Dark Refuge Post 2220 Mission 6: The Descended of Pelos attack the Isle of Holys


The Tomb Factory of Holys looked little more than an island fortress from this distance. And Grizool Grizane had a set of keen eyes. He could see the Unit 817 Redeemers patrolling the ancient K’ias Fortress. Once dedicated to the Armies of Warmonger, Grizool Grizane was a Poison Claw Clan Pelebor He was mutated by the Leyas, broken and permanently shapeshifted into a monster.
Despite this, his loyalty to his Lord Pelos never waivered. Even when Pelos had assigned him to the fool Sir Stout, Grizane knew he could turn the situation to his advantage. When Warmonger was annihilated, Grizool Grizane was ready to claim ships, soldiers, slaves, anything that the Neliff hadn’t already stolen.
Working alongside the Neliff the Orthodox, Grizane had gathered a large Cult raiding force. Poison Claw Pelebor, former Warmonger Cultists and even Neliff support troops all preparing to take the Tomb Factory by force.

The only group that was missing in action was Unit 111. Up until the Death of Warmonger, Unit 111 were always ready to retake the Tomb Factory and resume their work there. But after the ritual that annihilated Warmonger, it was as if a foreign force had taken over Unit 111. They didn’t answer his commcrystal calls, and the messengers he sent never returned. When he would try and use his curse to see their memories, the name “Amm’t T’Shesh” seemed to be their new lord.
Grizane was incredulous, who was this Amm’t T’Shesh? How dare he try and claim Warmonger’s armies? They should all go to Pelos as last leader of the Cult. Or at least that was how Grizool Grizane thought.
Now as he prepared to give the order to attack, the only worry Grizane had was if Amm’t T’Shesh tried to interfere with this naval battle….

There are 3 mission options

Mission 1: A Political Dilemma
Each Poilitical Candidate should post their support for one of 3 stances.
Isolation: Let the remains of the K’ias armies destroy each other. Its not our business

Support the Redemeers: Let us send in forces to support the Redeemers and their work defending K’ias ruins from exploitation by evil forces.

Nuke it all: Alien ruins are always threatening us. We should just destroy them so they are no longer a danger.
This mission is only open to Colony General Candidates

Mission 2: The Bay of Holys
A sea battle of epic proportions. Only the Redeemers and those they allow will hold the high ground of the fortress isle. Everyone else better bring a boat or a sea vessel or they are swimming.
The threats include 10 Heavy Frigates (70 V.A.R.) carrying 30 Warmongers Dead (freed), 10 Neliff adults and 100 juveniles (adult and juvenile neliff can mind control and will lay their eggs in people they have mind controlled), and 100 Poison Claw Clan Baribur (can permanentely curse characters with their claw attack, that curse will turn others into a very specific type of monster, so be careful, more info in the Outlaws Guide). Each vessel is crewed by 10 Descended of Pelos, descended soldiers who are on the payroll of Lord Pelos.

The Poison Claw Clan will also act as anti-air troopers if needed. Players on this mission better figure out a way to prevent themselves from being taken over by Neliff OR perma-changed by Poison Claws
The forces involved in this battle will be Side one: The Redeemers and their allies (the good guys), Side 2: The Descended of Pelos (the bad guys), Side 3: Sea Kings (the ugly…undecided side see Unixah planning thread)

Mission 3: A bad day to be an Astronaut
Onboard the orbital platform Damoclese 22, an assault by Neliff and Spacesuit wearing Warmonger’s Dead has gotten the EEF to mobilize. EEF soldiers in the initial defense were taken control by Neliff, and the DRRT are now in motion to try and retake the platform. This mission is only open to DRRT members and NK spec ops who are allied with DRRT.

Mission Rules

A player may act in response to the actions posted by another player in this thread, IF they have previously discussed a plan for this mission in a separate thread they choose to create in the forums.

A post should be under two paragraphs in length.

THIS MISSION IS OPEN TO ALL PLAYER ACCOUNTS. Anyone may choose to post to this mission with any number of accounts they may control.
SPECIAL MISSION EACH ACCOUNT can send their entire army to this mission. Choose your characters carefully.

This mission ends on Friday July 21st at 12 Midnight EST.

The First player to post gains 1st initiative, Second player to post gains 2nd, and third player to post gets 3rd initiative. Remaining player actions with be narrated in order decided by the narrator.


Remmie - Holys - Prep
Remmie knew he needed to get more firebombs for the mines and bombs. Some of the firebombs, Remmie had 2 ways he wanted to mine the area. Remmie would get more from Lurtor at Jemison Post before he heads down south.

Additionally, Remmie will borrow Lurtor’s Crown of the High King’s Favor. Wearing it under something to prevent others from seeing it. (Hood of a cloak or hat.).

Remmie Plan:
1st, Sticking something to the side of the ship or 2, something floating in the water, that when hit it explodes. Each having multiple firebombs attached to create enough of a blast to do the job.

For placement of the mines, Remmie will keep his distance. Using Birdsight, and shadow jump to keep as far as possible from the enemy. If all goes well, things will explode and no one would notice him.

Remmie will also leave once the mines are deployed, heading back to his glider to leave the area for when things get real.

Remmie will kill any Neliff that notices him and then leave quickly and target a different area.

Lurtor - Platform - prep
After helping Remmie, Lurtor would put on his full Lurry gear and meetup with the DRRT as Lurry. Then he would get the Dark Side Bone Rings to help survive space, adjusting his gear to remove any Earth or Water leyas artifacts. Lurry also had his Djinni Blood leyas generator to use.

Lurry was expecting Moose to arrange a ride to get close enough to the Platform where he could see it. If they could not get close enough for Birdsight to work, Lurry would use his eye spy goggles to create an eye spy closer to where he could review the platform and pick a landing spot for the strike team.

Then he would create a shadow Jump portal for the strike team to go through and get on the platform.

Using his senses, Lurry would try to locate the Neliffs to be taken out first. He has 4 pistols with him (listed below). Lurry would use the Crowd control pistols to take out the living and the Maurader magi cannon (absolution) on the dead and Neliffs.

If they are well discovered and could be overrun, Lurry will use Troubour songs to launch area attacks at the dead and neliffs.

Through the comms, Lurtor would identify all those controlled or implanted by Neliffs. His goal not to final death any of the EEFers.

Once a group is taken out, Lurry would use his shadow jump to move the group if needed. Strike and hit. Keeping the Neliffs out of close range to prevent his allies from being implanted.

Lurry also expected his Shadow armor and shadow worked studd should help protect him from the laser and magi cannon fire.

Lurtor will review all after the battle to make sure any neliff influence or implantation was removed and destroyed.

The goal is to take over the platform and not destroy it.

The Ground is lost, but the space is won:
In the event that the Neliffs win on the ground at Holy bay and Lurtor receives a communication from Lalder.

Lurry will inform moose and request if they wish to launch a strike at the Neliff forces on the ground to prevent them from taking it over. If approved Lurry would tell Remmies and Lalder’s crystals to leave quickly and then Launch the strike.

Lurtor will use Shadow Drive to remove the group from the platform to a predetermined place in the event the platform is destroyed or they lost and a pull out order was given.

Lurtor (VLAD Agent) LR:6 (7), HP:24, Init: 2D6+Agility

Stats (Str:6 (12), Agility:7, Will:8, Health:6, Int:5, Chr:3 (9), Emotional Control:3, Temper:2)

Attacks (Melee:4 (5), Ranged:4 (8), Thrown:2 (4), Leyas:1)

Special Abilities: (Regen:4 hps /rd, Melee Strike +3, Ranged Shot +3, Rapid Throw +1, Duelist, Gunslinger, Knife thrower, Quickdraw, Goo Warrior Special Training, Bladed Sun Devotion, Faith (Bladed Sun) 1, Path of the redeemer lvl 2, Shadow Assassin Devotion lvl 1, TimeShredded, Tough As Nails, Ignore Poison (4 Succ), Bird Sight (+2 Bonus to Range Combat w/Missle/Energy), Animal Sight (See in Dark), Animal Hearing/Smell (+2 to hearing and smell tests), Ignore Poison, Obscure 6 Succ (+12 to T# for Leyas sight), Immune to Poison and Chill; AR 25 vs Energy; AR 30 vs Laser and Light Leyas; +2 Bonus to Dodge,);

Skills (Artillery:2, Blunt Weapons:1, Edged Weapons:5, HtH:3, LCM:7(9), LCR:7(9), Pilot Airship:1, Pilot War Giant:3, Polearms:1, Springshots:5, Thrown Weapon:4, Fast Talk:2, Sylvan Tech:3, Computers:5, Tech Forger:4, Tech Repair:3, Performance:5, Religion:3, Torture:0(2), Acrobatics:1, Acting:1, Burglary:4, Climb:4, Diplomacy:2, Explosive Theory:4, Heraldry:2, Herbalism:4, Leyas Mapping:1(3), Leyas Recognition:2(4), Leyas Theory:3(5), Medicine/Healing:1, Monster Lore:1, NN Lord Lang:2, Profession(Spy):7, Prof (Spy Master)4, Set Traps:4, Sleight of Hand:3, Stealth:5, Survival:2, Swimming:3, History(Yyan):2, Prof (Interrogator):0(2), Intimidation:0(2))

Leyas (LR:6 (7), Air:3, Earth:5, Fire:5, Water:3, Light:3, Shadow:5, General:2, Healing:1, ShapeShifting:6, Summoning:1, Technomancy:6, Troubadour:4)

Lurtor Maurader Demonic Pistol
25 Missle Dmg - Sharapnel Cannon (5 Succ),
12d6 Energy Dmg, Fire Flamethrower (6 Succ)
4d6 (No AR) Pain dmg, Cone (+4 Dodge T#) or 2d4 (half A.R) Melee Dmg +4 Bonus to called Short - Vortex Cannon (6 Succ) Scope + 4 Bonus to Called Shots with
Magi Cannon - Demonic Absolution Vengful 9d6 Dmg - 9 Succ - x4 Vampyrs, Bandits Nightmares, Under, Vehicles, and Structures.

Lurtor Maurader Skull Pistol 25 Missle Dmg - Sharapnel Cannon (5 Succ)
8d6 Energy Dmg, Fire Flamethrower (4 Succ)
4d6 (No AR) Pain dmg, Cone (+4 Dodge T#) or 2d4 (half A.R) Melee Dmg +4 Bonus to called Short - Vortex Cannon (6 Succ)
Scope + 4 Bonus to Called Shots
Magi Cannon - Absolution Vengful Skull 9d6 Dmg - 9 Succ - x4 Vampyrs, Bandits Nightmares, Undead, Vehicles, and Sructures. +8 Dodge T#

2 Magi Cannon - (10 Succ) Demonic Razor Skull Barrage 9d6 Pain Dmg - Hit up to 3 Targets - Pain Dmg no AR, +8 Dodge T#, Heal per pt Dmg, Hit up to 3 targets, Obscure (6 Succ)

Earring of Forms - Obscure, Mimic, Goo Form, DoopleGanger and Animal Form (4 Succ), Inantimate Form (6 Succ)
Earring of Limbs - Obscure (4 Succ), Drop Limb (5 Succ), Blowfish spines, Extra Limbs, and Wings (6 Succ)
Earring of Tech - Obscure, Wireless Hacking (2 Succ), EMP Field, Turn Key (4 Succ), Assemble (5 Succ), Nanite Healing (6 Succ)
Earring of Sound - Sonar (4 Succ), Actor’s disguise, Enhanced Beauty, Translate (6 Succ)
Earring of Shadow (6 Slots) - AR 20 vs Laser and Light Leyas; Parasite, Shadow Armor, Become Shadow (4 Succ)
Tongue Ring of Songs - Songmancer, Song of Swords, Song of Frost (4 Succ), Sonic Spear, Song of Storms, Song of Tragedy (6 Succ)
Ring of Fire - Lava Walk (2 Succ), Protective Aura, Warm Aura (4 Succ), Fire Light (6 Succ)

Remmie (K’ias Redeemer) LR:4 (Adept), HP:18, Init: 2D6+Agility

Stats (Str:5 (11), Agility:5, Will:4, Health:6, Int:4, Chr:4, Emotional Control:4, Temper:2)

Attacks (Melee:3, Ranged:1, Thrown:2, Leyas:1)

Special Abilities: (Regen:14 hps /rd, K’ias (Takes x2 dmg from Zela, Zela Attacks count as No AR. Mimic at will (6 Successes) Melee Strike +2, Rapid Throw +1, Light Merc Plate AR (6 Melee / 4 Missle / 5 Energy / 3 Chill ), Adept (+1 to Leyas Tests, +2 Leyas Skills Checks), Catlike reflexes, See in Dark, Immune to Poison Attacks);

Skills (, HtH:5, LCM:6 (8), LCR:6 (8), Polearms:5, Fast Talk:5, Planar Lore:4, Artifact Lore:4, Heraldry:1, Monster Lore:6, Profession(Spy):4, Ettiquette1, Stealth:3)

Leyas (LR:4 (Adept), Air:0, Earth:0, Fire:0, Water:0, Light:1, Shadow:1, General:0, Healing:1, ShapeShifting:2, Summoning:0, Technomancy:0, Troubadour:1)

Remmie Equipment
Redeemer Amulet - Ignore Poison, Catlike Reflexes, Spirit Scope, and Animal Sight (3 Succ)
Kias Executioner’s Halberd (15 Melee dmg (+8) or 15 Missle dmg. Attached by Chains. Zela Metal (shieldbreaks, x2 Dmg to K’ias, etc). Special Grips that will not effect users LEyas.
Triad Earring Stud - Remmie - +6 Str, 12 Ar vs M/M/E; Regen 14 hps/rd; Wings, Shadow Jump (2 Succ), Obscure (4 Succ), Grow Armor, Monstrous Strength (6 Succ), Regeneration (7 Succ)
Ring of Warm Aura (2 Succ), Crown of the High King’s Favor


Daron - Speech and head to Space platform.:
I know of the Redeemers from my time traveling in the Southern lands. They help protect all in Drewsport. They don’t look at the race or who they protect. And what they guard is worth protecting and keeping out of the hands who would use it for evil. If the redeemers should fall, the Security of the colonies will be in affected. We should STAND with the Redeemers in this battle.

Now, I must go. This is a time for action.”

From there, Daron will take his battle gear and head to the ship/vehicle they will leave in.

Daron expects the IR and the Lucky Fate squad to be recording. He will do what he needs to help that and making sure The squad has access to the recorders. Daron will not do anything that exposes the IR part of that.

Action - Prep:
Daron will bring together the Blackheart Security detai, Hekeriki,l and the Lucky Fate Squad and make sure the Anti Neliff gear is ready and distributed. Also relying on Hekeriki to arrange with the EEF and the transportation.

Prior to Launch, Daron will purchase an Artifact of Easy Breathing. Next Daron will Artifice a Leyas generator. Daron will also make anything needed by Hekeriki, Blackheart Security, or the Lucky Fate Squad for this mission.

Together with his Warm aura artifact, Easy Breathing Artifact and his Leyas Generator, he should be good for space travel. Daron will ask to see if he needs more for space.

At the time to go:
Daron will say to the Group “Lets make sure everyone comes home. Lets do this.”

Action Time:
For the any combat, Daron will follow the Squds leader’s commands only issuing his own if they loose them. Operate as a group. When the Strike Squad heads to the platform he will go with his Security Detail as well. Offering to shadow jump others if that is the means they move in with.

Daron will have his Riot Cannon, but being space it might not work. He will give it a try as the memory loss may help their group hunt the neliffs and take out the guards quietly and without having to kill them. Otherwise he has his breath weapons and claws. Strike and move.

For moving around, Daron has shadow jump. If he needed, Daron has claws to grip into the deck with to prevent drifting into space.

Even through recordings are happening, Daron is not showboating. He is there for the mission. That should be grand enough.

Daron is expecting the Lucky Fate Squad to perform some sort of distractions with their ship after the strike team is dropped off. Here he will help where he can.

Daron (Borvian Dragon / Olgog) LR:5 (Adept), HP:15, Init: 2D6+Agility

Stats (Str:6 (12), Agility:6, Will:5, Health:5, Int:3, Chr:4, Emotional Control:2, Temper:3)

Attacks (Melee:1 (2), Ranged:3, Thrown:1, Leyas:1)

Special Abilities: (Regen:None, Ranged Shot +2, Leyas Sight (6 Succ), Fly at Move 18, Adept (+1 to Leyas Tests, +2 Leyas Skills Checks), TimeShredded, Borvian Dragon Crystal (Grow Armor (6 Succ)+12 AR to MME, Increase Str (12 Suc)+6 Str, Animal Smell/Hearing (4 Succ), Grow Wings (4 Succ), Leyas Sight (4 Suc), Fireball II (4 Suc) 2D6 x3 Energy Dmg, Acid Cone (4 Suc) 1D8+2 Acid Cone);

Skills (, HtH:5, LCM:5 (7), LCR:5 (7), Thrown Weapon:5, Military Tatics:6, Religion:2, Diplomacy:1, Herbalism:5, Leyas Mapping:0 (2), Leyas Recognition:6 (8), Leyas Theory:0 (2), Monster Lore:6, Etiquette:6, Profession(Spy):5, Tracking/Hunting:6, Prof (I.R. Temporal Assassin):2)

Leyas (LR:5 (Adept), Earth:4, Water:1, Light:1, Shadow:3, General:2, Healing:3, ShapeShifting:3,)

Earbuds from Blackheart Security to prevent neliff mind powers.

Hob Tor’or Death Stone Axe, 2d6 Melee dmg +5 (no A.R.) Vampiric dmg,+5 Chill dmg, Bludgeon, Knockback. Counts as a Shadow Leyas artifact.
Razor Claw Gauntlets - 4 Melee Dmg, +1 Melee Attack
Riot Cannon - this artificed weapon will fire off a canister that spreads a gas that does 15 Pain dmg, gas attack. It has a uniquely designed by War and Pestilence to knock out a group of targets and make it hard for them to remember what happened in the preceeding minute before they were knocked out by the gas. It has unlimited ammo but can only be fired once each combat round. If anyone other than Daron picks it up, and tries to target Daron in its blast this weapon will instead vent its grenade at point blank range at its user. It is an auto hit on the user and can only be dodged on a natural 10.
Ear Ring - Easy Breathing Earring stud, Warm aura necklace, shock stick - 1d4+5 Melee Dmg + 1d8+1 No Pain Dmg +2 Str, Earring stud Leyas Generator.


Lalder - Bay Watching:

With the absense of the redeemers communication, he could only have his forces keep an eye on things and be ready to come to the aid if needed.

Lalder would assign Fighters with Olgog radars to keep at max range of the Olgog radar, but to keep a triangulation on all of the enemy forces. This information would then be funneled to the EEF and Lurtor.

If the site should fall, Lalder will immediatly inform the EEF and Lurtor to request how far back should he be.

Communication with the Redeemers:
After his first communication failed, Lalder will have a commcrystal dropped off in drewsport for the Redeemers to use to contact with him. If they do, he will relay tatical information to the redeemers in addition to what he is already relaying to the EEF and Lurtor.

If Forces attacked:
The fighters and himself are explicitly staying out of the range of the Neliffs and poison clan. If they are approached, the fighters are to do defensive maneuvers to keep the distance and shoot down anything flying to them at near max range.

If the redeemers or EEF call in a strike:
If given a specific target. A strike would only be done if it could be done at a safe range and the fighter immediately pull out of the area and back to max scanning range.

After Mission:
Those who go on this mission including Lalder will be kept in small separate groups and will be evaluated by Lurtor, a redeemer or someone who can detect Neliffs before they are allowed to be freed after this mission. This is incase a fighter got infected by Neliffs. Those who run or refuse will be killed (hopefully not final death) and will have the neliff influence removed and brought back to life.


Blackheart Security would begin by offering all factions the opportunity to lease or purchase nelliff jammer ear pieces. The rush orders would hopefully be filled before the battles begin.

Black heart would deploy 3 media teams to Damoclese 22. The 5 man teams would consist of 2 cameramen and 3 security personnel (All would have neliff jammers, armored space suits, zela studs, 5x nanite syringes, and PDR assault rifles w/ bayonets). They will deploy using an SAV a piece. Their primary mission will be to capture footage of the battle. The war footage would be used to create a series of adverts about the neliff threat to try and sell jammers which would then go on sale throughout the Draco.

((OOC: Jammers can be purchased here: http://dr-forum.whitestarhosting.net/showthread.php?1930-Neliff-Jammers-for-sale-or-lease&p=13274#post13274 ))


Strykker Campaign statement.

I view the developing situation at the Tomb of Holys with great concern. It holds many dark secerts and technology from a time best left in the past. I know that many people think that since its so far away the tomb and what it holds cannot be a threat to the Colonies. They are mistaken. The possible danger of that place is hard to estimate. It is for that same reason that I feel attempts to destroy the site are misguided. There are things locked away in that are simply best left alone. Any group that seeks to safeguard the tomb and prevent it from being abused is a group that we should support. I know it may seem strange to many people to even consider supporting a group of freed warmongers dead but since being freed Unit 817 has only acted to protect innocent lives. I think the Colonies should stand ready to provide support should they request it.

Tomb Mission

The EEF will not take a direct hand but the fleet will dispatch five submarines. These ships will not directly engage the heavy frigates but will instead shadow them and attack with torpedoes and cruise missiles from stand off ranges to avoid return fire and Nelif control. The main goal will be to disable or sink the ships before they get the chance to land their troops. If the troops are landed the subs will remain at long range but will continue to engage until the ships are all disabled cutting off any means of retreat.

Platform Damoclese 22

Four Specter Gunships will approach the platform under cloak. One will take up station in the platforms line of fire and deploy detour shields to catch any launched projectiles. The others will first attack with EMP missiles and then breach the air locks. Six teams of EEF exorcists (equipped with darkside space equipment and leyas generators.) supported by three remote operated Warg power armor suites (immutable operators with bodyglove control units). One team will be tasked with disabling the platforms launching capabilities while the other two will secure the control room. The landing party will cooperate with any NK Special forces or DRRT units they encounter to secure the platform.


King Blood’Og II had sent the great Goblin King Omar Biggunz and his five Goblin Kings and their twenty raiders to bust some heads and get some loot during the battle. Goblin King Omar would have a raft and so would each of his Kings. The rafts would be made from bits of driftwood and wood scavenged on the march. They would be tied together by strips of Mak Hoblok cloaks. Then the rafts would be powered out using fire Leyas like a jet. Like a primitive jet boat. or a Jet skiff, or a raftjet?

They would be aiming for the biggest prizes. Nothing would be beyond their reach. The Mak’Laltor was marching to war. Rafting to war?

The raiders would attack all aiming at the same targets by calling them out. Then they would aim at the same guy and hit him with enough javelins to gangbang him and then move on to the next. Smaller raiders would be used like Olgog shields by the row behind them. It wasn’t fair, but life sucks for weak Olgogs in Brez, or at least it was that way before the UtR and would be again if King Omar had his way.


Ser Resugent released a statement for the Grimaldus campaign in regards to the recent attacks.

“Good day to all, as you may be aware the Warmonger Cult has resumed it’s attacks upon the southern territories. They are invading the headquarters of the Redeemers, this is a foul turn of events, Lord Grimaldus and I had hoped that with the death of their leader the Cult would begin to see reason, sadly this is not the case. We believe that the EEF should intervene before the Warmonger Cult can gain a vital foothold in the region, if they do then they will next begin to attack the southern provisional colonies causing the deaths of many innocents. As colonial representatives we have a responsibility not only to full fledged colonies but to the Provisional Colonies as well. Lord Grimaldus himself is orginizing resources in Absolam to aid the Redeemers in their plight. I say to you my friends we cannot let things spiral out of control. We have fought too many expensive wars and need to nip this problem in the bud.
Now, I know many of you are uneasy about the concept of more war, this is why Lord Grimaldus is developing a plan to minimize the risk to our brave EEF soldiers and local forces. Maximum impact to our enemies, minimal cost in equipment and lives. We want our sons, our daughters, our brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers to return home safely serving our great colonies without sacrificing their lives. I ask of you, join with us, help us protect our boarders from rampaging remnants from the past!”

Mission 2: The Bay of Holys: Lord Grimaldus will order a group of four Stealth Hovercoptors to act as spotters to allow his Bastion Siege Strider to bombard the Heavy Frigates while not harming allies. In addition Lord Grimaldus orders Captain MacDowell to sail out in the MacDowell’s Moniter, it shall use it’s artillery cannons to bombard the Heavy Frigates as well (If Lord Grimaldus decides to employ INDIRECT FIRE, he can hit targets up to five miles inland with a single salvo of Magnum Shells (this salvo does 30 Missile dmg, x2 dmg to vehicles and structures, salvo counts as City Effect (+15 Dodge T#)) But it cannot use Indirect fire to hit flying targets. If used for Indirect fire it cannot be targeted by other players in that mission UNLESS Lord Grimaldus uses it in his first post in that mission.)

Mission 3: A bad day to be an Astronaut: Lord Grimaldus had been wondering what to do with the small space fleet he was given during the Mirror Crystal invasion, now was the time. Leaving the Duskan Destroyers behind Lord Grimaldus deployed his Interplanetary Gunship to the platform. There were six people on board (all with Neliff Jammers) The pilot and co pilot would fly the ship and they would deliver “Dunesphere’s Finest”, Red Bishop Jamie, Engineer Huang Shi, Dr. Azai Yukimura and Dr. Leonard Bones (get a +1 to hit and Dodge when they work as a team) They would board the platform and join with the EEF Exorcists and provide support for the soldiers.


song: The Cove Battle – The Darkest Dungeon

The Bay of Holys

At the start of the battle, Eli “My Ego Is Bigger Than Yours” McGraw stands on top of the mini sub which floats in the middle sea full of deadly mines. Behind him is the Lucky Weeb Squad’s Freighter. He takes a focused sniper rifle called shot to the head on the closest Heavy Freighter captain to blow it clean off.
“Got your attention you regressive monsters? We’re gonna show you… the power of the Refuge’s people! The Redeemers fight not alone today or tomorrow. Like reason, we’re going to kick you to the curb. Come get some butt wooping!”

Eli McGraw wears the Crown of the High King’s Favor™ under his hat while the other two have Neliff Jammers in their ears. Snowy Touch will leyas Part Water to sink ships onto mines along with other fun water tricks and Eli will break out his duel pistols (8 shots per rd total) to shoot down Poison Claw Clan Bariburs. When the enemy fleet gets too close, everyone gets in the sub and it dives. He shoot his mini sub’s 4 torpedoes at different targets and use the 4 railguns to keep the Heavy Frigates off the Lucky Weeb Squad’s Freighter.


song: Guarda que luna (Schinowatz Bobofkof Remix) - Monkey Doo

“Weeb” Freighter Team: Hekeriki (Cha 6, L.R. 6, Summon 4, Xaos) and Ani G.(Goblin Gunner, +1 Hand to Hand, Artillery/Siege Weapons 3, standard gear) with 8 Goblin Gunners (F.S. 6, 2 attacks, standard gear), 15 Ur Kug (F.S. 4, 2 attacks, harpoons and combat life jackets) 15 Unen Olgog “volunteer” Workers (F.S. 4, 2 attacks, Leyas: Water 3, Earth 3, varied weapons and armors)

Space Assault Team: Naeil (+3 H.P, + 1 E.C… standard gear with armor space suits, video camera and a Krato Bone Nodachi), and 5 Truly Lucky Goblin Gunners (+10 H.P. and +2 Bonus to F.S. 6 (8), 2 attacks, standard gear with armor space suits and the rest of the Krato Bone Nodachi)

Metal Discord Kuo’lo Team: Toriel(red), Fundisha(blue), Heart Attack(yellow) (Goblin Gunners) with Loo Tla(green), Mag Yi(orange) (Ur Kug), all in colored space suits

Everyone wears a Neliff psychic jammer.

Mission 1: A Political Dilemma Support the Redemeers! We hype up the message that Daron leads from the front, and take a STAND for justice. Naeil will record footage and it will be spliced and edited later.

Mission 2: The Bay of Holys MDK drops off the freighter in the middle of the mine field and blasts off to space. 9 floating balloon mines will surround the freighter (V.A.R. 20, Move 10 water, leyas powered propellers) which will be piloted by 15 Ur Kug, and will be supported by 15 Unen Olgog “volunteer” Workers who will use their water and earth leyas to reinforce and repair the ship during battle. Armor up the hull (up the V.A.R.), calm water around the ship to make it go faster and avoid the mines. The Immutables lead by Ani G will gog 2 APCs with crude rocket launchers will fire on the enemy ships along with 3 Mortars, and 4 Anti Air Guns to fire on the Poison Claw Clan Baribur. Hekeriki will summon a Hydra on enemy ships until they get closer. Then she’ll summon a pair of Chimeras for anti air work. Maybe throw in an Angel/Devil combo for healing. The ship will then make it’s way toward shore to lure the foes into the mines. Worse comes to worse, the ship crashes on shore and they’ll retreat into island while avoiding the worst.

Mission 3: It’s an awesome day to be an Astronaut Metal Discord Kuo’lo will monkey punch a hole into the Damoclese 22 station that will let the assault team board. It will then attack the “Rods of God” launchers and destroy them at all costs. That’s big distraction. Having done that, it’ll keep the stations exterior defenses busy so other teams can slip in. The main plan is that Naeil and friends will escort Daron to the command bridge while meeting up with the other teams. They’ll make sure the Neliff don’t launch deadly weapons against Refuge. From there they’ll shoot, burn and hack their way to aux weapons and turn those off. Lastly, they’ll head to stations engines to make sure the Neilff doesn’t get any bright ideas self destructing the place or dropping the whole thing on planet. If it comes to that, the MDK will red-line it’s self to push it away.


song: Megalovania (Sim Gretina Remix) - Undertale

Hello, my name is Godart and I’m dead. Because of this, the Lucky Fate Squad gets a Bonus: +1 attack and dodge. Martyrdom is not fun – stay alive. You may be wondering why I’m here? Well, I’m here to answer the question: How would the MDK stop a Rod of God strike? That sounds like it would be unlikely, but I can tell you it’s possible due to the soul of an evil, insane orphan gog child. Sort of.

The real answer is the the MDK could use the stations own launcher and chase down the rod. Or not, the MDK can go pretty fast and gravity would help. It could either grab a hold of the rod to slow it down then pull it back up, bonce it off the planet’s atmosphere or just use it’s big ass tail sword and cut the thing to little bits that would burn up. Last ditch effort would to aim the Rod of God into the ocean far away from land and hope the tidal waves lose enough energy before doing any real damage to the coasts.


The REdeemer’s forces will welcome all forces that come to aid in the defense of the island. Any allies that attempt to land on the island itself will inspected by REdeemer forces before being allowed of their vessels.

The redeemer forces will be using the underwater capabilities of the Scarab striders to approach and hull shot enemy vessels. The 5 striders are armed with Roaring Cannons of the Pirate King . They also all have 2 crew using Radiation leyas to Blight the enemy vessels from a distance, turning them into radioactive deathtraps.

Air defenses are by provided by deadwings Manned by Redeemers with Radistion leyas to knock enemys out of the sky. Keep hidden to bring to bear against any large flying force will be the reclaimed Mirror Carrier manned by Redeemer forces that don’t have Radiation leyas.

Torlok’ab will be manning the control room of the Crimson Tower ( the absorbed remnants of Ceros’s asteroid) using the full defenses of the tomb. IF the enemy appears to be breaking through the defensive lines, He will as a last resort pull himself into the weapon system that was powered by the planar knight dead in the past and have Nameless finality use the weapons on the invaders.

Earlier Nameless will have previously made his way to the chamber holding holys and have secreted the Neliff jammers about the Great being’s person. ths willhopefull allow Holys to defend himself from the neliff and their allies if he awakens. on the slim chance that Nameless awakens Holys while doing this, he will explain the situation and recent events to Holys. But Nameless will do his uptmost to not wake the great being.

All passageways to the Chamber of holys will be guarded by squads train in volley fire to prevent access.


cant find all the stats form some things right now but here are the majority

Nameless Finality
dead trooper emmissary
Leyas: LR 6, Shadow 6 radiation 4 (not used on this mission)
Psychic: Xaos
skills: LCR 5,HTH 5, polearms 5 rifle 5 edged 5 riding 4,pilot strider 1, medicine/healer 2 stealth 4,
special trainings: faith 2,ranged +1, melle +1, blessing of the bladed sun, angel of redeemer, tough as nails, path of redeemer 2, Warmachine upgrade
Gear: 2 hobtor handaxes, Magicannon with Radiation bayonet, Hobtor’or Deathaxe

Torlok’ab – Elite Dead Warmachine
LR 6, Shadow 6, Radiation 6 (Radiation Leyas used with Narrator’s Permission)
special Gear: Protospringshot with void ammo. warmachine upgrade. Special sylvan crystal implant,
special training: shield of redeemer 3, faith 3, angel of drewsport, blessing of bladed sun. tough as nails.
Vehicle: Elite Necro-strider equipped with Roaring Cannon of the Pirate King(tunnel material, sonic spear [15 melee, lowers var by 10] puts 40 foot long tunnel into wood/stone), flight crystal

All troopers have: LR 6, Shadow 6, tough as nails, faith 1, path of the redeemer 1, standard gear for dead troopers, and 1 Fallout Grenade.
Elites: also have path of redeemer 2 faith 2 blessing of bladed sun, angel of drewsport. half have radiation leyas 4

tunnel defense:
5 squads consisting of 2 warmachines and 8 troopers.
All troopers in fight are veterans of DRewsport (angels of the redeemer, blessing of the bladed sun, tough as nails, LR 6 shadow 6, faith 2)
all weaponry will be worked with working(radiation) Special Tactic: Redeemer Volleyfire if the Unit soldiers set up in two rows with a Dead Warmachine in the first row they can cover any doorway, cave entrance or tunnel and guarantee at least one hit on any target trying to make it down that approach. Even against higher FS targets as long as the target is a Demon, Undead or Nightmare.

Vessels :

5 necrostriders aremed with Roaring Cannons of the Pirate King (Casts Tunnel Material, and Sonic Spear. Troubadour and Earth Artifact. Does 15 Melee dmg, Bludgeon, Lowers V.A.R. And S.A.R. By 10. On wooden or stone targets (but not metal or synthetic) this weapon will also open a 40 ft. long tunnel in it ahead of the sonic spear, allowing the sonic attack to hit targets hiding behind wood or stone walls.
Has no Tunnel Material effect on living stone like Balgogs, Golems, and Kias Ziggurats, but still does sonic spear damage. )

5 dead wing bombers

1 reclaimed Mirror crystal Carrier


Major Set’gal, a K’iou Vampire is the bulldog of General Brakus. He is sent on special assignments that aren’t pretty but need to get done. A brawler more then a thinker Set’gal got promoted due to his kill count in battles rather then brilliant tactics. Favoring the straight forward approach has gained a reputation which is feared by many even in the military. If a rogue zombie lord is abusing his power over zombies, or a thrall is abusing the living Major Set’gal is sent to quickly resolve the matter generally resulting in the death of the offender. Major Set’gal holds a major grudge against the Scarlet Hammer and proudly displays the heads of several which he killed in his office. He uses a Scarlet Hammer as his main weapon as he loves to see his victims explode in gore with the repeated hammer strikes.

Major Set’gal of Wintermute was an ornery K’iou vampire on a normal day, now with having General Brakus sending him to the Goblin Lands and told that he had to walk across the sea floor made him extra ornery. He placed the Neliff Jammer in his ear and ordered the rest of his army to do so…not that he expected the Skeletons actually needed them as they had no brains to be controlled but the Herald used the vast majority of his budget for the Goblin Lands to purchase them so he had been very emphatic about them being used.

As Wintermute was a land locked kingdom they didn’t possess a navy, nor did they really possess much of an air force aside of a few airships designed more for transport then combat. Besides according to his information the enemy had the sea and air under their control so any naval or air force would be a waste. Thankfully Neither the Set’gal nor the vast majority of his army actually needed to breathe so beneath the ocean wouldn’t be much of a problem and the few Reanimators that had been deployed had been given artifacts which allowed them to breathe under water for this mission.

To draw less attention the forces from Wintermute would move during the night and then allow the battle to start before moving into the water. The army numbers five hundred in total,four hundred skeletons armed with Springshot grapple lines, maces, and explosives which have been designed to work underwater. They will be accompanied by fifty Vampires with similar equipment and fifty Reanimators whose jobs will be to restore any fallen undead. Each unit was armored as to prevent them from floating, they would proceed across the ocean floor to the ships. Any aquatic nightmares would be handled by Set’gal and his Vampires, first with Consume Nightmare then they would rush forward to finish them off.
Once they arrive at the battle site the Skeletons and Vampires will fire their Springshot grapple lines into the bottoms of the ships and pull themselves up. They will then plant the explosives on the bottoms of the ships then lower themselves back down. Once everything is in place they will get some distance away then blow the explosives. Once the ships begin to sink the army will move back to surround the sinking vessels. Any Warmonger’s Dead that survive the explosions will be attacked. The Skeletons will attempt to distract the enemy rushing forward with the clubs while the Vampires shadow walk behind any enemies and club them to death with their maces. The Reanimators will attempt to restore the Skeletons and Vampires as they fall.
Major Set’gal will lead the charge with his Scarlet Hammer, no one will get more kills then he will…no one. Crushing Warmonger’s Dead isn’t as fun as pulping Scarlet Hammers and Korporvian infiltrators but they will have to do.

After the battle all friendly and enemy corpses that can be retrieved will be, at the very least they can have nightmares instilled in them, waste not after all.

Edit, Major Set’gal’s equipment
Wintermute Armor
Vs Melee 5
Vs Missile 4
Vs Energy 2
Vs Chill 3
Shadow Armor, Shadow Shroud,
Shadow Walk, Become Shadow 4 successes

Scarlet Hammer 1D6+4
Grand Scimitar 2D4+2
Modified Shock Gauntlets 4D4 pain

Shadow 4
Fire 4
General 2