DR2220+ Finale Mission 2: The Election season closes


This is a final chance for the Candidates to push our timeline towards DR2220X, DR2220Y, DR2220Z.

Candidates must make a final speech, summing up what their character thought of the year and the challenges of Refuge and being a Colony General.

All other players may post who they vote for.

The Current Choices still in the running are:

  1. Yildor Roren, Colonies First Party

  2. Jeremiah Strykker, EEFer Veterans Party

  3. Daron, the STAND with Refuge Party

  4. Can we please just have Colony General Malthus back?

One post per player account.
This mission closes on December 22nd 2017.



*Ryuk would let it be know far and wide his opinions on this election

Vote for Yilder Rohen! He will bring war! I know, I talked with him just like I did with all my old friends! Death FIRE DESTRUCTION! So much fun times.

Not like with Strykker, the stiff.

(OOC: Ryuk doesn’t like Yilder, so he thinks throwing support for him will cause people not to vote for him, if possible, he would time this to hit about 36 hours before voting so there isn’t much time for yilder to respond.)


When Eli gets back from his last mission, he’ll vote for Jeremiah Strykker.


Since most if not all members are not EEF citizens (anymore), they can’t vote. On the other hand, since Hekeriki is helping run Daron’s campaign , she’ll use what little good will and resources left to encourage people to vote for Daron. Afterwords she going to close up shop and dissolve Good Face Media per Naeil request. There’s other things need to be doing. Horrible events (more than normal) are coming.


Daron says in his last speech before the election "It is time to STAND together. I ask for your votes. Let me remind you of why you should vote for me.

I’m a Olgog of Action and Values. If I see someone needing help, I help. I’m running because I see the Colonies need a change, and I think I’m the best one to lead it through. I will STAND with you all as I have done through this campaign traveling the colonies. Let me remind you what STAND means to me.

STAND - Security, Trade, Access, Nation, and Determination.

Security is the key to everything, raising a family, building a business, trade. And we need a better way that these issues up to those who can help. Too often too much is lost before help arrives. We will fix this and bring security and safety to all those of the colonies, and bring it faster…

Trade. We will expand trade across the colonies. Bring in the Provincial Colonies as full colonies. As trade increases, so will opportunities will.,

Access. Access can be security, education, or location. If someone corrupt is crushing a small town, everyone should have access to report this. Education. If there was a way to save a farmer’s crops, those farmers and those who buy the farms food would all benefit. The farmer would have more crops and with more supply food maybe a bit cheaper overall. A win for both. And Access to Trade and travel. Race should not matter for you to have security and opportunities.

Nation. While each Colony is distinct and has its own tradition, We are stronger together and will bring the colonies closer together to succeed together.

Finally, Determination. We need Determination to see this through. We need to keep pushing for the changes we need. Even if we fail the first time, we will figure out what went wrong and try again. And continue until the Colonies are a place where we can raise our families and thrive.

STAND with me and I’ll STAND with you. Whether an Earther, Olgog, Uth, Bastard, or any of the Children of the Falosini, we should all STAND together. STAND for the Colonies and STAND for Refuge.

Thank you, now lets make this world of ours a better place."


As Lader does not have a direct vote as a leader of the Provisional Colony, he will state "

I am Auf Lalder of Auf Lal’al, Councilgog of the provisional Colony United Tribes of Refuge. To the Olgogs of the Colonies, We Olgogs have suffered much through the years from the Attacks and the Goblin Genocide while parts of the Colonies ignored our plight and generations of Olgogs were wiped out.

Jeremiah Strykker is a good Earther, and was not one of those who let those atrocities just happen. He did help Olgogs without making it known or seeking glory. I’ve considered him an Ally and someone to count on.

Then there is Daron. Daron has come to the assistance of Olgogs in the Olgog Lands in the past. He is an Olgog of Action and he has our perspective. The Struggle, and the will to get back up. Actions, not just words. His perspective and experiences would bring welcome insight to the colony leadership.

I feel you cannot go wrong voting for either Jeremiah Strykker or Daron as both would continue to improve the lifes of Olgogs, I ask you to vote for the Daron. It is time for the Colonies to have a different perspective. One of an Olgog."

If Lalder has a vote, it would be for Daron.

(OOC Yes, Lalder is voting Race on this one. But he still likes and would support Strykker too. I thought hard about this one, and not just because Daron is my Alt. Lalder is tired of fighting against oners and earthers or watching them allow Olgog slaughters. He hasn’t forgiven the Colonies for allowing the Genocide.)


Not sure if Lurtor gets a vote, But Lurtor will vote for Strykker as he has worked with him and knows he is a good guy even if a little nuke happy. :slight_smile:


This has been a difficult year for the Colonies and our neighbors. But we have had such times before and will again. We have faced the challenges of this time and we will face whatever comes next.

Each of us has stumbled at times. That is the nature of struggle. A person is not always equal to the tasks before them. But a people all working together. Each striving for the betterment of all can meet any challenge.

That is the lesson we should take from this year. The lesson and charge left to us by Colony General Malthus. He gave his life for the cause of not only the Colonies but all of Refuge. For the idea that each of us has something to give and that in giving it we can make a better world if not for us than for those who come after us. That in striving for a better tomorrow we can become our best selves.

I hold to that belief. I believe that we should not surrender ourselves to pettiness and fear. That we are above finger pointing and fearing our neighbor because they don’t look like us or sounds like us. And I believe that together we can make a better world. A better reality than what we have known. Now I ask that you join with me in trying to make that world. For our children, our neighbors and ourselves.


Childeen would make sure supervisors submit plans to management of how they will continue critical operations and still allow all contractors to vote. Noncritical operations will have a holiday so all contractors on those operations can vote. Childeen will not announce his support for any candidate the only guidance Blackheart Security LLC will give is for its members to research the candidates and vote for the one they feel will best help the EEF.

Childeen himself would vote for Strykker.

Some of Mina Roren’s mooks would get a tip about an unguarded warehouse with a sweet score. Inside they would find a hundred SMGs and ammunition. While the SMGs all had cosmetic flaws they were of sound production and function. A rolled up painting of a Barrow by the Sea by Andre Tungchi would be hidden in the load along with a letter. “I once again apologize for the actions of my client. I noticed his circus tent tore the Baker of Kelvara. I hope this work will be an adequate replacement. We may have our differences on many issues, but as I am sure you would agree only amateurs let ideological differences get in the way of a promising business relationship.”

On a Banking guild space station converted into a luxury mall Childeen found himself sitting across from an Iron Republic suit with the boring title of director of incarceration efficiency. In between glasses of a dry yet subtly sweet red he would note, “I have heard a one time long shot candidate named Daron may take over as leader of the EEF. I have numerous businesses in the Draco and it wouldn’t be unusual for him to meet with me on various wildly profitable ventures. If he won I would expect you would need someone who knows the value of discretion to act as a go between for your office and his.”


Prince Lief could never forgive Strykker for the nukes dropped on Tal’han’on. That being said he some how was the best one to lead. Really Lief just wanted the old Colony General back so the EEF can go back to business as usual without some grand agenda.