Dark Refuge Post 2220 Mission 4: Are There Lessons from the Border Wars?


There is a flashpoint on the horizon between this continent and the far continent…
The I’tashi Alliance is at threat. After the loss of its coastal holdings due to tsunami, the Sea Kings are expanding and reinforcing their presence across their beach head.

An I’tashi former PeaceLord turned Revolutionary Leader named Sarrick St.Johns has offered up a significant payment to any who will join his Revolutionary Guard to protect the coastline from invasion. Those who have comitted crimes in I’tash may even be granted a Pardon if they serve bravely and honorably.

St.Johns army is preparing to build a set of forts along the border of the Sea Kings beach head. They need brave defenders especially near Fort Dissent overlooking the coastline. It is the only fort position with artillery capabilities aimed towards the beaches where more and more Illuminated Captains have been arriving. There are at least twelve Sea Kings carrier craft out in the cove, each of a different captain seeking favor from One Eye Kal I’tash, the illuminated lord who now controls this beachhead.

Sarrick St.Johns is rumored to have smuggled a Proteus Cannon with two full barrages in ammo ready for the battle.

There are 3 missions available

1: Defend Fort Dissent: Protect it from Cambion Attacks and player attacks.
Fort has S.A.R. 50. The fort currently has no air defenses.

2: Attack Fort Dissent: You will have to survive a pair of blasts from a Proteus Cannon (northern kingdoms guide artillery section, look it up. Its horrific). Figure out a good plan with allies (including the Hobtla Mag’ol). Currently the Sea Kings have no air defenses beyond handheld magi cannons.

3: Make a Public Announcement on your campaign’s stance on 2 topics (must address BOTH topics)
Topic 1 The Current Threat of the Sea Kings and Your solution to their threat.
Topic 2 Your official stance on WarCriminal Ryuk’s kidnapping of Candidate Yildor Roren and the possible involvement of the Strykker campaign since his sister Buffy was present at the kidnapping location.

[Bold] Mission Rules [/Bold]

A player may act in response to the actions posted by another player in this thread, IF they have previously discussed a plan for this mission in a separate thread they choose to create in the forums.

A post should be under two paragraphs in length.

THIS MISSION IS OPEN TO ALL PLAYER ACCOUNTS. Anyone may choose to post to this mission with any number of accounts they may control. However EACH ACCOUNT can only send 1 Character to this mission. Choose your character carefully.

This mission ends on May 19th at 12 Midnight EST.

The First player to post gains 1st initiative, Second player to post gains 2nd, and third player to post gets 3rd initiative. Remaining player actions with be narrated in order decided by the narrator.


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The Colonies of Refuge stand at a crossroads the likes of which we have not encountered in over one thousand years. After much struggle and sacrifice peace has been reached with many of the Northern Kingdoms. Even more surprising the entity known as Warmonger has been driven from his dimension. Hopefully never again will it trouble us. Sadly, not all of that creatures followers have been dealt with. Even now the Sea Kings continue to raid shipping and a splinter group is currently staging an invasion of I’tashi territory. As most of you know I have been a solider. I saw the Boarder Wars and directed many of the battles that bought them to a close. I know the costs and pain of war but I also know that sometimes against some enemies war must be waged. So it is with many of the Sea Kings. They must be opposed and stopped.
However with the destruction of The Warmonger many things have changed for them as well. They are not the unified force they have been. As a solider I know that sometimes it is better to seek peace than to wage war. To that end my response to the current conflict at Fort Dissent is twofold. Though we have not been asked for military aid at this time I think it would be best to stand ready to deliver whatever assistance may be requested be it military or humanitarian. I also think it would be wise to offer a neutral place for peace talks between the forces of the I’tashi Alliance and the Sea Kings. Such talks may be able produce peaceful results to everyone’s benefit. With the cooperation of the EEF I am prepared to offer to host talks outside of the Colonies. It is my hope that a peaceful resolution can be reached.
I feel I must also address rumors that have come to my attention regarding the abduction of Yildor Roren by known mad man and war criminal Ryuk of Kasanth. I can only assume that this abduction was part of some crazed scheme of Ryuk’s. I would like nothing more than to see him brought to justice for his various and continuing crimes. Neither I nor anyone involved with or employed by my campaign had any involvement with Ryuk or his abduction of Mr. Roren. I submit myself and my campaign to full access investigations by any Colonial authority that wishes to carry out such an investigation. In this way I hope to prove that we are innocent of any involvement in this crime.
As to the supposed involvement of my sister. I find it hard to believe that she would be involved as claimed. I simply believe that there is more to this then is apparent. If she is able I ask my sister to turn herself in to the nearest authorities for her own good. That way she will be safe while this situation is investigated. If she is being held I will do all that I can to see her safely returned to her family. To that end I am willing to pay a thousand ghaz as a reward for anyone who can find and return my sister safely home.

Reward to be paid as posted for safe return of Buffy.
Messengers will be sent under flag of truce to both Fort Dissent and One Eye Kal I’tash. Asking them to agree to a cease fire and offering peace talks on neutral ground of the Barris island chain to be secured by the EEF and personal funds of Jeramiah Strykker


Lord Grimaldus walked to the podium, he wouldn’t be one of the last voices this time,

"The Northern Kingdoms of Refuge, I have been there before, most likely in a similar way that former General Strykker was. I fought in some of the many skirmishes between our peoples when I was young, I was part of a small force to aid Baronade that Dunesphere would rarely send. Like Candidate Strykker I too am glad that there is now peace at our borders, many good men and women died during those conflicts.
This peace is a good first step, however instead of doing more with our neighbors with furthering trade and exchanges between people we looked to the stars instead. While I have the greatest respect for our colonial citizens in space and will fight for them to have the best of everything, we have many opportunities here on Refuge that we need to take advantage of. A famine swept through the north in recent years, an opportunity to sell food which would have both enriched the colonies and aided the people to the north was barely taken advantage of due to old animosity. I of all people here know the foolishness of clinging to old hatreds, I among all of the candidates have learned more about leaving behind petty hatreds to try to improve the lives of those around me.

A step toward leaving behind old animosity and an opportunity is the current conflict between the Northern Kingdoms and the Sea Kings. A tsunami slammed into the coast of the nation of Itash causing devastation, this chaos was taken advantage of with this current invasion. We have an opportunity here as colonial citizens, firstly the opportunity to improve our lives and the lives of the people to the north through aid and trade. A disaster causes much suffering in the local population and much needs to be rebuilt and obtained, the nation of Itash as resources but with a war going on not much in the way of implementing aid. We can provide aid thus not only showing our northern neighbors that we have left behind our old hatreds, but providing the opportunity for merchants to get in on the ground floor, enhancing the economy of both Colonial interests and the locals.

Secondly we have the opportunity to show the strength and determination of the Colonies to both sides. Both the Northern Kingdoms and the Sea Kings need to understand that throwing around armies serve no purpose other then to destabilize the region. I believe with a minor but effective show of force we can halt the invasion and give us the opportunity to speak to both sides and attempt to end this destructive conflict.

Sadly I must move on to another topic, Candidate Yildor Roren was kidnapped in Ithamar during his campaign speech. While I disagree with much Candidate Roren stands for we cannot hold free and fair elections when a Candidate is in fear of violence. I stand with Candidate Strykker and condemn the actions of this Ryuk, what we seeks to gain from his actions I do not know. I ask everyone who is involved for ill or good to turn themselves in to the local authorities so this situation can be ended with no further violence.
Just as I condemn the kidnapping of Candidate Yildor Roren I will ask us not to jump to conclusions about any rumors about the involvement of the Strykker campaign in the kidnapping. An investigation will answer our questions and until then we must act under the presumption of innocence as we are a society which waits for the facts before judgment."

Grimaldus will sigh and shake his head.
“Here I am trying to sound all fancy when I said I wouldn’t do this in my last speech, look, do I have all the answers? Of course not, if you think any of us do you are just lying to yourself or falling for propaganda. I want to bring the people of this planet together and that includes the Northern Kingdoms. Candidate Roren may be a prick but he is running for office, I want to beat him honestly and openly, so whomever has him better release him right now because I won’t be satisfied with him just vanishing, that is not how I want him to lose, I want him to see the numbers on election day of people not falling for his hate. I want him to be dead last in this race because the Colonies won’t embrace his poisonous garbage. In the same way I want to overcome Candidate Strykker not through controversy but by proving to the people of the Colonies that I can be the best person to protect them and provide them opportunity.
Come now, we are the Colonies of Refuge, we are mighty and proud. We will take the high road and prove to the planet that we won’t take the easy way simply because we are afraid of the work. We can come together and support each other like no one else, and once we are united, we are unbeatable!”


song: Dukes Of Hazzard "Good Ol’ Boys - Waylon Jennings

On the unlikely chance someone asks Eli McGraw what’s up with his wife Buffy:

Eli sighs as he keeps it short “Yeah, Buffy and me have a slight history with the 99ers. Not a good history all things considering they’re a bunch thugs who tried to ruin our lives. Honestly, she wouldn’t kidnap Yildor Roren. Where would she put him? Plus the bounty on him is not worth the trouble.”

“Ryuk on the other hand… his bounty would be worth the trouble. It has so many zeroes in it that makes my head spin. Or would have if my life took a different turn - never mind. Look, I know you want to know more. Ain’t getting it from me and I got 99ers trying ruin my day!” he shouted as another half dozen of 'em try again.

“This is like my honeymoon all over again! Damn it.”


3: Make a Public Announcement on your campaign’s stance on 2 topics (must address BOTH topics)
Topic 1 The Current Threat of the Sea Kings and Your solution to their threat.
Topic 2 Your official stance on WarCriminal Ryuk’s kidnapping of Candidate Yildor Roren and the possible involvement of the Strykker campaign since his sister Buffy was present at the kidnapping location.
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“Fellow Colonists, I’m going to keep it short and sweet.”

“Buffy McGraw is a big girl, and married to a strapping man who has interests all over the continent. I also know Yildor Roren has many enemies from his time as leader of one of the largest gangs in the colonies. These enemies, they’re in everyone’s backyard, and beyond our borders. I’m not surprised that his rhetoric incited so much anger. I’m also not surprised that one of our enemies, the Kasanthian known as Ryuk, would want him for whatever purpose a Kasanthian would want a Colonist. We reap what we sow, fellow colonists. If Ryuk is found, there’d be a trial and justice. He’s wanted for unlawful kidnapping. I’m sure the folks in the EEF have already made contact with Kasanth, for their actions are that of war. I’m sure Field Marshall Map’le and her teams are on it now. If I’m elected, I’d seek justice…like I always have.”

“Regarding the Sea Kings…well, they’ve been trying to invade the colonies for years. I myself have fought them off, and prevented several incursions on the colonies. Fought a few with my fellow candidate, Strykker. Man, he’s a great leader on the field. But as I was saying, I know the threat they pose. They were singularly bent on taking over the world and implementing chaos on the world and the universe. I helped freed many of their slaves over the years, and am very proud of that. But this new Sea King incursion is different. Why, you may ask? Because WarMonger isn’t the only reason they’re invading…our former Colony General Malthus personally ensured Warmonger would no longer lead these armies. So that begs the question - what is their purpose? I mean, they could be attacking us, but we have a far superior naval force (once again, thank you for that Strykker).”

“So what’s their plan? Defeat our neighbors to the north and then make their way to us?? Who knows? But unless I have intelligence on that, when who knows what the next step is? I know we have the ability to obliterate them if they come our way, but I don’t want our boys and girls having to take on that kind of fight. But don’t get me wrong, I’m ready to do it if I have to. But I want more answers. I was part of the most recent intergalactic peace treaty that currently protects this planet. I didn’t get to make any decisions, but I intend to use that experience here and determine if there’s a peaceful solution. Once I know why I’m being attacked, or know for sure that I’m not going to get one, will I make that hard call. But I won’t be alone, I have the expertise of many behind me, and I know what it’ll take to make sure we’re all safe.”

That said, the new Grand Magi up in Itash has made many positive changes up there, and I’m hoping he and his make their way through this time of trials and tribulations."


song: Palm Trees - Prettydead Ferrari

“Gog, let’s blow stuff up out of the air,” the handsome Ani G. said with a stupid grin.

Before things get hairy, Ani G. (Immutable, Stated and Geared as a Goblin Gunner, Godart is dead : +1 attack and dodge) will sneak in 4 Anti Air guns via Hovertruck and set then up around Proteus Cannon. He’ll train any immutables or nightmares that Sarrick St.Johns sends his way to use 'em. If not… well he’s going to have to set up the control box with wires to control them at the same time. The guns will intercept any enemy air or projectiles coming for the cannon. As per Remmie’s request, Ani will not shoot him down.

If there’s time, Ani G. will make a ammo run for the Proteus Cannon with the hovertruck. While the battle happens, any a-hole jerk who attacks the A.A. guns will get attacked by Ani’s Ancient .50 Cal Machingun. Alright? He will leave his heavy explosives home and not use the flamethrower because ammo yo. It’s blows up in your face. Last leader before Naeil, Godart, had that happen to him a couple of time.


Defend the Fort:

Remmie will take the Glider Boriel lent him for use for this mission. He will then take an paint it up so that it has a custom paint job to reflect a mercs vehicle. Remmie will setup shadowed packets to hold the firebomes he plans to deliver. These firebombs will already be in shadow to help with Delivery.

Remmie will setup his glider in a spot away from the fort. Dressed up as an Earther and geared up, he will make his way to the fort and ask to speak to who is in charge and offering payment. He’ll say “Greetings, I’m Ran. I’m hear to take you up on your offer to help defend this fort, though I will do some of that away from here. I have a glider I salvaged, and I plan to cause the Sea kings concern so they may hold back their forces some. And if I’m lucky, I may even cause some damage to them. Please don’t shoot me down.

Also, someone should be coming with an Anti Air weapon to help as well.”

With that, Ran, will take his leave.

Remmie will fly his glider out and around to the back of the Sea kings ships high and at a distance. This should keep him out of range of any weapons from the fort as well. Just close enough with Bird sight that he could see some large shadows. Then he woudl make his run, Activating his Shadow jump artifact to drop some fused Firebombs on a few ships. And then making hot tailing it out of the area as they blew up.

Remmie is hopign this will cause the sea kings to consider themselves under attack from 2 sides and pull back some forces from attack the fort. And if he sank a ship or 2, that wouldn’t hurt.

After the straffing run, Remmie would circle around to the fort and supply them with some cover and more distractions.

Big Cannon:
If the Fort is going to falling, Remmie using 1 last bomb, he would destroy the Proteus Cannon so the sea kings don’t gain it. Then he would head away.

Glider hit?
If the glider is destroyed, he can always grow wings and fly away.

Remmie (K’ias Redeemer) LR:4 (Adept), HP:18, Init: 2D6+Agility

Stats (Str:5 (11), Agility:5, Will:4, Health:6, Int:4, Chr:4, Emotional Control:3, Temper:2)

Attacks (Melee:3, Ranged:1, Thrown:2, Leyas:1)

Special Abilities: (Regen:14 hps /rd, K’ias (Takes x2 dmg from Zela, Zela Attacks count as No AR. Mimic at will (6 Successes) Melee Strike +2, Rapid Throw +1, Light Merc Plate AR (6 Melee / 4 Missle / 5 Energy / 3 Chill ), Adept (+1 to Leyas Tests, +2 Leyas Skills Checks), Catlike reflexes, See in Dark, Immune to Poison Attacks);

Skills (, HtH:5, LCM:6 (8), LCR:6 (8), Polearms:5, Fast Talk:5, Planar Lore:4, Artifact Lore:4, Heraldry:1, Monster Lore:6, Profession(Spy):4, Ettiquette1, Stealth:3)

Leyas (LR:4 (Adept), Light:1, Shadow:1, Healing:1, ShapeShifting:2)

Redeemer Amulet - Ignore Poison, Catlike Reflexes, Spirit Scope, and Animal Sight (3 Succ)
Kias Executioner’s Halberd (15 Melee dmg (+8) or 15 Missle dmg. Attached by Chains. Zela Metal (shieldbreaks, x2 Dmg to K’ias, etc). Special Grips that will not effect users LEyas.
Triad Earring Stud - Remmie - +6 Str, 12 Ar vs M/M/E; Regen 14 hps/rd; Wings, Shadow Jump (2 Succ), Obscure (4 Succ), Grow Armor, Monstrous Strength (6 Succ), Regeneration (7 Succ)
Ring of Warm Aura (2 Succ)

Special Equipment
Lurtor made Firebomb Workings for Remmie to deliver in attack


Daron starts “Let us Stand together today. Security, Trade, Access, Nation, and Determination. The recent events are as true as every.

First, I hope for the Safe return of Roren from the clutches of the War Criminal Ryuk. Just to be labeled a war criminal means they are a danger to all, not just their targets. Last week was Roren, tomorrow he could target another political candidate, or even the people of the colonies. Ryuk is a danger to all and must be caught swiftly and brought to justice.

As for Buffy Strikker, we don’t know if she was involved or kidnapped as well. It is important people are not found guilty before any facts are found. Right now, Buffy is a possible kidnap victim of the War Criminal Ryuk or in the wrong place at the wrong time. If later she is found to be involved, I would expect it to be handled through evidence and a fair trial.

My thoughts are with the Strikker and Roren campaigns that their people are return to them quickly and safely. I expect the EEF with make sure they are returned.

Let us STAND with Roren, Buffy and their families through this hard time. Everyone deserves Security and safety of their family. Even people who don’t always agree with.

Now let us talk about the Sea kings and their invasion of the north. While the warmonger no longer leads the sea kings to attack due to the great work of the prior colony general efforts, the sea kings still attack this continent.

We as the Colonies, need the security of peace on our borders. Without the Security, there cannot be trade or prosperity of the people. Without Security, those in the north will suffer. And if the Northern Kingdom fall, the sea kings may look to the south.

The Sea Kings respect strength, it will take strength to get them to consider their actions and bring them to the table. We need to find out why they attack? There maybe reasons they still fight and I doubt they are simple. Do they not have food or resources in their lands? Are the sea kings themselves in a civil war or vying for power now that their Leader, the Warmonger, is dead?

So we have a chance today to turn a former enemy into a friend.

First, we offer help to the I’tashi’s. In the form of aid to their people, and aid in stopping the Sea Kings forces if I’tashi’s participate in talks with the sea kings that rearrange. Don’t won’t get involved in a war where neither side wants us there.

Next, STAND with the people. Bring the aid to help the common people. They are the ones who will remember it was us who helped them in their time of need. This will help bring peace and good will for generations.

Then Inform the sea kings we may get involved if they continue their attacks. We remember their attack on us in the Glacial wastes and see them preparing to attack us on the other coast. Tell them we recommend all sides sit for talks otherwise we maybe forced to act.

Threat of involvement from the Colonies and the EEF should enough to bring everyone to the table to talk. If the Sea kings don’t stop, remind them why they should through a display of force. Then recommend talks again.

Lastly Talk. Talking is the only real long term solution. Everything prior to this was just to get sides to talk. Find out why the Sea Kings continue to fight. Find an agreement to bring peace between not only the sea kings and the Itashi’s, but also with us. We maybe able to stop the next war before it starts.

Only with Understanding will be see peace and then receive the security we desire on our northern border and the ability to expand trade and access with the north.

We as One can STAND together and bring peace and make Refuge a safer place for us and our families.


1: Defend Fort Dissent: Protect it from Cambion Attacks and player attacks.
Fort has S.A.R. 50. The fort currently has no air defenses.

Lady Xantinus was a little bummed that no one else came to defend the fort, but at the same time she had more room to shine! She would wait until the Proteus cannon fired then she would work with her escort to raise as many enemies as she could to engage the enemies. As soon as the Proteus cannon is reloaded she would move out of the firing arc allowing the undead to pool the enemy together allowing for an easier target for the cannon. After the second strike she would again begin to raise more of the enemy. Riding her undead horse Lady Xantinus would attempt to avoid directly engaging the enemy and would ride around raising undead to distract the enemy. As the undead fall she would raise her Soul Drinker Mourning Star and convert them back to life. Any enemy that looks weak Lady Xantinus would take aim and fire off her composite bow which was artificed to raise any foe that it felled.
Lady Xantinus was no match for Cambions in Melee combat so she would keep her distance and keep raising undead while taking pot shots with her bow hoping to raise the enemies while they were distracted.

She hoped that she would make a difference in the battle. It was her time to show the world what Wintermute Reanimators could do.


Captain Oliver rose to the podium and said, "My fellow Colonials.

There has been a terrible crime committed. That terrible crime is the attempt by outside forces to affect a candidate of this campaign. Candidate Roren might be a racist and rancid old crone, but he deserved to get to the ballot box unmolested.

That is the promise of democracy! That is the promise that a vote brings.

That all options are on the table.

I feel that the perps involved should be gone after to the full extent of the law. I am concerned to hear that Candidate Strykker’s sibling was seen close to the candidate by reputable sources. If Strykker is not involved I will ask that he step down in the run for Colony General and return to his role as Field Marshall to avoid any question of his intentions.

If he is involved, the EEF should hang him for treason. Which is what I believe should happen to anyone involved in this kidnapping. Especially this Ryuk. He has wiped out a solar system. Why has this villain not been apprehended by the authorities yet?

There is another threat that we must attend to. The Sea Kings. Right now they have a beachhead at I’tash, at Makuf, and at Hobtla Mag’ol. This cannot be allowed to continue. I propose we organize a new force.

I know I can hire on the Kolgul Militia and their Elogan Armies to provide a full mercenary army that can face the Sea Kings at these three Beachheads. The Elogan Armies the KGM uses believe in slavery, so if they are captured by the Sea Kings and enslaved we do not have to send in rescue parties to save them…unlike our brave and heroic EEF soldiers who we would absolutely NEVER LEAVE BEHIND!"

That got him some applause from the audience.

"I suggest we force open the Tarrisian Weapon Vaults. Break out some Xenu-Class Burrowers, and deliver our new KGM and Elogan friends directly to the front and sit back and let them do their work.

And before you worry how we will pay for it, we will make THE SEA KINGS PAY FOR IT!"

More applause.

“Now I need to become Colony General to make this solution a reality. I call it the KGM Protocol. And I will implement it immediately upon my rise to Colony General. In fact, I have faith that we can end the loss of the truly valuable lives of our brave EEFers against those Sea Kings dogs. I will end the loss of our EEFers lives, while trying to guarantee the lives of all our Colonial brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, friends and family.”



Lucia was concerned about the issues of the sea kings nearby, especially since they already butted heads. If she was able to arrange a meeting, and received favorable vibes from the meeting request, she would request that they hydra kraken assist in taking out any ships attacking by sea (coordinating with whoever is leading the defense of course). She would also request some of the smaller fishing fish ships to take any pieces of the hydra kraken ( still trying to minimize the kasanthian presents in the waters).

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