Dark Refuge Post 2220 Mission 7: With no Time to Spare, War Breaks out in the North


There was a flash of blue light and Volphis Starfalcon stood on the peak of Mt. Vir.
He was a K’iorn, dressed in the traditional garb of the elite Dra’koon, bodyguards to the exalted Zaodonai. The Moniker Starfalcon showed he was a member of one of the two tribes of the high kings. The Twin Falcon Tribes, Starfalcon and Greyfalcon, the claws of Lord Falos himself, long missing on the prison dimension of Les’tas’tral. On his brow he wore a crown showing that he bore the favor of one of the High Kings.

To a K’iorn of Refuge, seeing Volphis in his Starfalcon regalia would be viewed much as an Earther colonist of old Earth aristocracy. A quaint time period of the past. But to the K’iou of Mt. Vir his Dra’koon armor, shaped of still living Khaz’gha wood, marked Volphis as an honored guest. His crown marked him a messenger of the highest authority. And the fact that he arrived by flash of light, made him seem even more mysterious to the normally down to earth K’iou.

He made a meeting chamber out of a Tavern known as the Drunken Maul. Soon enough four other Time Shredders arrived. Each representing a different faction affected by the Temporal Catastrophy occuring on Refuge.

Volphis was sitting by a stone table, enjoying a flagon of Ice Binber wine from distant Jemison Post. The door to the Tavern swung open and the first of his rivals arrived. Anyone who knew him would recognize Maverick Multimancer, representing the Resistance and Old Earth. Volphis knew much of Maverick, and knew only a danger of this magnitude would cause him to leave Earth, unprotected.

The foppish swashbuckler was dressed in a ceremonial chest plate that looked freshly shined. But it was old and worn, much like the dandyish wide brimmed hat with a massive feather in it. His blond goatee and tight mustache made him look like a poor man’s Errol Flynn. His long blond hair was up under his hat with only a bit of it trailing down his shoulders, making him look more unkempt than heroic.

Volphis was surprised to see that Maverick had not brought his apprentices with him. Instead he was alone, and his eyes had a thousand yard stare. He welcomed him and offered the Earther a flagon identical to his own.

Maverick purified the beverage with the Leyas before downing half the flagon, then he burped loudly.

“Armenius is dead…final death…” said Maverick, “Killed exactly one Earth year before the assasination of the Da’uhnb Queen. And now this temporal catastrophe?”

Volphis drank a healthy draught and said, “Makes you wonder right?

I know you hated my father…”

Maverick interrupted and said, “K’ain son of K’ain was historically a K’iorn who brought his nations together in peace with the Uthvelor of Zaodonai Celyse and the Earthers of the EEF. I hold no ill will towards him. I don’t even know him really.”

“I was speaking of my adopted father…the Krato General Tharr. He once told me, don’t mess with time travel, use it to get from Point A to Point B with enough time to get done what you need to get done. Anything more than that will cause terrible consequences,” Volphis said with an uncomfortable laugh and then a stoic set to his jaw as he recited Tharr’s words.

Maverick said, “If not for your father Tharr…I might have lived a happy life on Les’Tas’Tral, raised my young Armenius into an artificer instead of a Time Shredder. Enjoyed fishing with Sir Rogarth and the Druid Cykus. Maybe found love one day. Instead I was imprisoned, and my own adopted son was kidnapped by your father. Luckily I rescued him. Had I only been as successful when I tried to save you…”

Volphis said, “No lies between us old man. You know if not for Tharr you would never have unlocked the secrets of Time Shredding. You would have never learned the truth about your own tainted family tree, nor seen how you could redeem it by freeing Earth.

I can tell you this Maverick, in the parts beyond the fracture point, I have seen your Earth freed and lead proudly by men and women calling themselves Lions of Earth.”

“Did they serve Mortis Leonin? Or did they serve Angelus Vulfrym?” asked Maverick with concern.

“They came from Refuge, in that future, working as a joint EEF and IR force to reclaim Earth and rebuild it, under Vulfrym,” said Volphis, “My biological grandfather Nngao taught me how to evade I.R. sensors and fool Brethren equipment during those heady days.”

Maverick said, “I served alongside an A.I. combat mekanoid based on the memories of the Nngao of Refuge. He was a brave and noble soul.”

“My grandfather would likely trip you with some artfully grown vines upon hearing such a comment. He did hate technology and mekanoids especially so,” said Volphis with a laugh.

Maverick smiled with genuine mirth for the first time since Armenius had been killed. He saw a bit of Armenius spirit in Volphis now that the imposing Tharr wasn’t between them. How ironic, a father who lost a son, staring across at a son who had lost his father.

Maverick was about to say something heartfelt to Volphis when the door opened and in walked a bland looking man in a Dumbari Business Suit. The man sat down at the table, and bowed his head to both Maverick and Armenius.

Maverick thought the bland man’s aura was concerningly calm. Volphis meanwhile was already standing. His wrists flexed and his nnghai wrist blades extended. The khaz’gha wood was sharper than steel, and Volphis had already leapt into a nearby shadow, coming up with his blades pointed at two points on the bland man’s body, before Maverick could react.

The blade entering the bland man’s midsection would have been a wound grevious to a normal human’s lungs, but the bland man seemed only inconvenienced by it.

“You are lucky you missed my heart,” said the bland man, “Had you cut it open you would have found my insides less than friendly to the intrusion. My name is Hannibal, and I work for an organization you both have fallen afoul of. My master is the Time Shredder Windwraith. And Windwraith’s Phantoms and Spectres are everywhere.”

Maverick leaned in rudely and asked, “If you are everywhere, how the heck did all this mess go down?”

“Our maker believed that the death of Warmonger was a worthy experiment. None would suspect such a direct attack on the strongest Ancient Evil, and the banishment of the rest would cost us all the Da’uhnb Queen,” said Hannibal as he cupped a napkin over the wound in his suit. Suprisingly the napkin did not stain with blood. There was no color change at all.

Volphis smiled a deep smile at that , “I’d say despite all our perspectives that we are the hero, the Da’uhnb’s Temporal Enforcement Agency does have a dossier on all of us and our respective organizations? And we each probably already have a cell at the Gu’ah Temporal Max waiting for us with three hots and a cot and an eternity to contemplate our crimes against the timeline. But all three of us, and our organizations are all smart enough never to try a stunt on this scale right after the Da’uhnb Queen died.”

“If stunt you mean trying to control time directly, to bend it and warp it to our will?” asked Hannibal, “No, even we would not test such a dangerous concept. Especially after the death of Warmonger and the assassination of the Da’uhnb Queen. It is like someone has cleared the most powerful pieces from the chestboard. My master believes the same force that guided the killing of the Da’uhnb Queen is also responsible for this point of fracture.”

“Let me guess,” said Maverick with a slight sour look, “Would it be the man known as Jim Cricket, full time superhero, part time celebrity clown? The same clown you phantoms led back in time to become the Host to the Creeping Darkness? Instilling a fear of clowns into countless beings across time and space? Thanks for that, make sure to tell Windwraith if you see him.”

Hannibal looked back blandly, as if Maverick’s hostile tone was nothing more than an abberation on a fine day, “Windwraith asked me to give you his regards, Maverick Multimancer. He wondered how you and your backwater rebels were faring after the horror show that was temporal cold war being run by Mortis Leonin?”

“Let’s see, my dear son is dead. My apprentices scattered to all corners of the distant shores and distant timelines. My Resistance is strong,” said Maverick, “Every day, more and more heroes are joining up.”

The door to the tavern opened up and immediately Maverick was happy he hadn’t said anything more about Resistance operations.

Standing at the door was Death, leader of the clones known as the Four Horsemen. They acted as judge jury and executioner of anyone trying to change Earth’s history, so it was rare to see them acting on matters this far afield.

Death was known for dressing appropriate to the locale, and on Refuge he dressed like a dark knight. His helm a screaming skull mask. His armor made a low grumbling noise as he moved. And the thick arming sword at his side was inscribed with runes in High Falos that said, “Trust in the Future.”

Despite this change in attire Maverick would recognize his lifelong adversary anywhere.

“What no Scythe?” asked Maverick snidely, while he reached for his rapier.

“You and I are simply slaves to time,” Death replied, “And Time has called all four of here to protect the innocents of this planet during this time of temporal catastrophe.”

And then when no one replied with anything intelligent, Death touched his hand to his chest and a large scythe extended out. It was black and thin, a weapon of elegant simplicity.

“Is that better?” asked Death.


Hannibal, dominion of Windwraith said, “Clone soldier, do you show your weapon to prove you are who we all know you to be? Or do you offer us combat on this day?”

Death said, “I do not offer you combat. I offer you neutral ground. I suspect if I rely only on I.R. assets we will fail to protect this timeline’s inhabitants during this turbulence. But if I employ you three to get word to your organizations. We can make this an orderly transition.”

“Orderly transition…what are you talking about?” asked Maverick in genuine suspicion.

“In the futures we have seen, the criminals of the penal colony of Refuge gain great power not here on this godforsaken planet, but out in space among the stars. The Draco…it is the lynchpin of an orderly future, and my honest goal is to make sure the best of the criminal scum of this planet lead the Draco and not the worst this planet has to offer.
Beyond that, and keeping the timeline from further shattering, I have no ulterior evil agenda.”

Volphis smirked, “He definitely knows how to speak to your listening doesn’t he, Maverick? At least the time cops sent their most eloquent member.”

Death cocked his helmed head to the side, “War wanted to come, says he owes you a bloody nose and a couple of new scars for what you did to Ryder and Crash.”

At the names Ryder and Crash came up, Maverick’s eyes widened, “What do you know of my apprentice Ryder?”

“I know that my clone brother War considers Ryder his own apprentice, but I will let the two of you fight that out the next time you see each other,” said Death almost jovially, as if he had seen the outcome and it had been supremely entertaining.

Hannibal interrupted saying, “How do we stop the shattering. Everytime I try and time shred to the location of the Warmonger ritual, find the assassin of the Da’uhnb Queen, or stop whomever is messing with time, I get stopped in this time period.

Can’t go back because I overshoot enough that any changes would have very catastrophic effects.”

Volphis suggested, “If we go back and stop em from doing the Ritual to kill Warmonger, the balance won’t be thrown off. Then the Da’uhnb Queen won’t be killed and…”

Hannibal said, “Try it, the closest I can get is a few months before during a battle between the Frost General of Warmonger and the heroes of Refuge. Any change I make, no matter how small, if it effects or stops the Ritual or the finding of the Ritual it also stops the Heroes from redeeming the Frost General.
With a fully powered core of Elemental Generals at his side, those timelines always lead me to futures where the Warmonger destroys Refuge and marches on the rest of reality soon after.
Its almost like the Ritual is creating a temporal loop by which it now must happen, because it has happened. Or maybe some other force is simply controlling the timeline.

I don’t know, we are moving into dangerous unsteady new grounds.”

Volphis said, “I’d test your theory but I’ll leave until after this strange meeting.”

Maverick had an odd look on his face, “When I tried going a few months from now I ended up here. It seemed like I couldn’t Time Shred to any point until after the Colony General election.”

“Which means any changes we make we must make now, or stay in this timeline and make them when needed,” said Death in agreement.

Volphis who had arrived first, was also the most impatient, “So what is the point…why are we all here? You suggest that the Balance has chosen us to restore some order. And we can do that. So let us use a little logic… What do each of you know about the next few months?”

They compared notes and they found only a few facts consistent with the three different futures they had witnessed.

Maverick held up a note pad and said, “So the consistent things were…

The Cult of Ayx conquers the other Hivequeens, and High Queen Qu’oa becomes a Queen in exile.

There is an uprising against Elijah Morte, Grand Magi of the kingdom of I’tash, in an effort to restore I’tash to the throne.

There is a battle in Boriel’s Retreat. A battle between many Kumfei PeaceLords and the Bastard PeaceLord Grim.

It seems that last one, the battle of Boriel’s Retreat is the one closest to this date.”

“Then we will need to gather our agents from among those in service at the Battle of Boriel’s Retreat.”


Mission: A Battle in the Living Crystal City
Grim’s holdings are located in the City of Boriel’s Retreat (for a description follow this link)

They are currently beset on all sides. An army of Peacebringers (use DR core book stats), I’tashi Carrier craft with Gliders, and WarGiants and WarTyrants (NK Guide) are attacking this settlement.

Grim is seeking allies at this thread

The Enemy PeaceLords are seeking allies at this Thread.

You must join a planning thread and interact in it before you are allowed to post to this mission. Pick a team for this mission and support your team.


Mission Rules

A player may act in response to the actions posted by another player in this thread, IF they have previously discussed a plan for this mission in a separate thread they choose to create in the forums.

A post should be under two paragraphs in length.

THIS MISSION IS OPEN TO ALL PLAYER ACCOUNTS. Anyone may choose to post to this mission with any number of accounts they may control.
SPECIAL MISSION EACH ACCOUNT can send their entire army to this mission. Choose your characters carefully.

This mission ends on Friday August 25th at 12 Midnight EST.

The First player to post gains 1st initiative, Second player to post gains 2nd, and third player to post gets 3rd initiative. Remaining player actions with be narrated in order decided by the narrator.


King Blood’Og III had returned from a diplomatic trip to Nuria’s lands to find things had changed.

He said, “No heroes stand proud with the Hobtla Mag’ol? Where is the Cult of Ash? Where is the Army of the True Flame? Where is the Army of Eloga and the Kolgul Militia? Where are the Olgogs and others who once stood proud friends of Hobtla Mag’ol?”

He roared loud enough to shake the cavern.

"They are home, hiding in their caves in fear! They know they cann’t take on The Grim and win. So they are scared! They are frightened pups crying into their stewpots.

Not my tribe. I have an axe and a hammer and a desire to squash some bastards. And my tribe just arrived. Introducing Drza Drza Mak Lal’Tor."

Drza Drza snarled at the tiny white furs, confused why anyone was following this tiny Hobtla Mag’ol. Drza Drza knew better than to piss off King Blood’Og III.

He stepped forward and said, “Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol. The MakLal’Tor are ready and stead, and I already got a whole bunch of food prepared MakLal’tor style to wound and incapacitate the Army of THE GRIM. I ain’t got time to explain it all, but when their entire food supply is contaminated by warded and obscured metal shards, filled with poison and diseased material like unscented shits and rotten flesh also obscured and warded. All it will take is a single bit and the victim gonna die. I did this stuff back in the GL, but now I learned me some more to make this extra deadly. The contaminated will be spread right through the real good food, so either they destroy their ENTIRE own food supply or incapacitate their armies and their slaves.”

King Blood’Og III clapped Drza Drza on the back and said, “See Queen Unixah, See Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol. Even when no one else has your back, the Mak Lal’Tor have your back.”

King Blood’Og III would send in Drza Drza and the Raiders to sneak in long before battle starts to Boriel’s Retreat. They would target every food supply in THE GRIM’s lands in Boriel’s Retreat, and all food supplies of neutral allies in the city who might be hired to provide food. Shadow Walk and lots of obscure. Hit and run the food supplies and take nothing to show their presence. Since no one knew they were coming, nobody should be protecting against it. The Mak Lal’Tor strikes again.



Prep Plans - Always plan for the worse
Lurtor’s expanding Agency and Lurtor clones - Lurtor’s agents would be set to monitor a few key areas undercover, each not knowing fully of another group’s plans in case they were found out. Additionally Lurtor would use the help of these agents to place bugs around. There job was intel, not combat. If found out, they would be extracted. Connor would lead this effort.

Satellite network
Lurtor was given permission to expand his eye spy Satellite network to Boriel’s retreat. Additionally Lurtor was given permission to plant additional eye spies throughout. And he intended to do this. He wasn’t sure if they realized what they gave him permission to-do, but he wouldn’t waste it.

First, Lurtor would expand the number of eye spy satellites above the retreat Making sure he had coverage of enemy transport and ship movements. Additionally this eye spies would give him greater access to the areas around to move.

Internal Monitoring - Next, Lurtor would create obscured (to the max) eye spies out of lights or other strategic locations around giving him the ability to monitor both in and at the borders of the area.

Troop and defense movements - Between the Internal monitoring and satellite network, their forces should be able to shadow jump to any required location to add defeners, retreat, or counter.

Jemison Post - All borders and Defenses of Jemison Post are put on High alert. Any peacelord or troublesome force is to be dealt with Quietly if possible. Interrogated for information if a group is found.

The Peacelord replacement Plan:
As the network goes up, Lurtor will look for ways to monitor the enemies. Prime targets are not the Court rooms, or halls, but the personal spaces thought protected. Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Wash places (Showers/Baths). Using shadows and the Satellites to shadow jump in to normally protected areas. At some point everyone has to get cleaned up and at that time they are their most vulnerable.

Lurtor’s grand plan is to find an overconfident middle ranking Peacelord to replace. Lurtor will research him, his forces, and the tactical position in the enemy. Close enough to cause trouble in the enemy’s campaign, but not locked away. Additionally Lurtor will make sure he is not infected with a Larva. Lurtor will knock out the peacelord while he is in a bathroom or bathing or crapping and dooplganer him. Then have the peacelords body/self stored at an office site black location.

Then Lurtor using the peacelords form and knowlege will do 3 things. First, using any tatical knowledge for the defense. Next, Lurtor will take over as the Peacelord walking out of the bathroom and continuing as the peacelord. Lurtor will act like the peacelord so not to give away the replacement, but after a bit show signs of thought. He will only show a more drastic change when he announces the switch. He has his moral stands, even if they are low.

And finally, At a critical moment, Lurtor will have his new forces switch Sides. They will counter the attack if one is going on.

The Peacelord (Lurtor) will say “This feud between Peacelord Grim and I is over. I have seen how his people Rally to him, how he and his people prosper. How much Boriel respects Peacelord Grim and has given his blessings for his actions. Those who do not change will be lost to those historic ways and will fall. I see this now. We must act.

So I say to my people and slaves, when we win this, we will follow in Peacelord Grims example. I will free my slaves and we will improve our kingdom. So Now you fight for your Freedom and the Freedom of your families and not just because you have. Win and you and your family will win for generations.”
Lurtor will also let both Grim and Biff know which peacelord he has replaced.

In Lurtor’s research, Lurtor will make sure word of any Larva infect peacelords gets to Lord Malaganth. Let them clean house.

If the EEF forces do end up going to help Grim, Lurry will assist in moving them around when available. Lurry will help them gain access to someone in Jemison Post that he knows (Connor of Lurtor’s Triad who Moose already knows) to help them get around and get tactical information on the Enemy forces. Connor will also take any requests for requirements for help to Grim.


The lancers will deploy as ordered in defense of Grims holdings. As a smaller unit they will act as a screen and flankers for the main force unless ordered otherwise.

They will also try to gather as much information about the area and the people defending it as possible.


Tal’al’oon Ohmite Gun Monk of Jemison Post Did not want this fight but he would try to end it quickly. He would try to hide and let the enemy forces pass him (Stealth 6, Agi 8). When the battle began he would try to locate the opposing peacelords. He would attempt to subdue them (pistols 6, pistol whip 7, AGI8, STR4) and force them to order their forces to surrender. He would then try to get them inside Grims holdings so they after the battle they could speak with Grim and the other defenders and air whatever grievances drove them to war.

After the battle he would gather up all who would join him and attempt to lead them in meditation to heal the injured on both sides and resurrect the dead.

Equipment: 2x Gun Monk FLAK pistols, Jemison Post uniform, Armored high collared long coat, maroon scarf, Lurtors ring (life shield, cat like reflexes, cobra strike, warm aura), FL tactical goggles


Captain Puhza was happy to be given an actual combat assignment as opposed to the several diplomatic ones he was previously given. He good mood was slightly dampened by the fact that he would have to travel underground for the majority of the trip but overland routes to the Glacial Wastes were few from Wintermute. Half a dozen Ghoul War Devourers were deployed to tunnel past Kasanth (the Kasantian Government was notified that his force would be passing through as to not create a diplomatic incident) Captain Puhza was ordered to provide support to Grim’s forces but not directly.

Captain Puhza led a small force of twenty elite Vampire Guard (NK guide pg 180), twenty Reanimators, and twenty Ghast Infernos (NK Guide pg 182) The Vampries would hide in shadows around Grim’s territories (avoiding shadow wards when possible) and occasionally pop out to cast Vampiric Blast at groups of enemies then shadow walking away. Once the main forces on both sides are engaged the Reanimators will shadow walk the Inferno Ghasts to harrass the attackers flanks with hit and run tactics like the Vampires are doing except instead of Vampiric Blast there will be flame throwers. The Reanimators will try to stay our of direct combat but will shadow walk between the vampires and Ghast Infernos to heal injured units or to reraise them if they should fall. Captain Puhza will lead the Reanimators.

At the end of the battle no matter what side wins, the Wintermute forces shall withdraw taking as many bodies from the attacking force as they can. The Reanimators will raise as many as they can afterwards for transport back to Wintermute. Grim’s forces will not be reanimated.


song: The Verve - Lucky Man

The Lucky Fate Squad uses the MDK to find every PeaceLord, plus Drza Drza, and capture 'em.

We’re not not kidding. The super monkey poo robot will walk up to each force, shrug off the attacks, pick up each Peacelord (gently) and swallow them. They will then meet 5 Truly Lucky Goblin Gunners, (+10 H.P. and +2 Bonus to F.S. 6 (8), 2 attacks. + 1 E.C.) in the cockpit (the mouth tube will deposit them there in the head because reasons) who will knock them out. Hekeriki will assist with summons. The pilots Toriel(red), Fundisha(blue), Heart Attack(yellow) (Goblin Gunners) with Loo Tla(green), Mag Yi(orange) (Ur Kug), all in colored jump suits will go on to the next Peacelord because there’s going to be a lot of 'em. Lastly they’ll go after Drza Drza (if they can find 'em with the senors). They will take the PeaceLords and delivered then to Grim. To “talk” or something. Drza Drza is going to be kept by the Lucky Fate Squad to “talk”.


Burke hated Peacelords, ever since that day when a Peacelord Illuminated threatened to annihilate him trapping him in that alley so that robots could hold him down while Krato cultists summoned a demon into an alternate timeline evil clown giant who then proceeded to molest him.

However Burke will just find a good vantage point and film as much of the chaos as he could so he could sell it to any interested parties. Anyone who tries to stop him will get a laser snipe bolt through the face, but otherwise he won’t interfere in any way. No one is paying him to shoot people after all, trauma aside money is needed for violence beyond self defense.


In the middle of the beatings of PeaceLords (just assuming here), Godart appears on the screen (because it’s a reflective surface) and says:

“Hi Hekeriki, I think something is wrong. Was dead and watching some Eromanga Sensei and now I been kinda trapped in this white space for a week or so,” states calmly.

“Eromanga Sensei? Never heard of it. Any good?” Hekeriki asks numbly.


"Oh well, they can’t be all good.


Hekeriki falls forward flat on her face unconscious.

Heart Attack screams, “Get off the screen you nut!”

"Sorry. Uhm, that PeaceLord? He’s not out cold yet.

One of the Truly Lucky Goblin Gunners knock the PeaceLord out (most likely) and says, “You’re dead, right?”

“I don’t know. You know what? This is a bad time and it looks like you are all busy. I’ll come back later,” he says as pops of the screen.

Toriel turns to the Truly Lucky Goblin Gunner and asks, “Who was that?”

“Godart but he’s supposed to be dead.”

“Previous boss?”



Biff had kept to the background in the new and evolving territories of PeaceLord Grim. He was distracted by his hate of Yildor Roren and the election. He and W made for terrible candidates, and their recent failures kept them out of the limelight. Until now. Battle was imminent, and he owed Grim some apparent fealty. That, and this got personal. He was to free slaves. Every action was a possibility to free others as he himself was freed. This was personal.

Biff had spent the previous days in secret bringing in various spies from New Home to help bolster Grim’s defenses. They were not enough to make others aware of a new influx, but enough to bring to the attention of Grim’s defense forces how to engage larger enemy forces using slave labor. 1) Target the PeaceLords 2) Capture the scepter(s) 3) Free the slaves

The biggest issue were the WarGiants (and similar machines). Biff knew enough of WarGiants to know to target the cockpits, not the actual wargiants. Once the pilot was killed, it was easy to take it over and have a friendly defender take it over. He would rally troops to take down the wargiants. Luckily, he had spent quite some time over the last few months tinkering with his power armor and weapons, fixing it up and making it useful again. Hopefully this would be a good time to try it out.

The gliders were a different beast entirely. The trick to beating those would be in infiltrating their ranks. How? When in formation, one invariably casts a shadow on another. You then have troops shadowwalk onto that glider, unaware, and infiltrate it’s cockpit. Those troops are best suited to be shapeshifters or baribur or anyone who can use leyas to fly. As long as they could break through the first few cockpits, the rest are easy to take down.

Biff, being a master healer, lightmancer, terramancer, shadowmancer, and shapeshifter, would use his abilities to defend Grim’s territorities, help the troops target slavemasters, and work on making the slave fighters into slave defenders.


slightly to the left of reality…
song: The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

The Lucky Fate Squad uses the MDK to find every PeaceLord, plus Drza Drza, and final death 'em all.

We’re not not kidding. The super monkey poo robot will walk up to each force and destroy them all to cut into the leadership. No leaders, no organization. They’ll fall and Grim’s people and holdings will be safe. I’tashi Carrier craft will be shot down with their little Gliders, WarGiants and WarTyrants will be punched and sliced to next Sunday and the armies will get step on. Drza Drza will kick into paste (if they can find 'em with the senors). The pilots Hekeriki(red), Fundisha(blue), Heart Attack(yellow) (Goblin Gunners) with Loo Tla(green), Mag Yi(orange) (Ur Kug), all in colored jump suits will go to the next PeaceLord target until the mission is complete. Toriel and the 5 Truly Lucky Goblin Gunners will proved internal security for the pilots because the cockpit will be an obvious weak point.


slightly to the left of reality…
In the middle of the killings of PeaceLords (just assuming here), Godart appears on the screen (because it’s a reflective surface) and says:

“Oh, sorry I meant to leave and…”

Godart jaw just dropped.

“Hull at 89 percent strength! Divert power to shields. Tried of them shadow jumping in cockpit!”

“Weapons set one and set three are overheating. Switch to set two and four. Set five and set six will be ready in 2 minutes.”

“You stupid and silly foes, the MDK is here to wreck your day!”

“Hekeriki? What’s going on?” Godart asks.

“Oh! Hi Godart! I thought you were dead,” smiled Hekeriki.

“I… what going on here? What’s this place?”

“This is the Metal Discord Kuo’lo and we’re making Refuge a better place by crushing naughty PeaceLords bugging Grim.”

“Uhm, one just teleported in…”

The 5 Truly Lucky Goblin Gunners shot him dead (most likely) and one says "“You’re dead, right?”

“Yeah, I… going to…”

“I’m happy to see you Godart and I have so many questions. Could you come back later, please?”

“Sure,” Godart says confuse and pops off the screen.

Toriel turns to one of the Truly Lucky Goblin Gunner and asks, “Who was that? Godart?”

“Godart but he’s supposed to be dead.”

“Previous boss?”



slightly to the right of reality…
song: The Verve - Gravity Grave

The Lucky Fate Squad uses the MDK and just leaves. This battle is more trouble than it worth.

We’re not not kidding. By being in this battle, it would hurt Daron’s chance for election. Hekeriki explains this to the rest of the crew and they take off from Boriel’s Retreat to go home to Unen. “Honestly this thing extremely destructive also, it would do more harm than good.”

The pilots Toriel(red), Fundisha(blue), Heart Attack(yellow) (Goblin Gunners) with Loo Tla(green), Mag Yi(orange) (Ur Kug), all in colored jump suits will stay alert while Hekeriki, Ani G, and the 5 Truly Lucky Goblin Gunners will ride up top and shoot the shit.


slightly to the right of reality…

In the middle of a peaceful flight home (just assuming here), Godart appears on the screen (because it’s a reflective surface) and says:

“What’s going on here!?”

“Oh! Hi Godart! I thought you were dead,” smiled Hekeriki.

Heart Attack screams, “Get off the screen you nut!”

“Yes, we’re trying to get home and I don’t think this a good idea with you blocking the screen.”

Loo Tla speaks up, “We do have these little ones on the console we can see out of.”

Godart pops into one in front of Hekeriki. “I was dead and I meet you and then I meet you and meet you…”

“Godart. You sound a bit tired. If you can, try to back home. We’ll be there in a couple of hours. Being around a Time Shredder this big could be hazardous.”

“What? The Metal Discord Kuo’lo has a Time Shredder?”

Hekeriki smile turned upside down. “It does… I’m happy to see you Godart and I have so many questions. Could you come back later, please?”

“Sure,” Godart says hesitantly and pops off the screen.

Toriel turns to Hekeriki and asks, “Who was that? Godart?”

“My bestest friend in the whole universe that came back!”


“Yes,” Hekeriki replied with a slight grin.