x3 cost. Cannot be used to learn new Leyas types or Special Trainings.

Any Players who posted a random unplanned massive attack without consulting any potential teammates have obviously missed the point of DR2220+ and do not get any additional rewards for putting their allies in their own lines of sight.

There will be one last two week period of planning before the finale missions. Work as a team, or watch your enemies march over all you have built.