Dark Refuge Post 2220 Mission 5: Is Evil a moral equivalency? or Is it a threat real?


Mt. Vir was bustling with the news.

The most evil of each community seemed to have descended overnight into some sort of evil mutant monsters. None of these beings were innocent. They had all been the most evil and selfish of beings before what became known as the Night of the Descended, and their inner thoughts and previous actions suddenly shown on their flesh.

It was interesting to see many evil people, who do what they do for noble reasons, were not as often stricken as the evil who were self-serving. In Mt. Vir it was the K’iou Shapeshifter Grosh. Grosh had run the local assassins guild, keeping most of Mt. Vir’s shadow community in line during the Border Wars. But he began to hate the people of Mt. Vir for their lack of support of his criminal solutions to their legitimate problems. Now after becoming a primal evil Grosh was taken by the Greslarion guards of the Homeforge and placed into custody. The Forgemasters are deciding if he should be treated like an Nngao or like someone infected by a Quall and therefore needing to be executed immediately.

Daron and his Lucky Fate Marketing team had picked out the old Tomb of J’kutu in the J’kutu’s Crag neighborhood of Mt. Vir. It was a perfect place to talk about the evil the Colonies were facing. Each candidate would get to describe what THEY thought was the biggest evil the colonies faced whether internal or external.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: J’kutu is the High Falos name for the K’ias Domino who tormented the Colonies and the Children of the Falosini for generations both before being put in this tomb and after escaping it. Domino is currently dead final deathed)

But as preparations have been happening the reports of random attacks by Super powered Leyas criminals have been increasing exponentially since the Night of the Descended. These Leyas criminals are raging across Refuge, and every society has to face them.

Mission part 1: The Speeches

The Candidate must make a speech about what THEY thought was the biggest evil the colonies faced whether internal or external. If they can focus the weapons and forces of the EEF they will decide where those efforts go.

Mission part 2: Clean up

The characters who maintain settlements must issue a one paragraph official statement to their law enforcement teams on how to treat this new class of Cursed person. The Primal Descended show their evil on their skin. Do you kill them on sight (like Vampyrs in many colonies)? Do you imprison them somehow, and if so how? Do you turn a blind eye and let them prey upon your population (like Vampyrs and Undead in Kelvara)? Do you send out capture squads to take them?

Mission Part 3: Why my character really deserves to be descended?

This is a Flashback part, where a character through in-character flashback scenes can explain why they think their character really is evil enough to be a Primal Descended or Primal Evil.

[Bold] Mission Rules [/Bold]

A player may act in response to the actions posted by another player in this thread, IF they have previously discussed a plan for this mission in a separate thread they choose to create in the forums.

A post should be under two paragraphs in length.

THIS MISSION IS OPEN TO ALL PLAYER ACCOUNTS. Anyone may choose to post to this mission with any number of accounts they may control. However EACH ACCOUNT can only send 1 Character to this mission. Choose your character carefully.

This mission ends on Friday June 16th at 12 Midnight EST.

The First player to post gains 1st initiative, Second player to post gains 2nd, and third player to post gets 3rd initiative. Remaining player actions with be narrated in order decided by the narrator.


Eli McGraw issues this statement to McGraw Harbor’s public and private police forces:

“Until further notice you will not take unlawful action against Primal Descended unless they have been proven to have commit a crime in this area. Avoid dealing about Final Death with them unless there is no choice. Doesn’t mean you have to be stupid or foolish. Observer them and use your best judgement in preventing them from causing damage. Mob rule and mob justice will not be tolerated. Arrest anyone who act like they are above the law. Bounty hunters must register with me personally if they have a problem with a Primal Descended. Exterdistions of criminals to EEF Colonies will be generally honored. All else will be judged case by case. Penalty for unlawful Final Death is seizure of all property and possible judgement of Final Death against the law breaker.”


The Colonies have seen more than their fair share of trouble over the years. We have always solved them. I think that’s because we have always managed to come together and work for the greater good of all when the worst of times were upon us. Now we face a new challenge. For reason unknown a group of people have become overwhelmed with demonic energy and descended. Even now the EEF and Colonial authorities are working to contain this situation and I ask that people let them do their work. Citizens should remain vigilant but you should not panic. Panic and fear will not help. What will help is watching out for one another. Remember that these people are your friends and neighbors and more than likely victims in this situation. To anyone who has experienced this change and wishes help I encourage you to turn themselves in. You will not be harmed if you do. And we will do everything we can to reverse this change.
If I learned anything during my time as Field Marshal it is that the people of the Colonies have the ability to do amazing things when they work together for a common goal. That is how we built these Colonies to begin with. It is how we rid ourselves of petty tyrants. It is what saw us through an Iron Republic invasion. When we stick together we are at our best. When we allow fear or selfishness to drive us we are at our worst. It was giving into those impulses that caused the massacre of the native ol’gog tribes. I beseech everyone to not make that mistake again.
If the Colonies ever do fall it will be because we did not stand together. We did not worry for each other as we should. So I ask again that we all look deep within ourselves . Each and everyone of us and resolve to face this problem not with panic but with clear heads. Not with fear but with cautious compassion for those afflicted. If we can do that I am sure we can solve this problem like we have in the past.



Provision for Jemison Post Guest Program
“The Jemison Post Guest program may receive some of these Primal Descended. We know many of those sent to us have done bad things, but normally for the right reason. Though some do bad for bad reasons. In the case of a Descended, their collars, logs, and cases will be monitored and reviewed more actively.

They will be treated like others for any crimes they commit after Joining the Guest Program. If they refuse to reform, more punishments will be considered on a case by case basis just like any normal guest. Penalties, Imprisonment, and even death if nothing else works are all options. Just like any other. I do hope to avoid the latter as our first job is to reform and help our guests.

It is currently unknown if a Primal Descended can rejoin society and reform. We are hear to give it a try but not at the cost of innocents. Watch, Review, Study, and if needed, subdue. Lets see what we can find out and see if what we can do to help. ”

Lurtor was greatful the new collars could knock out most instead of only have the option of final deathing his guests if they were on a rampage.

For Jemison Post
Approach Grim and ask “With these Primal Descendeds, I suggest we enter them into the Guest program. That will allow us options and to monitor and deal with them if they cause trouble for Jemison Post.”


“We olgogs have been slaughtered for Generations because of our looks. The eathers thought we were monsters and treated us like that. We do not know enough about these Primal Descendeds. So with the Primal Descendeds, we will not do what was done to us. We will judge them based on their actions and deeds.

If someone changes into a Descended, that is enough to look into their actions, but not imprison or kill. If a Primal descended does not cause harm to anyone or break our laws, they are treated normally until we know otherwise. If they commit a crime, they will be punish per the offense.

But we must know more of these Primal Descended. In the background, We will share information and intelligence amongst protectors of our tribe and nation about the primal descendeds. Who, where, why, and if we know the reason for their fall. As we find out more or if they get out of control, we will adjust our policy.”


Daron says "I am proud to STAND before you here at Mt Vir. The colonies are strong and stronger when we stand together. Our greatest enemy is fear and let us STAND together against it.

We will not let the creation of these Primal Descendeds break apart our communities. So I ask the everyday person to report any Primal Descended to the authorities. Allow them to safely handle them. There should be no Mobs, or burning on the Crosses or stakes. The EEF and colonies job is to protect their citizens, help them STAND with you…

A friend told me the Primal Descended have ‘done messed up their lives and others to the point this universe calls them out on it.’

I call on the EEF deal with all Primal Descendeds as quickly as possible for the colonies citizens safety and the primal descendeds safety. Even as we call on our citizens not to riot or take justice into their own hands, many still will out of fear. And Primal descendeds have done great harm to be transformed.

And to those who have fallen, I call on you to self report. Pay for your crime and do the time. You can not hide now the Universe has called you out on it. Use this as a wake up call. Don’t leave justice to a mob. We will find a way for you to pay for your crimes and keep our citizens safe. ”

Daron pauses for a few seconds and grows very serious "Fear…. That is the greatest evil that faces us. Fear causes what would be good people to commit the most evil acts. It has happened before. The Gobiln Genocide. The original settlers fear created nightmares that killed their kids or loved ones. Then they saw a group they didn’t understand and slaughtered them for hundreds of years out of fear. Generations slaughtered and gone. That is one act of Pure evil done and caused by people praying on others fear instead of protecting them.

Let us not repeat that mistake today."



Mission part 2: Clean up

Any Primal Descended inside Kasanth would be subject to kasanthian laws. No privileges or punishments given based on this new state would be given.

Lucia would allow anyone that has become a (non kasanthian) Primal Descended to move to Kasanth , absolving them of any previous crimes they may or may not have committed. So long as they don’t commit any crimes according to kasanthian law , this protection will hold true. In case of a (non kasanthian citizen ) Primal Descended commits a crime against kasanthian law, the harshest punishment will apply.

In addition, Lucia would have the kasanthian secret police vet out (hopefully through heinrich) to create dossiers on these men, and create a watch list of people (even if it includes everyone).


Lord Grimaldus sighs, "This is just plain ridiculous, am I the only one who thinks so? Ok, let’s talk about this, some months ago we had an army from a mirror universe invade the Southern Lands, we have had demonic invasions, Quall N Drone, Krato, Warmonger aligned Giants, and perhaps I am sure an evil clown or two for good measure probably. Now there are people who are turning into Primal Descended creatures, can anyone really say that this kind of event is really all that out of the ordinary? Fear? Shock? Are we all actually feeling these things? Personally I am just surprised that it has taken so long since the last whacked out emergency happened. What is the greatest danger, greatest evil we face as colonies? To be honest the worst threat is the idea that these weird things won’t happen in the future, complacency is the greatest danger to face us. We cannot just sit around and wait for the next weird ass event to take us by surprise. The next time alternate dimensional glowing pink Quall/Krato hybrids pop in wanting to eat out homes we need to smile and say ‘yes we have prepared for you and no we are not surprised that you are here’.

Yeah, some of you are laughing, some probably think I shouldn’t make jokes about the dangers we face but we cannot afford to think so plainly. We cannot expect our future enemies to look like the old ones, we have to expect the flying spaghetti monsters, or the space yetis, or the giant rock monsters who ooze acid from ever bleeding wounds. This planet is weird, this universe is weird, and we have weird dimensions almost right on top of us. We cannot be complacent, we cannot be shocked every time something strange pops up.

Yes, we now have Primal Descended, people who have been cursed and shaped because of some invisible moral authority decided that that person was an asshole and needs to be transformed so the rest of us can see it. So, we need to put on our big boy pants and try to find ways to deal with this issue without becoming the monsters ourselves. Unity will protect us, by working together, sharing our strengths, our intelligence, then we can find a solution that no single group could imagine. We are strong together and we aren’t going to let the barney event of the week throw us into confusion and chaos, we are better then that.

I have sent word to the colonies of Absolom and Hebron in the south and they are working hard to figure out how to keep things peaceful. The Descended are still people even after their change and we cannot just butcher our fellow colonists, nor will we panic. Our laws are still in place, if citizens break the law they will be apprehended, if some Descended are peaceful well we won’t do anything to them because we aren’t frightened children who just arrived on the planet Refuge. We have dealt with stranger and more frightening events on this world and we will deal with stranger still. Take comfort in each other, through cooperation we are strong, we have nightmares that rise to kill us, it takes more then this to shake us. Trust in each other, work together and we can overcome any obstacle.

Thank you all.


Throw Primal Descended to Pit, purification through filth. Tor’Lallur way, no reason to change…Yes Tor’og know big word, don’t be asshole bout it.


Grim already having second thoughts about the poorly planned ‘guest program’ posted the following decree.

*To all people’s of Jenison Post, in light of the recent appearance of ‘defended beings’ I have decided the following :

1 - any being found to be defended and violating any law will be escorted to the borders of my realm and exiled with 1 week rations. They will not be allowed back into the realms I am responsible for last they will be kill on sight.

2 - any one of the so called ‘guests’ will be returned to their home countries. No one submitted for the program will be will be consider if they are tainted thusly.

These decisions are made for the safety of those I am responsible to and for.

Thank you for your cooperation.*


The Herald is troubled by the Primal Descended, they pose a threat to the work that has been accomplished. It must be determined if they are a threat. All Descended will be quarantined by simple undead until it can be determined what their intentions are. If they are willing to swear to be peaceful they will be released but have to accept the terms that they will be observed for a time after. If they refuse to cooperate and turn violent then they can serve Wintermute as animated corpses. If they don’t wish to stay but agree not to be violent they can leave but they will be warned that the Gor’abs of Karov will probably be less generous then the rules of Wintermute.


King Blood’Og II would seek out the Primal Descended in Brez. He would say to them, "You are distilled hate. The Hate the Church of One hurled at Gogs like us for centuries when they killed our families and stole our culture, our heritage from us. I know you got guts, you done things that were tough and bad and rad. And that is okay. The Maklaltor is ready for you to join.

The Maklaltor offers food, weapons and the greatest target of all time to attack. The Campaign Offices of Lord Grimaldus. He was a racist, and now he be hiding.

Crush the Grimaldus, burn down Absalom and Hebron, burn down anything owned by a hateful Earther. That is my goal for you Primal Descended of Brez. A one way ticket to fame, fortune and places where you can be as evil as you wanna be."

In the Glacial Wastes, King Blood’Og III heard King Blood’Og II’s pronouncements and wondered, had King Blood’Og I and King Blood’Og II been Primal Descended all along…?

And if so, was he doomed to follow their path?


Torlok’ab listened to the reports coming in about the appearance of the defended After several hours of deliberation, he came to a decision. Calling an aide, he dictated a memo to be sent to all Redeemer forces.

"From the desk of Torlok’ab,
In light of the recent developments involving the beings being called Descendants, our forces will observe and report their actions. As long as they are not corrupting others or forcing their will on Innocents, we will take no direct action. As the teachings of the Redeemer state ‘each being must be allowed to chose their own path in life as long as they​ do not hinder the ability of others to decide for themselves.’ Because of this, as long as they do not violate any laws or force themselves or thier will on others, we will observe only. But remember that in defense of the innocent you are allow to take action.
Signed Torlok’ab, Duranki of Holys "