DR2220 Mission 3 Report: The Riots in the Dreaming City of Ithamar


Prologue: How the Northern Kingdoms manipulated an Election

When Remmie had met Lurtor at Jemison Post, he was there because the warmonger’s host was heading there. He was going to help destroy the Warmonger and his host. He assisted in the defense of Jemison Post, but never made it to where the warmonger was annihilated. Grim, Lurtor and the Old Colony general did what others could not before and earned his respect. Now after many events, he found himself assisting Lurtor. At least this was hopefully protecting others. But man did he hate having to deal with politics so much, even if it was just listening to politicians speak.

To start, Remmie and Gavin traveled to Ithamar as early as they could. Using Gavin’s connections, they made it past EEF passport control that had been setup outside the city in relation to the political rallies.
Little did they know that the I’tashi Loyalists were not the only ones to arrive in the colonies from the Northern Kingdoms.


Part 1: The Speeches in Ithamar

The plan was to travel to Ithamar via Buchend. And after Ithamar to go to the other nearby towns. Daron would depend on the Lucky Fate Squad for his added security.

But first some time at Buchend

Dressed in his stretchy loosing fitting cloths and black Trench coat with his death stone axe on his back and his cannon on his side Both attached to belts incase he shifted… Walks to his place in front of the Crowd.

Daron says to them “Thank you for coming. I am here to STAND with you, STAND with Refuge. I’m hear to listen to what is needed. Find out what is needed. Learn about those I can meet.

I’ve heard there is a Dance Hall here, and I hope I get to see it. But first.

I use the word stand because it means something. And the first part is what brings me here today because of what I heard. The S stands for security. Security is the key to everything, raising a family, building a business, trade. And we need a better way that these issues up to those who can help. Too often too much is lost before help arrives. We need a way where anyone can report a concern across the colonies so either the EEF or the colony itself can rectify the issue. We need to bring help to those in need quickly and efficiently.

I’m told there is an issue with Hydra attacks? I would be interested to see and check out things while I’m here on my way to Ithamar. Hopefully I will be able to bring more light to this issue and maybe help out myself while I’m here.”

Daron spent the day out in the swamp fighting hard against hydras for hours. When they said they had a Hydra problem they weren’t kidding. He spend the entire day fighting and only cleared out a single hydra nest. He estimated another twenty nests still in the nearby marshes.

When he arrived at Ithamar he was still tired, and barely had enough time to bathe and get the swamp muck out of his fur before going onstage for his speech. Standing there before the people of Ithamar he instantly regretted stepping into a double speech with a battle in between. His body ached and his voice hurt as he began.

“Thank you for coming. I am here to STAND with you, STAND with Refuge. I’ve spent a long time figuring out what I STAND for. What can I do as Colony General and why should everyone vote for me.

STAND - Security, Trade, Access, Nation, and Determination. STAND. Let me explain my plan.

Security is the key to everything, raising a family, building a business, trade. And we need a better way that these issues up to those who can help. Too often too much is lost before help arrives. We need a way where anyone can report a concern across the colonies so either the EEF or the colony itself can rectify the need as quickly as possible. We need to bring help to those in need quickly and efficiently. This should be throughout the colonies so everyone knows how to get help. This is a huge goal, but it is achievable.

Trade. Trade is how we make our livings. Whether we trade in goods or skills. We need to expand and make it easier to trade across the colonies. Bring in the Provincial Colonies as full colonies. This will bring in more trade and give more areas for you to trade with.

Access. Access can be security, education, or location. If someone corrupt is crushing a small town, everyone should have access to report this. Education. If there was a way to save a farmer’s crops, those farmers and those who buy the farms food would all benefit. The farmer would have more crops and with more supply food maybe a bit cheaper overall. A win for both. And Access to Trade and travel. Race should not matter for you to have security and opportunities.

Nation. Do not discount this too quickly. Refuge is a place of where if enough believe in something and focus their desire for something, it can happen. We of the Colonies already share a military that protects us. We already work together in many cases for a common purpose. Colonies can still keep individuality. Though by realizing we work together and continue to work together for the common good, we could do much more to help each other.
We are all in this together.

Each of these, Security, Trade, Access, Nation will make us Safer and more prosperous. But there is one more thing we need.

Determination. Determination to see this through. Determination to get change for the better. I will continue to work for the improvements I talk about. Determination will be needed to get those afraid of another to work together. To get change, you will need to try and try and try again. If this was easy it would be done now. I won’t give up until on trying to help those I’m asking to serve and protect.

I ask for you to stand with me even as those who are afraid or seek their own power try to undermine or skew our message.

STAND with me and I’ll STAND with you. Whether an Earther, Olgog, Uth, Bastard, or any of the Children of the Falosini, we should all STAND together. STAND for the Colonies and STAND for Refuge.

Thank you.”

He finished his speech and shuffled off the stage. He made it as far as backstage, where he literally fell into Hekeriki’s hands. She had been right at stage left operating one of the many cameras onsight. Dressed in a white suit, with a pink backpack.

At first she was worried Daron had been injured or poisoned, but a quick check of his vitals, and his exuberant snore let her know he had just pushed himself way too hard within a twenty-four hour period. She created a white unicorn, and tossed Daron over its back.

Hekeriki had her squadmembers, Fonzie and crew, bring Daron back to his rooms and put him to bed and stand guard over him.

Hekeriki noticed there was a young Earther standing next to the security. The security officers had their pistols out and pointed at a tall Mummy-like undead with a dirty top hat, while the young man with the nametag Johnny D, was exposing what looked like chimera breath weapon glands embedded in the mummy’s neck. The security led the mummy fellow off site, while Johnny D went back to checking people on line.

Hekeriki was looking out at the crowd, she had sworn she had seen someone hurling a fish, but it had been intercepted by a big burly brezan who was dressed like security.

When it was Captain Oliver’s turn, after Candidate Daron, the former KGM officer would step up proudly. Waving to the crowd he would fly an EEF Flag before reverently placing it in a stand.

After he placed it, he was struck by a rotting fish hurled by one of the crowd members. Oliver could not help but note there were three men in retro pinstripe suits of the style common to the 99s in the area where the fish had come from. He wiped away the rotting fish, but it clung to him, making what should have been a triumphant speech be one of constant upset.

Captain Oliver began, "Good Evening, people of Ithamar. You know, you have to trust the people of a Colony like Ithamar. They live all day, every day under constant threat of annihilation. A threat of annihilation every day all day. In fact some of you folks are living an undead life because of those very annihilation mines throughout this beautiful city.

I have no fear standing here in Ithamar. You see Ithamar represents the very existential threat every colony faces. Whether its the Northern Kingdoms and their technomancy, or the Kasanthians and their nightmare slaves. If its Doomwyrms, or Sea Kings, or the Iron Republic invading from above. They all represent the daily fear and threat that you all experience EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The rest of the Colonies needs to learn from Ithamar. We all need to hone our resilience. It is hard work to do right, and harder work to do well.

The Other Candidates are simply not ready to face that danger.

Some like Jeremiah Strykker and Arnold Grimaldus can make hard decisions, yes, but their past decisions have always been over kill. They will nuke those who would be our allies. And they will alienate our friends. Why do you think it is even after WE COLONISTS spilled our blood to liberate the I’tashis they still do not trust us? Why do you think it is the Southern Lands are still in conflict?

Some like Candidate Wengyr and Candidate Yildor are zealots hidden in plain site. They will sell out those among you they disagree with. They will purge you. They will kill your children if they disagree with these candidates. Do NOT trust them.

Then there are others like Candidate Daron. What can I say about Candidate Daron, except he is not a colonist and never has been. He never lived in the colonies for a long period. He is a tourist, who sees the Colony as a bauble to be taken. Don’t let an unknown person like him divert this prestigious role of Colony General into the hands of someone who…is…not…a…colonist.

There will be others who say they should be Colony General. BUT I SAY NO. And you should too.

Vote for the only Colony General who will support the rights of All walks of life, All Philosophies. I will even go a step further and say that if I am voted Colony General I will support the full rights of any sentient being in the Provisional Colonies to be recognized as a citizen. While the current colonies may continue to rule themselves as they see fit. I will ask that any Provisional Colony that is recognized as a full colony can even give citizenship to citizens who may lack lifeforce but still have sentience like many of the undead here in Ithamar.

Imagine a day when you could move down to sunny Zh’Ka’al or the United Tribal Lands and have the full rights of a citizen! That is my promise to you people of Ithamar.


And my promise to the colonies is even greater. I will offer up a Clone to every colonist. Yes you heard me right. If you die when I am colony general, I will personally pay to have a clone of you done up for your family so that they need never suffer.

The promise that no one in the colonies Immutable OR Leyas User ever need fear death again!"

Right as some in the audience were going to cheer a metal baseball bat came flying out of the crowd from that same trio of 99s. The baseball bat slammed into Oliver’s face, sending the Captain going down with blood streaming from his mouth.

Oliver seethed, but got no relief, as the Scarab gangers who were supposed to be working the crowd were no where to be seen.


Part 2: A Few Hours Earlier…at the Secret base of Maud the Blade

Buffy walked into Maud the Blade’s place. She’d stated who she is and gave 'em a photo of her at a party throwing up on Lord Andriani XVI in Ithamar. Before the guards refused her entry, have the bright idea to kill or capture her she said,"Look there’s an EEF and probable a bunch other numb-nuts that are going to raid you. Stop you, whatever.

Got little artifact in my mouth that I can activate that will blow my head up, totally for real, so I can get rezed someplace else. Take to me to Maud so I can work something out for you, like, please. Thank you."

The trio of Undead Grave Spawn who worked security didn’t know any better so they took Buffy deep below an abandoned Church of One Cathedral in the shadows of the walls of Ithamar. She found herself deep below the Cathedral in the old catacombs, where she found an audience chamber filled with Uth and Pelebor and Vlahadassi drinking and having orgies.

On a grand marble slab, Maud the Blade was doing a bit of artistic surgery on a strapped down 99s ganger. She had left on his suit pants, but took off his shirt. She had carved open his chest, and was currently adding something rather metallic and unsightly into the space she had just carved from under his right lung.

“Hello Maud, going to keep this quick. I’m Buffy McGraw-Strykker. Yes, that crazy one. Everyone knows you’re coming with your gang. Counter suggestion: Work with me,” Buffy will spit out quickly.

She waited for Maud the Blade response and listened politely.

Maud looked up and scrunched up her brow. Maud could feel the voice of another Uthvelor reaching out for her. It was the most dangerous Akalus Yohai, and she could feel his voice in her mind. Questioning her, ordering her back from her plans. How the hell had the Akalus learned about her? Maud wondered. She telepathically promised the Akalus she would harm no innocents.

It looked like she was experiencing the beginning of the feeling an emotion of panic or confusion, and she lopped Buffy’s head off her shoulders as the Uthvelor curse took over.

Maud began panicking again when the curse passed, “Oh shit, oh shit, I just killed the EEF Field Marshall’s sister I am in such fucking trouble. What am I going to do? What am I going to do?”

One of her undead shuffled over and offered a box filled with old Earther medical tech. Maud pulled out a nanite syringe and placed Buffy in a nice chair next to the marble slab. She then popped Buffy with the nanite syringe. As Buffy resurrected, Maud said, “Well Ms. McGraw-Strykker, I would be very pleased to hear what you have to say. I have no interest in pissing off the EEF. My aim is much lower, straight on at Yildor Roren and his 99s Syndicate.”

Buffy brought out a photo album and opened it. “This is my honeymoon photos. Totally a special time. This my man Eli. Isn’t he a looker? This my suite where a bunch 99ers came to cause problems. Lot’s of bodies. Problems. Like the time they help sell me into slavery. Not cool. Like the time he, he ruin my f’en prom. Just so you know, Maud, I call first dibs Yildor Roren’s balls.”

“I don’t want him to be the next Colony General. Death is too good for him. I do want him to suffer for a long time as a powerless, broken husk of a being. This would be justice. I want to crush Yildor Roren and it’s better when share something like this with others.”

Maud smiled emotionlessly as an Uthvelor does and said, “Yes I believe we could work together on such a goal. I will call back my Scarabs from the event. Poor Salisbury Graveborn will be so disappointed, he was hoping to set Yildor on fire with his new Chimera gland tonight. I think we can work something out. But I am not giving up on such a perfect moment to strike unless we get a better one.

I also have some interesting news, my studies of the memories of Candidate Wengyr tell me he is a former Strangulari. The Strangulari killed my lovers Wynn and Sovan.

I think we can give you a chance to cut off Yildor’s balls in person, and we can frame Candidate Wengyr for it. Two vinvir with one springshot bolt.”

“If you like, feel like it.”

Maud got uncomfortably close to Buffy’s face and licked her nose, then said, “I am so happy you came to me, its been so lonely here, and I need a friend to help me kill some 99s.”
Buffy looked around at the hundreds of gangers around them and wondered at Maud’s sense of lonelyness. Then again, the Uth could just be crazy.

Maud looked back at the body on the slab, “So This will be my next work of art, I call it Distraction in Rain. The device in the 99s chest will make short work of any defenses Yildor has, and allow us easy access… we just have to decide where to meet with him…”

Maud leaned back in a strange Uthvelor rage haze as she killed Buffy slowly. There was a gentle sadistic eroticism to it, that made the nearby gangers shift further away.

Maud returned to her mind and looked down with that look of a child who had broken a toy they would get in trouble for. She pulled out another nanite syringe and shot up Buffy bringing her back to life.

Buffy was now quite sure the Uth curse had driven Maud the Blade quite mad. She was only happy the strange Uthvelor considered her valuable enough to bring back. Maud rested her head gently on Buffy’s shoulder and said, “I think I like you, Ms. McGraw-Strykker. I like you so much, I want to help you get what you want. And I just discovered there is someone else seeking to kill Yildor Roren. Someone we can use to our advantage. Memory is a strange thing, Buffy, it has this persistence…”


Part 3: What is Crowd Control really?

W hid in the shadows, invisible to all but the best adepts. He watched himself speak. It was weird. It was even weirder to see himself speak in the third person, using his full name. He knew where his other form was, also hiding, invisible. This way, he could act as his own protection. Plus, they each had Biff’s form to rely upon, which might be helpful if things didn’t turn out well. W realized he was about to miss his own speech.

He also watched as a large Olgog in the audience was beating a trio of 99s gangers to death with Hobtor axes. It looked like the same trio who had been throwing rotten fish and a bat at the previous candidate.

Candidate W said, "Hello, people of Ithamar. My name is Wengyr - and I’m running for Colony General. And I’m here to tell you that I’m here to put the Colonies First. For too many years, the EEF government has spent too much time and effort doing things like saving the universe, defeating War-Monger, saving the ferals down to the south, and even expanding our borders to the south. I mean, how many times did the former Field Marshall Strykker save the universe? For what?? All the while, crime lords such as Yildor Roren have had free reign to bully the common man.

Do you know his crime syndicate, the 99s, once tried to poison every water source in the Colonies? I know that he himself wasn’t responsible for such a thing, but how can you expect a man to lead one of the greatest forces in the universe if he can’t even prevent his own people from poisoning others. I mean, have you seen his goons?? They’re all drug addicts. Is that what you want to be? A drug addict against your own will?

Colonies First. I will stamp out corruption that plagues the lives of colonists.
Colonies First. I will ensure the safety of you all, not to be impeded by outside forces.
Colonies First. I will ensure our ongoing trade relations continue to favor colonial goods and industry.
Colonies First. I will make life safer for each and every one of you.

And I don’t need to make empty promises about invading foreign territories or kicking out aliens. Because unlike many of my opponents, I’ve been on the front lines of our colonies’ protection. I’ve worked with every general in the Colonial Army. I know what it takes, first-hand. And I know how to make the decisions that would make most others weep.

And I’m proud to announce that I am not alone in my desires to keep you all safe. If I become Colony General, I am happy to announce that not only will I serve you, but I have an old, battle-hardened veteran ready to take the reigns as Field Marshall - General Vulfrym of the Lions of Earth. Together, we will make the Colonies First. Together, we won’t need a bunch of ragtag wannabes like the 99s to keep you safe!"

W smiled widely as he raised his arms upward, hoping to get the anti-99 sentiment going. He wanted Yildor nervous. And to be booed. Alot.

Some folks in the audience cheered, but someone tossed a fish at his head, which he barely dodged. There was some rumbling at the back of the crowd, and they jumped on the guy in the hat who they assumed had thrown the fish and the crowd beat him to death. All the while chanting Colonies First.

As Candidate W was leaving the stage, Hekeriki was backstage running things, and she was surprised to see Lord Andriani in a badly done costume of big sunglasses and a hat waiting in the wings. Lord Andriani shook Candidate W’s hands and said, “Sir I have something you must know about General Vulfrym before you actually make him a Field Marshall.”

W put a hand up and said, “I hold no racial prejudices Lord Andriani, so if that is the reason for your concern, allow me to tell you I am already aware.”

“Very well,” said Lord Andriani, “I am here to see my old friend, Buffy Styrkker. I am sure she will be here to support Field Marshall Strykker’s Candidacy. As I currently do.”

“What would I have to do for Ithamar to gain your support, my Lord?” asked Candidate W shrewdly.

Lord Andriani drew close and said something in a whisper to Candidate W which sent W’s eyes wide. “No Unfortunately I cannot give you their names, My lord. I bid you good day.”

Hekeriki wondered whose names Lord Andriani had asked for, what names would have gotten Candidate W that angry.

Meanwhile, Field Marshall Strykker took the stage and began to speak.

“I know many citizens of this city may be asking themselves what possible impact could this election have on them. Hasn’t this city been forgotten by the rest of Refuge for decades? Does anyone outside it’s walls really even care what happened in side? No. They don’t. It has been left, ignored. Home only to those who think they couldn’t have another home. Well for a time that may have been true. But the world isn’t what it once was.

The people of Refuge paid a high price for a victory against beings who are enemies to us all. Now for the first time, perhaps ever here is a chance for everything to change. None of the old truths need to hold any more. Our old grudges no longer need to define us.

I won’t say that from now on everything will be easy for everyone. I can’t promise that. I’ll leave grand promises to some of our other speakers today. What I can say is that if I am elected Colony General I will work tirelessly to see that as many individuals as possible have the chance to reap the benefits and opportunities from this time of change.

I will work with each Colony and Provisional Colony willing to work with me too see conditions for the historically outcast are improved. Instead of lives only at the margins I will do all that I can to help them find a life in society if they wish it and are willing to work for it. If you ask me anyone willing to life and work and follow society’s laws and customs to the best of their ability deserves a chance to do just that. I know many feel that certain groups or people are outcast for good reason. They are dangerous, degenerate. Well I say that it is not acceptable to judge that way. That is the thinking that separates and weakens us. That is the thinking that only brings more pain and division and reason for hatred.

Instead let a persons actions define them and their place in society. That is why during my time as Field Marshal the EEF established the Fallen Legion. People mostly Uth and Pelebor but later others. Willing to join the EEF and fight for a better life for themselves and for the Colonies. And they did fight as bravely as any of my other soldiers. And they saw promotion and recognition for their bravery and dedication. And they got the benefits of service as well. That is what I want to work toward for everyone in the Colonies. A world where as many people as possible get every chance they can. To do want they can to make a better existence for themselves and the Colonies. I hope you will see fit to help me bring that about.”

Family members of Uthvelor and Pelebor serving in the EEF under General Ha’jima began to cheer, but even Jeremiah could see how certain K’iorn and K’iou members of the crowd (while few) seemed to turn their noses up at the thought of Uth and Pelebor Soldiers.

While Jeremiah Strykker was speaking, a group of guys who looked like 99s were taken down by a little bastard when they tried to throw a bat from the audience. They were proclaiming their innocence when the bastard struck them in the knees with what must have been a stun baton from the way they crumpled down. Jeremiah didn’t recognize the bastard, nor the big olgog who helped him carry the twitching 99s from the audience.

It was strange there were so many different operators working these days. No longer could he rely on the VLAD agency. Captain Terranovsky and Administrator ShrellFox were both still loyal colonists but he didn’t know where the new McMurphy stood on things. And now he was getting reports of a squad of special operations forces working completely outside the EEF chain of command under the title Darkside Rapid Response Team.

He decided it might be good to reach out to General Ma’pel, and see what they knew about this DRRT. Then again he wondered was he just seeing local mercs or local security and thinking he was seeing spies everywhere?

As he was walking off the stage he greeted Arnold Grimaldus. The former Church of Oner looked pale as a sheet and was sweating profusely. Arnold passed Jeremiah a half-hearted greeting, as if more focused on stage fright than on his current surroundings. Arnold walked past him in a haze.


Lord Grimaldus approached the podium, he hated speaking in public, so much so that he didn’t even listen to the other candidates making their own speeches. This was an unfortunate part of his choice to run and it had to be done.

"People of Ithamar, lets be honest, no one here truly cares about you.

Would any of us even step foot in this rotting city if it wasn’t for the fact that you are allowed to vote for Colonial General? I am not going to give out a fancy speech to you saying that I understand your plights and wish to help you, that would be a lie. No candidate here truly wishes anything to do with you, and to be honest isn’t’ that what you want?

Here is my promise to you, if I become Colony General I will take a hands off approach. If you need something from me, make your case and if it makes sense then fine, otherwise as long as you don’t cause trouble I am not going to get in your way. My goal is to unite this planet, for us to all work together no matter who lives in it, however that doesn’t mean that there is a universal answer to every situation. Under my administration the people of Ithamar will be given the same respect I will give to every colony. I will respect your ability to be adults and not work against your own interests.

I am Arnold Grimaldus, I am a soldier who cannot give fancy speeches. I cannot promise you riches, nor can I promise that I can stop disasters from happening. I can promise that I will lead with a level head, with a strong arm, and with a desire to unite everyone toward one purpose. I want to lead us all to a brighter future, if you wish to join me then it is time to step up and show the entire planet why it was wrong to ignore you for so long. Unite with us, together we are strong!”

There was some very supportive clapping from the audience, but it was not here where his speech made the most impact. It was actually far, far away in Delaba where the cloaked city found his promises of a hands off government enticing as they would read transcripts of it days and weeks later in their own local newspapers.

But Lord Grimaldus didn’t know this as he left the stage, instead he was met in the wings by none other than Yildor Roren. Yildor smiled and shook his hand, “Arnold, you know I am looking for a Field Marshall for my time as Colony General. Your service in the south lands makes you look like a moderate compared to me. Think on it, you and I split the vote, and then you drop out once all the other candidates are gone. I will make you Field Marshall and turn the provisional colonies into your personal fiefdom to do with as you please.

It could be like the old days Arnold. No UtR unless you want to let the Goblins keep their petty kingdom. But it would be up to you. Tell me if you are interested, you don’t have to decide right now…”

Yildor walked past Arnold Grimaldus, and out onto the stage. He smiled and he waved.

And as he walked out he began to speak, “People of the Colonies, I am talking to you directly. Not to these Uthvelor and Pelebor. Not to these undead. Not to these monsters that the other candidates would force you to abide by. How long until Uthvelor are allowed to kill K’iorn in the streets because of their alleged curse? Their curse?! More like their LACK OF RESTRAINT.

What threats will these candidates have you embrace next? K’ias? Will people be allowed to steal your face and steal your memories and walk around with them?

Tolerance is fine. But holding a snake close to your bosom is asking to be bitten. And I will not allow our Colonies to be poisoned. If Uthvelor are really just cursed K’iorn why do we allow them to breed and spread their curse? I will fully support the K’iorn of S’vana handling this Uthvelor and Pelebor problem once and for all. I know the Children of the Falosini and I usually argue on a lot of issues, but why haven’t we ever supported them? I mean evacuate a snake pit like Ithamar I say. Use our Atomics to destroy all the Annihilation artifacts and undead here in one shot. And any Uth and Pelebor who don’t want to leave can be turned to ash.

Then we just build a new Ithamar, one for real living colonists.”

At this point the crowd was booing and had moved up from hurling rotten fruit to hurling bricks.

One larger Pelebor leapt up onto the stage and shapeshifted his left hand into a vorpral spike and was swooping towards Yildor Roren. From a shadow stepped an unexpected person. It was Ryuk, leftenant in the Kasanthian military, who quickly gunned down the Pelebor. He used a magi cannon to blast another Pelebor attacker in the face, before grabbing Yilder Roren and stepped into another shadow to safety as the crowd charged the stage ready to tear Yildor Roren limb from limb.


Epilogue: Snake Pits

Yildor Roren stood at the window of the Stone Fort. He was not familiar with the location, feeling he could possibly see the Parapets of Old Epoch just over the treeline. The scraggly marsh trees were not large but they were numerous, and Yildor couldn’t make out much except the extending Swamps of Gelo.

Across from him stood Ryuk. The Kasanthian had a magi cannon trained on him.

Yildor didn’t know Ithamar was in full chaos from the kidnapping, with the EEF declaring martial law, and Lord Andriani personally leading the house to house searches for the missing candidate. But he knew his own gang would tear apart the city looking for him.

Ryuk began, “I wanted to talk to you, about your people putting explosives in my apprentice Lucia and my children.”

Yildor spun around and pointed a finger at Ryuks chest without regard for the magi cannon. Poking Ryuk hard he said, “You don’t even need to introduce yourself then. You must be the Trilat Officer, Leftenant Ryuk?

My daughter told me about you and your apprentice over dinner before I came to Ithamar.

So let me get this straight, Ryuk. First, you send a girl to badmouth me and other candidates? Then when she gets picked up for it, You personally try and sneak weapons into my daughter’s personal home? Let me guess was it for this sort of “Aggressive negotiation”?

Well fuck you, and the horse you rode in on Ryuk. I will not be intimidated by a kasanthian punk.

You are lucky, beyond lucky she didn’t just kill you with plasma death when you tried your bullshit at her house. She tried to handle this whole thing in a civilized way, but you didn’t get the message did you. How hard is it to know to stay away from the 99s when they let you walk away?

Apparently you don’t understand simple messages. Which is why you are here in this same place again…”

Yildor was suddenly interrupted as the door swung open much to Ryuk’s surprise. Standing there was the Scarabs underboss Maud the Blade, and beside her was Buffy McGraw-Strykker. Yildor looked out the window and saw the old fort was surrounded by Scarabs Gangers and their Gravespawn undead.

He sighed, “Are these your friends?”

“Not Ryuk’s friends,” said Maud the Blade, “I’m here to help Buffy here cut off your balls Yildor. Getting a known war criminal like Ryuk here in the colonies is just an added win. I wonder how much the EEF would pay to get their hands on him?”

Ryuk spun around confused and said, “I’m not a war criminal anymore, I paid off the Banking Guild and the Iron Republic.”

Maud the Blade actually laughed and killed one of her subordinates before coming back to her senses.

“You are funny Ryuk. Why would paying off the Banking Guild or the Iron Republic effect your status with the EEF? They are different organizations. And on Refuge, they are still telling stories about the K’iorn who blew up a star just to see if he could. I bet the EEF would love to learn how you did that,” said Maud the Blade, “But first things first, I want to give Buffy a go at Yildor.”


This continues in The Snake Pit a Three Way Negotiation.




Hero Wins (if your character did NOT have a speech)

All characters who took part in this mission may raise their character’s L.R. by 1 (unless its already at your maximum, if at maximum no additional bonus gained).

Characters who are Unconscious may now raise to Conscious (if a character is already Conscious, a Cursed or an Adept, no additional bonus gained but may be used for a different character under the same screen name).

All characters who took part in this mission may raise their characters Fast Talk by 1, their Heraldry by 1 and their Ettiquette by 1.

All characters who took part in this mission earn 50 ghaz cash, and 2 Rez Potions (single use, Healing artifact), (Except Ryuk who was not paid for his Part in the mission).

Political Rewards

Daron gains Ithamar.

Lord Grimaldus gains Delaba.

Captain Oliver gains Kelvara.

W gains New Vorik.

Jeremiah Strykker gains additional funding from the Church of Azrael, including Fallen commanders spreading the message that support for Strykker is support for an alliance between the Uthvelor/Pelebor and the Colonies.


Gang of Uf Mag’og Gains NO Rewards as this mission is only open to 1 character and they sent way more than just 1.