Daron seeks the Support of Scribe and Deryyanheim


Daron sought out Scribe. He needed backing of someone with resources. He could ask the Brez as they have always been honorable to him, but they might not be able to help. Scribe had shown to Daron he could be fair and worked towards the better of others. Who else would have given cloud slavers a chance.

Daron gives a slight bow and says "Greetings governor Scribe. I hope all is well. While out on my latest travels I heard of the election for Colony General, and at the time of the only one was running. He goes by Yildor Roren. Yildor Roren will cause many issues for non earthers and he has the backing of Dunesphere now with his anti non earther talk. Throw us all back 2000 years.

I decided to enter the race. There must be a voice of Strength, but also of hope and working together. I want to make things better for all, not just one group. I want to unite the races, not cause the separation that I fear may happen. I hope the experiences gained due to my time as a Dragon and our temporal issues helps me retain the perspective needed to do the job.

Then there is Oliver entered the race after I. I do favor bringing in the Provisional colonies like Deryyanheim to full status, but he causes concern, but its also about what he says about going to space. He will bring conflict with the IR. And he has his own baggage.

I am determined to run for the Colony General, but I don’t have the support and resources yet to do so effectively. I’m asking for your help in this. I’m asking for your support because I believe our ideals are close. I know you and you me. If I had to gain support from another group, I would worry what they would ask in return if I won. I don’t have that worry here. The influence you would have over me would be positive and not go against my beliefs."

Daron knew this pitch may not work, he still needed to work more on his people skills. But he couldn’t let Yildor win.

(OOC reference for the election: http://dr-forum.whitestarhosting.net/showthread.php?1852-The-Purge-of-2220-Marks-the-End-of-Warmonger )


Scribe Listened to the request but stayed silent for a time.

“Tell me Daron, you seek the help of one who has staid out of the larger political stage, are you hoping to use the sympathy of the larger colonies to help in this? Or were you planing to make promises to help with the needs of each and every person on the planet to gain support? Remember people are seeking a leader who they feel can take care of them and keep them safe. What are your campaign plans?”


Daron thought about the question. It was a good question.

Daron responded "I won’t make empty promises. I know that will make things more difficult, but it is also impossible to make everyone happy. Many oners may not vote for me as an Olgog. They will take time, effort, actions and not words for me to reach them.

Really, I wish to counter those who run on hate and fear. I want to give the colonies hope. And when this election ends, the colonies cannot be in a position where they feel the need to fight each other. My plan is to show what has been done together and what we can do together. If they think of the other races as allies they won’t have a need to fear them. Still support the EEF as they are those who protect the colonies. A strong defense will help everyone feel safer.

I do agree that the provisional colonies need to be made full members. This would also allow trade to be expanded, give the provisional colonies more protection, give more opportunities for all those both inside and outside of the provisional colonies and expand those who the EEF can recruit from. The more Diverse the EEF is, the greater ability for them to protect all of the colonies. And a great example for all.

I’m sure there are disadvantages too, but those will need to be identified and dealt with too.

Also, I’m looking for more ideas of what is needed. For that I’ll need to travel around and meet the people. Learn the issues of each place. Lets others know who I am. As we learn of these issues, determine what can be done to help. For that last part, I will need others help and advice."


Scribe knew that his own constituents were Olgogs and Cloud Slavers who didn’t have the ability or rights to travel the colonies. Getting the borders fully opened to citizens of the Provisional Colonies would be a huge boon to Scribe’s people.


“I will help to the best that I can. Just remember that you need the support of the northern colonies not just those here in the south” as he said this Scribe was planing election posters and made a note to find an immutable who was good with advertising.


With Scribe’s agreement to help the Daron Campaign, contributions flowed in from citizens of the Provisional Colonies who wanted to see their lands fully recognized by a new Colony General.

Scribe was pleased to see the funding come in, as it would allow Deryyanheim to invest in politicial promotion tools. Daron and Scribe should decide if they want to invest those funds in:

A) A Set of Printing Presses and Paper Contracts- Allows leaflets, brochures and pamphelets to be sent to colonial citizens. Unlocks Your Election in Print Rewards. (Deryyanheim Benefit: Books and Educational Documents now become common in Deryyanheim.)

B) A Set of Delegates- A new Delegate representing the Daron Campaign will open up in Each of the Colonies. Unlocks The Colonial Campaign Trail Rewards. (Deryyanheim Benefit: The Banking Guild will open a Bank in Deryyanheim.)

C) A Set of Official Campaign Vehicles- These vehicles include a Daron Campaign Airship, complete with crew and levi-carriage to take Daron from the Airship landing site to campaigning sites. Unlocks The Public Speaking Tour Rewards. (Deryyanheim Benefit: Levi-carriages now become common in Deryyanheim.)

Scribe and Daron must convince each other and agree on a specific direction.


“As a warrior and a scholar I am partial to sending out information, truly educate the people then let them chose. What do you think Daron?”

(OOC: Option A actually works with my plan of trying to make Deryyanheim into a place that teaches both knowledge and skills to its children.)


Daron thinks about it and then says “Education is one of the best ways to battle fear. I agree with that. I think that will be a great start.”


The Mighty Printing Presses of Deryyanheim opened their doors, and from them flowed knowledge and books out across the Goblin Lands and the rest of Refuge. Regular shipments are now being purchased by the Academia of Chooru which had to release all new history books to incorporate what was learned during academic investigations to the southlands and up to the Glacial Wastes.

Pamphlets and Brochures now spread throughout the colonies. As a result of being the first to their homes with written material the most erudite colonies were intregued. Daron convinces the Colonies of Delaba and Zelga to throw their support behind his campaign!

[Fanfare and rejoicing. Daron is 2 colonies closer towards the Colony General position, but can he Hold Them and their constituents]