DR2220 Mission 2 Report: A Tsunami of Opportunity on the I'tashi Coast


Prologue Not all Warmongers are Demons

Yildor Roren’s greying hair was slicked back, his grey pinstrip suit was at odds with his bright red power tie, and the multicolor colonial flag pin. He walked up to the podium and leaned towards the microphone.

He began to speak, “People of the colonies. For a long, long time we have invested an extensive defensive budget into the Earth Expeditionary Force. Now our military is important and our defense is even more important but money…money is our most powerful resource. And we have been wasting it on a pointless war with the aliens to the north.

These so-called Northern Kingdoms threaten our people, and have taken countless of our family members hostage as slaves. But no more. Slavery is outlawed, and the slaves have taken over. Great. But that means it is no longer our responsibility.

The Northern Kingdoms was failing before we got involved, and it is time for a meaningful solution to the Northern Kingdoms problem. And that solution is survival of the fittest society. Let them fight against each other, and whomever dominates the rest will be forced to negotiate with the new Colony General. And in that moment I will make sure to implement a doctrine of special operations forces attacks on any Northern Kingdom that decides to become a rogue nation.

Meanwhile the I’tashi Alliance member states of Wintermute and Fort Lendill have been interfering and creating international incidents. They aren’t looking out for the colonial citizens. Wintermute is expanding its undead empire to the south to Karov. While Fort Lendill agents exacerbated matters in the Glacial Wastes until the inevitable invasion which claimed Colony General Malthus’ life so suddenly. A moment of silence for the deceased Colony General.”

He bowed his head, hiding his smile. He blamed Colony General Malthus for many things, and was happy the old vampire was gone. Now it was time for a new era, an era of living Earthers, and era he would lead.

Looking to the side, Yildor saw his PR aide was making a motion towards the microphone. Yildor tested it and realized it was dead. He grew annoyed. But he didn’t break his cool, he stepped up and began trying to talk loudly.

“People of Refuge. Hear me now. There is NO HOPE if the Northern Kingdoms gain their full strength again. We barely won the border wars. It was only because the forces of the I’tashis split in half. Half went with the Iron Republic, evolved into the Unity! Then those two halves destroyed each other in bitter warfare.

No wonder the slaves were able to rebel and take over. This time?

So I support the New Vorik Conviction. And I promise that when I am Colony General, the expansion of the colonies will begin anew. First the Provisional Colonies like Absalom and Hebron will be added as official Earther Colonies of Refuge.
Then we will retake any location stolen from our noble species.

Humanity first!”

Yildor stepped off the stage and was immediately met by his PR aide.

“Sir, unfortunately your speech was only heard locally. Our microphones were all damaged. Our broadcasting equipment is gone. I am sorry to say we have been quite sabotaged by someone,” said the PR aide.

Yildor said, “You have failed at your job. Therefore you no longer have one.”

“But I left my job for this sir, I did my job properly. This is obviously the fault of the security team,” said the PR aide trying to be reasonable.

Yildor shot the young PR aide in the gut with a poison springshot dart. The aide slumped down, unable to speak as he choked on his own melting flesh. Yildor looked down at the body until only the PR aide’s wet suit remained. Yildor nodded at the now dead worker saying, “You know, you are probably right. I think I will need to have a talk with my head of security.”

Turning on his heels he left the backstage area.

Out in the audience, Lucia M. Largonel had been attending speeches, with some new and tasty kinds of fish stored in a shadow cocoon. Each piece of fish was about 3 ounces, and several pieces she distributed discretely to families in attendance.

Lucia would speak to the families, saying “With war, there are a few things that are guaranteed. They’re chaos, famine and death. It doesn’t matter how fast its over, who wins, or any of the other variables that can happen when the bullets start flying.

Its even worse given the famine that we’re dealing with. Do you think the army is going to go hungry? No?

Its just going to get worse for us folk. The food that we have grown, have stored, have scraped together is going to be stolen by the “authorities” for their precious war machine. There is nothing we can do for this. If we fight, we cause the situation we need to stop; if we do nothing, the provocateurs speaking here today will cause the fighting to begin.

Its even worse for our children, our precious hope for the future. They are least equipped to deal with famine and war. Parent are left with the hard decisions, how do I get food, can I skip this meal to provide for my child, the list goes on and on and on.

The essence is the best thing I can do for my child."

Speaking in a lower tone, Lucia continued.

"I can help with that, I have a secret place that is away from this place, away from war, away from the danger, and away from this famine. We have some food, but its limited . We can’t support everyone, not yet. We have a school, where the children can learn, we have good teachers, the best that we can find. We have a save haven for those that we can support, those precious few.

We can save your children future from hard times, if you will let us."

There was a muttering among the crowd. Some of the Dumbari folk sent their children over to Lucia, and with ten children following, she set off to collect some more from the local orphanage. Paperwork would need to be done to make the transfers official, and the orphanages could help with that as well.

It was in that moment she realized she was being followed by men in grey pinstripe suits that matched the candidate who was speaking. Lucia had the children back off behind her and she turned to face the gangsters. She noticed they each bore the signature pin of the 99s gang.

“Can I help you?” she asked helpfully.

“Yes I think you can. Ma’am, you see you were bad mouthing the boss when Mr. Yildor Roren was speaking. It was quite rude to be interrupting an important man like Mr. Roren,” said the 99s goon.

“I am leaving so…” said Lucia.

“Yeah leaving with kids, ten kids?” asked the goon, “Where you taking those kids? What is this secret place you were talking about? We handle Mr. Roren’s security so we have people who can confirm you said it.”

“That is none of your business,” said Lucia grabbing the three closest children and was about to teleport away. Then she realized the remaining seven kids, placed in her care would either be taken by the 99s or worse.

She palmed the teleport stone to make it disappear for now, and stared down the goons.

The one on the left holding the baseball bat swung a home run on her chin, and that was the last thing Lucia remembered before everything went dark…


Part 1: It is not really my place to say…

Qory Kal I’tash sat upon a throne of carved aquatic nightmare bone. It made him look like he was sitting in the mouth of a massive shark-like monster. Rows and rows of serrated teeth surrounded him, but Qory was unconcerned as he wildly gestured and roared.

“So you see, how can I continue to hold this position without support from the homeland?

First the attack last year that destroyed the largest cities of the Illuminated Pharoahs. The Damoclese strikes? Our captured Uth Seers told us of the Old Vlad and his plots in the Glacial Wastes. But they never warned us of the strikes from the sky. It was like days of myth, days of the great Betrayal when Falosini turned on the K’ias and their Children, declared us outlaw and worthy of extermination.
The blasts killed millions, and from the seats of power at Belepheron, Maldinash, Miqezi, Yoandolesh, and Owaresh fled the survivors.

The survivors were easy for the Warmonger to take control of. They were scattered, fearful, and had been raised on radical Warmonger Cult belief since birth. Had he been patient and played the long game, he could have secured his power structure in the homeland, and rebuilt the Five Dynasties of the Vulite Regime. Instead the Vulites were suppressed, their power and their weaponry ignored, while Sir Stout drew the Sea Kings to his side for his grand conquest of Vima.

Sir Stout, a Quall and True Avatar of Warmonger, was little more than a petulant child, he never used our true power our true strength.”

Queen Unixah sighed heavily, she knew her family member was right of course, “Yes Qory, you are correct. Warmonger failed us because of his desire for more war. Had he held back, planned, send small forces first, we could have eliminated their colony general without losing our god-king in the process.

While Morgothianism teaches honor and strength, it is a flawed faith, much like the Bull of Morgoth who spread its worship among our people. Sir Stout was content to change us to his knights instead of using our own strengths. And it cost him, and our god their existence.”

Qory raised his chalice in toast to her accurate words.

He said, “Now the Illuminated are all that remains.

The Five Dynasties of the Vulite Regime of our only law, and our only hope for a future.

Wasting time here in I’tash? Prideful. Foolish. If my father-king IL Posluente Kal Owaresh was wise, he would summon us back to help him unite the peasants under the Vulite Banner. Instead you waste time enslaving Olgogs and I waste time with I’tashi mutants.”

“I am not the Kal Owaresh, and I was just lucky to assume the role of Kal Hobtla Mag’ol when my father Unix was eaten by Sir Stout. The Hobtla Mag’ol are a proud Olgog peoples, and I am honored to be their Queen,” said Unixah without emotion.

“Tell me true, Unixah,” said Qory, “Should I leave this wasteland, and return to the Homeland. Join the Vulite Campaign? Leave this continent of Vima to the scavengers, the illbred and the Earthers. You know the unwanted.

Should I abandon my post to the barbarians and save my homeland instead?”

Queen Unixah bowed her head respectfully and said, “It is not for me to say…”

“You have traveled far across the ocean, and between the dimensions I hear? All to raid this coastline. What it is you hope for?” asked Qory his one eye growing suspicious.

“To help you, my ally, and to inflict harm upon our enemies. If I was to collect enough wood, I would be able to build new vessels for my own kingdom,” said Unixah.

Qory smiled cruelly, “You have gone native my dear. Simple wood? Really?”

“It is what matters to my people,” said Unixah without shame, “And it is what I will gain them. Once again thank you Qory for your hospitality, I must return to my Olgogs and prepare to assault the beaches and the I’tashi positions.”

“Enjoy your hunt, Unixah, may you find fame and …wood,” his cackling laugh followed her as she left to rejoin her own vessel and the raiding parties.

Qory Kal I’tash meanwhile made his way up to the viewing deck. Heavily shielded and protected, here he could watch the battle unfold. His own vessel moved in towards the shore landing only after Unixah’s hand landed.

Onboard Unixah’s vessel stood Raka’na the Ghost, Master Cultist of the Cult of Ash.

Raka’na slid his helm on and charged the beaches. He fortified his faith with the rock hard resolve that only one who has witnessed Kalok in his full magnificence could, and began to work his magic.

From the bow of the vessel charged King Blood’og III mounted on his Brezan Stalker, Carmine. The stalker dived into the sand, and burrowed quickly under the sand. Beams of light struck the sand, glassing it moments later.

Those beams came from the tridents carried by the I’tashi PeaceBringers who were now running from the fort and taking up positions along the beach. Some behind dunes, some behind felled trees, others behind actual barricades. The Peacebringers were heavily armed and armored.

Raka’na was still aboard Unixah’s vessel.

“With fire and sword” he muttered under his breath as he drained his own lifeforce to enhance his abilties and glorify his god-king.

From Raka’na’s side leapt a massive golem-like creature. From its joints and its eyes, exuded a bright green flame. Its bodies were covered in Olgog symbology that marked it as a Balgog of the Cult of Ash. As it landed on the sand, a cloud of sand and grey ash rose up around the golem.

It drew the fire of the I’tashis, giving King Blood’og III the opportunity to come up from below. His hobtor axes cut legs, and shattered kneecaps. Those that lost their balance, or footing found their heads soon cut from their shoulders.

One of the I’tashis fired his own trident into the air in a strange symbol signaling their reinforcements. Mongrels, the mutated Bastard wardogs of the old I’tashi army were unleashed. The musclebound armored monsters charged across the battlefield, and nearly made it to where King Blood’og III was locked up with a pair of Peacebringers.

Then a trio of flaming projectiles struck the ground at their feet, and hot glass shrapnel scythed into the feet, and legs of the mongrels. They fell clutching their splinter filled extremeties.

On the prow of Unixah’s vessel stood Kaor’an of the Army of the True Flame readying another salvo of glass projectiles. He dropped another projectile into the claw of his Rapidol and flicked it “lacrosse-style” across the battlefield towards the Mongrels.

Kaor’an held the Mongrels back long enough for King Blood’og III to finish off the pair of Peacebringers and drag them armor and all below the sands. Queen Unixah used this opportunity for her Cambions to work quickly. She opened Shadow walks across the beach, as far as her grand eye could see. She watched happily as her cambions and white furs were stealing huge sections of damaged timber and hull and dragging them into the shadows. Soon enough her hull would be full of ships parts and raw wood.

One of the I’tashi Peacebringers charged her ship. Quite a hero she supposed, as she annihilated his trident. Then he was in close, sword in hand. But Kaor’an was there to protect her. His Rapidol flicked out, and the claw on its tip caught the sword and twisted it from the I’tashi’s hand.

Disarmed, the I’tashi used his shield to batter Kaor’an and Unixah back. Her final annihilation bolt cut through his shield, giving Kaor’an the opening he needed. He stabbed through the hole, and pierced the space under the armor at peacebringer’s armpit. The Rapidol claw slid cleanly through the space and into the Peacebringer’s heart.

Unixah was breathing heavy, and looked towards the distant beach where the Cambions had finished gathering the wood while she had her raiding party had provided a distraction.

She motioned to Kaor’an, and he began to signal the ordered retreat. The Balgog kept fighting, holding back the I’tashis until the vessel was ready to leave.

Aboard his own vessel, Qory was pleased to see his allies putting some fear into the I’tashis. He would have to look into procuring his own golem-like shock troops. Maybe Unixah would be willing to share her secret? He wondered.

The I’tashis were pressing their attack and off to his right, he could see a K’iou approaching dressed in unknown heraldry.

She said, “Hail the camp, I come representing Lord Grim of Jemison Post. I am here to offer an amnesty and place for any cambion which wishes to leave the host of the Sea Kings and travel to his holdings. Any Cambion who accepts his offer will be a free citizen with all the rights and duties thereof. I will wait at a point 2 miles east of here for any that wish to join his nation. He has recently extended a similar offer to many of the Sea Kings forces that attempted to invade the Glacial Wastes and many accepted a chance to start a new life. I await you answers.”

Qory became enraged and turned towards Crimson Heart, his proud Bestial Overseer, and said “Take ten Cambions, and hunt down that errant K’iou. Bring her back so she can be a slave and know the disrespect she shows the Illuminated comes at a price.”


Part 2: The Abuse from On High

Lady Sarphin waited at the meeting site, happy she could make it here. Her late arrival at the meeting with the DRRT had caused a bit of a diplomatic snafoo. She wondered if she had limited alliance options for the future with the EEF operatives. Then again, the EEF had still not forgiven what they felt as PeaceLord Grim’s betrayal by siding with Boriel I’tash. In any case, she had only gotten to the battlefield because Lurry the double agent working for Jemison post had snuck her onboard the AAV and out to the landing site.

She was pondering all this when five cambions approached. She stepped out to greet them. When instead they charged her, drawing their swords.

Taking on a single Cambion would be a challenge for a peacebringer like herself. But five was unexpectedly hard. She parried and dodged, and received a pair of cuts that wounded her badly. She had no backup, no allies. She was alone in a foreign land. No friends to resurrect her if she were to fall. Lady Sarphin realized she needed her allies, needed her friends. No one hero could stand alone, they needed allies and support.

She tried to escape, but she was penned in on all sides. Their swords hammered down and cut her to pieces.

All was darkness.


Part 3: Plans within plans are plans within plans

Lady Sarphin awoke to the sound of arguing. Standing over her was Crimson heart the Bestial, and Qory Kal I’tash.

“She serves Grim and Jemison Post,” said Crimson Heart, “I say we make an example of her my Lord.”

“Jemison Post sided with our enemies, and killed our God-king. Now Jemison Post tries to steal our slaves,” said Qory Kal I’tash, “Our armies will make them suffer. Such an offense will never be accepted. I did not think Jemison Post an important target, yet here they are, half a continent away. Stealing our slaves. Unacceptable.”

Then there was a set of explosions outside, and Qory and Crimson Heart left to investigate. Qory returned moments later, muttered, “Under attack again? The I’tashis were broken, who are these fools.”

As Qory plotted, Lady Sarphin saw Lurry step from a nearby shadow. Lurry blasted the Illuminated with a magi cannon a few times until he was limp, then tossed him over his shoulder. He made sure the head was pointed firmly at the ground, just in case the Illuminated woke up.
Lurry recognized her and ran over. He quickly undid her bonds and freed her.

“What are you doing here?” asked Lurry.

“Crimson Heart and the Cambions captured me,” said Lady Sarphin sheepishly, “I should have asked for backup.”

“We can debrief later,” said Lurry, realizing Jemison Post forces would have to communicate better in the future in the lead up to a mission, “We need to leave here now. Follow me!”

Stepping into a shadow behind Lurry, Lady Sarphin followed, and they were on the deck of the vessel for but a moment. In that moment Lady Sarphin saw what looked like Eli McGraw’s body strike the deck. She squeaked for a moment in shock before the body detonated in a flash of light and fire. The massive bestial Crimson Heart swung his claws at her and Lurry. He would have struck them if not for the laser blasts that cut through his legs in that moment from their sniper overwatch, Burke.

As Crimson Heart stumbled, the real Eli McGraw was waiting, ready. His fist swung up, first cracking bestial’s jaw with enough force to knock him back. His second strike, spun the bestial’s head around causing it to snap. Eli stepped back, and followed Lady Sarphin and Lurry.

Lady Sarphin dived after Lurry, leaving the exploding bodies and the madness of battle behind her.

They stepped out of an overturned tree, on a clearing, waiting for pickup. Or at least that is what Lady Sarphin thought, except when she turned around Lurry had disappeared with the Illuminated. He returned five minutes later, but long enough that Lady Sarphin wondered where he had gone. Eli meanwhile was more worried about keeping an eye out for more Sea Kings soldiers while they waited for pick up.

Before Lurry had a chance to explain, they saw a little girl skipping towards them with a strange look in her eyes.

Moments later Moose arrived with the AAV pickup, to find the Illuminated and Eli there but Lady Sarphin and Lurry were gone…

Eli was ranting and raving about a monster girl, a shapeshifter stealing parts from the battlefield.


Part 4: Channels and Channels of Candidates

Commander Oolong rolled over in bed. Since Field Marshall Strykker had stepped down from leadership within the EEF, and Generals Giffords and General Map’el had taken over, he was worried about the future. The old Earther and the old k’iorn couldn’t see eye to eye, and they had very very different ideas about how to handle the Draco, the Colonies and the I’tashi problem.

He lifted himself up on his arm, and picked up remote and turned on the holonet projector.

He was greeted by the smiling face of an olgog.

Captain Oliver stood before an assembly of Kolgul Militia soldiers, Army of the True Flame soldiers and many citizens of the City of the Gods. At the podium there was a microphone but he didn’t trust it so he stepped back, and drew together a mesh of scintillating Troubadour Leyas. Speaking into the mesh his voice bounced out louder and fuller and reached the far edge of the greens.

Captain Oliver began to speak, "Thank you people of the City of the Gods. Your kindness and openess has allowed my friends in the Army of the True Flame to make their first official pilgrimage here. And for the sake of tourism dollars to local businesses I hope it continues long into the future.

My Kolgul Militia supporters were happy to keep the roads safe, and project the pilgrims from highwaymen and bandits."

Then he got very serious.

"I am sure you all know this coming election for the Colony General will be a tight race. And I want to be the first to declare that I support the rights of ALL LEGAL FAITHS in the CITY OF THE GODS! You may fear when you think about Candidate Roren or Candidate Grimaldus, and your fear is justified. They don’t understand your faith. And unless you are a Church of Oner, these two Candidates will have never witnessed your faith as a real and valid experience. They think in their hearts that your deeply help beliefs and faith is DEVIL WORSHIP, and will persecute your for it!

You know they will happily take away YOUR RIGHTS. Rights that your ancestors fought against the Church of One and their facist allies to gain through blood, and pain, and loss. Now the Church of One will seek to get one of their candidates into power and take away YOUR RIGHTS using backroom legal means."

"Unfortunately you don’t have much hope in other directions either. What do we really know about this Daron? He is a northern kingdom citizen, and doesn’t even live in the colonies. Ask yourself, why all of a sudden has he stepped up to lead? I suggest it is to make sure the Colonies have a Colony General who will not attack the Northern Kingdoms.

Until we know for sure if Candidate Daron is a Northern Kingdom spy, we CANNOT move forward on the New Vorik Conviction. It would leave us possibly walking into a trap. And I can guarantee that if I am Colony General we will never face a real trap.

Oh try as they might, our enemies may try to harm us. But if I am Colony General, the EEF will use all methods available to them to keep you, and your ability to practice your own chose faith, as an enshrined right of our society.

That is a guarantee I make to the City of the Gods and to every Colony. Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Association will always be maintained on my watch. "

Commander Oolong made a note to look into Daron’s background in the morning. Oolong may not trust captain Oliver at all, but the Olgog brought up a good point. Switching channels he found another Olgog campaigning, the very Daron that Captain Oliver was talking about.

Oolong wondered how Shiro felt about not being given a chance to run for the office he knew more about than any other person on Refuge. He would have to ask him, if he knew of the speech of Daron.

It was a speech in Saragosa, set up apparently by the Lucky Fate Squad.

Daron said, “Greetings, I am Daron and I’m running for Colonial General. I am raised a warrior. My experiences have shown me their a multiple forms of strength. Strength of Arms and strength of heart. It is the proper use of both that wins the day.

The plan for the New Vorik Conviction will do more harm than good. I have a unique experience as once I was part of an oppressed group until I earned my freedom. When I traveled through the colonies and eventually found my way to Brez. It was the Brezians who inspire me for the plan today. For the help and respect they have is what earned my respect.

Civil wars are messy. And is what maybe caused by this. In any war, the weak and the common people suffer. Even if you come in as a helping force, the people will not see you as that for long, if at all. The people will grow to hate those of the colonies even more. They will blame them for all their troubles. And then a new rebellion will form or join the old one. And you will start the cycle again.

My suggestion for you is based on my experience here in the colonies. Those who flee or come from the north. Show them kindness, help them, train them. Help them get on their feet. They will use that experience and help to help their own families. Those who are helped and their families will be lifted up. They will spread the message that the Colonies are their friends, not their enemies. Overtime, the will of enough will change the government. Here on refuge, the will of the people is a powerful force.

The Brezans helped me find work. Taught me how to survive in the wastes. Allowed me to stay with their tribes and work for a living. Now, one who didn’t know of them, will fight to defend those who helped me in my time of need. And that is what you can do with your northern neighbors.

Thank you for your time today and I hope in the coming days and months I can earn your vote for Colony General.”

Commander Oolong was not filled with a good feeling. He wondered who was really behind Daron’s campaign. He changed channels again, and saw a former Church of Oner and signed. Were these really the great hopes of the colonies?

Ser Resugent faced a group of reporters and a crowd of citizens of Absolam, and Hebron who had gathered at his tower. As Lord Grimaldus’ new campaign manager he had been asked to give a speech to talk about the future of the campaign.

"Good citizens of the southern and northern colonies, we live in truly daunting times, I myself have born witness to armies of demonic dead, rampaging giants, Qual’N Drone, Krato invasions, and more. I have watched armies from alternate realities ravage the land, truly this last year has shown the very world of Refuge that no single race or faction can survive on it’s own.

This is why I am here speaking to you this day, my cousin, Arnold Grimaldus stood by my side and fought along side me against these threats. He used to believe that only Earthers had the strength to face the evils of the world, it is true that his past is spotted as is my own. We grew up believing that bigotry and zealous hatred were holy and good, that violence brought us closer to God. Such fools we were, I count myself lucky that desperation forced me to cooperate with the native Olgogs, that forced me to open my eyes and see them for what they truly were. An honorable people who have struggled through oppression and genocide that can never truly be made up for, who, despite being my natural enemy, showed me kindness and compassion. They taught me the truth, that all species deserve respect and the chance to grow up in a world that accepts and honors them. After my realization I devoted myself to convincing my cousin of the truth, while wary at first he was forced to accept the truth when he was exposed to the crimes of the Church of One. By finding out the true past which had been denied to him, he knew that he had to change.

Change, it is a frightening thing, I know it, you know it, and my cousin, Arnold Grimaldus knows it. However difficult it is, he embraced it. Absolam, and Hebron are integrated cities where all citizens, regardless of race, or species has equal rights, and equal opportunity to achieve their dreams. Arnold Grimaldus is the best example of what we need in a leader in this uncertain time. He has a man who was shown the flaws in his thinking and instead of recoiling and sticking to his hatred, he adapted, accepted the truth and became a better man for it. He is a man who will find out the facts, the entire story and then make an informed decision. He is a man who learned that Earthers alone cannot guide the future, all races must stand as one to lead the way. Experience has taught us that when we do not fight together, we die alone, for we stand as one our differences will not divide us, but make us stronger. Earther standing side by side with Olgogs, with Children of the Falosini, can overcome any and all threats to our world.

Join with us, stand with me as I stand behind Arnold Grimalus. Our prejudices, and arrogance must become a thing of the past, we must become bound in a belief of unity. We shall forge ahead and forge a future so bright, that it will be remembered throughout all eternity!"

Commander Oolong didn’t know what to think. Resugent was charismatic and could be a great leader of men. But would the Mt. Vir and S’vana voting block ever trust him? Commander Oolong wondered.


Finally another channel change, and Oolong felt a little sick to his stomach.

Reports were coming in of holoprojectors showing the stern visage of General Vulfrym, “There are those who want another war just like the last war. They would use the instability in the Northern Kingdoms to stage another war of Northern Aggression.”

“Just like the last war the casualties will be far too high and men and women of your colonies will come back having experienced horrors most can’t imagine.”

“Just like the last war instead of being farmers and workers they will need your communities to nurse them back to health.”

“Just like the last war fear will make every shadow some ones nightmare, all the men and women who normally protect their families gone to spill blood on the snow.”

"Just like the last war the EEF will topple the government and then not know what to do.’

“Just like the last war your children bear the cost of the war and of rebuilding.”

“When those who want war try to drive you to that war before you grab your spring shot and sword ask them and ask yourselves how will this war be any better than the last war?”

“Those that want this war want it now because they believe the EEF is weak and the colonies are weak without the colony general. They argue only way to prove our strength is by waging an unnecessary war and having you and your neighbors die unnecessary deaths.”

Vulfrym smiled, “Field Marshal Strykker still leads the EEF. Field Marshal Strykker is ready to assume the mantle of leadership. He won the last war so we would not need to fight it again. Support him and support peace. Thank you for your time.”

As Vulfrym smiled, Commander Oolong felt even more sick. An active EEF General coming out in a political campaign on the side of a specific candidate was bad, bad politically and sent the wrong message to the colonies. The fact that Vulfrym was not part of Strykker’s campaign yet was even more concerning. Oolong hoped Stykker offically declared him part of the campaign soon, or the colonies may think it unseemly.

Commander Oolong turned off the holovid projector. He had hoped some late night TV would make himself feel better, but it didn’t happen. His only happiness was that it didn’t seem like Yildor Roren had gotten his message of hate out to anyone outside of Dumbar.


Epilogue: Under the Sea with Tatters

Lady Sarphin and Lurry awoke inside a lab, inside some strange sort of bio-vessel. Across from them they saw the little girl who had taken them. She shapeshifted into some large monster, and then into a fat Earther, then into a lizard. It looked like the body of Crimson Heart was on the table before her. But only barely recognizable as such.

The creature said, “have to remember to keep them in good condition and not to break to many this time. We really would like to see how a Bestial’s organs are put together as compared to a vorin’s. Last time, we broke them all before we learned any thing new.”

The creature continued its experiments on some large bloody mass of flesh in the bestial’s chest, before turning towards them.

It said, “I remember you. I saw you in Jemison Post when I was taken prisoner.”

How would Lurry and Lady Sarphin escape the monster Tatters?



All Characters who took part in this mission may select 1 (and only 1) artifact with a price up to 600 ghaz. They may select this from the Leyas Guide, Core Book, Northern Kingdoms Guide, or Outlaws Guide. They must post to the Artifacts Thread Rewards for DR2220.
Immutables may choose a tech weapon, vehicle or gear of up to 1,000 ghaz, and must post to Tech & Gear Rewards for DR2220.

All Characters who took part in this mission may select 1 (and only 1) Leyas with minimum of 3 and raise it by 1 point, or they may choose to raise an Elemental Leyas Ability below 4, up to 4.
They must post to the Thread Leyas Rewards for DR2220. Immutables gain boost to a skill currently at 4 to 5.


Special Rewards

Ryuk gains Lucia M. Largonel makes some enemies in Dumbar . She does return with 10 children to add to the Warphens. Her story is continued in Charity Event 3

Daemonsbane gains A Wargiant and a massive investment in McGraw Harbor . Successfully disabling Yildor Roren’s first broadcast dealt a blow to both Yildor’s campaign AND his Pride sending Yildor Roren into an angry raging place. Daemonsbane has succeeded in his first non-lethal ops.

Lurtor gains Lurry’s Op Goes so Smoothly… . Lurtor may raise his Profession (Spy) by 1. Lurry Stananopolis, Earther agent, also gets his DRRT credentials. However Lurry is trapped along with Lady Sarphin in the vessel of Tatters the mad.

Eli McGraw gains Going Hand to Hand with a Bestial? Now that makes a Tale!. He can raise his Hand to Hand from 5 to 6. He also gets his DRRT credentials. He also witnessed the attack by Tatters that kidnapped Lurry and Lady Sarphin but doesn’t know where they were taken.

Blackheart security gains Gina Flowers Explosives Expert. Gina Flowers can raise her explosives theory skill by 1. She also gets her DRRT credentials. Gina’s Drone feed witnesses Tatters in little girl form, kidnapping Lady Sarphin and Lurry, but doesn’t know where they were taken.

Grim gains Lady Sarphin Delivers a Message . Lady Sarphin may raise her L.R. to 3, and becomes a conscious Leyas user. 10 Cambions arrive at Jemison Post. However Lady Sarphin is trapped along with Lurry in the vessel of Tatters the mad.

Lucky Fate Gang gains Hekeriki runs security in Saragosa . She gains the contact Aeron Din, he’s a sweet old man, a bit of a leering perv, but harmless. She also gains Profession (Campaign Manager) 3.

President Ragman gains Tatters has taken some “New Toys” from the battlefield . She gains a Bestial corpse with only one claw. Tatters also has captued Lady Sarphin and Lurry.
Tatter’s, Lady Sarphin and Lurry’s story is continued in this thread. Unfortunately there were no nearby lakes, but there was a whole nearby ocean.

Maklaltor gains King Blood’og III gains 3 Skulls . He gains 3 skulls for his skull outerwear project. He also gains one set of Peacebringer armor (8 v Melee, 6 v Missile, 5 v Energy, 4 v Chill), and one Peacebringer trident (solar cannon (5 successes), and two peacebringer warswords (sword is 1d6+5 Melee dmg). Gains two Artificed Bombs (Tunnel Material 6 successes single use items)

The Ka Gor Tribe gains Kaor’an gains Unixah’s trust . He gains one set of Peacebringer armor (8 v Melee, 6 v Missile, 5 v Energy, 4 v Chill), and one Peacebringer trident (solar cannon (5 successes). He gains the title of Bodyguard Kaor’an when leading Unixah’s forces and also gains her blessing as Right Hand of Unixah.

Kolgol gains Raid Captain Raka’na gains Unixah’s Trust . He gains one set of Peacebringer armor (8 v Melee, 6 v Missile, 5 v Energy, 4 v Chill), and one peacebringer warsword (sword is 1d6+5 Melee dmg). He gains the title of Raid Captain when leading Unixah’s forces and her blessing as Left Hand of Unixah. Kolgol’s first Balgog of Ash has survived and become permanent.

Burke gains Burke the Merc Spots the Abduction . He witnesses Tatters kidnapping Lady Sarphin and Lurry, and drops a tracker on Tatters (Tatters does not know). This information has monetary value if sold to PeaceLord Grim or other leaders. He also can increase his Stealth skill by 1.


Political Rewards

Old VLAD gains Captain Oliver wins the COG . The City of the Gods now fully backs Captain Oliver for Colony General. As a side effect, Zh’Ka’al pilgrims may now travel the colonies on the way to the City of the Gods, and Kolgul Militia gogs now defend those routes from attack. In some of the areas between the colonies, the groups have built way stations with small forts. (These forts count as a passive bonus until Narrator advises otherwise)

Daron gains Daron wins the Breadbasket . Saragosa now fully backs Daron for Colony General. As a side effect, Daron may now make mass purchases of food in Saragosa at whole sale and bring them to other places in need during missions. (Month of food delivery maximum to any one location)

Lord Grimaldus gains Ser Resugent makes an Impact . The Colonies now consider Lord Grimaldus a viable candidate for Colony General. As a side effect, Lord Grimaldus may now do campaign events in alien-majority colonies without having to fear for his life as a former Church of Oner. (He now can safely campaign in Mt. Vir, S’vana, New Vorik, Barrow-on-the-Sea and Baronade)
He also gains access to new high quality broadcasting equipment for Holonet broadcasts of live events and live rallies.

General Vulfrym gains All the Eggs in One Basket . Baronade, Dusk and Chooru now fully backing Jeremiah Strykker for Colony General.

No Rewards for the I’tashi alliance as they broke the rules on how many characters can be sent to this mission. Only one character per mission. Not one character plus bodyguards and veteran peacebringers.