Derlur Trade with Gangs of Uf Mag'og


Thrush, the Bastard, walks over to the Gang’s leader gathering area in Brez.

"Greetings leaders of the Great Northern Army. I have a trade offer. I have 100 Ka Gor’na bones that can be fashioned into a variety of weapons, mostly short swords, but can be cut down or tied together for larger or smaller weapons. I do not want any material thing in response, but our tribe does need knowledge. 15 weeks worth of learning the leyas.

1 student to learn General … all of it.
1 Student only to learn rudimentary general
2 students to be taught the highest ability of healing you have
1 student to learn ka, about 2 weeks of learning
1 student to be taught the highest level of tor’or the average ur’rhug knows

What say you?"


Rapiogna shrugged, unimpressed.

“We still have to forge the weapons. 10 weeks.”


The game… “13 weeks.”


Rapiogna shook her head gravely. “11 weeks”


Thrush retorted, “12”