DR2220+ BONUS Finale Mission: The Ruins of Morgoth, Yohai vs Volphis


At the Ruins of Morgoth is a massive citadel built by Unity forces. Praetorians and Trarius guard it, and guass cannons and cutting beams cut down anyone who tried to take it.

But Lord Azrael has commanded Akalus Yohai to take the fortress. Yohai has assembled a team of the greatest heroes to try and take this location.

The fortress has twelve floors, and four sub-basements that include the original ruins of morgoth. Threats include Unity Praetorians, Unity Triarius, Unity Vrangian Guard. Saggitae Starfighters. The entire area is irradiated and players need to have a protection against radiation.

One post per player account.

Planning with Yohai in the thread Azrael Legionarres Unite! http://dr-forum.whitestarhosting.net/showthread.php?1960-Azrael-Legionarres-Unite!&p=13765#post13765

This mission closes on December 22nd 2017.