Der'al Collective Base (2220 A.R.) Campaign Center for Captain Oliver


Bo’gan kept control of the Armies of Eloga, and as far as Oliver was concerned, it was better that way. The year they had kept Bo’gan addicted to voho, enslaved to the drug, had been the year that Oliver had the time to gather his father’s contacts. Now that the network was set up, he was happy to put Bo’gan back in charge, even helped the old Ur-King Tribal kick the habit.

The Scarabs gang in the Colony of Kelvara had fallen in line quickly. Cartouche, the leader of the Scarabs syndicate had been far happier to begin sending payments to Captain Oliver’s election fund, than to the secret accounts in Neo Vargas.

The Duskan Archers had been a little tougher. It had taken the promise of helping the Archers track down a former member named Agent Love, but with that promise in place, they had begun posting up in towns across the east.

The 99s Syndicate was the only one that had refused to tow the line. It seemed Yildor Roren didn’t have any use for the Old Vlad, or Captain Oliver, or any of their plans. Now it seemed his biggest challenge for the role of Colony General was Yildor and his network of contacts on the Western Coast.


Captain Oliver knew he had to act quickly.

Yildor Roren had the support of the Dunesphere government, the Church of One, and the Warlords of Kalino. That type of support came with people, money, and media.

Captain Oliver had a plan,a plan that would have made his own father proud. If he could just sponsor some other candidates, single issue folks who could split the vote from Yildor’s he could cut deeply into that Dunesphere/Kalino base.

He would need to make a list of potential politicians…


[This thread is open to ambassadors from the Torlallur, Ka Rhug (Kolgol), Zh’ka’al, Bartsport, Lord Grimaldus or any of the Northern Kingdoms. It is also open to any Mercs looking for work with Captain Oliver.]


Warlord Gobbog arrived at the Campaign Center offices for Captain Oliver’s campaign.

At his side were a trio of massive Zh’ka Rapi Bodyguards, all Olgogs with striped red and green fur of a style not seen commonly. They were dressed in armor made of thick quall bones. But each also wore a fine cloak of Quall Leather adorned with gold and silver powder suspended in a resin that had been painted on and allowed to dry in permamently to the leather. It was fine craftsgogship and made the formidibally scary Zh’ka Rapis seem way more like bodyguards and less like monsters.

Warlord Gobbog was clad in finest raiti silk, and a military uniform of the first ever Warlord of the Army of the True Flame, “I am here to talk with Captain Oliver about his running for Colony General, and getting Zh’ka’al recognized as a full colony. And I have resources.”


Oliver had the diplomat and bodyguards brought to a private office away from prying eyes ears and eyespies.

He offered them a snifter of Kiou Vag’na Liquor each and raised a toast saying, “Zh’ka’al the first Provisional Colony to be recognized as a Full Colony with all the honors if I am the next Colony General. What other issues are of concern to my Zh’ka’al constituents?”


Gobbog stopped, surprised at how quickly Captain Oliver agreed. He had expected more of a negotiation.

He said, “The People of Zh’ka’al should be allowed free and safe passage unmolested to make Religious Pilgrimages to the City of the Gods. If you can support that even now, we might be able to get more people in the City of the Gods to attend your rallies?”


Captain Oliver would say, “There we go another softball. Got anything actually tough to implement?”


Gobbog was baffled.

“Legalize the Aryeserai, and grant them free passage through the colonies?”

He waited for the guaranteed denial. He was just happy to get the first two done.


“There is a harder one. I will need people working the streets of the City of the Gods every day if you have contacts that can do that, i MIGHT be able to help. But first i need to meet an official Aryeserai leader. Bring one here and we can talk more about what I can do for you,” said Captain Oliver.


Gobbog did not let anything show on his face. It was a perfect poker face.

“I will reach out to the Aryeserai faithful for you.”


The Army of the True Flame is placing a lot of resources behind Captain Oliver. As a result they may select between the following rewards but must agree with Captain Oliver on it.

Options (Select One)

A) Press Tents: These Journalist will follow Army of the True Flame on their patrols and fights against Warmongers Dead at the borders of Zh’ka’al.
(Opens up the Press War Thread)

B) Monthly Pilgrimages: These Holy Trips from Zh’Ka’al to the City of the Gods allow the Army of the True Flame members to rest and recoup.
(Increases the number of converts who return to Zh’Ka’al each month)

C) Sister City: You may choose one of the following Colonies to become a Sister City of Zh’ka’al.
(Increases tourism, and that increases the coffers of the Zh’ka’al government)