Daron's request for Training from Ka'Rhug and Kolgol's tribe


Daron says "I am glad I could help in this situation with that Fire beast. I am a merc, but I tend to work for knowledge than for weapons or tools. I would prefer to learn a leyas over receiving an artifact.

I have a great interest of learning Light or water leyas. Light being the most preferred."

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Uth’lal approached Daron. He had been sent to train him in water leyas, at least to the extent he could.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t send an Aufgog to teach you, but they are all…predisposed. If you will learn, I will teach you what I know of the leyas.”


Daron smiles and says “I need not an elder to learn from. I will be happy to learn what you would teach. I only need the basics and from there I can learn.”

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